New Star Trek movie cast loved at box office

New Star Trek movie cast loved at box office
It looks as though the new Star Trek movie cast is loved at the box office. There was always going to be some doubt if the audience would take to the new cast, as they were portraying some fans childhood heroes. The biggest shoes to fill were that of James T Kirk, but Chris Pine did a great job.

A lot of the credit has to go to director of the new Star trek movie, J.J. Abrams. The Lost creator has done the franchise a great job, and also casting Zachary Quinto as Spock was spot on. Let us hope that this is the first of many new Star Trek movies with this new cast.

The new movie grossed $7 million in 3,849 locations on Thursday night, Entertainment Weekly admits that those figures were boosted by geeky fanboys, but the movie has already had an influx of new fans. The great reviews by fans and the love of the new cast should help the new Star Trek movie achieve $75 million at the weekend.

  • sue phillips( greywarrier)

    i have been a sci-fi fan witch includes star trek(including star trek brisbane fan clubs) for 15 years. i have seen the movie and i like it. i like the way the new cast has stamped there ideas on there roles and i look forward to another .as for a stand alone movie it is alright 2., for anyone being a first time trek movie watcher i think they would like it. as with any new trek movie/tv series i make up my mind after seeing it, not before. i give it a thumbs up and recommand any 1 seeing it.

  • Nomad

    it would seem that Chris Pine’s Capt. Kirk encapsulates all that Capt. Kirk was meant to be more than William Shatner’s version

  • Angie

    This movie was awesome! It deserves a lot more credit for how great it is! I saw it on Friday and then went back and saw it again on Saturday! I plan to see it again! I would recommend it to anyone! It really is an amazing film.

  • Iceni

    I have been a fan of star trek since the 60’s (showing my age!)and I was very reluctant to see the new actors in Star trek.
    I LOVED IT! IT WAS SIMPLY INCREDIBLE. I love Bill Shatner as the definitive Capt. Kirks. But Chris Pine does a great job, and (aside from ego etc,) Bill Shatner should be be proud.I ca’t wait to see more.Loved Spock and Bones too . In fact all of them!

  • Scott C

    Watched Trek reruns as a kid, seen all the movies, next generation and portions of the other spin offs. All I can say is that the movie wasn’t long enough and some parts could have been omitted, (like Scotty’s little friend and the starwars monsters.). The cast was brilliant, but the way they were conveniently put in their places a bit too fast. I loved the movie though. The cgi was fantastic, a bit fast and in your face, but it looked supurb. The next movie will be even better. Go see it!

  • girrissocool

    i am doing a project on the movie and was wondering if you knew any places thst have imformation from a good sourse that is accurate this is a big part of my grade so please make sure that the in fo is good thank you in advanced ^~^