Shakira on America’s Got Talent 2009: Video

There was a number of things happening on last night’s America’s Got Talent 2009, firstly there was Susan Boyle singing, then we saw Kevin Skinner win the show, and finally we got to see Shakira move her stuff. If you missed this, then check out the video below.

Sexy Shakira performed her song “She Wolf”, but not sure how many people had noticed that she had lip-synced throughout the song, as we were all hypnotized by those sexy moves that she does with her hips.

Not sure why Shakira would want to offer the AGT contestants advice, seeing as though she could not be bothered to sing live. According to Neon Limelight, the singer said that it takes a lot of hard work and determination. Shakira’s new album “She Wolf” will be out later this fall.


  • http://Netscape Navarre

    That was the most inappropriate part/segment of any program I have ever seen on prime time family programming. Shame on the producers of this show for allowing it and shame on her! There are better venues to show off her lack of class. It was truly a sad moment for AGT!

  • brenda

    When I tuned into the program, not knowing who she was – I thought “how did she make it into the finals”. I saw more talent with the finals contestants than this hoochy mama. Goes to show a digitally modified voice and moves like a stripper gets one to many into the music biz these days. Used to be you had to have real talent.

  • Eric P

    She was amazing, every single woman wishes they looked like her, maybe the other two comments are big fat ladies with no men around. Don’t hate, she looked overly sexy and classy, those moves were amazing, thumbs up for NBC. Thanks for Shakira’s performance

  • Linda Nitzschke

    Well, ya gots to admit…Shakira surely made the rest of the performers look outstanding, by comparison! Even the also rans that never made it anywhere near the finals. And, she was almost as funny as Grandma Lee! What a hoot!!

  • Teri

    I am sorry Shakira disgraced the stage with her performance….I didn’t appreciate her “humping the speaker” scene…at all!! I don’t care how sexy you think you are…that was inappropriate for the finale of AGT.

  • The Truth

    To not recognize the talent this lady brings to stage is to be blinded by envy.

    Shakira is not only a great composer, she can sing, dance and play instruments! All while looking great! I mean, what a great body she has defined! Kudos to her for her great efforts and dedication.

    The Real Deal – The Complete Package!!!!!