One Tree Hill Season 7: Date and Spoilers

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One Tree Hill Season 7: Date and Spoilers
Well, we have just seen one season of “One Tree Hill” end and now there is already talk of season 7. In the season 6 finale we saw Brooke jetting off to the set of Julian’s movie and kissing him, Lucas by Peyton’s side until she wakes up in hospital and Dan apologizing for killing Keith.

What has the next season got in store for us then we ask? Well, according to a video on YouTube, that doesn’t really contain spoilers as such, but does give us information on two new characters that will be joining the cast in season 7. One is named Quinn, who is one of Hayley’s older sisters.

Then the other is named Clayton and will be Nathan’s agent. It is said that season 7 will start on August 31st 2009 and the finale will be aired in May 2010. Fans will be eager to see what happens next with their favorite characters. You can view the YouTube video below.

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  1. brittney says:

    dear one tree hill crew
    i love all of you please keep lucas and peyton on the show why are they leaving. i am 13 years old i love one tree hill i look forward to it every monday. i think peytons little baby is soo cute. also i love her name soyer brooke scott aww it tares my heart away pleaze let peyton and lucas stay on the show. i think brooke and haey and peyton there all pretty. please email me back as soon as you can and keep my email adress and email me any time
    p.s. Brooke and peyton i am your biggest fan. also if any of you have msn tell me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • L1994 says:

      One tree hill

      I love One Tree Hill, i acturly think im addicted! How bad right.. Season 7 doesnt seem real without Peyton + Lucus and baby Sawyer..End of season 6 was sad them leaving. ;( Season 7 is pritty amazing though..there is new cast + new things are going on in Tree Hill. Baby Jamie is so cute..! Im hopeing they are soing a season 8 x

      Laura x

      + i love brook she is so pritty and new cast Clayton and Quinn

  2. KELLY PERGEAU says:

    this show was getting ugly this season too much gushy gush, no cliff hANGERS. Peyton and Lucas could hAVE made a better OUT i mean come on! They WERE one tree Hill. The whole show was based around LUCAS. I have offically stopped being a fan, oh well, this # 7 will be the last season, they killed it. Kinda sux. – sincerally, the oldest one tree hill fan, officailly retired.

  3. Monica says:

    Just great. Another show that ends crappy. Someone always gets kicked off the show. I can’t believe Hilarie and Chad are leaving the show. I LOVE ONE TREE HILL but I must say, if this actually happens, the show is now dead to me and everyone else. This show started with Lucas having a crush on Peyton, it should end with them and their life together! I hate you Mark Schwahn for doing this! You just ruined your reputation!!

    • MiaKateMusicLover says:

      i dont think you should get pissed aat mark for doing this, they were getting boring anyway. i mean what else can happen to them? also….you must have got into the show so stop being horrible. one tree hill would be amazing no matter what. and also,,,, do not diss mark, we wouldnt have one tree hill at all if it wasnt for him… GET OVER IT

  4. Monica says:

    FYI the only reason why I started watching the seasons in the first place was because of Chad Michael Murray!

  5. Serena says:

    Peytons leaving?
    i love peyton.
    shes my faveeeeee.
    OTH ftw!
    i feel sorry for dan :(

    • lola says:

      when do you feel sorry hes an a s s he killed his on bro that evil and low even for him and not only did he do it i didn't get caught and blamed it on jimmy and brookes and luke are my favs

  6. Ashlyn says:

    So- as much as I use to love Peyton and Lucas, aka before season 6, I want her gone. She is a winey brat and has made Lucas a little bitch. And she looked nasty all season. And don’t try to tell me if was because of the “disease”. Homegirl got acne at age 26, ok?! She looks rough. She needs to leave and honestly, if they don’t come back, I am more than ok with it. They aren’t really needed. Brooke Davis is the show anyway

  7. Amanda says:

    Hi, Please reconsider Lucas and Peyton! They show can’t go on with out them, I think you are making a huge mistake!!! COME ON CW!!!!

  8. FRED S says:


  9. Sandra says:

    Lucas and Peyton are seriously not going to be on the show next season? It just won’t be the same.

  10. Lucas and Peyton can’t leave the show! The very first episode, nathan and peyton was dating, lucas didn’t exactly fit in. nathan hated him, and so did peyton, at least she thought she did. but after peyton broke up with nathan, she started to like luke. you see, lucas and peyton are the main charactes of the show. haley, nathan, brooke, and others are just supporting characters. helping them get through life. like brooke, she helped lucas….. sort of. haley helped luke by encourging him to never give up on peyton because she’s scared because she just got out of a relationship with nathan and she don’t know if she can trust another scott. nathan made him fight for her. brooke helped peyton by being there for her. haley helped her by encorging her to just wait, he’ll come around. and nathan helped her by giving her advice. along the way they have made a difference. peyton is no longer a dark, punked, cheerleader. luke is no longer a shy, scared, and lonely boy. peyton and lucas found each other, and they look right into each other’s soul. and now their finally married, and they have a baby named sawyer. so you see, you can’t take them off the show. you just can’t. so just think about it. the show will lose most of it’s viewers. and the ratings will drop.

    • alyssa says:

      well realy, lucaus wants more money so, since he's not getting alot he wants to leve. and fyi he can leve if he wants so can payton. and nathen, haley and brooke are in the credits so there for THEY ARE MAIN CARECTERS! and who cares about rateings! they have there biggest fan right here!

  11. Nancy says:

    I love One Tree Hill!!!!! I’m so happy that it will be returning for a seventh season. I hope it’s not true that Murry and Burton will be leaving. Cause I think Murry is H-O-T-T..HOT!!! And the show will not be as good without them. They came with the show, they should leave with the show.

  12. Rose says:

    What the HELL?! Lucas and Peyton can’t leave the show!!! They’re the reason I watch it. I can tell you now, if they leave, the ratings are gonna drop. And they won’t have to worry about another season…they probably won’t make it too long into season 7. I’ll be one to boycot it!!!!! Hear that C.W.?!

  13. megan says:

    omg leave cw alone only peyton is leaving and the hole show is not all about them u still have haley and nathan and jamie they are my fave ok and u he brook mouth skills and dan isnt een dead so they have more then enough crap to keep this show going with good ratings so shut the hell up.

  14. megan says:

    this show is not baced on lucas and payton its just basced on stuff that thes teens went threw on the show gosh there are more ppl that could keepthis going

  15. alissa says:

    welll the votes have it and we like peyton and lucas to stayy where they are y do u producers make shows if u just going to take some of the main people off u say there is going to be two more characters but itz not going to give u more ratings i mean come on wat r u going to do make nathans agent fall in luv with his wife or brooke heck even peyton i think the show should just end now cancle it there is nothing else to do u cant have a one tree hill next generation there r only two kids or one kid and a baby and a foster girl who live with her mom now do wats right or u will lose a good show in the next season love, alissa

  16. Chantel says:

    i reallylove oth and lucas and peyton leaving really sucks….. but i think that they will make a good story line with everyone else……but either way the show is awsome!
    <3 it!!!

  17. helena says:


  18. mark says:

    You know i just started watching one tree hill a month ago and today i just saw season 6 finale only to find out they kill the main characters? well its a shame CW and trust you’ve just done what they did with the O.C. season 7 will not make it past 10 episodes my advice dont do a season 7 leave it at just that. save the audience some agony and the producers and actors some honour.

  19. Gloria says:

    Tree hill is great luuvv it &it has alot to teach but MARK PLEEZE y kill lucas&peyton they r tree hill!b wise cmon.

  20. B-Ritten says:

    I started to watch One Tree Hill three years ago. I did it because I was bored and then I fell in love with the Leyton relationship. I feel it is in the best interest of the show and the CW to keep Chad a Hilarie on for another season(ie: the last season) to keep its fanbase and not lose network viewers. The CW keeps screwing up shows and they must stop. Mark Schwann, you are a genius but I think you need to not be a push over and make them sign at least a 12-14 episode contract or any kind of a contract that would keep them there. For the sake of your show, you had better do something like this or I can guarantee that most of the fans will stop watching.


    Frustrated Fan B-Ritten

  21. Edwin says:

    I LOVEEE OTH!!!!!!!!

  22. jckullin says:

    GOD people give it a rest! I mean yea sure, peyton and lucas leaving the show sucks like majorly, but the way the comments are written it’s like the end of the world! NEWSFLASH.. its a show, not someones life.
    plus haley, brooke, nathan and jamie will keep the show going. haley is my favorite character, and the show in my opinion. i’m just glad that hopefully she’ll get a bigger storyline next season.
    and who knows, maybe peyton and/or lucas will make guest appearances. be happy they didn’t kill off the characters literally!

  23. melisa says:

    i dont care if peyton leaves! frankly i was very glad to hear that she might not be on season 7 because she always annoyed the crap out of me! its lucas i want back! him and nathan and brooke made one tree hill one tree hill! this will be like marissa leaving the oc! crap! and the show will loose many faithful fans!

  24. melissa says:

    ok you guys, chill. one tree hill is like my life and i haven’t missed an episode yet. i love lucas and peyton, but my new favorite couple is brooke and julian. i think they will be a good substitute for lucas and peyton, but still not the same. I think Lucas and peyton should come back, but if they dont i am still watching it. you guys are overreacting, its only tv.

  25. waine says:

    i started watching one tree hill 3mons. ago (in a dvd) and i was easily hooked. my favorite character is brooke. i also love peyton on her ” angel of death”. but i heard that lucas and peyton will be gone in season 7.i think it’s much better if they will finish the show instead of removing the characters we used to loved. it will be very different.

  26. melissa says:

    I hope that Brooke becomes pregnant and her and Julian get married at the end of the next season, and they bring everybody who has been on one tree hill throughtout the seasons back on for one more episode including chad and hilariee. <3!

  27. Kendra says:

    Just like evryone else said i will say it again. The next season of OTH is gonna completely suck without payton and lucas. Chad is one one the main reasons why i started watchin the show in the first place. I think taking him and hilary off the show is the biggest mistake ever. They should have just ended it at season 6. I know I wont be watching.

  28. Richard McPhee says:

    One Tree Hill Will Defo Not Be The Same Without Lucas And Peyton. Lucas Was Like The Main Character Why The Hell Would He Leave.

  29. Dana says:

    One tree hill will be fine…i have been a faithful fan sin e the first season when i was 16, and now I am 22. I basically grew up on it, which gives me my faith in Mark, that he can make this just as amazing, and it wasnt his choice to have them leave. THEY wanted to leave on there own, and we still have Nathan haley brook jamie skills mouth, and all these new characters, jullian haleys sister which if she is anything like taylor will keep things intersting… I have faith in oth NO WORRIES PEOPLE!!! also it is just a tv show :)

  30. rachel says:

    payton cant leave.her and lucas r the main story.if she leaves i will never watch one tree hill again.

  31. rachel says:

    i will never watch one tree hill ever again if peyton leaves.lucas and peyton belong together.

  32. melissa says:

    ok you guys, seriously, if you aren’t going to watch it then you don’t have to tell everybody. NEWS FLASH! we don’t care. so stop whining and move on with your life. Chad and Hilarie are moving on to better things and they gave more than enought time to one tree hill. now you have to let the other characters get their chance to be the center of the show. just stop overreacting.

  33. charlie says:

    okay so i cannot believe chad and hilarie are leaving. why in the world would you do that?
    they ARE the show. it all began with them.
    i am sort of looking forward to see what season 7 is like..but still they could have kept lucas and peyton. its gna be kinda crappy.

  34. Sofie says:

    OK so season 6 ended without a cliff hanger which is completely different then the other OTH season finales. I really think that the season finale was a dream that Lucas was having or a story he was telling his daughter of how he wished it would have happened. Peyton actually does die and then maybe Lucas moves where his mom is to help him raise his daughter. Maybe thats how they get rid of Lucas and Peyton?? I mean they are not coming back for season 7….Any thoughts on this theory??

  35. Amanda says:

    Chad and Hilarie wanted to leave that is not Mark or CW’s call. They asked them to stay and they rejected. I’m a Naley/Brooke fan so for me this is good. More time for my favorite characters. Leyton will still be in our hearts though. I wish Hil and Chad luck in their future endeavors.

  36. Olivia says:

    I love one tree hill soo much…

    Im really glad that there is goin to be a 7th season but i am soo upset that lucus & Peyton are leaving it just wont be the same.

    It’ll be so strange seenin all these new characters in it, but whos to say it would be good.. none of us know that, every season of one tree hill has been good since it 1st aired so this season 7 will more than likey be good aswel.

    we’ll all find out soon enough tho.

  37. Chelsea&Ashley says:

    we think its b******* that Lucas and Peyton are leaving. They ARE the show. I dont understand how they’re going to make OTH without Lucas. It all started with HIM. WTF?…and what is going to be the reason they leave on the show??
    wow, this is gay.

  38. Raj says:

    i am discusted that Lucas and Payton are leaving, its not goood but i have a very big feeling that mark shwaun has a trick up his sleeve and we mite be seeing peyton and lucas once again…

  39. Caleb Thompson says:

    It is not mark schwans fault … There is a brand new boss to the CW and chad michael murray and hilarie burton are very famous and wanted more money.. the new boss wouldnt do it
    so the boss fired them from the show and refused to let the show air if they were on it

  40. natalie says:

    hello ive been watching the show since it first screened and i absolutely love it there isnt a better show and i dont believe there ever will be! i love all the characters old and new but i agree with alot of the comments on here that the show will not be the same without lucas and peyton or any of the others (nathan, hayley, mouth, brooke etc) the reason you have all these characters are because you beleved at the time you hired them that they were gonna make the show watchable and they have you may make the show what it is but they are the real creators of one tree hill and you will never be able to replace them im just one person but lucas and payton and hayely and nathan may be just on screen lovers but they will always be made for one another to me and alot of other people out there! this show has always been a reminder 2 me of one big family and always will :D xX

  41. ashley says:

    Omg please don’t take payton && lucas off the show I been a fan sense season one && I feel in love with it lucas && payton is one of the reason’s why plaese u have to keep them on the show its not gone be the same with out lucas && payton drama I’m still gone watch the show if they really do leave cuz they’re not the only reason why I watch it (brook haley nate jamie skills and mouth make the show also)

  42. ash says:

    i think it is a bunch of bull that peyton and lucas are not returning. that defeats the whole purpose of the show.. the whole point is for leyton to be together.. now what are they gonna do?? this makes me soo rediculously mad!!!! i have watched this season regularly since season 1 and i have all 5 seasons on dvd.. as soon as season 6 comes out im getting it too.. and i was soo excited for season 7 to come on.. but now.. i might not even watch the show.. peyton and lucas and now sawyer were the only reason for one tree hill.. this is soo stupid. bad decision for the directors and writers.. and whoever else! cuz you are gonna lose a LOT of ppl from watching the show! leyton was the whole point! and now there is no point!!!

  43. Jayme says:

    Will to start off…season six was pretty good…could of done sooo much better…but i love oth….cw cant take lucas and peyton off…it wont be oth with out them!!!! i mean hello the show is pretty much all about lucas and alot about peyton to!!!! ofcourse its also about the others since yall tied them all in to be realated to lucas just about..but still theres soo much more that cw can do with lucas,peyton and sawyer brooke scott!!!!! COME ON CW DONT MAKE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOU COULD DO!!!!! cause then ur ratings will go right down the toliet!!!!!
    thank you
    one of ur oth fans!:)

  44. Deserae. says:

    Hi. i think that Lucas and Peyton should definately not leave! They are basically the whole show.
    I love Brooke Davis character and want to see her and Julian have a family, but there are lots of Leyton Lovers out there.

    You’ll loose a lot of fans if you cut them out!
    I think they should get a different writer!

    Brulian/Naley/Leyton Lover!!! x

  45. PleaseDontLeaveMe says:

    Hello Tree HIll fans and crew.
    Seriously, HIlarie and Chad WERE the show.
    They deserve a good ending, even for us the viewers.
    We all fell in love with the show when they started, we cannot expect to go on without them.
    Hilarie, I know you want to continue in success with your website SouthernGothic, and Chad prolly wants to continue in movies.
    But this IS your show. You cant leave, Mark Schwann you are making a HUGE mistake. Bring them back PLEASE!!!

  46. amandajm says:

    first off i love one tree hill and have been an avid fan since the beginning. i love lucas and peyton and im glad they ended up together with baby sawyer but if any of u have read its not the producers or mark or the cw getting rid of chad and hillary. chad wants out of his contract and off the show to pursue his acting career. when an actor or actress wants out its kinda hard to make them stay. i have always loved one tree hill and i always will with or without peyton and lucas. we will have nathan and haley and jamie the brooke and im sure julian and mouth and millie and of course skills. dan will be around somewhere im sure. season 7 will be different but theres no reason to not watch. of course everyone will miss the new scott family but tree hill will still be great. dont give up on it just yet. nathan and haley all the way

  47. Grace says:

    I must say, I am very disapointed. Although I am loving Bethany Joy, bring her music back!

  48. Emma says:

    i am so glad that peyton is not on the show anymore! she needed to leave. she was getting in the way of brooke and lucas. it doesnt really matter if lucas leaves….he should only stay if he is going to get together with brooke. if not then he needs to go.

  49. sandy says:

    so yea i aloso thought that haley and lucas should of made a better outing… haley should of died and lucas dying for his love.. romeo and juliet… then brooke takin the baby.

  50. Sophia says:

    OMFG series 6 finale was so rubbish i actually wanted something bad to happen!! and we have been waiting for so long for peyton an dlucas so wats the point of them leaving i mean it defeats the whole show!!! i reli dont want to watch it any more as it seems pointless and disappointing!!!

  51. cheyenne says:

    omg im sad about chad leaving but not so much about peyton. season 7 might still be great, we’ll just have to wait and see. I LOVE ONE TREE HILL!!! i think we should see more of karen and whitey but who in the hell knows. i feel bad for dan and i hope he doesnt die(i personally think they should give dan a break). i hope nathan does well with basketball and i’d like to see more of deb, skillz and mouth but i dont really care about milli.(no offense) i wish this next season will be more like seasons 1-4. CANT WAIT UNTIL IT COMES BACK ON!!!

  52. Juliet says:

    i can’t wait for season 7 to air. i loooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee One Tree Hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m also happy that peyton is still alive. Same with the rest of the one tree hill cast. I love Jamie, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is such a cutey. He fits his character well.

  53. JD says:

    dont let lucas go!! he’s the best thing in the show and it wont be the same without him! i am a huge fan of this show so plz dont take him out!

  54. Nicole♥ says:

    Okayy, everyone really needs to stop saying that the show sucks now, just because Lucas and Peyton left. The ending really did suck, but come on i don’t think they will really leave it like that. Anyway the real star of the show is Nathan (: and Haley.
    if James Lafferty left then i would stop watching. This show is amazing and i can’t wait to see how it’s gonna be season 7. i hope they keep Dan on. ilove Dan and Whitey. And there better be a season 8 too !

  55. Kirsten says:

    I think that Peyton should of died cause of her disease thing, but the baby survive,
    and Lucas have a heartattack and die from his heart condition and Brooke get the baby(:

  56. Jaymie says:

    I agree with everybody else, that one tree hill has officially has one season left since lucas and peyton are leaving … I mean seriously they made the show. Yeah all the other characters are great too, but its such a disappointment to get rid of them both … i can see maybe one of them, but NOT both.

  57. josh says:

    i wished you would leave peyton and luke on. i am like so many fans. one tree hill is based on all the original characters. i understand that chad and hilarie have to move on with their lives, but they need to stay on and show us how everything goes with the baby. PLEASE PUT THEM BACK ON!!!!!

  58. chels says:

    seriously rite…CW..listen to all these people..if your gunna let lucas and peyton go..atleats make it a good exit..and lik do it half way through season seven..and seriously…this is a bad dare i say it..but maybe one tree hill should just end nowi f your not gunna do that…like end it on a good just on episode to resovle it all..killing off main characters/or ‘there moving away’ and continuing is a bad idea..EG THE O.C….everyone knoes it sucked when marrissa left the show ?!..and introduing new characters never work..and people are right..the show is evovled around lucas and him and peyton are the main love story…..
    sad times if they go though…:(

  59. Alicia says:

    Hey thats my video. HAHAHAHA:D but if there is anyone reading this who has a youtube account and makes fan videos check out my contest and enter!!


  60. Adam says:

    You people are talking like Mark Schwahn can just magically get Chad and Hill to go back to the show; it was their choice to leave, the show didn’t kick them off to get rid of the characters.

    I disagree that Luke and Peyton were the whole show, yess they were parts of it, Lucas was one of the larger parts, but they were known as the core five for a reason. Five main parts. Also, I think that Peyton and Lucas should leave because the whole Peyton/Lucas/Third Person triangle was just boring. They focused too much on his love life and not enough on the other relationships. The fact that he had a brother who he used to hate is barely thought about and no one seems to remember that Lucas and Haley were meant to be BEST friends.

    I know that their departure will effect the show greatly and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what Schwahn is going to do. Its also a great opportunity for both Joy (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Sophia Bush; they have both done unbelievably amazing scenes but they are always over-looked because they are just supporting characters. It will be great to see them take the lead.

    PS. Sorry if there is like a double-post or something, my internet connection is playing up.

  61. andrea says:

    can you all stop talking about next series we are in uk and you are spoiling things for us ….. anyone know when it will air on e4

  62. jess says:

    wtf i dont even get. i have no sound so i just saw a few things.
    pretty over peyton being the victim.
    season 6 hasnt even aired yet here so have to wait for dvd release so i dont know what happens.
    but it looks like peyton is once again in need of saving. poor lucas cant he be happy. cant they go off together & just be happy. maybe they could do it so they leave and then BOOM they die, but its shock value so we dont have to deal with the drama. i mean if he was going to kill hem off. at least wed be like oh wow then OH SHIT THEY DIED.AND SAD and shocked.and then it ends.

    or they could be happy and have quintuplets ha.

  63. Sam says:

    WTF!!!!! What do u mean cutie luke isn’t coming back for season 7, are out of ure mind….. Thats just crazy! he is OTH, i dont care about peyton not coming back, dont care for her character anyway…. please dont kill off luke! it wouldnt be the same with out him!!!! ure ratings are going to drop and no one will see OTH! Please keep luke!!!

  64. cory says:

    everyone give mark a break how do you know that he is killing lucas and peyton off of the show. they may have left on their own.and the show will still be good. just becuase they are gone does not mean one tree hill will end. and you all know that… it will still be very good and i think that there should be a season 7!!

  65. john says:

    one tree hill please let luke and peyton stay they nake the show good iam 12 i love one tree hill i cant wait for it on mondays luke and peyton are the face of the show the how would be bad if u would let them go please if u let them go probley the nobody would watch it even me pleae read this i love this show pleas

  66. Seid says:

    hey C.W you can’t do this too the OTH fans. the 5 of them are the mine caracter of the show Lucas, Peyton, Nathen, Haley and Brooke without them it’s no longer OTH.
    Anderstend know, you can’t do thet.
    And Marc Schwahn, i love you for making this show it chanche my live, don’t let it end this wey.

  67. Amy says:

    Yeah it sucks that they are leaving but maybe cw will bring back hilarie and chad for a one off episode or something. (:

    cant wait for season 7(:

  68. stuart says:

    andrea why not just download the 6th series from the net? thats what i did and im in UK

  69. LEYTON says:


  70. kylie law says:

    hi every one i love one tree hill i have every season dvd 1-5 cant wait till season 6 comes to the uk i have watched little parts of it on youtube coz i cant wait any longer i am a massive fan of nathan haley and jamie i love the whole cast a crew an thanks mark swahn for bringin one tree hill in to my life lv ya all lv kylie xxxx

  71. Doris says:

    i will keep it short, i think the producer is really taking the main ingredients away,and that’s a big mistake on his part, no matter how new charactors are introduce, without the main characters OTH will not be OTH, that’s what they all do, take off the main characters and convince the viewers it’ll be ok,look at gilmore girls, the charactors were kept making it a very sucess story, bring back Chad Burton.

  72. stacey says:

    ugh they are pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    since i am not to energetic right now, i can’t write much but seriously if they wanted to kick someone off it could’ve been skills, millie, or mouth or something but the main characters!!!???????

  73. SERIOUSLY?? says:

    To everyone who has submitted a comment regarding there being “No season 7 without ‘Leyton,’” please give me a break. If Mark Schwahn had the creative spark to get you all involved in the show in the first place, I guarantee he will keep doing something to keep it interesting. He’s not a moron– he’s a multi-millionaire. He is obviously a genius at what he does, or you all would not be so upset. I too was a fan of Peyton and Lucas, and I have no idea what angle the show can now take without them, but I can assure you– life will go on. And FYI- Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton were not “kicked off” the show; they simply decided it was time for new things in their lives.

  74. katie says:

    please dont get lucas and peyton go they make the show

  75. Cathy says:

    I love the show to death and will keep watching it regardless but I must say getting rid of the main love story in the show sucks big time and that decision should have been revised more in favour of the fans coz its killing us true fans;-((((( still tho, best show I know, love it to the grave.

  76. Dayna says:

    Have you guys ever considered maybe chad and hilary want to leave the show not because the cw wants to cut them out

  77. siobhan says:

    to be honest the last two series of tree hill havent been great its lost its spark or something..

  78. Kayla says:

    I think this show is going to be crap in season 7 the network is rediculous for not allowing them to be one one tree hill. They show will not be worth watching without lucas and peyton!!!

  79. Melissa says:

    ok, so i know this really has nothing to do with what you guys are talking about, but i was thinking about back in season 5 how nanny carrie was crazy. and i was wondering if you think that she came there crazy and hid it for a while or if she became crazy being with nathan and jamie.let me know what you guys think.

  80. Don says:

    First of all ive been a massive fan of oth since season 1, i also loved the whole concept of the fast forward and the season 6 finale was incredible but i think it should just ended there and not do a season 7 coz theres not much left to do with the characters they all achived their dreams and i dont want the show to end like THE OC did by getting their epidodes cut short all i wanna say is we had a great time watching the show and i couldnt end any better then the season finale theirs no need for a season 7

  81. Gabrielle says:

    Come on everyone! One tree hill is the best show ever! With or without Murray and Burton, I know that it is gonna be an awsome season! I’m very happy that my favorite show is gonna be here again next year! :D

  82. Lauren says:

    Pucas needed to go. The show migrated from Lucas to Brooke starting at the beginning of Season 3. It migrated slowly to Brookes show instead od Lucas. Season 6 is when it became offically Brookes.
    And yenno what?
    Lucas and Peyton killed the show.
    They broke Brookes heart and went off the happyland.
    They look like siblings.
    I love Hilarie Burton but Peyton is a whinny baby that whipped Lucas and made him her bi*ch.
    So STFU all you Leyton fans atleast the get a happy fuc**ng ending.
    Brucas doesnt and now is impossible to get on.
    So stopping bitc*ing.

  83. catherine says:

    payten and lucas need to stay. they make the show. my bestfriend got me into this show and it has been the best show i ever watched. payten and lucas are very good characters thats why they need to stay on this season and all the other seasons. if you take them off the one tree hill is ruined.. what would they do with the baby that they just had? this show needs to go on with payten and lucas.

  84. andy says:

    i think the show wont be the same without them but if brooke and naley stay then it should still be really good and they need to keep jamie and skills :P

  85. Halie says:

    i have been watching one tree hill since the very first episode of season one and have been obsessed with this show from then on. one tree hill has been based around LUCAS and PEYTON since the first episode, and now they are leaving. now why would they leave when this made their career and it is going to put the show in the dumps. i will still be a devoted fan and watch it every monday night, but it wont be as good, i’ll give you that much. i absolutely loved the whole LUCAS and PEYTON scenario, but oh well. you should try and keep them honestly. i love all the other characters as well, but what will make the show as good or even better. ugh this is frustrating!

  86. ashley says:

    lets see I’m obsessed with ONE TREE HiLL i love this show and i dont care if Lucas and Peyton left i seriously only watch it for brooke shes the best actress on this show, lmfao and Brittney no ones going to give you there msn to you, well anyways one tree hill is still great as long as
    Sophia bush//Brooke Davis is still on it(: shes my role model<3

  87. Ann says:

    The only reason I watch this show is because of Lucas and Peyton. This show exists because of them. How can you take them out????

  88. Tasha says:

    Why so many b!tches saying that they won’t watch next season because Lucas & Peyton have gone? Oh,and why are are people so fickle, ‘I only watched because Chad was hot’ etc etc. You should watch because it’s a good show and the story line has you hooked.
    It was Murray and Burton who didn’t sign a new contract not the show getting rid of them!
    The show will go on and season 7 will be great, okay it might not be the same but change is good! Bring on season 7, I can’t wait!

  89. lucas says:


  90. fiona says:

    i hate lucas.. omg he is sooo ugghh.. chad’s acting sux.. seriously, whenever he kisses a girl i go all “ewww” inside.. ughh.. i’m glad he’s leaving

    i’m in looovee with nathan.. man that guy is HOOT!

    my fav is brooke tho.peyton is just uggllyyy..

  91. Jarrett says:

    Hey. Please please please let Chad Michael Murray (lucas) and Hilarie Burton (Peyton) Stay on the show. They make the hole show!! My family and i have been watching it since it has started, It wouldn’t be the same with out them. They mean a lot to many people and to myself. Please make sure that they are there until the end! They Are part of the show and the whole show has a great deal to do with the both of them. It makes no sense. Please let them stay on!

  92. Meliss says:

    ok, as much as i love peyton and lucas it was their decision to leave the show. they have been on it since the beginning but they need to move on with their lives. we will miss them, but the world isn’t ending. the cw didn’t kill them off they let all you leyton fans have a happy ending with lucas and peyton. if you are not going to watch the show anymore then fine. find something else to do with your monday nights. but i guarantee that some of you who say that you aren’t going to watch it anymore will end up turning on to watch even for just a peek because the truth is, by watching the show, you feel like you are a part of it and you can’t just let it go. i know it has made an impact in my life and how i see things. the characters are brave and heroic and special. one tree hill changes lives and even without peyton and lucas, it will still continue it’s greatness with whoever decides to watch it.

  93. Bianca says:

    Chad’s leaving because he’s to expensive for the show !? Why the hell would they ask so much money for a guy playing a simple role in a show !? I don’t get it.
    HE’S the principal character in OTH so he can’t leave.
    But for hilarie, i don’t understand why she’s leaving.
    It really sucks. It’s my favourite show.
    And i wished they’d stay till the end.

  94. Naleeyy23 says:

    okay seeriously right now i think you guys need to all calm down about peyton and lucas not coming back because first of all its because neither one of them want to come back . and second of all im so sick of hearing about their love life. honestly brucas was the way the show should have gone. But the show will be okay without lucas and peyton because we have nathan and haley and clearly they are the entire show. yes i am a naley fan all the way . Haley is absolutely gorgeous and Nathan is fine as hell so as long as they stay on the show i will be interested. I had a relationship just like nathan and haleys and thats like the only reason i watch the show. and if anything messes up nathans chance of actually playing in the nba i promise i will never watch the show again . or if nathan and haley split up. and honestly if nathan likes haleys sister its going to be soo stupid.!
    Nathan and Haley always and foreverrr. <3 (:

  95. mary says:

    guyz wat ever happenz, happenz. cw pliz change e plot cuz oth gossip gal, the oc r basically e same. is peyton mulnorished o wat? mouth z b’com a total piss off n deb shd join karen on holiday. dan get ur butt out of e serie cuz ur old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Rosabella says:

    omg !!! cant believe that there leavin … so sad, apparently whitey dies at the begining of season 7 !! i dont think season 7 will be as good cos Leyton are my faves … :(

    from Rosabella x

  97. ruth says:

    Kelly Pergeau can shove it!!
    she doesnt know what she is talking about!!
    how would she know!!
    one tree hill is AMAZING!!
    Best TV programme ever!!
    she should get put down for saying cruel and heartless comments about one tree hill!!
    what a MORON!!
    if you havent noticed the programme is getting better not worse so you can go make up your own cliffhangers!!

  98. sarah says:

    OMG i love One Tree Hill, i have seen every episode, :) an Noooooooooooooo LUCAS AN PEYTON cant leave :(
    i mean Lucas is just fit haha an if they go who are us girls gunna check out, well theres nathen an es fit too, but i like lucas better an the show wouldnt be the same without them! :)

  99. ANNON says:

    SHUT UP! Hilarie and Chad chose to leave, CW didnt want them to leave.

  100. stevie486 says:

    what , no c’mon chad and hilarie, i love you guys, you are One Tree Hill, don’t leave, at least do up to season 8 then end OTH then or 10, hehe wud be awesome like Friends, lol

    aww naww please don’t leave, Peyton rocks, really like Peyton she’s rock chick, my style, an Lucas has practically been main character from start, c’mon do season 7 & 8 then put show to bed if be.

  101. stevie486 says:

    keep all main cast agree, Lucas, Peyton, Nathan, Haley, Brooke etc, don’t ruin a great show, that’s how they ruined American Pie, when they lost all original cast.

  102. Brookefan says:

    Why the hell couldn’t Peyton just leave? or die? Then Lucas could have been with Brooke!!
    God! but still I don’t think LP leaving will ruin the show as much as Putting these two boring and selfish characters together did!

    Bring Chad/Lucas back for Brucas!!! come on!
    Its been so long! Leyton didn’t work so try Brucas again!!!!

  103. Brucasfan says:

    LOL at the people who only watched for Leyton! haha what a boring reason to watch the show for. Leyton SUCKED major ass and the show sucked because of them. I think the show is better off with out the hidious couple than having them together with no story lines at all!
    I just wish that Chad could’ve stayed so that Brucas would have gotten another chance…OTH was NEVER the same with out them

  104. leyton4e says:

    I love one tree hill but lucas and peyton are my favorite characters and i will never like it as much if there gone! im sure that 1/3 of one tree hills veiwers arent going to return with them gone. there the reason i fell in love with the show. im super excited for the new season but everyones right why would you make a show if before your ready to end it 2 of the main characters quit on you! im surprised that they would quit such a great show. if they really loved acting they would stick around because ive never seen hilary burton on another show or movie and chad has been in a few but its not like hes the main character in any of those. i dont mean to be mean or blame them for quiting the show but i really just wish they would stay. I LOVE THEM!!!! AND I LOVE ONE TREE HILL! im gonna miss lucas and peyton!!! and sawyer! sooooooooo much….. LOVE YA!

  105. leyton4e says:

    you guess are totally wrong thou if you think that lucas and peyton were boring! if u think that being attacked by a crazy stalker was boring than your live must be!

    peyton and lucas made a great couple and so did brooke and lucas.

    if peyton died that would have ruined the show too. and you cant expect them to make lucas like dan and leave peyton after having a baby and go on to brooke! that would be totally wrong!!!!!

  106. Gemma says:

    are you serious!!!!!!!!!!! what are you thinking, peyton and lucas NEED to stay, bet you, one tree hill ratings will drop big time when they are gone, i really think you need to think about this hard!!!! ur not making a big mistake ur making a HUGE mistake!!! the show is never the same after the originl cast leave. please keep them. xxx

  107. suzy says:

    Yes, it’s sad Lucas and Peyton are leaving but I will still watch because I like the rest of the cast. I just hope they keep Nathan and Haley together in season 7.

  108. x says:

    hopefully everyone will be together on the very last episode.

  109. kristina says:

    I <3 ONE TREE HILL with all my heart. I feel that its the greatest show ever. I loved season 6 soo much and can nit wait for season 7. I’m truely disappointed about Chad and Hilarie leaving the show. They are my favorite actors and they played my favorite character in One tree hill. But I guess now we’ll just have to se where the other characters end up. =]

  110. kristina says:

    Mark didnt want Chad or Hilarie to leave but Hilarie Did… Chad wanted to stay but they didnt call him back (which was stupid because they shouldve) because Hilarie wanted to leave so he had to leave as well. Lucas cant move on with out peyton. Hilaries contract only held up to season 6. Mark offerred her to stay but she refused. So dont blame Mark or Chad or Hilarie its not their fault. We cant help what they deside.

  111. R.S. :) says:

    Gutted about Lucas and Peyton but they look happy now. Brooke owns this show she’s so talented. I hope Sam comes back Brooke deserves it :) x

  112. kate says:

    One tree Hill is the best ever gt all the box sets! love chad micheal murray ! and peyton im so glad he choose her instead of lindsey ! xx

  113. Cody says:

    Some of you people need to learn that they aren’t getting rid if chad he is leaving them he is the one who doesn’t wanna be on the sow anymore so give mark shwan a break and the CW. Chad michael Murray wanted to leave so hate on him. And I’m pretty sure that hilarie is leaving for the same reason so everyone needs to calm down. One tree hill is a great show and personaly I think it will be better without Lucas on it he was getting kinda boring but I wish peyton would still be on it.

  114. Aaron says:

    I gotta say I agree with most of the viewers saying the show is going to be shorty without Lucas and Peyton. Luca was the main character in the show next to Nathan with the Main lead being removed it’s going to remove 50% of the story. First season was about a shy boy named Lucas with struggles of love(Peyton, Brooke) struggles with friendship (Nathan) of u remove him from the show there was no point in making the show only reason most soaps end is because the actors age like young and the restless. The reason that is still around is because the old characters had kids to replace them of anything let Chad finish the season and if this is the last season let him go out with a bang. Not being cut out of the show.

  115. suckitpeyton says:

    oh my god. lucas and peyton suck. you all need to givei it a rest. brooke is where its at and she is still here so everything will be fine. chad michael murray cant act and the only reason he was ever semi-okay was because he was actually in love with sophia bush when they were together. and hilarie burton cant act. lucas hasnt even really had a plot line since season 4 anyways. and peyton is still a whiny little bitch who doesnt deserve brooke. and julian is great and he is way better for brooke than lucas. i think this will be an improvment.

  116. stephanie says:

    Ok..why r u cutting peyton & lucas off the show? if thats the case y dont u just end the show..come on now, i really do love OTH but u cant just cut some MAIN characters out and exspect everyone to be ok with it.i own every season and im telling u now, i will not watch the show if u cut lucas and peyton out.

    i hope you do whats right and keep them on the show or else ur done, one tree hill wont last long without peyton and lucas, LISTEN TO UR FANS AND VIEWERS….SURPRISINGLY WE ALWAYS KNOW BEST!

  117. linky says:

    Lucas and Peyton can’t leave the show now…If they do there is absolutely no reason to really watch the show. They just had a baby, they can’t leave…If so that’s the worst time to leave in the show. I know its not all about them for the most part, but the show just wouldn’t be the same. People will def. stop watching if they don’t come back… Reconsider!!!! Love the show though!!!!

  118. laur says:

    I dont get it….. it says chad micheal murray and hilarie burton arnt coming back but thy still exsist…. what in the hecky is that supposed to mean??????

  119. sam says:

    everyone’s so mad lucas and peyton are leaving because they’re the “main charactors”….. they’re not the only main charactors what about nathan, haley, brooke????? hello! Be happy you’re only loosing 2 of them! why does everyone like them so much anyway? I’ve watched this show from the beginning and they’ve never been my favorite charactors… they’re the 2 I like least!! LUCAS AND PEYTON ARE GONE! GET OVER IT!

  120. Angie says:

    I really love the show but it really makes me mad that p-sawyer and lucas is not going to be on the show, the oth is not going to be the same with all of the original drama about them two on it, i would still watch if nothing else changes on the show.

  121. Jen says:

    ok… the lucas and peyton romance has made the show! the show was originally about lucas and him trying to get peyton. they CANNOT just not return to the show! if they dont come back then the show is not going to have enough people watching it every monday night and itll end up being canceled. no body wants that!!!!

  122. Tom says:

    Lucas and Peyton are basically the show, you can’t get rid of them :/. OTH is going to have to something really special to keep the ratings the way they are, personally i think that the first episode will have high ratings due to everyones curiosity, but people will slowly lose intrest if it is going to be as rubbish as everyone is making out. Hope you change your mind about Lucas and Peytone ^^

  123. caitlin says:

    ok seriously you cannot have lucas and payton leave the show! They are just to big of charators. They have been their since day one and they deserve to be there till the end! cmon CW! get the picture

  124. caitlin says:

    ok people who want lucas and payton to leave are crazy! Your not true fans of the show. Who watches one tree hill and doesint like them.Get serious! so shut the hell up! no ones care if you dont want lucas and payton to stay on the show!

  125. imaa jazz says:

    oh puleeze. all u leyton fans give me a break! that couple was the most unhealthy couple i ever saw. Naley was a lot better. the show will be different without them but who’s to say it wont be better different? my favorite couple is nathan and haley and my best character is james lucas scott. as long as they’re in the show, it’s ok.

  126. martina says:

    it took lucas and peyton 6 seasons of messing around to get 2geda, how screwed up is that? the leyton relationship was doomed from the begining n had calamity written all over it. so glad mark schawn saved us the trouble of hoping for better days for leyton. lucas i’ll surely miss, but peyton leaving, is a relief. long as i hav nathan, haley, brooke n jamie in the show, i’m still a big fan.

  127. Shelby says:

    OMG you guys are stupid. ure all saying that u love one tree hill and yet ure all saying that you wont watch it if lucas and peyton leave. well ure all blatz not true fans. and bull if you all say that it wont be good, ure all prejudging before you watch if you all were true fans then you may be upset about them leaving but you still have brooke, nathan, hayley and jamie it may not be the same it may be worse or better but you wont know coz ure all saying ure not gonna watch it i personally love the show and csnt wait for season 7 and to watch the rest of season 6.

  128. Richard says:

    Honestly, this show will never be the same and I think it’ll be the last season. I mean, what’s One Tree Hill without the Scott Brothers?! They’re what made this such an interesting show. And what about Peyton and Brooke friendship moments? Those were ALWAYS the best to watch. I tuned in every week to see Lucas, Peyton, Haley, Brooke, and Nathan. But now, 2/5’s of that is gone. Will it be worth to watch anymore? I doubt it, but I’ll try and keep doing it for as long as I can, I guess. =/

  129. Siobhan says:

    I don’t see why people are getting angry at the show or the network for Lucas and Peyton leaving, they weren’t fired or anything, Chad Michael Murray said he was leaving to focus on his movie career or something but rumours say he was asking for shitloads of money to stay and so obviously they can’t have Peyton still on the show without Lucas seen as they just got married and had a baby therefore Hilary had to leave aswell.

    Clearly Chad is just a selfish ass and people should be mad at him.

    At least Sophia Bush is still there, Brooke is the best character, Lucas and Peyton got insanely boring near the end.

  130. ij says:

    really i do not think lucas and peyton shld leave. they r d show!!! maybe they cld leave some time during the 7th season but not right now

  131. Stacey says:

    with lucas n peyton goin it is a disaster waitin 2 happen!look what happened to the oc?marissa got killed off and season 4 was crap!i wish chad n hilarie cud see that they r the show n they mite be good actors but they r not gonna get any work like this,they have a lot of disappointed fans,iv got all one tree hill on dvd n its gonna be so disapointin everytime i watch them!i hate oc now but i hope i dont learn to hate one tree hill as well!

  132. carry says:

    I think this show will not be as good without lucus and peyton. I have watched ever show and that is why I cont. to watch it

  133. niall kelly says:

    One Tree Hill Will Defo Not Be The Same Without Peyton i don’t mind if i don’t see Lucas again he is all ways talkin about my hart this i feel this your a wee bitch…… but we need Peyton her music her art & brooke will not be da same so like gome on CW ……………big one tree hill fan lol

  134. MIchael says:

    What the hell how can you have OTH without chad michael murry and hilary burton? they have to be in it or its not the same.

    BTW ive seen some comments and some people write like chavs.

    still OTH RULES

  135. > : | says:

    My friends kept talking about this show. So i started to watch it. Once i saw a couple episode, i went out and bough season 1 and 2. Then i got seasons 3 and 4. Then i got season 5. the very beginning of the show, it is basically about lucas falling in love with peyton. It’s always been TLA. My friends and i go to school to talk about what happened in the episode that happened last night. we know all the funny quotes. i think its safe to say i’ve watched all the season about 5 times THIS YEAR. If lucas and peyton arent on anymore. we decided you will lose a couple of dedicated fans.

  136. georgia says:

    I agree i will not like oth as much with hilarie and chad gone but i’m still going to watch it and i heard that they choose to leave and its better that they chose to and the cw did not kick them off the show hilarie burton talks about it here..well kind of..
    but oth would be better with them on it!!!

  137. LLB says:

    One tree hill has always been my favourite
    TV show…and infact the only one that I watch now that i am so busy.

    No matter how busy i am I always make time to watch it. I love the characters, the story line…everything abt it…
    but it sure DOES SUCK if Luccas and Peyton have to leave…like all the other fan mentioned.. OTH are: Luccas, Peyton, Nathan, Haley, Brook…they are the main cast and it should be that way…

    you should continue to invest and produce OTH because you have such a strong Fan base. At the same time…you must keep the old cast on…!!!!

  138. Demitri--Leyton fan! says:

    I’m so deeply surprised that Lucas and Peyton aren’t going to be on season 7…I mean come on! It’s just not right! In all 6 seasons it was like Lucas’s book. Season 1 is like the start of Lucas and Peyton Romance! It’s mostly about them and how they go over obsticals. Once they laid their eyes on the other they fell in love even though they have not noticed! As I read the comments that have been posted here, I noticed that not only they were upset about Leyton gone but once they knew this they just don’t feel like watching season 7. And I know how they feel. After hearing they won’t be on season 7, I felt as if it tore me to see that my BIGGEST/BESTEST couple in THE WORLD is no longer on season 7! I’m like the others, I’m sorry to say this but I will no longer watch season 7 if it is truely true. The MAIN REASON that I’m watching OTH is BECAUSE of LEYTON! So consider it please…you may lose a lot of fans of OTH because of Layton gone! I know that Lucas may have something to do but please convince him other wise…we love him in this show! Also I’m a big fan of PEYTON!
    =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[

    email me if anything!

  139. Laura says:

    OMFG… cant believe this nonsense i am hearing about hilarie and chad… what is the deal… will someone come flat out and tell us all why… i cant imagine the show will be all that much more interesting as it was with lucas and peyton… they finally finally got there… and just when things start getting good… you end it?? what the hell!!! please let us all know… there are so many loyal fans…

  140. Principe says:

    Most of the comments i read focused on the departure of Leyton from the oth. surely it is suprising bu it can’t stop me from watching it. But i would love lucas 2 stay and have a new relationship with brooke coz their couple would be the best more than the leyton.

    So please as payton asked brooke to take care of lucas once she’s gone please make it happen.

    I love the character of Brooke most in oth and i really need to see her happy and getting in a long term relationship in the movie. though it would be better if it were with lucas. Lastly, stopping to watch because payton is really not there, that is what sucks. Please we need Brucas and that’s why payton should go and lucas stay. it peyton’s fault if the brucas did not live together. shame on her.

  141. alexx. (: says:

    i cant wait until it starts again!!!(: OTH is my favorite showw(: im so excited for the new season ;D

  142. alexx. (: says:

    ONE TREE HILL!!!!(: ;D :D (” :P _and any other possible smiley face ;D

    _#1 fan!! ;D <33 all the way babayy!

  143. chels says:

    wow they just shouldn’t even bother making a season 7 if chad and hilarie aren’t coming back. with out them there is no One Tree Hill. this is lame. and i have a feeling season 7 will be too if they even make it. stupid people… ugh way to ruin a good show

  144. Amanda212 says:

    hello my name is amanda i am 12 years old and i love one tree hill PLEASE KEEP LEYTON ON THE SHOW! why do they have to leave! im officially pissed off at that.the way they can just get rid of such good charecters?!?!? its barbaric! not to mention upsetting for fans! they were so good .
    season 7 is gonna be so crappy!

  145. Samantha says:

    Calm the heck down everyone! My gosh, Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray ARE leaving the show, get over it. I know they are both excellent actors with good roles, but it was there time to go off and live there acting lives a bit.
    It doesn’t help with almost 200 negative comments, there are still other characters that are important in the show, Nathan and Hailey still have their lives, Brooke and Julian will now too.
    Leyton is gone, so what? For all anyone knows they could come and visit the show as guest roles now every once and a while.
    And threatening the show or saying you wont watch it so the ratings will drop is not going to make them come back on the show.
    I LOVE Chad’s character, he was the whole reason I stuck to the show, but I can accept the fact Chad is moving on in his career, everybody else should to. It’s respectful. Honestly people, it’s called maturity.

  146. bailey says:

    hey peoples. i just got done watching the first 5 seasons of One Tree Hill. n they were great. i saw season 6 too. n i cant wait till season 7. i hope they keep lucas n peyton. they r so good together. even if they keep one. it still wont be the same. so they should keep both. even if they dont keep them. i will still watch it. cuz One Tree Hill is an AMAZING show. n i wish them the best of luck


  147. Dannielle says:

    Lucas and Peyton were not “one tree hill” they were just a part of it. There are other members of this cast that make it. One tree hill can keep going without Lucas and Peyton.

  148. Brittany says:

    I would just like to say that kicking off Chad and Hilarie is the most idiotic thing the producers could do! I mean seriously the show is just about over anyway, you’ll be lucky to get enough viewers to finish the season now that they are gone. WAY TO GO! The show should of just officially ended with them driving off.

  149. Lindsay says:

    Love it love it love it! But there is no way in hell you can just take away lucas and peyton like that! Especially after last season, you’d only be screwing over yourself in the long run if you did , and you would lose a lot of fans.

  150. Jessica says:

    Ive been watching One Tree Hill since the first season. I was a Freshmen in highschool. I am 20 years old now, how can you have a One Tree Hill with out Lucas and Peyton? Not that I dont love the other characters because i do. But those two were the show. Everyone was excited they she didnt die in season 6 and was eager to see her Lucas and the baby in the seventh season. You think Brian Austin Greene, and haleys younger sister are gonna make up for this? the show will be lost. Brook wont have her best friend. You might gain new fans, but your going to lose the REAL FANS who have been there since the very beggining. This is just terrible!…Are you trying to pull an O.C. you see how long their last season lasted??!?!?!

  151. kayley says:

    hi all. if peyton and lucas leave the show there will be no point then carrying it on. it just wont be the same. i love one tree hill and its all mainly focused on lucas. whats it ganna focus on next. nathan? lol. if you change some things you notice its not right. something is missing, and thats how the show is ganna be if they go. they are the story.

  152. BUNNYYERI says:


  153. Cici says:

    Oth is amazing and if some if you people can’t get past the fact that two actors feel it’s time to move on with their lives, than clearly you should move on with your own life in a MATURE fashion. If you keep saying that your not gonna watch the show anymore than don’t..and don’t tell us either. But by constantly saying all these negative things about the show, and how their gonna loose viewers including yourself–> your really not true fans of Lucas and Peyton, because if you were you would be happy for them and the decision they’ve made by simply showing them support.
    Anyone who puts down the new season of oth really never liked oth at all cause a true oth lover would stick with the show through hell and high water….
    P.S nailey & Brooke are amazing

  154. frank obi says:

    hmmn, damn shit….whatz wrong with One tree hill…damn it,u guys should look for a way and write keith back to the scripts if lucas and peyton are leaving, coz we need someone to stand and challenge dan scott……one tree hill is great…..but there shouldnt be a season 8….well i guess i have a story line in case a season 8 is considered.

  155. Z says:

    I got hooked on this show because I absolutely loved the cast, now with Chad and Hilarie leaving it seriously won’t be the same but I will still watch it because I am that hooked! Hope the show can still work witout them!

  156. BIG FAN !! says:


  157. cameron says:

    look everyone who is freaking out that peyton and lucas aren’t going to be on the show. they weren’t kicked off. you think mark schwann doesn’t know what or who the show HE made is about?… all that happened was their contracts ended and they chose to leave the show and pursue other things. not because they HATED one tree hill, so dont start saying that either. but because they didnt plan for one tree hill to continue after 6 seasons and had other jobs and contracts lined up.

  158. kayla says:

    first off i want to say that i am really excited that we are going into our 7th season and i am also kind of sad that my fav character peyton sawyer is going off and chad michael murray like the hottest guy made to man way i am kind of sad about that..but i am happy that we have made it this far…..gilmore girls made it to their 7th year..and i just cant belive its almost over..well anyway i am sending my love to all of the crew nd all of the one tree hill lovers..

  159. candice says:

    this is crap…..the show is amazing we all know that…we all also know the one tree hill is not the same without peyton and lucas…pretty much those are the two main characters the show has been centered around. If they leave one tree hill will never be the same…and not in a good way. You can not continue one tree hill without them, it doesnt make sense. Thats just my opinion. If the fans loose peyton and lucas then the show will loose fans…and thats not putting the show down or make me any less of a fan…its pure fact. And stating your opinions on this matter does not make anyone immature, like i keep seeing people write. It an opinion, just like everyone elses. we all know the other characters are amazing, no doubt, but once again it just wont be one tree hill without those two. Lastly, i want to make it very clear, i dont blame anyone for this loss (seeing as i dont know whose at fault) it just sux big time. But all the same i love ALL the characters and want to see them ALL in season 7.

  160. Dana says:

    I can’t believe chad & Hil are leaving the show. They we’re the two main reasons why i would watch it. I’m a big one tree hill fan but an even bigger chad Michael Murray fan and am very disappointed with the news. Hope seventh isn’t the last season even though it probably will be.

  161. Cara says:

    i think it is the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THE SERIES to take Peyton and Lucas out of the show!! One Tree Hill is my favorite show and i seriously might have to stop watching it with all of these changes. AND i hear the show won’t even be stationed in Tree Hill anymore!! THat is so stupid take a look at the name: one TREE HILL! As much as i don’t want the show to end, if they really have no way to keep it going in Tree Hill with Lucas and Peyton then they should have just ended it with season 6…it was a good series finale, there is no need to sontinue something that won’t even be CLOSE to the same show it has always been. The writting is getting sloppy, it was so much better back in the high school days. It shouldnt even be called one tree hill if its not gonna be in tree hill. i’m just really pissed off. Plus hasn’t the show been based off LUCAS the entire series! they can’t just drop Lucas and Peyton, it will ruin the show!

  162. ryean says:

    CHAD AND HILIARIE cantttt leave they show. they are the best couple, but dont get me wrong i LOVEEEE bethany and james and sophia and her boyfriend but they are all best friends and taking away two main characters … its not going to be the same.. you mine as well give the show a different name . PLEASEEE stay in season 7 chad and hiliarie.

  163. Lisa says:

    whoever thought of getting rid of lucas & peyton should really slap themselves. they MADE the show. its started with them and should end with them.

    i cant wait for season 7, but its gonna sucks without them, and thats the truth.

    :’ (

  164. Laura says:

    One Tree Hill without Payton and Lucas!
    Never…. raitings will go down, OTH is over without them, i watched it to watch there love story and it ends with them driving off in a car. very poor ending to a gr8 program.

  165. Sarah says:

    Yeah it sucks that Chad and Hilarie are leaving but I’m still watching OTH. As long as Naley’s in it I’m happy. Plus having two married couples would be well… There wouldn’t be much to do..

  166. Felicia says:

    Can’t wait for one tree hill to return. august 31, woohoo. my least 2 favorite charecters are gone and now i can finally watch it with joy throuh the entire season. i hated watching lucas and peyton and all there drama. brooke is the bes and i dont have any disregards towards nathen and haley but they are ok.

  167. Allison says:

    So trust me when I say this, this show will lose a lot of fans, including me, without Leyton. It was the reason that so many people watch the shows.

    I would have rathered the CW just cancel the show then do this.

  168. nathan-luvu says:

    i was first drawn in when i saw nathan take haley back after all she did which wasnt much but he took it bad but i think that it is their love that keeps me tuned in with jamie aswell.i think it is going to be hard with peyton and lucas leaving but as long as we see them ocationally i think it will be ok. i want to see the baby when it is grown up!!!!!

  169. nathan-luvu says:

    ok thats it stop writing mean things to mark and the whole crew because that is just mean hilarie and chad want to move on with there lives were ever it may be but writing a million bad messages so aint gonna bring um back is it. james is an amazing actor and is so just going to rock his role as nathan and so will bethany – oh and bethany ur voice is so amazing please get them to put ur song songs in my pocket on u tube-and to the whole cast the show will work because i think if the show was just about jamie it would work because he is just so adorable and brooke well she is an amazing actor and u no what they are all going to do so well and i believe they could do twenty seasons and still suvive because there are people like me out there that love the show and they will support it and that is what is going to happen. and to all those saddos that cant stop moaning about how because chad and hilarie are leaving and how the show will never suvive get a life and stop moaning to us about it aka we dont care would it kill u to be possitive and oh yerh mark u do a great job keep it up. and the season is going to be great me and the people like me are going to be routing for it and never missing one episode!!!!! and james laferty u rock and u are the best actor and even though everyone said oh chad he was the best actor uuuh you were and always will be and not just because u r so much hotter than him. no offence chad i just think that he was hotter.
    oh and chad and hillarie good luck to you!!!
    and one tree hill cast u can do i mean look behind u uve come this far keep going
    oh and all the one tree hill cast that i havent mentioned u rock to!!!!!

  170. Daniela says:


  171. Nicole says:

    I liked peyton and Lucas, I think it will be good to have fresh faces, besides I think that the show will still be awesome. U can’t be angry at the director, producers, etc. I’m sure Hilarie and Chad wanted this. I’m really sure that you guys will still be watching it. I love the show, I wouldn’t stop watching it just because two people have left, the show has so many good characters, i’m always going to love oth no matter what.

  172. kaits. says:

    lucas should be with brooke not peyton. she is just an annoying bitch. all she does is whine and she looks like shit alll the time. she doesn’t even deserve lucas. they should just kick peyton off and keep lucas. enough said.

  173. Stacey says:

    Ok. Get over it people have use ever thought that Murray and Burton want to move on to other things they have worked on one tree hill for 6 seasons and what more can you do with them 2 characters..? Dont get me worng i dove them both but show them a bit of respect..! Yes there what the show is about but i feel that after 6 seasons its time to bring in new characters and let old ones shine a bit. Seriously the show just aint all about 2 characters..! Think about it Haley’s great, Nathan’s great, Brookes’s great, mouth’s great and skill’s is great. And all this nonsence about not watching after they have left, catch yourselves on..!I got watching the programme because i loved them characters, but i love all the characters now..!
    Good Luck Murry and Burton in your future projects and i hope to see use on our tv screens real soon..! x x

  174. allie says:

    yeah that is true but come on season six was just crap they could’ve had a bit more drama. it stared getting crap from season five. i mean peyton she gets everything she wants, selfish brat. Glad she left but she could’ve made a better exit by dying or something. Chad leaving was a big mistake and will bring the ratings down. I think brooke and lucas should’ve got back together with julian causing another love triangle see thats drama! And Brooke would what she wants (having a baby). And theres still part of peyton left: sawyer brooke scott. Oh and haley should get pregnant again. Rachel should definetly return. And there should be a bit of drama between nathan and Haley because i feel they like outsiders. Lucas should write another novel based around his life with brooke and sawyer btw I hate that name: sawyer especially for a girl. I just think Mark schwahn has lost his mind because the last three seasons including 7 have been rubbish one more thing i think lindsey should also return. That was a mouthful but just trying to get my point across!!!!!
    I used to love ONE TREE HILl but now i dont know anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. allie says:

    Oh and i also hate the fact that it ended with leyton not Brucas as i am a Brucas fan. I hate that it has brulian in season 7 but i am looking forward to seeing what season 7 brings!!!!!!

  176. Naley AF says:

    NALEY always and forever, im sorry but im happy leyton is gone, so damn boring.

    If anythign happend sot Naley then id be mad, its true us naley fans fit hey left the show we so would not watch it anymore, i know i wouldnt.

  177. Jessica says:

    i am inlove with this show i own every single season i know everything about it.
    i am going to miss Peyten and Lucas since peyten is my favorite girl character but to be honest with you we still have James Lafferty and he is damn fine!!!
    i lov ethis show Keep Rocking its amazing.
    even if all your fans leave you i will always love this show.
    Ps. Britney her name is Peyten Sawyer not soyer you goof.
    Anyways GO ONE TREE HILL.
    James Lafferty-Nathan Scott
    NeEEDs to be shirtless more often

  178. craig says:

    Dear Mr Swarze
    I HOPE LIKE MANY OTHER VIEWERS THAT Chad Michile Murry and Hillery Burton continue into seson 7. They are involeved in the most gripping storylines and are such superb acting talents. I know things dont always end up in happy endings but please reconsider beacuse i like every other one tree hill fan knows that it would be hard to ever whatch the show without them.

  179. peter says:

    ITS NOT REAl…its fictional…so no need to cry if sum1 changes into a bitch r sumfin…its nat lak it affects ur life….


  180. suds says:

    I have seen spoilers and nathan cheats on haley… thank god peytons gone shes a DEPRESSING character. i want dan to murder someone again

  181. kimber says:

    one tree hill has been one of the best shows to me, i stopped watching 2 years ago and thought i need to start watching one tree hill again, i’ve been in my room for almost a week catching up on my seasons. i love OTH and without P and L one tree hill won’t be one tree hill. think about what your doing taking them away from the show we grew to love. you will loose many fans taking them out.

  182. Jess says:

    I LOVE OTH!!
    Yes i am kind of sad peyton and Lucas are leaving but seriously Peyton is so moaney and boring but I WILL miss Lucas!! He started the show, he should be in the end. My favs are Nathan and Haley <3anywayz!

  183. Courtney says:

    DearOne tree Hill Cast . I Love The SHow I Bought All six seasons and watched them all and now im waiting to see what happens next but if lucus and peyton leave the show will be useless to watch .. i love all the other cast as well but they play a big part in the show .. They Need To Come Back Convince them.. there fans are counting on them .. we have watched all si seasons they cant leave now just when its getting good … so Please let them read these messages .. they cant leave ..

  184. Em'z says:

    Thank god lucus and peyton are leaving both of them are cheating jerks. I mean who steals there best friends boyfriend thats just low Brook is the best character ever!!! YESSSSSSS stupid lucus and peyton are leaving gd the show will be better without there cheating ways and also chad micheal murry is an asshole in real life he cheated on sophia bush with paris hilton i hate chad micheal murry!!!

  185. leaah :) says:

    to be quite honest, i loved hilarie and chad on the show. they were my absolute favourite characters ever since series one! me and my friends are all totally addicted; but i think h.burton + c.m.murray made the show popular with the ongoing troubles in their lovelives. it’s just like ‘pushing daisies’ all over again. they cancelled it and it totally ruined my friday nights at 9pm. hope CW change their dumbass minds but if they don’t i’ll still watch the show, james lafferty is too hot to miss out on!

  186. jill says:

    One tree hill is so lucas and peyton. won’t be the same without them. I want them back on the show.

  187. Kate says:

    OMG i cant believe wat all these lot are saying, the show will get a new look and it may bring in a new audience, i think if Haley’s music makes a bigger feature within the show that the ratings will go up as so many people are waiting for a new song and im one of them, dont get me wrong i will miss Lucas and Peyton but the show must go on like peyton said , people always leave and its a fact of life you got to accept.

  188. georgie says:

    peyton and lucas leaving will be soo bad lucas is so cute and peytons my favorite person in it she cant laeveand sawyer is soo cute im gonna miss them x x x

  189. Megann says:

    season 7 is nothing now! lucas and peyton made one tree hill! no more quotes, no more depressing/amazing songs from peyton :( ! now its no cliffhangers, crap episodes! i waited forever to see peyton and lucas get together and now they have they just go and leave! ruined! x

  190. miss meabh says:

    hello i just lov one tree hill sssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much you dont even no but anyway bethany joy galeotti is my fave member of cast and james but i really like bethany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  191. ladykiller says:

    i really like the role of payton in the season 6 of the tree hill

  192. ladykiller says:

    i am expecting more action from payton

  193. Jennifer Cullen says:

    You are making a big mistake I hope you are relizing that.If you take payton and Lucas off the show no one will watch it you might as well not have the show run at all.

  194. titecrevette22 says:

    I love the series end this way:

    I think Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray, aka Leyton (also on my favorite couple in the series) are not permanently left the series!

    I think that for their lives, they wanted to step back on the series for their personal lives (can be chad was married to Kenzie? And Hilarie may be pregnant?).

    Nathan and Haley will be in Barcelona, with Jamie. They probably have another child, but I do not know if Haley gets pregnant, I agree more with this spoiler that says that Dan and Rachel have a BB, and I think it’s Haley and Nathan who will raise because Dan is going to be dying (like committing suicide because nobody wants to forgive the murder of Keith) and Rachel is unable to raise a child …

    Brooke and Julian together (despite their marital problems and problems with this Alex), they will get out and have a baby I’m sure! As Julian is a film producer to Tree Hill and he has no job, I think he and Brooke will go to another country. Why not in Europe, Brooke could be develop its brand clothes.

    I read in spoilers that the producers of the series wanted to give another image of the series. A few years ago, the series was the story of young teenagers in high school, with current events (between brothers murder, hostage taking, high school love triangle) and season 1,2,3, 4 touched an audience of fans young teens (15 years …)

    Today, producers want to reach more fans Pulic of older (20 years), young adults. I’m 22 years old and I love this series because it shows me that I can achieve my dreams, even if virtual characters do not exist. Chad is Chad, not Lucas, and Sophia Bush Sophia Bush is not Brooke Davis. But their stories in the series touches me and helps me to improve is his view of a series. Not just no fun to this screen …

    So I think that Lucas and Peyton and their babies will be present after the winter break or may be in season 8. Lucas realized may be a film and Peyton look after his daughter and also the music she loves so much. Maybe they were never seen again in season 8 and that in Season 7 they will just appeared in “guests.”

    Regarding Skills, Mouth, Millie and other recurring, I do not know … Millie is now a model but with his drug problems, she will return to his post surment assistant! So it will follow Brooke and Julian with Mouth, which has more than taf then, can find a job elsewhere, where Millie works. Skills, I do not know, in episode 7×11 you will discover the new job Skills, it is possible that this new job, he can also realize the Tree Hill’s if all these buddies are going.

    And Clay and Quinn will probably end up together but not necessarily to see more in the coming seasons. They were just passing through to the beginning of season 7 to leave Chad and Hilarie enjoy their lives.

    What directors want is to leave their characters in Tree Hill. And they are right, as we have more ca image characters as qu’ados but as young adults (as !!!!).

    Voila, I hope some of you think like me and I’m right, I hope that the producers of these ideas in their head to keep fans Freres Scott (One Tree Hill United States).

    Good day to all

  195. gerald says:

    well thanked god lucas and payton has left for good.!

    im a big fan of dan scott.. i want to see more action.. i want to see what happened when lucas and [ayton leaves.. i heard that dan scott follows them and dan killed payton and lucas with their child..

    dans scott kill brooke nathan haley and the rest of the characters.. ur d best dan.. kill even the one who makes this story!

    kill the director producer and all the staff.. because they ruined the damn show!

    because of removing lucas and payton.. i love the characters i love the show.. so please dont bring them back..

    i heard that they will back at season 8 and the last part of season i hope its true…

  196. kuk_89 says:

    why is lucas and peyton leaving…i mean…c’mon THIS SUCKS!!! I can’t believe THIS!!! They can’t just leave peyton and lucas out of one tree hill! DAMN! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS…! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE PEYTON AND LUCAS! :( (…THIS IS SADNESS:((…

  197. karoline says:

    i cant belive that lucas and peyton r leaving !!! right after the had there baby tho ! just awful . i will still watch the show tho see what happens i wish the 2 actors weren’t leaving but still … bringing them back wouldn’t be the best tho i think .. it was getting a bit boring i must say … i want to see what will happen with the new actors .
    i just hope the show is good cuz its the only show that i REALLY like . i never watch t.v any more lol well i do for movies and other shows but one tree hill was my all time fav show ever .
    p.s omg i dont know how im gonna have to wait till MAY !!!! i dun know what im gonna do :P

  198. Hannah says:

    I love the new season. It’s still awesome without peyton and lucas. Clay is adorable

  199. Kieran.. says:

    Im Not Really Sure I Understand Why Peyton And Lucas Are Leaving I Know There Ment To Be Together That Was Great And So Was The Baby, But Is There No Chance They Can Come Back Its Like In Series 6 Episode 5 When Brooke Says You Cant Have A Magazine Call B. Davis Without B. Davis You Can But Its Not Right And TV Shows Which Have Had A Great Six Years And Six Series But It Cant Go Without The Main Character Lucas Scott, Its Just Not Right. Is There Any Chance They Will Be Coming Back In Series 8? Kieran..

  200. Whitney T says:

    all i want to know is when season 7 will be out on dvd! i just caught up through season 6, and i need to watch all of season 7, and continue with season 8 because i have missed ALL of it! i missed 1 episode at the beginning of season 6 and then i just stopped watching because i didn’t want to miss something and then just start watching again when i didn’t know what i missed. as for my thoughts on season six, i think it was a great season. brooke davis is my favorite character and when julian first came on the show i HATED him, but now i really want him and brooke to work things out. i don’t really care that peyton and lucas left, because i’m sure they’ll make their appearance in a later season. i’ll admit that i started watching the show for them, but the newer seasons don’t just cater to the leyton fans, it’s about everyone else also. all the characters have so many things going on that i think the show will make it just fine without having peyton and lucas on there… they weren’t doing much of anything anyway once lucas’s movie got cancelled. sooo, yeah.. there’s my thoughts on that, now all i need to know is WHEN WILL SEASON 7 BE OUT ON DVD?!

  201. Laura says:

    the only reason why hilarie burton is leaving is because chad michael murray wanted a pay rise and why should they give it to him? he wasnt happy about the way the story was going as he didnt want him and hilarie burton to get together so he demanded a pay rise. then they couldnt kill him off alone after the way the story line was going so they had to get rid of Hilarie too. She didnt want to go. Theres a youtube video of her crying saying it was due to creative differences between her and chad and chad had decided to leave so she was kicked off too.

  202. Hettiie says:

    I hate you all cw. ONE TREE HILL IS like the only good thing in my life and now its bascicaly endded

  203. Hettiie says:

    erm.. that was a joke. but i am REALLY anoyed about lucas and peton going. i dont need to expliain more because, all my thoughs are writen above. lol

  204. LaLa says:

    Omgee! I swear I like literally cried wen I found out lucas and peyton weren’t coming back! Da show is mostly based around them 2! Yea there’s the naley drama n the brooke drama shoot there’s even mouth drama but the lucas and peyton drama is like the best! Messed up stuff (the best drama on the show) happened mostly to peyton! Her moms die, she’s stalked, harassed, jake leaves, derreck (her REAL) brother leaves, she gets a disease, shot, well I think u get the point with her and lucas’ favorite person dies (keith), he ALSO has a disease, gets left at the alter and ok ok u see where I’m going with all this but the best drama happens WITH them! its just not going to be the same without them! Sure jamie is da cutest kid ever n brooke is such a sweetheart, and dan is like a funny jerk (another fave character) but that’s not what this show is about! A lot of this shows is based on Lucas and Peyton! Please come or let them back on the show!! Don’t leave this great show! Its truly a great piece of work! Thank, Love sariah aka LaLa

  205. p.collins says:

    someone should talk to ONE TREE HILL crew memebers…this movie is all about lucas and peyton why excluding them…if this is a suspence of sort pls let it be but if not let lucas and peyton back…to all the crews…u all are wonderful people that makes people happy….

  206. Kari says:

    One tree hill ROCKS!
    With the rumour that Peyton and Luke are leaving, its sad.
    I think a good story line can come out of the remaining cast.
    What about the other girl in the ‘raven’ novel.
    Make it dramatic, crazy and interesting.


  207. jon says:

    its not the producers fault chad is leaving. if he didnt cheat on his wife (sofia bush aka brooke davis) then he would probably stay! they cant work together like they used to!

  208. Amber says:

    Im not the biggest fan of Peyton and Lucas but i do agree that it just isnt One Tree Hill without them!!! They may have enough storylines without them but come on they started at the begining they should finish out til the end! Just 1 more season is that too much to ask??? I think not………………………

  209. Holly says:

    Seriously? They are leaving the show. I mean my favourite characters are Haley and Nathan, but still. It is abit of a bummer that they are leaving the show. It wont be the same without the original cast in my opinion. I will still watch it though, you've got to give the show a chance. It might suprise us all and be really good! Maybe now other characters will get some better storylines and all your lucas and peynton fans will get to know and love some of the other characters better.

  210. charlotte says:

    season 7 isnt actualoly too bad with out peyton and lucas but theonly thing that is not good is no one ever really mentions themand why not give them a camio role to come in to the show once atleast as they are really missed big time BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!! enjoying the new characters clay and quinn there has been some scences..

    • SARAH says:


  211. Fatimaaaaa says:

    I didn't really like Peyton.
    I loved Lucas!<3 And Brooke<3
    I don't like Mouth. D:<

  212. SEakin says:

    All you fans that are so upset about chad and hilarie leaving arent true fans at all. A true fan stays behind the show 100 percent no matter what. I love one tree hill and theres still nathan and haley and mouth and skills and jamie…who makes up for the loss of the others.

  213. Alyssa Sabo says:

    OMG! this show rocks! Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, and Bethany Joy Galeotti i am ur biggest fans. i know you proberly won't see this but HILARIE BURTON, i loved how ur person was dark and deprssing. i am a great drawer like payton is. i love music! i love how u call brooke: B.Davis and she calls you P.Sawyer. speeking of SOPHIA BUSH, u and austin nicoles are great together. ohh and BETHANY, u are so pretty! i love how ur person was always nice. DANIEL HARRIS, u are a good Rachle. You look the part. Reds are mean i thout till i saw u in the serise. u changed me. u are basicly my idol. if i could be enny one on one tree hill it would be you. JAMES LAFERTY, u are awsome! u are a good nathan. i liked u best all of u in seson 1. DENIEL HARRIS, i liked u better in seson 3. Ohh and all the adults in one tree hill, i liked u all. LEE NORRIS, u are not a geek. not frendly, and not prom Qween. or jock. ur a sports anouncer! ONE TREE HILL/ ALL THE CAST, i have all the sesons but 7! u all rock! LEE NRRIS, EPISODE 13 SESON 4.

  214. aby says:

    pls leave peyton and lucas on the show, i rily love the show wit them

  215. loren says:

    cant believe lucas and peyton arent in season 7. im a one tree hill addict and i love their story,. lucas is like the best character. a much as brooke and the rest are amazin, it wont be the same. not as much drama LOL, actually nowin one tree hill their will be haaa :) bring lucas and peyton BACK!!!!!!!!! xxx

  216. josh says:

    does any1 no wen its comeing back on air in the uk ? its usually on E4

  217. Jess says:

    I'm from the UK and until OTH finishes airing in the US so i'll have to wait. Such a shame though because i look forward to watch it every morning before going to school:(

  218. niomi says:

    i am so much like peyton and now shes levin i am one tree hills biggest fan and peytons to. peyton inspied me and one tree hill wont be the same without her and luke

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