Charlotte Grace Prinze and a strong foundation

September 23, 2009




Charlotte Grace Prinze and a strong foundation

We have some more details for you to read now on the great news that Sarah Michelle Gellar has given birth to a lovely girl named Charlotte Grace Prinze. She has talked about the strong foundation that she has built up with husband Freddie Prinze Jr.

As reported from YourTango, the couple decided to keep the pregnancy until April, just four months before Charlotte was born. Some reasons for this, could be due to Sarahs beliefs on building a strong foundation before children are brought into a marriage.

She previously stated that she will only have children once her and her husband (Freddie in her case) will have created a strong foundation, by giving her relationship time to grow.

Do you agree with her on building a strong foundation between couples, before children is brought into the world? We say this, as we often see a lot of examples these days where couples marry and then split soon after.

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  • Vita

    Freddie i love u so much and i wish to congragulate u and Sarah on your new daughter i new sooner or later you’d start having kids and your daughter is lucky because she’ll be able 2 see u both act in the Scooby Doo movie.

  • Ananya

    congratulations to smg and fpj… i think they are a rocking couple and they have shown sound judgment in family planning by allowing their relationship to mature before starting a family (unlike some of the other hollywood couples)… hope all three have a great life together…