Snooker Loopy Jimmy White wants to be the King of the jungle

Snooker Loopy Jimmy White wants to be the King of the jungle

47-year-old Snooker legend Jimmy ‘Whirlwind’ White has admitted that he would love to win I’m A Celebrity, He claims he will use his competitive nature to his advantage while in the Australian jungle.

The Whirlwind said “I’m obviously very competitive when I’m playing snooker so it is a competition so I will try and win, I will try and use a few strategies of, you know, staying composed, I shall be going in there to try and win it for sure.”

On the down side white has a phobia of snakes, also mentioned that entering the show does not signal the end of his snooker career. He went on to say. I’ve gone off the boil quite a bit through different reasons in life and I’ve sort of nearly walked away, but I never have because I’ve always had the love for the game,” he continued.

To read more on this story go Who do you think will win this year’s I’m a Celebrity? My money is on Jimmy, that is if he can over come his phobia of snakes, there will certainly be a few Jimmy, mainly the two legged variety.

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