Smallville Season 8: Allison Mack returns, Michael Rosenbaum & Kristin Kreuk depart

May 16, 2008




We all know that a few of our favorite characters from Smallville will not be returning for season 8, however we have learnt that sexy Chloe Sullivan played by Allison Mack is all set to return after reports that she wasn’t returning. I am happy that Chloe is returning in season 8, but I have to wonder what an impact it will have on the show with the departure of Michael Rosenbaum who plays Lex and Kristin Kreuk who plays Lana. Myself I am not that sad that Kreuk has not signed up for the new season of Smallville, but it is the departure of Rosenbaum that has me a little worried.

Allison’s reps were playing hardball with Smallville executives in the hope at getting a better deal for the star, and it seems as if their hard work has paid off. Justin Hartley looks set to return as The Green Arrow after a recent deal with the actor staring in another show fell through, although there is no official statement at the moment.

Arctic which is the last episode in season 7 of Smallville was the last time that we will see Kreuk and Rosenbaum, and this is what has fans worried the most; I just do not think that it will be the same show without our favorite bad guy. This was also the last show that Alfred Gough and Miles Millar who are the shows creators will have any involvement in the show.


Will Smallville Season 8 ever be the same?

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  • dana

    you idiot, viewers watched the show for Lana and Clark. Y

  • Tom


  • Fabiola

    I personally watch smallville for Clark and Lana. I think that without Lana the show wouldn’t be the same. Them two always give me good chills. Please leave lana on the show! Shes the best! Her and Clark is the best!!! They make me feel I can’t wait for the season to come back!

  • Bouroux

    I personally watch smallville for Clark and Chloe.
    Allison is the best actress.

  • jd

    i thick im going to cry

  • lee

    i also watch for clark and cloe and i think the show will get better with more cloe and i think the return of green arrow is fantastic,i also think it;s time to introduce wonder woman use lynda carter as the origianl and introduce er daughter the new wonder woman

    what a shop that would be and make it a 2 hours special as i belive wonder woman will have great presense


  • Carlos

    I think that Smallville is a show that has been going on for 7 seasons and from a certain point on things must change to keep the quality level and at the same time keep the public interested without beating around the bush! Having in account the original story of Superboy/Superman, Lois is Clark’s most important girlfriend and Lana just a girlfriend from his highschool times! Lana had to go so that Lois can get closer to Clark and start a relationship with him! In “Arctic” we already saw some changes, Lois started to look at Clark in a different way and she is getting closer to him so something is “cooking” indeed! In my opinion it’s the way that it should be although from the very start of the series we (the old guard) knew that some things were very different from the original story like for example the very stupid and until now very controversial decision of the producers by presenting a Clark that…cannot fly! The only thing that really worries me is the departure of Lex Luthor! Michael Rosenbaum played an excellent Lex and it will be very difficult to replace him with another actor/character of such huge potential and great charisma! We’ll see…

    P.S. Best regards to all the fans…from Portugal!

  • Jon

    clark and lana sucks
    clark and chole is where its at!

    the only thing that sucks is Rosenbaum is leaving. He was a great lex luther. so thank god lana is gone!

  • FugLois

    Nothing can beat KRISTOM`S CHEMISTRY! tom and erica have a brother sister chemistry.

  • UglyLois


  • aris

    Actually i love that Kristen/Lana is going, i only enjoyed her in the first season after that the chemistry just fizzled out.Maybe because i started loving Chloe more. Morever the KRISTOM`S CHEMISTRY that ppl are moaning about i didn’t see, those two gave out more brother and sister aura than a boyfriend/girlfriend aura.So thank god that Lana is gone, if ever it should evolve Clark needs to start study journalism in earnest goes i don’t c any other way this could be going.Maybe Lex/Michael absence will a blessing in disguse to see if this show will survive, i hope it does but i’m sure gonna miss my CLEX scenes
    Alfred Gough and Miles Millar – about them all i can say is next season better be tight coz it’s either make or break deal with.Atleast if it doesn’t work out they end it very quickly.

  • ana


  • Ian

    I hate Lana but i wouldnt lie by saying that KRISTOM are lack chemistry,infact i think even the haters shoud accept the fact that they have The Most Wonderful natural Chemistry ever on TV show.Kristom ROCKS!

  • Cinthia

    This show will not be the same. Rosenbaum’s acting has added so much to this show and I fear it will not be excepted by the fans. I also never liked the whole Lana and Clark relationship so I don’t really care that she is gone,She really should have left when they left highschool and I think they should not have brought Lois in until it was time because we see them like brother and sister now. I don’t really like the actress that plays her either.She does not fit the part,She is Bossy, Self absorbed and rude , Not like the real Lois. Chloe makes a better love interest for Clark because she has always been there for him no matter what. (Thats true Love) and Kira Well that makes no since either, No Place really for her right now. She was not even in the real superman,So if they are going to change things and add people who were never in it then they might as well change it and get rid of Lois since they brought her in too soon anyway. I really do hope they bring Michael Rosenbaum back, Like I said It will not be the same with out this sexy Villian. I Love you Michael..hehe

  • David

    Who are all these “Clark and Chloe” people? When i heard the news that Alison Mack was returning and the rest leaving i was furiously disappointed. Chloe has to be the most irritating character of all time, i have yet to meet one person in real life that watches the show over the age of 12 that thinks differently, I pray every season she gets killed off.

    Lets get serious, the show isn’t about “Clark and Chloe” or “Clark and Lana”, its about the evolution of Clark Kent and his future nemesis Lex Luthor. The majority of the shows viewers who have been watching from the start are in there early to mid twenties and the show should reflect that. Sometimes it does, by exploring dark concepts and the psychology of lex luthor (which most of us are interested in), and then the rest just flips to some cheesy preteen nonsense.

    The departure of Michael Rosenbaum is complete disater, they should of explored Clark and Lex in alot more detail (and darker), rather than consintrating alot of show on subpar and quite frankly, irrelevant characters in the superman universe.

    I can’t see how season 8 can redeem itself, the show is dead. Kill it before turning it into the ultimate cheese ride.

  • Michael

    I agree with the writer on this one… I could not care for Lana staying in as she is really unnecessary to the true direction of the story of superman.

    But i am worried Rosenbaum is leaving because he is crucial to the story that is superman.

  • cheekaa

    Season 7 is the final season for me. No Lana and Lex is the end of Smallville. I will not watch season 8 anymore just for seeing suck character of Lois Lane. Lex is the main character of Superman’s journey and he is leaving, MORROOONNNN

  • Tom

    WTF! Lana is the MOST IMPORTANT character in superman`s smallville life.Check the comics u hater!NO Lana NO Superman!

  • Jack


  • bobbie

    love smallville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my boyfriend loves it more

  • kayley

    totaly gutted ,it wont be the same without lana,but i dont mind taking her place xxxxxxxxxxmwah

  • Andy

    the show will be so much boring and the rating will down without Kristin.please,dont back to sv,kris\! sv is s**t!

  • kim

    Lana annoys me, shes will lex, she isnt, she kidnapped lionel its all a bit sad, the story line always goes Clark and Lois, it shouldnt change. Chloe is just a friend and should stay that way.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    I really think that eventually you need to start new characters and villains as well as new hero’s including justice league maybe spider-man or other kind of hero’s. I believe the show is a good and strong enough one to make it even to a season 9. Tom welling and Erica durance,Allison Mack are great actors to keep the show going with excitement and the relationship of Lois and Clark’s relationship with Lois should grow. Eventually in any show you have to have the sequels change even though other usually actors are leaving you have to make other story lines for things to grow. Some people don’t like other actors taking the place of others but sometimes they like the new ones better but not always.

  • Jack

    The story always goes 0n CLANA!since season1.Tom and the creator also said that Clana is THE FRANCHISE OF THE SHOW!this is smallville,not metropolis!

  • ama

    Love smallville! Thankx 2 the heavens that Lana is gone that b is so stupid, every season i prayed that she would die. people, hate 2 brake it 2 u but she is not an important character in the show, so sad. Rosenbaum is an awesome character, without this guy things wont be the same because he rockz at acting. oh, one more thing peoplz It’s All About LOIS AND CLARK.

  • Michael

    To the person above me…. i couldn’t have said it better.

    That’s right it’s all about Lois and Clark and you’re right Lana is a dumb idiot and i can’t stand her… Good ridance if you ask me.

  • David

    For the writers of smallville, please don’t make season 8 childish and cheesy! I know it will be very tempting to do so, considering now we only have Chloe as a main character, but seriously, don’t.

    I think one of the main problems with smallville is there is so many different writers and different directors, that each episode is hit and miss considering what you are looking for. You get immensly dark and deep story lines one episode, and then you get stupid and childish garbage the next. It can seem like you are watching a completely different show from one episode to the next because the production and writing is so inconstant. Adult one episode, nickelodeon the next.

    Something to think about.

    And seriously, never ever make an episode like the one with Chloe and Jimmy doing some spy kids james bond crap again. It was too cringe worthy, no matter what your age.

  • FugDurance

    “SINCE BEGINNING,SMALLVILLE HAS ALWAYS ABOUT CLARK AND LANA.”the writers and the creator confirmed it.KIRSTOM is the best looking couple and has THE GREATEST CHEMISTRY ON TV!that is UNDENIABLE!Just admit it,u moron!

  • LoisUgly

    The show named SMALLVILLE!not Superman or Metropolis.that`s why Lana is the M0ST IMPORTANT.the love story of the show has always about clark and smallville,he never loves anyone other than Lana.Kristom has tyhe best chemistry

  • David

    Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people. why do you all RANDOMLY HIT THE CAPS LOCK KEY.

  • Dan

    I think Kristin and Tom make a better couple than anyone in smallville.Too bad she has left the show.Season 8 WILL be Completely S**K!

  • UglyLois

    Without Kristin,s8 will lose a lot of fans.She has the biggest fanbase.

  • Davy

    Hey morons. Lex will be back but using another actor. My guess is that his face will be disfigured by the collapse of the fortress. No worries about a Lex character. Superman needs to have a main villain.

    As for Lana… see ya. No one will miss her. Clark and Lois need to spice it up next season.

  • Michael

    Davy you said it man no one cares about Lana cause she’s annoying and the story is about Lois and Clark anyway.

    I mean why try to push the relationship of Clark and Lana when we know it’s never going to work because it was never meant to… I know people say oh but this is smallville and not superman but you people need to wake up and realise goddamn this is the lead up to superman and how will it make sense if he is roaming around with Lana and not aligning the story of Smallville with Superman.

  • http://yahoo rachel

    Listen people lois and clark doesn’t look right. one is because they look like brother and sister. lana and clark looked good together. sorry guys a lot of foreigners prefers kristom. so bet it! clark and lana are the best in tthe show. you moronnnn

  • http://yahoo rachel

    Have you seen the ratings of smallville lately. it used to be very good one of the best series of all time. now its gone down hill. they should put lana and lex back because they where the most important characters at all time. You moronnnsss

  • LoisUgly

    SMALLVILLE HAS ALWAYS ABOUT CLARK AND LANA.kristom has the best chemistry.DEAL!

  • The FACT

    after each Lana-Clark breakup, the series loses one to two million viewers. When Lana and Clark were heating it up in Season 2, they reached an audience of 7 million. CW and producers are really stupid. They have turned this series into a suffering tragedy and it just turns people off. A lot of my friends just won’t watch anymore because it is just so sad to see how they have messed up the Lana-Clark romance.

    The dismal ratings for the finale and Apocalypse speak for themselves. I am finally turning off Smallville. No season 8 for me.
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  • LoisUgly

    AFter each Lana-Clark breakup, the series loses one to two million viewers. When Lana and Clark were heating it up in Season 2, they reached an audience of 7 million. CW and producers are really stupid. They have turned this series into a suffering tragedy and it just turns people off. A lot of my friends just won’t watch anymore because it is just so sad to see how they have messed up the Lana-Clark romance.

    The dismal ratings for the finale and Apocalypse speak for themselves. I am finally turning off Smallville. No season 8 for me.
    Lana was not in five of the last episodes and these episodes featured what the Lana bashers have said they wanted. Apocalypse was given a huge promotional campaign and they got the dismal ratings and CW should be concerned. The ratings should tell them that the viewers are not the vocal few. You noticed how many commercials they had during the finale, it is because the rate CW charges is based on rating points. CW is bleeding and they may not be able to last another year. Smallville lost over 40% of viewers. I am not watching season 8 so I don’t care anymore.
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  • Hugh

    Clana sells! Clois not! the rating on clana centric episodes has always bigger than clois`s.

  • smallvilleclana

    No lana, no smallville! I’m off is there’s no lana anymore! Lots of fans r gonna turn their back if there’s no lana anymore! Better reconsider, smallville has gain lots of profit coz of the couple clark n lana. If they r not there, huge amount of profit is going to be lost! so, no clana, no smallville!

  • Michael

    LoisUgly i have to ask you a question… Why do you go by 3 different names to try and get your point across? are you 8 years old? Also why is it you make up facts about the shows? Season 2 had the highest viewers with a decline by nearly 2 mill to season 3 and do believe there was no break up there and after that there has been a consistent viewing with a rise and decline of around 100.000 people (nothing like the 1 million you claim) Also tell me why season 7 has has a consistent watcher rating on average of 9.2? I would say this was quite high wouldn’t you?

    I mean seriously now come on and face the facts Lana has no bearing on rating and neither should she seeing as though she does nothing for the end result of the story not to mention the reason i and many others watch this show is because we like the story of clark kent (superman) on the journey to discover his destiny and Lana will always be in the way of that as long as she is around.

    Now that you’ve been put in your place f**k off and watch or don’t watch the show but this comment board was designed to discuss the matter of these people leaving not for you to blatently make up facts about shows ratings.

    And one more thing WTF is Kristom? that is the stupidest thing i’ve ever herd… All the chemistry you see on the screen is written on paper first who knows what we’ll see in the future with Lois and Clark.

  • LoisUgly


  • LoisLameOld

    The rating for s7 used to be good before Kristin left the show.whatever moron clois fans said the fact is the rating for lana/clana centric episodes such as fierce,wrath,etc was BIG!after veritas,the ratings was so low.CLANA SELLS!

  • Travtag

    Not overly sad that Kristen is leaving. The lana and clark arc has been pretty played out. Will miss Lex. Micheal did an excellent job with the character. Very happy Allison is returning. She is sexy and an excellent actress on top of that. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic of the show changes in season 8.

  • LanaFan

    So s8 will be like friends season 11.completly apart from other seasons.booooooo!The data showed Lana brings the rating.!tom always admire their chemistry he said”………the first time we did it,i donno……it just click.u just never know…chemistry is something unpredictable!

  • David

    LoisUgly, enough of posting the same stuff under different nicks, pretending to be different people. You are fooling no one and its sad. Nobody gives a shit about how you feel about Lana.

    And seriously, I asked nicely last time. Stop randomly hitting the capslock key. Placing random words as capital letters does not stress your point or emphasize anything, apart from perhaps retardation on your part.

  • David

    and just so you know LoisUgly, we know you are also LanaFan and LoisLameOld among others, just to clarify incase you feel like inventing a new personality for yourself and posting again.

    Its very easily checked..

  • Joyce

    There is no Smallville without Lex. He is the only intelligent actor in the series. Clark and Lana were so boring they sent me to sleep each week. Without Lex I will not be tuning in anymore.

  • Max

    Without Lex Luthor the show is gonna be shit… Honestly i think the show is gonna go down hill if he leaves, his charecter is awsome, the rest of them are boring….

  • stevo




  • Ally

    Of course I watch Smallville for Clark and Chloe they have the best chemistry! I didn’t really like Lana but I am sad to see Kristin leave she’s an great actress! However I will not be tuning in to Season 8 there has been too much dissapointment and after talking it over with my Smallville buddies I decided we are done. I would love for the Chlois Theory to happen but I fear the writers lack both creativity and the courage to do that storyline. I always enjoyed Clark and Chloe interaction at the DP but with Chloe fired all I am going to get is cheap imatations with EDLois and Jimmy and sorry it’s not what I signed up for so… goodbye Smallville! Maybe I’ll watch October Road or How I Met Your Mother something with kick! I put too much time and effort into Smallville for the writers not to listen to a word… so just like AlMiles I’m saying see you in the next life…. I mean for the love of Zod couldn’t Chloe have just been Lois Lane and this 40 year women taken a hike to Granville…. anyway, alas I wasted too much time on it!So you know all these sayings, when hell freezes over, when pigs can fly…HELL even when men can give birth THAT’s when I’ll watch Smallville…ooohh and if Clark and Chloe finally see sense but again HELL! FREEZES! PIGS! FLY! MEN! BIRTH!

  • Eleanor

    Oh Ally I totally agree I’ve been under the delusion that this could work that I could watch SV without any Chlark lovin but WHO THE HELL WAS I KIDDING??? So October Road huh? That has Bryan Greenberg in it and he is way cute… you just reminded me of the Daily Planet I couldn’t bear to watch EDLois and Clark prance around it would make me want to projectile vomit in my mouth your right! I’m done! Sorry! Bye bye Smallville AHHHH I’m going cold turkville no more forums no spoilers no DVD boxsets nothing! Thanks Ally!

  • Hana

    I think Clana and Chlark/Chloisfans should ban together and get rid of that washed up bi*** I’m sorry but I wanted Superman and Lois Lane and what I got was Superman and his old washed up maid! No this isn’t right TEMPLOIS GOTTA GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  • chewell


  • Jo

    Seriously what I want for Season 8 is a final showdown seriously! I love the actresses Allison and Kristin, so forget EDLois no offence but come on no chemistry I get she is “Lois” and whatever (even though I don’t want her to be) but I think Season 8 Clark and Chloe should get together, they should be starting something then Lana comes back and is all “Clark, I made a mistake” and be all maybe this and maybe that but Clark and Chloe keep their “relationship” under wraps because they haven’t even defined what it is yet and then it’s all messy, dramatic, it’s the love triangle from S1/S2 all over again but BETTER! Chloe decides to run from her feelings as she always does (defence mechanism) and completely bails on Clark but still Clark is unsure because he’s been happy with Chloe for the last couple of months but SOME HOW… SOME WAY he finds the letter which Chloe wrote him in S2 (does anyone know how LONG I have waited for that letter to be found it’s like come on)… and there’s also Jimmy drama, but eventually Jimmy moves on because he realises he’s not the one for Chloe and that they both deserve TRUE LOVE…. and then Clark and Chloe end up together….. or Clark and Lana either way I ship the show and characters. Couples are always confusing… I do tilt toward Clark and Chloe because their love seems so epic…. like all this time and WOW and also Clana have had what??? several seasons of love it’s Chlark Time!

    But yeah watching Season 8 is debatable for me because I have no interest in Clark and Lois’s relationship, none whatsoever!

    I got Lois and Clark the Adventures of etc. and it was great but this Clark and Lois don’t do it for me it’s like chalk and cheese the chemistry just isn’t right!

  • Phoebe

    As a keen observer of Smallville and totally not biased in anyway because I don’t have a favorite couple the best chemistry is between ALLISON MACK AND TOM WELLING! I mean Clark and Chloe have just been “friends” but there are always these looks and these moments that just have me at awe! Either wanting to beat Clark for being such a jerk or kiss both of them for their cute and utterly heart warming moments. When an ALLISON AND TOM scene comes up I just know it’s going to be a great one! It’s the little things Clark’s meant to be in love with Lana, right? Yet he finds out about Chloe and Jimmy and there’s this jealously in (I thinK) Zod and Wither which was amazing, and Chloe’s meant to be in love with Jimmy yet she finds out Lana knows Clark’s secret and looks sad and tells Jor-El (Clark’s biological father) that she “loves his son”. That relationship is powerful and couple or not! ALLISON AND TOM BROUGHT THOSE CHARACTERS TO LIFE! ALLISOM!!!!!

    Not bringing down kristom or anything!

    It’s just ALLISOM= WOW!

  • Clare

    I wanna cry about Michael leaving I love him. My three favorite characters Lex,Chloe and Lionel. I was sad when Lionel died I was like somebody SAVVVVVEEE HIMMMMM!!! lol! No but seriously I loved the Luthor dynamic. Even though his death made me sad I loved the last scene between Chloe and Lionel as I have always said their scenes are always dynamite I the way he calls her “Miss Sullivan” always, and I mean ALWAYS gives me chills.
    Lex is just hilarous he is so evil but I can’t help but love him his evil is to die for. Chloe her determination, justice and truth seeking has had me from the beginning. The way she always bring Clark back when he’s off the wagon (and let’s face it when isn’t he lol) all her hero speeches “sometimes even heroes need to be saved” are burned in my memory.

    I was estatic to hear that she was back for a full season I was not going to watch it with Lex, Lionel and Chloe gone it would have been Dullsville. I don’t want another show of Lois and Clark especially when this Lois interests me in no way! So I may be staying tuned if they give Allison a half decent storyline it’s always weird to me they wrote Chloe as this ace reporter destined to work at the Planet then they try and snatch it. Why build her up like that to take it away? It makes fans furious and is pretty poor writing. I do agree that I want Chloe back at the Daily Planet, if she’s still in jail Season 8 Episode 1 then I’m not really watching.

    But I love Tom Welling does an amazing Clark Kent, both him and Michael made the characters I wish I could say the same for Erica Durance but I can’t! But let it be known I don’t think it was solely her fault it was the writers, I guess they accidentally wrote Chloe as the better reporter, better person, better girl for Clark, and better partner oh hell better everything!

  • Deena


  • daniel

    we need to see more of kara in season 8 and i hope all the other cast members except lana stay. i think kara is sexy.

  • Just a freak…

    No Lex? No Lana? More Chloe?

    You just make me the happier person on earth. I just fiinished season 6 and had my doubts wether to buy or not season 7, but from what you tell me, season 8 should do better without those phony characters.

  • Kal

    the data showed LANA=RATING!

  • David

    What data? Stop making shit up. Why do you insist in posting under different usernames, we know you are the same person, retard. Its sort of sad that you reply to yourself.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    They should find some way to keep Michael on the show if not full time at least part time. And maybe have other villians on the show and other hero’s including Justice league. Even when characters leave shows and replace them sometimes it takes a while for people to get use to the new actors or actresses that replaces them. Cloe and Clark seem to have a chemistry but if you follow the superman story line it is Lois. I love Clark,Cloe,Lex and Lois and all the other people that play parts in Clark Kent life. Although I would like Cloe and Clark together I also at the same time would be happy if Lois and Clark grow closer to each other more then friends. But you cant please everyone at the same time. I am very excited about season 8 coming I do hope Lois and Clark do get together romantically.

  • LoisUgly

    Check the ratings, when Clark and Lana were together, ratings went up to milliions, but when thy are seperated, ratings went down over 40%.the rating went down since kristin left the show.and a lot of blogs reported that s8 wont be worth watching!Besides,TVguide said clois wont be together in s8 because the studio said”That is not what the show shoulkd be about”

  • LoisUgly

    Smallville’s highest ratings were always associated with Lana and Clark. Slumber 6.7 million, Nicodemus 6.7 million. After the massive Apocalypse promotion, only 3.8 million watched.

  • smallvilleclana

    Well said LoisUgly! Where did u get that information from? I’ve always agreed with you from the begginning. I always applaud you for your will power to bring Clark and Lana together. The CW said that if they don’t make a happy ending for Clark and Lana, the “Clana” fans would feel disppointed and cheated. This is smallville, not the comics. They can change the story anytime they want. Like LoisUgly said, with Clark and Lana, loving each other on the show, ratings will always go up.

  • http://smallville kendra cobb

    i cant belive that anyone would even think that lana should leave i dont know what to do this is soooo………………SAD!!!!! and kristen is the best actress in smallville!! im crossing my fingers ! KEEP LANA LANG ON SMALLVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    I agree that without Michael it wont be the same but maybe they can find a way to at least get Michael to stay on the show for at least half the time. Plus when he isn’t the bad guy sometimes they could have other bad guys here and there to take his place sometimes but still have Michael as the main bad guy. Maybe fans could try to help get Michael to sign another contract so fans have probably the most important bad guy. But like I said if they cant get him to stay full time then maybe at least they can get him to be the bad guy at least half the time of the show. I will also take whatever the show has because I like all the characters as being very important to the show but if someone leaves I will except whatever they can do. I hope all you fans of the show can still deal with someone leaving and possibly get used to new characters and actors that might take someones place.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    Maybe fans and the directors and writers of Smallville can find a way to get Michael to stay on the show to get his contract signed again.

  • RYAN


  • Gudman

    At first I always had the notion that these comic series were too prdictable and boring but Lana(Kristen) thwarted that thought.Smallville without Lana Lang will be crap. Kristen Kreuk is the best.Please stay on. Lois(Durance) and Clark(Tom) just seem to be a mismatch for me. Eric is too spoiled , lacks affection and not that beautiful. I can’t see this combination leaving up to the level of the KIRSTOM passion.Michael played lex superbly but fortunately villains are replaceable.

  • Sam

    The chemistry between Welling and Kreuk is undeniable. I, for one, won’t be watching season 8 if they don’t get back together.

  • David

    I think it’s inevitable that lana leaves the show now so clark can move on and embrace his destiny fully without the added distraction of lana. What worries me is that if Michael stops playing lex luthor the show might not do as well. He plays the whole villan part very convincingly. I don’t think there will be anyone who will be able to do that better then he.

  • Cinthia

    The show can move on without Lana,She was a good part of the show but the Love affair between her and Clark has taken up more of the show than it was origanally supposed to. I just don’t want to see him with Lois.There is No Chemistry, But Lex is the Escence of Superman. He is Superman’s all time strongest villian and he was always on the original Superman and no one will be able to take Michael Rosenbaums place. BTW Happy Belated B-Day Michael.(B-Day Yesterday). Some of you people are talking like it was Michaels choice to leave.It wasn’t, He was supposed to leave last years. The Heads of the shows decided it was time for Lex to move on and to bring on new villians So they let Michael Go with some agreements of Maybe a few appearences. (Mistake) Hope the show will survive this huge change. I know I am not very excited about the new season and thats a first for me,I usually can’t hardly wait until it begins,but now Not so much..hehe

  • Gudman

    Though i hope it wasnot inevitable all i’m waiting for from the next season is how they are going to get rid of Lana(Kreuk) and Lex(Michael). Cynthia i concur with your sentiments of the none existant chemistry between lois(Durance) and Clark(Tom). I wish lana(Kreuk) was given the lois position as a reincarnation of some sort. But on the other hand i’m convinced that Superman has always been bigger than one villain(lex), so the prospect of new foes sounds enticing to watch. either way i can’t wait for the next season though disappointed on Kirsten Kreuk’s depatcher.

  • Luna

    If smallville doesn’t show Lana again, i think in my town will never like Smallville again, I promise that! So, I hope Lana can show her act ability again in Smallville.
    I very like Lana.

  • thari

    i miss clark n Lana so much !!! so please bring LANA come back !!!

  • Sam

    I am wondering how I can get my message across the writers and those in the casting crew. Do they have e-mail addresses you guys know of? While Kristin Kreuk has no choice but to leave Smallville and pursue better opportunities, I think the writers and casting crew have to shape up and find women either equally as charming or better than Kreuk. What has people upset is the fact that Welling and Kreuk have such a wonderful chemistry onscreen and they are to be separated because Clark is intended to have another love interest in season 8 and then eventually end up with Lois. It would have been alright if the actresses chosen for the roles are better-looking, more appealing than Kristin Kreuk…unfortunately, they totally aren’t. Who are the ones choosing these women anyway? For the audience to be able to forget Kreuk and move on with Clark’s life, the women need to be more attractive than Clark’s first love (Lana)!

    Also, people are giving Kreuk a lot of flak for being so thin. For your info, most Asian women are slim (without having to diet) especially as they get older. I don’t find Kreuk skinny at all; I think she is just right because she has small bones. I don’t think she will gain much weight even if she were to eat Mc Donald’s everyday.

  • OldSchooler

    I hope this series can survive without the main bad guy, Lex Luthor. Rosenbaum was a moron and douche for leaving when he was finally becoming what he was supposed to be all along.

    Yea Lana was hot but her story had become very thin and repugnant. She really was not that great to begin with.

    Erica Dunce(sp?) as Lois would be OK if they would just get her to eat a sandwich or something. The episode of her in a bathing suit when she me Aquaman made me yuck out when I could count her ribs. Get that some food on the set for the love of God.

    This is the only TV series I actually watch and to see the main anti-hero leave just when it starts to become really good is sad. I hope they find an awesome Lex replacement and Rosenbaum get stuck playing Tootsie roles like “Sorority Boys” and guest appearances for the rest of his miserable career. Way to jump ship on an awesome show, he will never have the ratings that he enjoyed here and now I hope he gets what he has coming to him for this lame maneuver.

  • Cinthia

    OldSchooler: Please don’t dog out Rosenbaum, If you would read around and research your facts you would know that Michael Rosenbaum had no choice but to leave the show. The bigwigs of the show said they were moving on and no more Lex so he was out. He was supposed to leave a few years ago But he took the ratings up so they decided to keep him on ,So like I said they are ready for new villians so that means the old villian had to go,Which totally Upsets me because he is just as much a star of the show than clark is.

  • Sam

    How awful, Cinthia! Obviously, the bigwigs are taking a huge risk and upsetting the loyal fans of the show. I am wondering if there is any way we can write an e-mail to them since they don’t seem to be reading forums (or else they would have known that they are making a big mistake).

  • jd

    i im happy that lana not on there anymore she just was not as good as sesion 5 and under after that i did not like her but chlole i do and lois but i thick my favorivite show is going to go down hill i watch it sence it first came on i mean no lex he’s the best lex ever way bettter than superman returns they always make lex funny and gay but smallville he’s the best and deserves a metel

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    There is a possibility of Michael playing a different character or coming back later in the future as lex again later when Clark develops into superman and he wants to find out all about superman. He could possibly becomes superman’s greatest enemy later on which lex is superman’s greatest enemy anyways. Lois might end up looking at Clark different in season 8 and become more than friends.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    There is a possibility of Michael playing a different character or coming back later in the future as lex again later when Clark develops into superman and he wants to find out all about superman. He could possibly becomes superman’s greatest enemy later on which lex is superman’s greatest enemy anyways.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    I am glad Chloe will still be on smallville in season 8. I really like Chloe and Clark together they make a great team. Lois will in the future become Clark’s Girlfriend in the superman universe. I also hope Clark will become a journalist at the daily planet and work with Chloe and Lois as partners.

  • Sam

    Okay, but what happens to Lana? The Lois and Clark story has been publicized for so many times already; what I want to see is something new and fresh which is why the Clark/Lana team-up has a great following. If this show is going to be another Lois and Clark, it won’t last just like its predecessors. The actors playing Lois and Clark don’t have much chemistry, too.

  • nicole

    thank god there are still some clana fans out there…no matter how much they pimp on clois in all spoilers these days…”don’t miss the sparkles…clois kiss…lois sees him as a man…clark will like it…lois will have second thought…they will work as a team”…bla bla bla they want to attract as much clois viewers as they can for the new season…and yes lana is coming back but they butchered her hair so she will look ugly…(even though you are the most beautiful) to lois…she is coming back in an “inoportune” moment for clark…the moment may be a clois kiss I guess since they always messed the clana relationship…no matter what clana is what the show BY FAR…lots of fans watch smallville for clana…yeah right was sometimes boring…all we want is a HAPPY CLANA ENDING…we know he ends up with lois and we can’t change that…but this is SMALLVILLE…

  • Gudman

    nicole how i wish your sentiments could be drilled onto the heads of the directors.clois(watever that may turn out) is predictable and kills the anxiety and curiosity.No chemistry. i hope they don’t mess up Lana’s image in season 8 just to get her out of our system.What an actress.When is the first episode for season 8.

  • Sam

    What? They butchered her hair so that she will look ugly? Where did you get this piece of news?

  • Emily Jane

    What a disappointment,Lex is a fundamental character in Smallville,I dont see how he can be replacable.
    I wont keep my hopes high for Series 8,but im enjoying running throught the box sets!

    I tip my Hat to Rosenbaum, he was brilliant from start ’til end,especially in those fragile moments in Lex’ life (e.g Asylum)

    Im glad Lana has gone,Im only on box 4,and she’s already becoming a tedious character. Ive seen some of seven, Lana seems almost insignificant!

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    I think the fans for Smallville even though Michael is leaving to try to watch season 8 and see what they think about it before making any judgements on how the show will do in season 8 of smallville. Even if Smallville won’t be as good as before which I think it won’t. I will still watch it even if ratings go down but Michael is an excellent actor give my best to him and the show smallville. Other fans please try and get used to any new actors and the show if you don’t like it as much so I can continue to watch the show Smallville continually. thanks to everyone

  • asma

    i think that lana should have been killed off in the second season because clark is meant to be with lois not evil lana. i think it will be better without lana keeping clark from his destiny. i think they should keep kara in the show because clark needs family.

  • yousef

    well,, the arctic episode had me soo worried bout clark,, being controled by lex luthor,, i mean im juz saying dat its better if u guyz leave lex on the show,, cmon i mean its the last season,, isnt it?? so wats one more season for lex to be in the show.,, convince him guyz..seriously we’ll all love it and be interested more wid smallville..dnt u think??seriously think bout..:D

    and bout lana..,, uhm its good dat she left but its sad at the same time,, i mean,, shes ryt wen she said to clark in the CD dat “she had to leave bcoz shes the only reason dats holding him might get more interesting…

    and chloe(allison mack) SHUD OBVIOUSLY STAY.i mean i realy wish dat chloe and clark would end up together.,, but ders this jimmy,, he loves her..,, well dat doesnt matter.,, atleast she shud stay..i cant wait for the 8th season of smallville hehe..c’mon guyz hurry up.. we’re waiting to watch =p

    from me to clark ” MOVE ON CLARK,, GET OVER HER ALREDY” to lana,, hahahahaha..jwk no hard feelings lolx.

    well my email uhm (( [email protected] )) yousef well in english josef or joe:P


    newayz good luck everyone..


  • yousef

    plus if clark and lois end up together..clark will have to lie agen bout hidding his secrets and stuff.,, i mean we were happy dat lana knws his secret and it was better.,, i mean i think u guyz shud make chloe and clark together.,, coz she knws his secret for so long alredy and if they ended up together.,, it would be better.,, chloe would help him and i mean everything i cant xplain., so better if chloe and clark end up together.,, c’mon FANS OF SMALLVILLE,, VOTE WID ME:P CHLOE AND CLARK TOGETHER.,, hehe

  • Gudman

    What Chloe and Clark.Wouldn’t want that to happen but at least it sounds better than the current Lois and Clark Combination. which to me,lacks originality and frankly would be constructed rather than anything else. But bring back Lana.

  • hoohila

    who wants to see the same old boring lois and clark thing. Put them together and it’s another cancelled series. LANA, CHLOE, PETE, CLARK and Lex where all the best characters on the show… Smallville isn’t the same…

  • me

    The Clark and Lana thing is only minor in the whole superman story. It is clear after watching the first episode that this may be the last season of smallville. The chemistry between Lois and Clark has to begin to grow, but really doesnt have to go anywhere too great right now. Clark is supposed to be the stumbling reporter in Lois’s eyes. Also, Just because rosenbaum has left, doesnt meant that lex Luthor is gone forever. This is just bringing the story where it needs to go.

  • Gudman

    Just not the same without Lana.How many saw that.

  • Gudman

    Unfortunately some of us don’t gel well with action only. I remember the first time seeing smallville, i was completely drawn by the Lana-Clark chemistry which was clearly evident from the onset. But Lois and Clark just seem to be forcing things. Maybe Erica Durance was not the best character for Lois. Anyway “me”: you are right about one thing this may be the last season of smallville. Hope next episodes bring some love into the fold not only action.

  • Nate

    I watch the show for the whole superman aspect. I watch it for Lex and the JLA. The love stories are always important. Unfortunately drama is what keeps people coming back. I believe that Lois and Lana are always going to play an important part in the superman stories. But Kreuk wasn’t in my opinion a very strong actress. It wasn’t until season 4 or 5 that she actually got excited about anything she was always monotone and dull. As far as Rosenbaum he will be missed as Lex. I hope they can bring someone in that is equally as talented. If they do away with the lex character all together they will probably show more of the other ventures of Clark with the JLA and so on.

  • me (Dan)

    (Same “me” as above…)
    I agree with you in part…
    The story does need more than just the action. But I don’t think the relationship between Clark and Lana should have gone too much further anyway. I also dont think that Lana really should have rose to that much power. It kinda pulls the story way far from it’s focus. I did like her as a character…and she is an good actress but there comes a time.
    I also mainly watch for the Superman story line. Though this is an entirely different universe from the real superman mythos. One thing they should NOT do is try to bring in another Lex. I really hate it when they change a character. I think that is where this Tess girl is coming in. It also seems to me like they are bringing on a Doomsday character. Something seems really weird about that EMT guy curled up in a ball at the end. What was going on with his face. (I think we’re going to see doomsday.) That spells really bad news though, as if I remember correctly , Doomsday kiils Superman. It would be really dumb however, to kill off superman When he is just starting at the Daily Planet.
    I also believe they are forcing the Lois and Clark thing. Lois all of a sudden starts looking at Clark differently out of no where.

  • Gudman

    Dan i feel your position. Everything is just coming out of nowhere between Clark and Lois, you can say that again. To be honest at the moment the my Smallville spark has not yet lit up.something is just missing.maybe Lana’s episodes will get me back on track.

  • Tag1702

    Having watched the first couple episodes of the season now, I have to say that Smallville does seem to be lacking something thus far. That being said, there are a few things to look at and think about.

    First of all. The entire dynamic of the show, for all intents and purposes, has changed, and sometimes it can take a little bit for everything to adjust and fall into place. I think we need to see a few more episodes before we really start to judge what kind of a season this is going to be. That, I think will be the shows biggest hurtle, how it adjusts to all of the changes that have taken place between Seasons 7 and 8. I have to agree that if Rosenbaum wasn’t coming back, they made the right choice in not recasting another actor for the part. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves as well, and can take me right out of a show, even if it’s good.

    I also think it was time for Lana to go. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the character. Far from it. I think that for the seasons that she was in, her part was integral. Clark’s first love and all, and I think that the chemistry between Welling and Kreuk was awesome. Now, on the other hand, their off, on, off, on, on, off, off, on, off relationship was about as played as it could be. As much as we enjoyed watching it, anybody who knows Superman at all, knew that it wasn’t going to happen, and it’s finally time to set that one aside.

    I do have to agree that this whole Lois and Clark thing is feeling a little… I’ll say forced, at this point. Sure, they’ve included very small moments over the years, but nothing to make Lois’s behavior seem natural.

    I will keep watching the show, simply because I love it and will probably support it until the very end, and I’m hopeful that it will start to pick up within another episode or two.

  • Gudman

    Tag1702 well put. But i have to say Tess has got some big shoes to fill and at the moment it looks tough for her. The problem is that we all expected a smooth transition from season 7(where Lex discovered Clarks’ secret and Lana went AWOL). Now Everyone seems to be speeding up things which is not cool. To share a joke, I even thought at one point that my monitor was playing at fast forward pace. Lois, all of a sudden thinks lightly of the greenarrow(as in easily letting it go). The Lois we were introduced to from the beginning seemed to be always keen to push up her endeavours.

  • Megan

    I’m sad to say that Smallville lost me as a loyal viewer. The season premier was boring with no correlation to the past seasons, its like they jumped ship and ugh the Lois & Clark romance is disgusting! Its like brother and sister having crushes on each other. Tom Welling and Erica Durance have NO CHEMISTRY and I doubt within the up coming episodes they will be as good as his and Kristen K. Besides who ever casted Lois should be fired they could’ve picked a better actress and not make her so annoying with those stupid one liners and zingers. And Lex is no more, well the ratings are low so they were smart to get out.

    Clark & Lana!!!

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    I like Lois & Clark together romantically and becoming to show their feelings to each other. I still think even though other people don’t like Lois & Clark romantically as much as I do according to the Superman movies also. I still think Erica Durance as Lois Lane is very good as a girlfriend and she really likes Clark but she just needs to admit her feelings about Clark Kent just like Clark Kent also needs to admit his feelings towards Lois Lane also. If people would realize that sometimes new things need to change but I think all the change with Lois is a very good actress as a girlfriend for Clark Kent also some different enemies also change not just lex but maybe Lex will come back later in the end but they also need some new enemies. But Lois is still a good friend and girlfriend when life changes for Clark.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    I like Lois & Clark together romantically and becoming to show their feelings to each other. I still think even though other people don’t like Lois & Clark romantically as much as I do according to the Superman movies also. I still think Erica Durance as Lois Lane is very good as a girlfriend and she really likes Clark but she just needs to admit her feelings about Clark Kent just like Clark Kent also needs to admit his feelings towards Lois Lane also. I do like the new Smallville with Lois & Clark together not just Lana but I still think Lois and Clark are good together also.

  • Gudman

    I just pray Lana comes back in the next episode, maybe that can add some interesting twists and turns to the so far lifeless and loveless Smallville. Erica not good at all(sorry to say). I think the Kara girl would have done a better job.

    I have to agree with Megan, that the character selector should be fired. Bad selection. Where is the Lex charisma, null and void.

  • Dave – Scotland

    I’m not too bothered about Kristen Kreuk not coming back, She was my favourite character in the first 3 seasons but when Lana kept being possessed by a witch in S4 I started to become really annoyed by the character. Her “will they, won’t they” relationship with Clark dragged on across the seasons and was beginning to grate on my nerves. Nothing against the actress, the writers just weren’t writing any good scripts for her. In season 7 she almost faded into the background.
    Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor not returning is a shame but at least it gives the writers a chance to freshen up, create some new villains or bring more from the comics archive

  • Moe

    Well, at first I was in love with Clana. Until Lois game in, in season 4.
    Since then I felt that Clois was perfect and that their relationship(soon to be) will last.

    For everyone here who doesn’t like the Clois relationship, might as well stop watching Smallville because this is the best possible relation ship there is.

    I also agree with everyone else who thinks that they are forcing the Clois relationship, but I do not agree with Clois being an awful relationship.

  • gigi

    Moe, who are you to decide when people should stop watching smallville. I might be a lana and clark fan, but that doesn’t mean we should stop it because clark and lois adventurally have a relationship. If you noticed all the lois and clark shows didn’t last what longer then 3 to 4 years, because the rating tanked. Do you think all smallville fans watch the dam show just to see clark and lois. if you read in one of tom wellings interviews he, doesn’t even know why the producers brought lois to smallville. I just don’t get some fans they are so ignorant out there, get a freaking life.

  • hila

    I have nothing against any of the characters on smallville. But I just can’t get this person moe. Who thinks everybody has to stop watching smallville if you don’t like clois. Wake up dude. if you noticed how many lois and clark shows tanked because of the same story lines and same old relationship. I don’t believe this Clois has that much chemistry. I seen a dog and cat with more chemistry. the lana character might be played out but, please that’s what you call chemistry…

  • DIDY

    Lana and Clark have to come togehter again otherwise I´ll be realy mad at Smallville producers. I bought all Seasons and I can tell they were very expensive. So please bring them together. I don´t like Loise that much.

  • Gudman

    gigi & hila couldn’t have said it better myself, who is this Moe to tell people not to watch smallville because of their inclinations. I guess she/He is learning from the current directors who seem to be messing up the story a bit. The last time I remember Clark was afraid of flying all of a sudden in episode 6(S8), He just shoots into the building or did i miss an episode. Small important detail is being tossed aside as i can tell. I had Lana will feature in some of the episodes, Do any of you have an idea on that. I just think she would liven up the chemistry factor,it’s just non-existant at the moment.

  • forhad

    Season 8 Episode 10


    also, i think its tiume they rename the show to ‘Smallville To Superman’ and have Clark learn how to fly.

    Michael R. will probably return.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    I think for season 8 of Smallville is very good with Lois and Clark starting to admit their emotional feelings toward each other is a good thing and I would like them to admit romantic feelings towards each other. I hope Lois starts to admit it including Clark admits his feeling towards Lois also. I liked the episode with Lois and having to admit with lie detector for her to admit she loves Clark Kent if Clark would have had to answer he would have said he loves Lois also which I would like him to admit his real feelings for Lois Lane. If they go by the superman legend it would be Lois and Clark falling in love to each other which I like even if other people don’t like I still like it Know matter what or what they think of things. Please have Lois and Clark falling in love and admitting they love each other like they do in they superman legend.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    I think for season 8 of Smallville is very good with Lois and Clark starting to admit their emotional feelings toward each other is a good thing and I would like them to admit romantic feelings towards each other. I hope Lois starts to admit it including Clark admits his feeling towards Lois also. I liked the episode with Lois and having to admit with lie detector for her to admit she loves Clark other like they do in they superman legend.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    I think in next Thursdays Smallville if Lois and Clark are in the Phantom Zone and if Kara is in the Zone that Lois,Clark and Kara get out. I also want Lois to find out Clark’s secret and fall in love with him as well as Clark falling in love with Lois Lane. I hope Kara can play a role in the show Smallville also.

  • max

    Sum of u people r crazy!!! How can u b happy Kristin Kreuk is leaving she is one of the sexiest chicks in the universe, Im distrought she’s left. It is not the same without her, I wish her all the best. Lex was good actor 2.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    Even though Lana and Lex won’t be on the show in season 8 I still think people should watch season 8 with new characters and even without Lana & Lex it can still be a good show people sometimes after people leave but watch the show just to see what the outcome is lots of times it surprises people and they end up liking the new characters and after a while they like just as much or more sometimes. But Lois and Clark are meant to be together and I want them to get much closer emotionally. I have liked every episode of season 8 at the top of my list of one of the best shows I have ever watched. If some of the directors and producers aren’t going to do anymore Smallville they could have some of the actors pick up their positions as a director and producer while still being one of the characters on Smallville. I would like some episodes with Lois and Clark actually kissing and becoming more than just friends and more than girlfriend and boyfriend also. I like Erica Durance as Lois Lane very much. Lois in the superman universe has always been bossy to Clark Kent. I want Lois and Clark together in season 8 very much good luck to everyone

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    I would also very much like Clark in season 8 to become superman and that Lois Lane finds out that Clark is superman and from the planet Krypton and that she will be able to keep his secret. I would also like in the episode when Lois & Clark were on lie detectors that she had to admit she love Clark and I want Clark to admit he loves Lois Lane in season eight also. I also want Clark to be able to ask his father Jor-El if he is able to have kids on earth with a woman without hurting her. I also want Clark and Lois to get married in season 8 and that he becomes superman in this season and that Lois finds out he is superman and that he is from another planet krypton and that she can deal with Clark’s Double identity and get married to him. I also want Clark to be able to fly in season 8 of Smallville.

  • Gudman

    Oh my word i cannot wait for the next episode. Cracker,LANA BacK, the villain transforms. The only missing link would be Lex but anyway Lana’s presence would compensate for the present defficiencies(No romance and adventure). Bring it on.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    I am very excited about the next episode you could keep Lana on the show but eventually according to the Superman Legend it’s Lois and Clark together and not Lana. You could have Lana stay on the show for certain situations but still it’s Lois and Clark together as a couple in the Superman movies and shows. I want Lois and Clark to get married like in Lois and Clark the new adventures of Superman. It is also about time for Clark to learn to fly and become superman very soon. I still think Lois and Clark make a great team as reporters and as a couple also even if other’s disagree with me. I hope if the writers and producers if they don’t do any more of the shows they could let the actors and actresses start to write and produce on the show like Allison Mack Tom Welling and the other actors and actresses while still playing their original parts.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    I am also anxious for Clark to become superman and able to fly. Is Tom Welling going to be Superman which allot of people would like in season 8. The actors and actresses on the show Smallville if the producers and writers won’t be there next season the actors and actresses on Smallville are talented enough positively to direct and produce even for another season or more Allison Mack and Tom Welling are definitely good enough for them to write and produce on the show as well as Erica Durance and the other actors and actress to keep the show going. I like that their are new villains on the show and when Clark becomes Superman then Lex could be put back on the show for him to find out who Superman is so they have Lex and Clark as arch enemies again which probably would satisfy allot of fans. I think Smallville is a great show to make it to more seasons.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    On November 20 on Thursday I liked on Chloe’s wedding before Lana came back I liked how Lois and Clark almost kissed each other and I like how Oliver explained to Lois about her feelings about Clark and about Clark’s feelings toward Lois also. It’s nice that Oliver thought about Lois and Clark’s emotional feelings towards each other. I am very glad and happy that they are starting to admit and show their romantic feelings towards each other. I want Clark and Lois to kiss each other for real on the show Smallville very soon it is one thing I am looking forward to soon. Lois and Clark make a great couple and I like how Lana said that she said that she and Clark aren’t meant to be together. So Clark should set his eyes on Lois for a girlfriend and even more than that. Clark should stop denying that Lois is who he loves and not Lana. I think the 8th season of Smallville is excellent this year and I know that Smallville could go more seasons even more.

  • LadyI

    Yes I agree with all of Carlos’ comments even if I’m not too excited about Lois’ acting…yes where IS Lex and who is this new redhead? Her acting is forced and they need to bring him back.

  • LadyI

    What is UP with them taking a break until January…they did this last year except they kept pushing back the date of the new episode for more than 2 months…that is a bit too long for a vacation!

  • LadyI

    I have a bad feeling Chloe won’t be on the show…with her powers of healing it can’t but make me think she will die saving Clark. Hopefully she will be around…she’s a great and very natural actress!

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    Erica Durance is the greatest Lois Lane I have ever seen she plays every part of Lois Lane better than great. She also should be in allot more episodes in Smallville. Erica will also become a great actress in movies and in the show Smallville which I want to continue seasons if the writers and producers quit. Erica as Lois has every quality a woman could have which she also has as a person in her real life activities. She is bound to become a star in movies and shows also but I hope she remains on Smallville and if there’s a show Superman for her to become the Lois Lane there as well as Tom Welling as Superman they make a better than excellent team for the Daily Planet and become more than great friends in the future but are destined to become boyfriend and girlfriend and to get married in the show eventually. I hope in the show they get married and can have children. Erica you are so good of an actress that you cover every quality for your acting career. God bless you Erica Durance

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    Erica Durance is the greatest Lois Lane ever and I like the last episode at Chloe’s wedding that Lois and Clark started to show their true feelings towards each other. I also like how Lana said that Clark and her weren’t meant to be together. I do know that Lois and Clark are destined to be together forever. I would like Lois and Clark to stop denying their real emotional romantic feelings for each other. I also want them to become more than friends and eventually get married. I also want Lois to find out Clark’s secret that he is from Krypton. I also want Clark to find out from Jor-el if he can have children with a normal woman on earth with Lois Lane. I also want Lois to find out Clark’s secret that he is from another planet but she loves him so that it does not matter to her because she loves him so much. I also want Clark to start showing his true feelings for Lois like in the last episode. But in the next episode or so to have Clark and Lois finally kiss each other and admit their emotional romantic feelings for each other soon. Like I said Erica Durance is the greatest Lois Lane and Tom Welling would Play a great Superman and Erica still Play Lois Lane if they make a Superman show and keep all the same people for actors and actresses from Smallville if they make one.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    You writers and producers of the show Smallville. In season 8 Erica Durance as Lois Lane is doing better than excellent have her do more episodes. And also she wants to come for another season in season 9 you writers and producers should recognize her talent as an actress and how great she does for the character Lois Lane she plays the best Lois Lane I have ever seen in my life. So let her be in more episodes and a regular character in the show Smallville for season 8 and for season 9 and more season which I believe is possible. Let Erica Durance continue her regular role as Lois Lane and for more seasons she deserves it and more. As well as Allison Mack and Tom Welling,Aaron Ashmore,Justin Hartley,and Cassidy Freeman keep all of them for regulars on the show and new people also. Great work with both new and old writers and producers for the show Smallville work to keep the TV show Smallville going which is more than excellent this year in season 8 which no doubt can go to season 9. God Bless you and please grant my requests for the great show Smallville and great actors and actresses for the show Smallville for season 8 and season 9 and even more work for it. Both the new and old writers and producers of the show Smallville have the great ability to keep the show going for more years. God Bless you all

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    Like I said before Erica Durance and Tom Welling and Allison Mack and Aaron Ashmore are acting so great and even better that the writers and producers of Smallville can continue more seasons because there doing so great for season 8 that they can go to season 9 or even more. It is starting to become in season 8 for Lois and Clark to become more than friends and become a great reporting team and become girlfriend and boyfriend and become more than boyfriend and girlfriend and get married. This season 8 is starting to represent the coming of Clark becoming Superman but have Lois Lane discover Clark’s secret and that they get married and eventually have children. Erica Durance and Tom Welling make more than a excellent couple. Have them Erica Durance,Tom Welling,Allison Mack and Aaron Ashmore continuely remain on the show Smallville and ask the producers and writers to renew Tom Welling’s contract as well as Erica Durances and Allison Mack’s and Aaron Ashmores contract for the Show Smallville for season 8 and 9 and more. Other fans out there please help me to write to the writers and producers of Smallville to continue it for more season and to have Tom Welling,Erica Durance,Allison Mack,and Aaron Ashmore as regulars on the show Smallville. And to have Lois and Clark become closer together to get closer to Clark’s real calling and him becoming Superman and to have Lois and Clark get married and have children if the actors and actresses and writers and producers and the fans agree with me please. other fans please write how good they do and can continue for more seasons.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    The relationship between Lois and Clark is starting to get very hot in the romance department were Lois and Clark begin to show that they love each other in season 8 of Smallville. The show Smallville is having a excellent start for season 8 of Smallville I want to see more of Lois and Clark together and them starting to fall in love with one and another. Erica is the best Lois Lane I have ever seen and Tom Welling play an excellent Clark Kent and Superman. Tell the writers and producers to get the sparks flying with Lois and Clark in season 8. I also would like Clark to be able to learn how to fly in season 8 and master all his powers including flying and freezing things with his breath. Keep up the excellent work on Smallville all writers and producers new and old and including the actors and actresses. Let some of the actors and actresses write some episodes in other words give their ideas to you and let them write and produce while still acting their parts as Lois,Clark,Chloe,Jimmy. They all have the ability to help do some of the writing and producing on the show Smallville for episodes and if the writers and producers of the show Smallville quit the actors and actresses are talented enough to pick up were they left off and continue the show with success for more seasons.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    Fans of Smallville season 8 is off to an excellent start and fans who don’t want some actors or actresses leaving the show should give the show a chance before they even start criticizing the writer and producers and actors and actresses and the fans that love it the way it is right now should give it a chance first. Because lots of the time their favorite actors and actresses will come on the show later on and sometimes become regulars on the show again. I think the show Smallville is off to a wonderful start and if people would stop and give it a chance they may even like it better and if not then they can say whatever they think about it. Fans of Smallville help to try to get Tom Welling’s contract with him again he plays the part of Clark Kent to a superb level just like Erica Durance as Lois Lane. Those 2 Erica Durance and Tom Welling play too superb levels of acting on the show Smallville. But fans try too stay in touch with the actors and actresses I used to know how but now my computer is messed up a little so I could use your help so we keep more of the same actors and actresses on the Show Smallville to tell the writers and producers of the show Smallville to renew their contracts so more people who don’t give things much of a chance will be more pleased so they have the same actors and actresses as regulars on the show Smallville. Smallville is so good this year in season 8 because it shows more of the Superman legend and myth coming together like Lois and Clark falling in love in the show and becoming a great team as reporters for the Daily Planet.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    When will there be new episodes of Smallville from season 8 which was superb if there isn’t another season which I very much would like for a season 9 and more for the show Smallville. I also think if they don’t continue at least they can start a Superman TV show with Erica Durance as Lois Lane and Tom Welling as well as Allison Mack and Aaron Ashmore to continue with the superman legend if they don’t decide to continue the TV show Smallville which I think is a superb TV show I don’t miss one of Smallville shows unless when I have trouble with my seizures or am at a special event which I still try to find the TV show Smallville when I am on vacation cause I have to find out what channel it is on. But Smallville is underrated in my opinion. I also think that the show Smallville should have more season like Erica Durance wants to be in more episodes with Clark I also agree that they should continue the show the writers and producers including the actors and actresses helping to write and produce some episodes which they are all talented enough to do with the show continuing and still play their parts as their characters and produce excellent ratings for the show. Smallville is my favorite show which I look forward to watching every Thursday.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    May all actors and actresses and writers and producers know they are greatly appreciated for their writing and producing of the show Smallville. I love the show Smallville so much I write allot to them and I believe in all the actors and actresses being able to write episodes of the show also and that the writers and producers realize what a superb group of actors and actresses for the show Smallville and for writing and producing the show also. Also it is probably a good idea to get opinions from fan as well as the writer producers and actresses working together for such great a show and episodes of the show. Please have another season and more if possible which don’t underestimate all of your crew and staff for continuing the show for another season and more. May God Bless all of you with all of your wonderful gifts as writers producers and actresses and actors which he has given to you. The show is doing so well in season 8 that it can for sure go more seasons of the show Smallville.

  • http://[email protected] Robert Schuh

    To the people on the show Smallville please for my Christmas present renew Tom Welling and Erica Durance,Allison Mack and Aaron Ashomores contracts for more seasons of Smallville and have Erica Durance in more episodes with Clark and continue the show Smallville for more seasons which it is surely able to do. To all of you on Smallville please have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. You all deserve another season of the show Smallville for sure and to have the actors and actresses renew contracts for season 9 and maybe more.

  • Richard Ayaku

    for my own opinion clark is a very wonderful person who deserves the best
    and the clark lana saga as far as smallville is concerned is finished and it is good for the movie
    i think clark and chloe are very good but to be realistic loise is made for clark and there is nothing to be done about it
    if you take a look at the wedding scene (chloe’s wedding) you will discover that they are the very best together and lana is gone
    i prefer clark and loise but chloe deserves much as well for playing an impotant role in the life of superman.

  • Jenny

    Personally, I haven’t like Lana for quite some time now. Her and Clark’s relationship has been a headache for quite a few seasons.. it’s played out, dragged out, and old. Good Lana was okay, evil Lana was a joke.. and superhero Lana was just lame. I don’t think clark and chloe need to get together but i do like chloe’s character. I personally like Lois and I am interested in seeing how the story line plays out.. I do hope the show is not as cheesy as last year though, i was somewhat disappointed.. not disappointed enough to quit watching though, even though i did receive a lot of grief.. i’m still waiting to see clark fly..

  • Guest

    Allison Mack is singlehandedly ruining the show. They need to dump her.

  • Erox

    Lets face the truth here. Season 7 and Season 8 of the show suck. There lots of imitations from other series and movies like Supernatural, Watchmen like never before. Ofcourse Lexx's refusal to appear was a real setback. Should have thrown more dollar bills to him than Clark. Not easy being the bad guy for over 7 Seasons and 160 episodes. And the thing with Smallville, no matter how stupid an episode story is, they will try their best to make it and include it so that they attain their 22 episode number. Dude, the show has really lost the idea. May be they should pick a leaf from the Louis and Clark series, they worked pretty good for I'd think. Does not matter if he flies now or then, Its time for what we all expect. May be the reason we watch the series is because we expect something we are not getting and that is why the show has very many viewer but no more new viewer most guys are becoming fedup. Guys, atleast get better writers and keep track of previous stories in all seasons instead of telling us that Lionel got the wrong son. Are you serious?? Really. Damn the show is so Gay;