Lady Gaga’s VMA Outfit: The Most Outrageous

The biggest news to come out of the 2009 VMA was the outburst made by Kanye West against Taylor Swift. However, there was a lot more going on other than the ever-stupid West, such as the outrageous outfits, that Lady Gaga wore. have been running a poll as to what we thought was her most outrageous outfit, and we certainly had plenty to choose from. Lady Gaga arrived in the arm of Kermit the Frog wearing a strange looking Jean Paul Gaultier gown. The outfit also came with a beaded neck brace and half-face mask.

Throughout the award show, the singer who has been rumored to being a man or transgender kept us guessing as to what she will be wearing next. There was also another strange outfit from JPG; you know the space-age lavender leotard. What do you think was her most outrageous outfit?

  • Lena Bradshaw

    I loved the way she was dressed

  • bobby brown


    thanks for the time

  • Ella

    I just don’t get it: what the point? All those outfits are not pretty or sexy or anything, just weird. I’m not against being outrageous, but it has to have some purpose, right? Make you feel something, right? She leaves me cold and a bit disgusted. Maybe these thing work for others…whatever

  • Is It Real

    You all sat down and watch one of the most staged and brainwashed entertainment to keep you and your families busy. Its sad that tell-lie-vision has become the truth for our race(human beings). I think of the trillions of star systems out there and then think back to this place and laugh. Sad