Jon & Kate Plus 8 Ending: Do you blame Jon Gosselin?

Following on from our post that Jon & Kate Plus 8 will be ending, we wondered if our readers thought that Jon Gosselin was to blame, or had the show already run its course. The show, which followed Jon and Kate and their eight children, will stop filming new episodes of the show next month, they will then have to use old footage to piece together the reaming shows.

According to The MiamiHerald, John was not happy after being written out of the show, so he told the makers of the show TLC, that they were not allowed to film his kids anymore. Kate has had to do some extra filming to try to give the show more footage, so it will be interesting to see how the final cut will look.

We had previously reported that TLC were to change the name of the show to Kate Plus 8, but that idea was shelved when Jon put a stop to them filming his kids. There are those who say that Jon is a disturbed and bitter man, but other say that he has a right to do what he thinks is bets for his children.

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  • lily

    Jon is a cheat, liar and thief. He was having affairs before kate decided to end the relationship. He is so stupid he claims he was surprised that kate ended the relationship. He was cheating with hailey even before the separation was announced. So are we surprised that he steals money and that he says things he does not mean???

    Hailey Glassman: Jon Gosselin is My First Love, Kate Major is “Cuckoo”
    August 15th, 2009 12:00 PM by Free Britney Tags: Jon Gosselin, Kate Major, Hailey Glassman
    In her first interview since hooking up with Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman describes the newly-separated father of eight (and Casanova of mediocre looking, slightly unstable women) as her “first love.” Sniff. Is it dusty in here, or is it just us?

    Hailey Glassman also reveals she began dating Jon in May – a month before he and Kate Gosselin announced their separation on Jon & Kate Plus 8.

    But before you add wrecker of homes to Hailey’s resume, remember that he pummeling Deanna Hummel first – and Glassman points out that Jon and Kate were separated for “months” before then, and she had nothing to do with it.

    “He was living in my house, the person I joked around with. He was sad and bored, I was home and bored,” says Glassman, referring to a time when Jon crashed at her parents’ place (her dad is the surgeon who performed Kate’s tummy tuck).

    “Jon and Kate have moved on with their lives – it’s only viewers who haven’t moved on,” adds the 22-year-old party girl with the troubled past.

  • max

    It is good that the show jon and kate plus 8 will end as jon really should not be in that show. Firstly, he complained a lot – he gripped often about being known as jon and kate plus eight. What is so wrong about that. As I was growing up, my friends knew my dad as my dad – which was OK. Secondly, on earlier shows he constantly said – he was always wondering what his kids were doing and wished he could have been at home with them. So then he started to work from home. Then he started to whine about wishing that he had a 9-5 job because being on the show was too much work – that it was 24/7. Thirdly, he complained that he did not decide to work from home – but instead that decision was made for him (I guess he was accusing Kate) – even though he repeatedly said that he wished he could be at home with his children because he is missing out so much. So, given the above, I would conclude that jon was not deserving of the opportunities that he had received from God. But he did enjoy the money, the make over, the motor bikes and all the fame the show got him and which in turn got him all those women. Jon’s wife was having a major surgery to help fix the problems from carrying 6 babies – and jon was in those people’s house trying to get what he could for himself – that is how it all started between him and hailey. From looking at the shows, I can see that it was after being with the glassman’s that jon realized he had lost his youth because he had to be a father. What jon should have been doing was thanking God that all of his children were healthy, that he had a very attractive wife, that his wife took excellent care of the children, and that he did not have to always do the thinking and planning. Folks, for those children that were premature babies to have grown up so well is a miracle and it took hard work and dedication on Kate’s part. I am not taking sides – I am just being honest. I recognized from the shows that jon was not a leader – and it was ok for Kate to take initiatives. But jon is a very sly guy. He can provoke someone tremendously even by not saying anything. He did some very wierd things – like shaking out the mats in the kitchen when Kate was cooking and so she had to speak up – the pots were opened. Jon should have had common sense to know not to do that – thus Kate would not have had to say anything to him. Also, jon is a liar, a cheat and very promiscuous and therefore should not be on that show. So it is good that the show is ending and a new one is in the making.

  • Seth

    They’re both money grubbing, another 15 minutes of fame seeking, dirtbags. Good riddance.

  • Lancia

    When I saw the the show for the first time two years ago I said to my friends their marriage will not last. Why? The way Kate treats her husband is like one of her children. Always yelling at him and ordering him around. In fact, her children gets better treatment from her than John. I was hoping he would come to his senses and have more self respect. I was so proud of him for getting the heck out of that relationship. In the long run it’s also good for the children because they won’t grow up thinking that all men should be treated that way. Go John!!!

  • Meg

    Both Jon and Kate have had their 15 minutes of fame plus some. Take the money and run. I feel sorry for those kids growing up in a camera like little experiments to make their parents rich. Both of them need to grow up, take what they have and start acting like normal parents. It’s disgusting how much free stuff they have been given, including free trips. It’s time to move on and get a real life without all the cameras. They are both money hungry and took advantage of all their kids. Grow up and move on.

  • Joanne

    According to Jon, and Jodie and Kevin, Kate separated from Jon in October of 2008. She told him that she would live her life and he would live his. So he did. And everybody had a fit.

    I think TLC is wrong to sue Jon. They have made hundreds of millions off of the Gosselins. TLC is not some victim of Jon, give me a break. They are just mad that he ended the show.

  • katesucks

    Kate is the same cheat, liar, and control freak that used her family for her own selfish self. BITCH…

  • Tammy

    Ive watched the show from the begining, and I think at the start they were bolth great parents, but over the last couple of years Jon has pulled away from his wife and his children. Any chance he got he left, kate alone with the kids, so in my opinion, I think jon ‘Is to blame’. Hes a lair, theif, and a cheat and if wouldent surprize me if hes been cheating longer than what he says he has, with that being said, I feel sorry for kate and the kids. I watch this show on a daily bacis, and I will watch it til the day it dies. P.S: You Go Kate!! love the show!

  • mary

    go lancia! That is exactley how i felt ! Kate treated john horribly throughout the entire show and I hoped that he would come to his senses and leave her! I do not condone the cheating or the way he went about it but I am feel that the marriage needed to come to an and that or john grew a pair and started standing up to himself ! If he had done that there might of been a chance of the marriage working! And as ar as a new title for the show heres one: on todays episode lets see how we can spoil the gosselin” oh brother!!!!!!!!

  • whatdoyouknow

    All these comments…all these judgements…so let’s let jon have all 8 kids, and let kate go on with her life, let’s see how long jon last with Hailey, as most of you figure she would be a better mom

  • http://google meg

    TLC is blame for almost everything that is happening with this family. Yes Kate was not nice to her husband, her brother, very first house keeper, changed nannies like you would change a baby’s diapers, had aunt jodie fired, spanked her child, hit Emirald, and refused another child a drink as she was drinking water. HUMMMMMM I wonder why Jon left. Sorry I was mistaken Jon did not leave. Kate asked him to leave.
    This is who TLC would like parents to model.
    I believe that when Jon and Kate announced at the of seasion four that Jon had second thoughts about doing the show or if should continue for a fifth season TLC made the descion to go on with Kate – knowing that she would not care about the children. I mean she gets ride of people who do not do what she wants or who she cannot benefit from. Now that Jon has stop the children from filming, Kate is not with them. *I believe that I just heard the children have been a nanny for seven days straight without a parent.
    Kate has taught Jon well – go to the first person you meet and have an affair – Kate with the body guard before break up – JOn after. Kate taking money and hiding it Jon taking money. Kate going all over the media with her sob stories – JOn doing the same. The only difference is TLC is backing Kate. Sorry Jon here you made a mistake. But you can correct it- have your day and insist that if you are still under contract you want to answer question on Monday. Who wants to hear from Kate – she will lie becuase she is out for herself and she is scared of what TLC will do. Jon has stood up to them and they are mad. TLC get over it. I also believe that the children will come and sue the parents andTLC. All three will deserver it.

  • Valarie Schulz

    Jon is to blame I don’t give a crap if she put him through a blender. He is mad because he got caught.wah wah.
    She has to pick up where he lacks, 8 kids you would be fuming too. Stop judging someone you only hear about. Your not there.He had no reason to do what he did. Stop giving men excuses for their behavior be a big girl and make them take the blame for their actions.A bunch of women who have nothing to do but bitch about how one women treats her man. Its not your’s not your man it’s not your kids, and you watching it to bitch about it is just upping the numbers on viewers which ups the money. Who cares about her money. A bunch of desperate housewives with no life. Get off the couch and touch your man , you may be next. To bad your not making millions to bad it won’t be in the news, well maybe at the county court house. Why cause no one cares. Really we don’t give a hoot! About Kate and her 8 and Jon and his new housewife.

  • Pauline kelly

    who is having an affair with who !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I am really needing to catch up here, I have watched the show from the start, but seem to have fallen behind, Is Jon really seperated from Kate and is there no chance of them ever going back together again.
    They should have thought about that before they had eight kids.

  • Angel Ware

    I dont blame jon for his views about filming his children in a new series, even if i will miss the show, i love watching the now seperated couple and there family, i feel many of kate's parenting skills are great especially when having to deal with 8. I dotn think i'll ever understand the strain having a film crew use up all your space in a house when trying to live a daily life as a family i'd find it very invasive and get very stressed. the children do not see this as a problem they've always had it in their lives. i love jon to bits, he's a great dad to those kids, even he he never smiled much. a natural man expresion on a daily basis. love them all. hope it all works out for the best what ever is decided in the long run. Angel xx

  • twinkle

    i luved jon nkate plus 8 it was great to see them kids grow n learn so much because of the show so i dnt see y jon wud stop it his kids were benifiting from it yea altho they had press everywhere they new that frm the begain so whats change nothing i still think there sud b a kate plus8