Kaitlin Olson talks ‘Leap Year’ movie in Dublin

Katlin Olson has recently been talking about her new movie ‘Leap Year’ which is being filmed in Dublin. The actress has said that it reminds her of her hometown. Olson stars alongside Amy Adams in this Rom-Com, the movie is about a woman who travels to Ireland so that she can propose to her boyfriend on a leap year.

According to sources, Katlin Olson said, “It was cold and wet but I’m from Oregon so it wasn’t too different from my hometown and was actually a nice change from all the sun over here.” She added that you will laugh as well as cry.

As you would expect, things do not go according to plan, and bad weather forces a major setback in her plans to propose on the leap year, February 29. However, with the help of a local innkeeper, things begin to go her way. The movie is being directed by Anand Tucker, and is due out in October 2010.