George Sampson needs Backing Dancers for new music video

June 25, 2008




It has been reported that George Sampson is looking for five Backing Dancers for his new music video. It’s said that George has ditched Britain’s Got Talent judges and has asked the Sun to help him find the dancers.

According to reports George phoned up and said “Sorry about my phone. I’ve used up all my credit calling girls. I’ve taken down at least a hundred numbers since I won. I need a little black book.” I want to offer five members of the public the chance to appear as dancers in the video. This Friday we will choose our favourite five dancers to come to London next week to film the video. I want everyone to apply for this — as long as they’re cool. But I’m just glad to be working with a judge nearer my age for a change.”

After winning the show George already has 500,000 pals on his Bebo site and a £15k-a-week security team to keep his army of fans at bay.

You can enter George’s search for his dancers by clicking here to go his Bebo. The five winners will then be named next Monday and win an all-expenses-paid visit to London to spend a day on the film set throwing their shapes.

This is the message that George has left on his Bebo account:

Hi everyone at Bebo, it’s George!

I’m so excited I’m getting the chance to make my own music video. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and guess what… Bebo’s helping me make it and 5 of you get the chance to appear as dancers in it too.

All you need to do is upload a 30 second clip using the upload window below. – Show me some your best dance moves and on Friday I will pick 5 of my favourite dancers to come to London next week to film the video with me.

Can’t wait to see your skills!

George xx

George releases his video on the 3rd August as a music DVD to buy online and in supermarkets and high street music shops.

Will you be entering?


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  • Sacha (:

    George I Really Wanna Be In Your Video So Please Pick Me
    Im Uploading My 30 Second Video Now Hope I Get Through :D

    LoveYou Loasds

    Sacha xxxx

  • Nicola

    George i hope you get this,
    im not a screaming fan and im not obsessed,
    i love dancing, iv never had an oppertunity to do anything like this, i think im a good dancer unfortunatly i cant afford to make a clip and bebo it and i dont have your bebo.
    so many people have made fake bebos of you aswell so its difficult to know if its you or not.

  • kobi

    hey i wantto do thisas i street dance too but i have only just heard about it is the closing date today or next friday ?
    please write me back


  • http://bebo elise n katie

    we so wanna dance with you your so so so so so so so cool please vote 4 us xxxxxxxxxxx

  • http://vratinsgottalent jade

    i love you perfromance it was great i think you did really well please come back on this year i want to see you again singing and doing your moves so many people have made so many bebos for you to sign up for and i will make would you please do it again i voted for you ever time i loved your dance and i am screaming when you done your dance i think you was brilliant and i hope you read this so if you do i will be glad please would you i think you should do it again

    from jade you were the best one out of all of them

  • Alexandra Herridge

    I love you soo Muchh
    I uploaded a video and i really hope you like it
    I hope i get to be in your video because ive always wanted to meet u and dancing is my lifeee
    Love You Sooo Muchh xxx

  • http://sophie sophie

    george i really love you i love your bebo and i think you r really hot glad you won britans got tallent id’e love to be u and that tallented all i can do is street dance un like you u can brake dance maybe ill try it one day!!! lol love you sophie xx kings lynn

  • lauren

    heyah , i realy realy wanna be in youre music vidio i love dancing and i absolutly love to do it exspeshialy with you!! this is a big change for me !! im not just one Of the mad girls im realy lovin your moves andi want to share youre passion with you ,, people have these mad dreams that they willmarry you and stuff buh im not that crazy! belive me i want this in my heart and i want this for me this can change my whole life just like britains got talent changed your life around , you must know how bad i want this!
    PLEASE X i wont give my number ut here because i dont know who can be reading this message so i might giveit out to youin person x?

    lauren x

  • http://bebo tasmin

    i hope you pick me because you are cool and sexy pick me up george is sooo lush love ya for being you

  • Hollie

    Your amaazing babe. Hope you get to where you want. your already a winner. Dying for your real bebo. Not sure if i have your real Msn. if you want please please add me on bebo. My name is
    -blatant. Your amazing + Gorgeous. Hope you get what you want. Wishing you good luck Babe. (Y)
    Hollie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • sorcha yates

    U probably get this from alot of girls but I think ur really cool (and cute obviously!!) I was woundering if u would go on to my bebo and give me a shout my bebo is bunny2012 if u could I would love that.
    p.s. I love you

  • Becky

    Do you have Msn coz there is loads of fake one’s around!


  • Talia

    hi george xx
    i realy want your msn
    all my mates think im obsessed with you
    i cant disagree tbh ! x
    yeahh loads of girls have said this so ill jst stick to there point xx
    your awesome ,the britains got tallent tour was AMAZINGGG
    i heared u on radio one with grimmy xx
    please email me

  • http://[email protected] Jadee

    I Love Youu Sooooo Much


    I wud love to meet you…:)

    I wud just like to say Well done for Britains got Talent

    And Gud luck in the future

    And your new music video


    Love Jadiie


  • Jennifer

    heyy george its past now for being in ur music video i wish i cud dance with yhoo.i am gunna get the music DVD no matter watt i promise yah that babes.Ur sooo cute,sexii,lush,FIT,handsum,kind,loving,caring UR AMAZIN.U hav soo much talent.Ur the most best dancer in tha world hun.Nd thts never gunna change anythin.I bet u hav loadsa girls asking for yah well i can tell u think im ur biggest fan i went to Metroradio arena to watch yah.Tht was my best daii ever.I PROMSIE luv yah loads nd always will.I WUD DIE FOR YHOO ND I WUD GET STABBED LOADSA ND LOADSA TYMS FOR U.byee noe toodel pips x

  • http://[email protected] jules

    hiyyya …im julie …i watched you every week on britians got talent …u r AMAZING …so fresh! …i am a student at riverside college in stockton and i would jus really like a chance to be one of those girls in your new video, you know what it feels like to now have your life turned around and i would love to share that experience with you by starting a career as a backing danca here ! :) ….i want this soso bad and have a real passion about dancing and can do every type … i work hard and enjoy what i do …thnks xx

  • charl nd bethany

    hiya george we luv u soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are reli gurd dancers and we wud be great in your music video luuv you!!!!!!!!!!!!! please reply xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jenny

    hey george w. sampson… i have a lot of passion for dancing and i just really really would love to in your new music video becausei want my life to be turned around kind of like what julie said. i mean i know it was hard for you and your mum and your whole family to pay for the house bills and water bills etc… and that’s same here but my mum died my dad left my family and now i live with my gramma. so i would really appreciate it if you chose me… to be in your video… i mean i just started taking dance lessons and with my school and i may not be very very good but i do work hard and succeed in almost everything i do… so you would be a real life saver i you picked me thanyou

  • Georgia Hardy

    hii george you are soooooooooooooo fit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • charlotte standish

    hello george. Your gorgeous haha
    i really want to be in your new video me and another 5 of my friends were in the christmas show dancing and have a show in february and march haha
    I really wanna be in it
    Love you loads
    From Charlotte

  • Toni

    Hiyya george..x
    i really love u i use to go town every day just to say if u was there i am just sooooooooooooo min love wiv you ur the only boy i have eva loved really i dance in sunshine studioe and i sing aswell im goin on britans got talent for singin soooo watch out for me iv got straberry blond hair blue eyes and i love u sooooo much and i always will no matta wat happends ermm…. I loved u the first tym i sore u in town doin ur thing u diddnt have to win britans got takent to be a star u was already a star in my eyes anyway sooo…
    i just want u to no how much i love u if i cud tell u in person i wud i rfeally do l.ove u vye george maybe i will beable to tell u 1 day love u george william sampson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love toni williams xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Toni

    oyea can u please let me no wen the next audtions are for your next music video plzzzz i wud really love to be init i wud do any thing to be in it this is my contact number 07796581868 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let me now or if u cant ring me send me an e=mail [email protected] plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz LET ME NO i will be there wat eva u want me to do i will do plzzzzzzz thank you love toni williams xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • jayd

    i would love to be a backing dancer in your video i am also a fan. my dream is to be a dancer :)


  • lucy

    helloo im lucyy :D

    i would love to be one of the 5 dancers you pick i already go 2 a street dance school called STEP UP SCHOOL OF DANCE and we have done an anudition for BRITIANS GOT TALENT and we are waiting to hear if we have got in to the next round, fingers crossed :D dancing my life buh i want to take it further! i love to show people that i can actuli dance !
    il send a video and you can see :D
    thanks george xx

  • lucy

    hellloo im lucy :D

    andd id love to be one of the 5 you pick, i go to a street dance school and love it. our street dance group have done an anudition for britians got talent and we are waiting at the moment to see if we have made it to the next stage! i dance three times a week, i would be happier if i did it 7 times a week ! dancing is my life, taking it further would be a dream come true. how do i give you my video ?
    thankyou xx

  • cara

    hi george im not sure if your still wanting dancers but im free and really willing to dance behind you x x contact me please

  • http://SophieP. Sophie P.

    hello george.
    your my number one hero, iloveu somuch you mean everything to me darling :)

    I carry your heart with me (I carry it in
    my heart) I am never without it (anywhere
    I go you go, my dear; and whatever is done
    by only me is your doing, my darling)

    P.S George Sampson; iloveu ;)

  • Chernade


    Wow, this is different.
    I used to do professional ballroom and latin dancing and also street. i would love to be a backing dancer as that is the career path i want to take. I know you’ve got to start somewhere so would love this to be my first opportunity. i would love to show you how good i am.
    Im 21 yeards old so im not a crazed fan, sorry if thats upsetting, i just want to dance!!! xx