Inside Gran Turismo 5: Signature Edition – PS3 Video

With just days to go until Gran Turismo 5 is released, some of you would have already got your copy of the game; and they have not been shy in showing it off to others. However, not content on just showing his friends, one guy decided to put a video up of him unboxing his GT5 Signature Edition.

When we say one guy, he was actually from SCEE HQ, but at least they held of playing the game until they could tease us with this video that we have for you below. He had hoped to keep the copy of the game, but it seems as if SCEE does not share in his idea.

There are three additions to Gran Turismo 5, the first is Standard Edition, which is the cheapest and just comes with the game, and what a game it is. The second is Collector’s Edition, which comes with an exclusive inlay sleeve, 200-page ‘Apex’ driver’s magazine, Collector’s Edition artcards and more.

Finally we have the above mentioned Signature Edition, the game comes packed inside a metal case and not only comes with the extras in the Collector’s edition but also a scale model of a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 1:43.

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What version of GT5 have you ordered?


  • Dan Foster