2012 Doomsday Movie: World end’s and history

Yesterday we spoke a little about the 2012 End of the World Movie Trailer, which is directed by the king of the disaster movies, Roland Emmerich. It is always hard to know how good a film like this will be, but the trailer certainly makes the new movie look promising.

There is something different with 2010 from The Day After Tomorrow though, and that is that 2012 is based on a true prediction of the world’s end. John Cusack, Danny Glover, Woody Harrelson and Thandie Newton all star in the new movie.

2012 is a doomsday prediction; it is thought that a series of cataclysmic and apocalyptic events will take place on December 21, 2012. There have been a number of prophecies, assorted legends, numerological constructions, and numerological constructions that all come up with this same 2012 date for the end of the world.

Therefore, if the world was to end on December 21, 2012, then how will we all meet our maker? A massive solar flare could cause a geomagnetic reversal; the strength would be at least 100 million atomic bombs.

Another theory is that a large planet, called Nibiru will collide or pass by Earth; astronomers have ridiculed this idea. Read all theorieshere

Before we all start to panic about this event, there is a new age interpretation, which says that the planet and its inhabitants could undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation and not an Armageddon.

Do you think that this is all a load of trash, or do you think there is at least some truth in this?

  • http://scorpio-thefuture.blogspot.com/ Scorpio

    Well i guess it could be either although in the link below there is a planet with an orbit that does pass close enough to effect our planet however it is called Eris.

    Check it out here


  • http://www.2012timeforchange.com/ Etznab

    “2012: Time for Change”
    is a feature-length documentary, directed by Joao Amorim of Curious Pictures and featuring Daniel Pinchbeck, the bestselling author of “2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl” (Penguin, 2006). In the style of “An Inconvenient Truth”, “What the Bleep Do We Know”, and “Waking Life”, our film explores ideas about what the immediate future may hold, symbolized by the myths and prophecies of the Mayan culture of Mexico. Interviews with design scientists, anthropologists, physicists such as Dean Radin, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Nassim Haramein John Todd and Paul Stamets and celebrities such as Sting, Ellen Page and Gilberto Gil. 2012 combines film and animation in an innovative way, taking us on a journey through our own evolution.


  • Nick Mitsoulis

    basically we are going into a golden age but not in the 3rd dimensional state there is a reptilian Draco RACE from sirrius star system coming in 2011 to take as many slaves (people)that want to serve them in 3rd dimensional space on a new planet provided by them they are energy feeders and feed off the fear we put out know you just found out whats happening right know on this planet these are the ufos everyone sees. And the rest that dont go will accend in 5th dimensional earth on a energetic plane of existence so the ones that ascend suck it up it will be a painful psychical death but your birth into 5th dimensional earth will be your place to start a new life with heightened creational powers god like maybe some might help out our brothers that are left behind in reptilian control who know and a message to the council of 13 you are being lied to you will be slaves ufos are 4th dimesional beings feeding off 3rd know you know the formula in this universe mind you there is countless universes boggles the mind right 1 more thing we live a duality in this life rich elite think there smart well the lowest form of humans are the ones that move on not the ego filled evill minded elite this will be golden news in many millions of years for the human race in 3rd dimensional states Love allways NICK MITSOULIS GOD OF ONE UNIVERSE

  • George Burdell

    There will be a massive solar flare in May 2013. Similar to the flare in 1859. Check out http://www.sidis.net and read about solar flares/revolutions correlation by William Sidis (highest IQ ever). You may want to unplug your appliances when not in use. Also make sure you have 3-5 years of supplies on hand. You are going to need it.

  • talkingocean

    Many pastors, teachers, elders, and prophets have been “in the wilderness” so to speak; out of the apostate christian churches, (harlot). God has been showing us dreams, visions, etc related to many things; specifically in the USA but the world as well; calamities, disasters such as the Madrid fault line splitting the USA into two; other Mega Quakes in California, coastal areas being wiped out, martial law, concentration camps for Christians and patriots, NWO, etc…He’s been showing these things for years; but now He is saying it is closer then we think; especially the total “planned out” economic collapse (to bring the global monetary system into fruition…as they spoke at the G20). 2012? Can’t say; I don’t put too much faith in pagan religions that sacrificed humans; however, many of these things will begin BEFORE 2012. New Age: Deception; anything for man not to repent. It’s called Judgement. God will also do great things through a remnant for a short time; then man will be as sparse as a blade of grass. But it will NOT be the END OF THE WORLD; a new world will emerge. Do not believe the lies; and do not fall into this globalization (New World Order) scheme; trust me, the globalists want to reduce the population by 95% and it will be the global elite and slave work force; no middle class, no property ownership and no freedom. As soon as the USA economy totally collapses (and it WILL VERY SOON), then expect all of the above things I mentioned to come to pass; martial law will be immediately imposed. (And there WILL be terrorists attacks on USA soil—-and yes, the Lucifereans in the CIA, Pentagon, and the like are behind this).

  • http://N/A DYCE

    Folks there is nothing to worry about. Nothing will happen. Planet so called X if it happened before there would be proof that it did but there isn’t.

    Also you have to keep in mind that many of the mayian books were destroyed to complete the puzzle. Also if people were to predict the future, nobody but the Government knew of 9/11 in advance.

    People would have known the date that Michael Jackson died. Fact is nobody can tell the future folks. It’s all in your head and the more they push it in there the more you believe it.

    Fear – If anything, the Powers that Be will and should use 2012 as a way to kill all of us off.

    I’m with TalkingOcean.

  • Payne

    Death is something that will happen sooner or later. There is no end of the world. Every beginning there will be an ending. When there is an ending, a new beginning will start sooner or later. Human race will not extinct, I’m sure the aliens will choose some of us or recreate us to restart again on earth.

  • Payne

    Death is something that will happen sooner or later. There is no end of the world. Every beginning there will be an ending. When there is an ending, a new beginning will start sooner or later. Human race will not extinct, I’m sure the our creator will choose some of us or recreate humans to restart again on earth.

  • The Nye is End

    Quick, let’s nuke the planet on 2011 out of spite! Hah! That’ll teach all those pompous prophets, the headaches will kill them!. Mwahahahahahahahaaa!!!1!

  • rimsky

    I have a belt buckle of the mayan calander the calander simply ends nothing more.
    The people who made it were wiped out they cant carry it on get a grip for gods sake. speeking of god take a look at 2012:doomsday what a film loved it. Born agian christians
    now theres a scary bunch the director realy thinks what he