Rick Astley Best Act Ever: MTV Europe Music Awards

Who would have thought that Rick Astley would receive a nomination for the Best Act Ever, at this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards. It has been 17-years since the pop star was nominated for an award.

The surprise inclusion for Rick Astley was voted for by MTV viewers, it might have something to do with ‘Rickrolling’. This was something that happened last year, where people were tricked to watch Astley’s video Never Gonna Give You Up. The video was watched by more than 25 million people.

I do not think for one moment that Rick Astley will walk away with the Best Act Ever MTV Europe Music Award, as he is up against some stiff competition. Other nominees include Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, Tokio Hotel and U2, but stranger things have happened.


  • Alan

    I think you are wrong, I am positive…unless the votes ARE rigged that he will win best act ever.

    The internet community will come out in their millions to vote for him multiple times, I can almost guarantee that he will win (Again unless the votes are rigged) and will probably have more votes than all the other artists put together.

    I want to wish the best of luck to Rick Astley, and he deserves this success, especially because of his popularity with “Rickrolling” he has became a household name and I doubt anyone who has spent any time at a computer hasn’t heard “Never gonna give you up”

  • http://www.myspace.com/davidkirshmusic David

    Since the Rick Roll phenomenon began, Astley’s definitely seen a rise in popularity. A nomination for best act ever is well deserved on his part, owing to the fact that every day his song is heard by countless people. Even 11 years after the height of its popularity, it brings joy to its listeners (or the people who force its listeners to hear it.) So why should he not be given rightful recognition for his work? And by the way, Tokio Hotel has no credibility to be considered “best act ever,” seeing as they are a relatively new act, and a cheap 2-bit rip off of Finnish rock band The Rasmus. Rick, i am never gonna give you up, nor do i intend to let you down.


  • LordBhorak

    The editor of this article apparently hasn’t got a huge idea on what internet and its people can do. One might think, that it doesn’t make a big deal, but I guarantee you, that it does. Europe might remember the Eurovision 2006, where Lordi, a Hard-Rock band playing metal, took the pot. That’s 90% thanks to internet. And to think that those votes were made with a mobile phone, the people voting because of internet was hugely impaired. This time on the other hand, all the internet dwellers are able to vote in their homeland, so to speak, so as Alan said, I bet that Rick Astley will get more votes alone than all the other artist in the category put together.

  • Comi

    Rick Astley will win for sure.

  • sappy

    If the decision is made strictly by votes on their website then there is no way he will lose. I could personally out-vote all the pop worshiping teenagers.

  • wut9000

    I myself have voted for Rick Astley as “Best Act Ever” OVER 9000 times.

  • Anonymous



  • http://meatspin.com Anon

    350,000 votes from to rick me thanks to the internet. He is a sure thing to win.

  • Chris

    Rick Astley will definitely win. Every single person who enjoys rickrolling will use macros to vote for him. I myself have supplied over 200 votes, people I know give 1500 a week. And the irony is that MTV encourages you to vote multiple times. So unless the vote is rigged, he Rick will own the award.

  • travis

    The nomination comes thanks to the misc section at bodybuilding.com and 4chan…

  • http://www.myspace.com/davidkirshmusic David

    Travis, I disagree. I think ebaumsworld had something to do with this.