JK Rowling Harry Potter prequel: how much will it make at auction?

JK Rowling along with a host of other authors was asked to pen a short story so that it could be auctioned off for charity. Rowling has penned an 800-word prequel to her Harry Potter series, and is hoped to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for a good cause. Not much is known about the short story, but what we do know is, it will be about the young lives of Harry’s father James as well as his friend Sirius Black.

The Harry Potter prequel fits on both sides of an A5 card and has been signed by JK Rowling herself, so should be worth a great deal to a collector or fan with a lot of spare cash. Rowling so far has made an astonishing £560 from her seven Harry Potter books, and has said that she will not do any further work on this short Harry Potter prequel. However; she had said in the past that if she was to pen another Harry Potter story, it would not be for the next ten years.

The money raised from these short stories will help raise money for English Pen, who helps to promote understanding through literature, and Dyslexia Action, the auction will happen at Waterstone’s London Piccadilly store on June 10th. Managing director of Waterstone’s Gerry Johnson has said “We never dreamed that JK Rowling would donate something so precious. I can’t begin to guess how much it will raise at auction.”


So how much would you pay for this Harry Potter Prequel?