Iron Man After Credits: Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) talks about The Avengers

Not everyone stays for the after credits at theater, and its not good when there is something extra to see after the credits and most of the other people are walking in front of the screen or talking while leaving. The Iron Man after credits had a nice feature that included Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) talking about The Avenger Initiative to Stark.

You can watch the video below this post; it shows a few seconds of the Iron Man after credits and the part about The Avengers. You may even get the very vague reference to Mandarin. Personally, I never got into comic books, but when its movies made from comics, then I am all for them and Iron Man is an entertaining movie.

When you’re looking for a good action movie with some humorous moments, then Iron Man will rate highly with you. The best action moves are the ones that can keep up a high pace all the way through, and also include good special effects…Iron Man delivers on both these points. If you do not want to spoil the movie, then make sure you do not press play on the video below.

Let us know what you think of Nick Fury, and if you have seen Iron Man, did you watch the movie and not stay for the after credits?


  • Paul Nicholas Boylan

    Iron Man was not just a good movie based on a comic book, it was a good movie by any measure. The audience I saw it with – a full house – applauded at the end. I feel the same excitement I felt after seeing the Matrix for the first time, i.e., appreciation for a good movie, the promise of more to come and the hope that those responsible for making it were skillful and not just lucky.

    In the case of the Matrix, the sequels proved that they had no idea what they had accomplished or why the Matrix was so satisfying. With Iron Man II now announced for 2010, I have high hopes that Marvel will have the smarts to keep the Iron Man team together, no matter how much more it costs (rumor has it Favreau hasn’t yet signed on for the sequel; just offer him points and be done with it).

    I left before I saw the quick talk with Nick Fury at the end of the credits. Not a problem: it is an excuse to go see Iron Man again.

    I bet a Tony Stark beard would look great on me…

  • Terry

    We stayed because my sister saw it the night before and called us to tell us to be sure and stay through the credits. The theater was packed and only about 20 people, scattered here and there, stayed through the credits. It was worthwhile and we’re definitely looking forward to Iron Man 2!

  • Riley

    why doesnt the video work??? i missed the after credits (of course) and i cannot find this video at all and you tease me??? lol i really need to see it