Will Marge Simpson make you buy PlayBoy?

Following on from our recent story about Marge Simpson appearing in the November issue of the Playboy magazine, we have to wonder if this will make you purchase the glossy mag. Not sure what Homer, Bart or Lisa would say. Ok so we are getting carried away a bit here.

Marge Simpson will not be showing of her asset though, as she will be behind a Playboy Bunny chair. This is the first time that a cartoon character has appeared on an adult magazine and have to say that we were a little surprised.

According to Reuters, Playboy has allowed Marge Simpson to appear on their mag as part of the 20th season of the “The Simpsons.” Although it is just a cartoon, it is the longest running comedy on U.S. television. We just hope that this does not put parents off and stop their children from watching the cartoon.

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