Big Brother: Sara and Lisa face public vote £25,000 richer

Big Brother did something a little different for the evections this week. The housemates were asked to gather in the Living Area where they had to give their two nominations in front of the other housemates.

As Mo was head of house the housemates were not allowed to nominate him. When the housemates had finished it was clear that it was Lisa and Sara who would be up for eviction this Friday. But Big Brother had another little surprise waiting for the two housemates who were nominated.

Sara and Lisa were asked to go to the task room where they had to play a game called Share or Take. This game gave them the chance to win £50,000; this is separate to the £100,000 prize fund.

The two housemates had the choice to choose share or take, if they both chose share, then they would share the £50,000. If one chose to take then they would win the £50,000 all to themselves, if they both chose take then no one would win.

Well showing that girls stick together, Lisa and Sara chose to share which means that they are now £25,000 richer.

Would you have made the same choice?

  • ashlee

    I am so happy for both of em ..they both deserved the dosh. Big brother I am a huge fan of sara & i so want her to win or atleast want her to stay in the final. I believe that Sara has been the most genuine and cool character of all time. with her there’s bit of everything – romance, arguments, beauty (ooo lots of wonder Darnell’s crazy about her) she is soo much fun to watch. I want her to stay sooo bad even if it’s for few days ..dont want her to go at all this firday …but I have a feeling that people may like Lisa more than Sara but hopefully something unexpected happensss & lisa goes instead …
    Sara’s huge fan Ashlee S