John McCain says Barack Obama would be a good President

Senator John McCain was given a question by one of his supporters at a Republican Presidential rally. One of the people in the crowd said that he was scared of Barack Obama becoming President. McCain spoke up and said to the man that Barack Obama would make a good President.

The Republican Presidential candidate then received boos from the crowd, but did manage to get the crowd back on side. John McCain just seemed to be telling people not to be scared of Obama, and that he is a decent man.

McCain also added that he both admired and respected his rival. Well it does show that these politicians do have some feelings after all. It was nice to see a politician being nice about another politician for once.

See the video below.


  • Geo Marting

    The title of this article is misleading, and not in an insignificant way. McCain said Obama wouldn’t be a president you should be scared of and that he is a “decent” person. Neither of those things imply that he would be a “good” President. This article should be renamed or pulled off the website.

  • Maria

    First of all, I am for John Mccain all the way, but I did lose respect for him when he said these things about Obama. This is a competition for the President of the United States. Because it is a competition, Mccain should not even say that Barack is a decent man, he should have nothing good to say about him becuase this is a competition. He should constantly be doing everything in his power to make people support him and vote for him, forget being the “nice guy” and talking good about your competition. It’s votes your trying to win Mccain, not a friendship with Barack Obama. Just the thought of Obama winning makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.