Heather Stohler a former Calvin Klein model has died in a fire

May 14, 2008




Heather Stohler who is a former model for designer Calvin Klein has died in a fire last Sunday. The model that has appeared in a number of ads was found dead in her apartment in Indiana after firefighters were called in. They found the apartment in flames; both Stohler and her boyfriend Daniel Risley were rushed to hospital. Heather died later in the day and Risley sadly died on Tuesday, it seems as if the fire was an accident.

Heather Stohler was just 29 and still had her whole life ahead of her; it is such a waste of a young life. Daniel who was just 26 suffered terrible burns across his body and it seemed only matter of time for him to die of his injuries. Although only 29 Heather Stohler whose real name was Heather Arrick had lead a great life and a good career as a model, she appeared at a number of top European fashion shows as well as had her face on the cover of magazines including Vogue Italy and Marie Claire’s German edition. However the model’s biggest break came when she worked alongside Kate Moss with the Calvin Klein campaigns.

Heather Stohler is survived by her adopted parents Ronald and Jackie of Bradenton also her real mother Angela and stepfather Bruce Edwards. She also leaves behind her maternal grandmother and step-grandfather Joyce and Ralph Denney as well as her maternal grandfather William M. Stohler. She is also survived by a number of other family members who will miss her dearly, we can only imagine the pain that family and friends are going through right now.


We wish our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of both Heather Stohler and Daniel Risley.

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  • Rick

    Dear Heather.
    We’ll miss you mate.

  • Tracey

    Heather, I will miss you immensely!

  • http://yahoo Grandma

    Heather, I will miss your hugs, your sweet smile, our long talks at tea time. I’ll no longer hear you laugh, but I’ll always think of you when I’m walking through the garden and listening to the birds. I’ll always remember your appreciation of nature and soft fuzzy animals, the way you smiled through your tears when you were hurt, your forgiveness for wrongs done to you and your unconditional love for family and friends. You were beautiful inside and out. God made you precious to me.

    I love you Heather Feathers.

  • Mom

    To My Doodlebug.
    Words just can’t describe the way I miss you right now and the pain I feel over losing you. Oh, my beautiful flower child. I’m so going to miss talking to you and hearing all your funny stories. I’m going to miss planting flowers with you and sitting by the campfire relaxing together. I’m going to miss your sweet smile and all your hugs. But most of all I’m going to miss love poured out to all of us. The kids are all here and we’re all together, but it just isn’t the same. We all agree, you are the one that made the get togethers so much fun. Your love for your family made it so much more special. Where ever your new journey takes you, you have a piece of my heart with you and I will always be there.
    I love and miss you more than words can express.
    Love, Mom

  • Cousin Adrian & Aunt Karla

    Danny was a great person and very loving father! He will be missed dearly by his family. I will never forget all the fun times we had growing up together. He was my buddy and my favorite cousin. I didn’t know Heather that well, but she was a really nice person. Danny and Heather were happy together! They were a sweet couple. My sympathy goes out to her family. They both will be missed.
    Aunt Karla was with Danny’s mother when he came into the world and was there with her when he left. I love you Danny!

    We love you very much and miss you dearly,
    Your Cousin Adrian & Aunt Karla

  • http://respectance.com/Heather_Stohler Tony C

    Our hearts go out to family and friends of Heather. Her elegance and beauty will be missed. A tribute has been created in her honor. Please share your memories and photos.


  • danielle

    I miss you danny. You were a very good friend and an awesome person. I will never forget you!

  • Aunt Cindy

    Heather, It hurts when one of our family leaves us. I’m so sad that we’ll never see you again. We all love you. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    My heartfelt sympathy to Danny’s family and friends as well.

    Love you,
    Aunt Cindy

  • baranna

    I had the deep pleasure of knowing Heather in NYC during the 90s, on both a friendship level & a professional level. We both chose to escape the craziness that life in the fashion industry can be and moved to – relatively – smaller & calmer cities to focus on family, friends, & making our lives “real” again. In doing so, we lost touch with each other. Based on the comments of those who have known her more recently, it seems that she was progressing well at this common goal, while still retaining all the aspects that made her such a wonderful, vibrant person to be around. Heather was a beautiful soul, inside & out. She had a sweet, caring personality, a wonderfully goofy sense of humor, and a heart of gold. From what I witnessed, she definitely had much more fun playing with my 10 year old at my workplace, than she had walking down a runway in Paris; she loved good food, was never a size 0, and – much to the dismay of some – refused to obsess over it; she preferred hanging out with friends, in battered jeans and a tee shirt, and listening to good music, over putting on designer dresses and being on the guest list of an A-list party filled with “fabulous” people she should befriend for career reasons; and she was ALWAYS there if someone was in need, or in pain, or had problems – of any sort – even if she was in need, or hurting, or having problems of her own. She was very human, with just as many faults and flaws as we all have. In many ways, Heather was too “real” for that particular line of work.
    I only heard the news today. I was so saddened, and my heart goes out to her family and friends – in particular, Rick – as well as anyone else who is hurting from the results of this tragic accident. It’s too horrible for words.
    I moved recently and ran across some personal pictures of Heather, taken during the time that we were living in New York. If her family, or any of our MUTUAL friends would like copies, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Please note, I WILL NOT respond to any emails from any individuals I do not know, or recognize from the past, or who can’t identify themselves as her family.
    As to the rest of this blog’s general public: there have been some extremely disrespectful, irreverent, mean comments posted here. I was horrified. If you have been a part of them, you should be highly ashamed of yourselves. If you have been amongst the few strangers who have shown respect and truly mourned this girl’s (and boy’s) passing: you have shown yourself to be very ‘Heather-like’, and I’d like to thank you for helping to pass her spirit on in this world. Life is too short and too hard to behave anyway else towards each other.
    In true sorry for all involved, Baranna Baker