WWE Wrestlemania 27: Results – Undertaker 19-0, Good Ending or Not

WWE Wrestlemania 27: Results – Undertaker 19-0, Good Ending or Not

The highly anticipated match between The Undertaker and HHH at Wrestlemania may not have been the final match of the night, but it certainly didn’t disappoint. As stated above, The Undertaker again prevailed, bringing his amazing winning streak at Wrestlemania to 19-0.

After an introduction to Wrestlemania by The Rock, the first match of the night was a surprising choice as Edge and Alberto Del Rio were up first for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After using the sharpshooter on Del Rio, Edge then set up the spear for the win, with Christian watching from ringside.

Skipping onto the Undertaker Vs HHH match, it almost seemed to go a bit over the top at one stage, with both fighters kicking out of each others finisher, which wouldn’t usually happen in a normal match. For example, Triple H hit the pedigree on Taker no fewer than three times, with Undertaker kicking out of each one. When a disbelieving Triple H grabbed the sledgehammer as a last resort, Undertaker hit the hell’s gate triangle choke, and then after a few minutes of epic struggle, HHH finally tapped out.

Was it a good ending for Taker to go 19-0 or a slight disappointment in your opinion? Who is going to be next for Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28? You can see live results as they happen here.

  • fan

    There are rumors out that Taker suffered a heat stroke at the end of the match. Anybody else hear that?

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  • Jasbir Kiran Singh

    the undertaker done a excellent job and i like it very much
    a marvelous victory over HHH
    congratulations The Undertaker

  • James

    This was one of the worst wrestlemanias ever!

  • SoW

    I really thought HHH was gonna win.

  • navjot

    undertaker can never be defeated at wrestlemania, by anyone . wrestlemaniea means undertaker.

  • TeQuuante

    It was a awesome match ,but will part two happen for these OUTLAWS next year?

  • michael

    under taker is the best but thriple h could have won it

  • avinash

    hey can any one tell where can i found the videos of wrestlemania 27

  • femi

    tell me y tripple H failed 2 win, y? but congrats 2 undertaker, u inspire me never 2 give up.

  • Vince

    Y'all need to spend your time watching a better product

  • dave

    utter garbage.

  • riva

    Any news on the undertakers condition? He seemed seriously hurt. Even HHH was checking him out to see if he was ok.


    When will WRESTLING make a comeback ? Found Triple H vs 'Taker uncomfortable viewing and some of the comments from the crowd unsettling "Break his back Undertaker" being one of the better ones. These 2 athletes will never be the same, looks like HHH has broken arm and 'Taker has nerve damage, has the no holds barred theme gone too far ? Used to love the wrestling matches, HBK v Stone Cold, Hitman v Bulldog and Owen etc, this power, violence and weapons is too much, also when is the title going to be won / lost without some type of interference ? The title is being cheapened and is it really a reflection upon the newer roster that it is still the old stagers that get the biggest 'pop' ?

  • chris

    hhh beat the mess out of taker

  • 19-0

    i really thought taker was gonna lose after the tombstone it would be the right ending but after those chair shots and taker could bearly get up i thought the streak was over

  • macmars

    hi avinash
    you can find all videos of WWE and TNA on telly-tv.com
    VM27 already available !!

  • Stefanie

    I would like to know 2. Me and my husband were wondering if he had a stroke or something. Not much online.Hope he is allright though.

  • paula

    havent watched it yet but as a big fan of the undertaker im glad he won but very disturbed by what i have read hope they are both ok xx

  • Unleashed4

    Did you know The Undertaker is an anagram to Wrestlemania………….if you tried to figure that out then i facepalmed

  • Andy

    @Garry, I think you made some good points regarding this match. However i think that HHH and Taker will have had a lot of input into the direction the match would go i.e Chairs, throwing each other through tables and the "cole mine" i think the reason they took the match that direction is that both of these guys havent had a match since there return from injury and possibly werent fit enough to "Wrestle". Overall they gave a compelling match that really could have went either way and saved a otherwise poor wrestlemania.

  • ColinMackenzie

    That was part 2, WM 17 Taker beat HHH

  • madmac

    congrats to theundertaker but the rock ruined theend of the match between mizz and cena

  • Guillermo Puentes

    I'm tossing an idea for next year's WM….Vince McMahon vs Undertaker….with Vince somehow ending "The Streak"

  • Guillermo Puentes

    Aside from Taker/HHH or RKO/CM Punk, this was a disaster of Wrestlemanias….not even "The Millions…." could save this one. You know it's bad when Horn Dogg starts rappin' and the Divasaurus Mae Young wants the people's strudel…..ick!!!

  • MrsB

    Still can’t find out what was wrong with Undertaker, anyone else heard yet???

  • phenom

    who is "Triple HHH"?

  • Chuck

    can you say LOSERS! haha you guys are sad

  • double H

    HAHAHAHA, This is so funny……… You all talk like it was a real fight. This stuff is correographed and rehearsed and scripted out way in advance. They knew who was going to win last month. Granted there has to be some athletic ability and a little acting talent and these guys are definately in good shape but………….its all show!! Its fun to watch because of guys like the Rock, who is pretty funny at times and some of the drama and storylines, but come on…… really? I'm a big fan and I've been watching since Mcmahan was just a skinny little announcer, but I'm smart enough to know that when somebody wins its because its in the script and its done to carry on a storyline. It has nothing to do with one persons fighting or physical abilities over another.

  • keaton

    undertaker did not do good he hit 1 good move hhh dominated him hh should have won he was avisoley betere

  • Michelle Carter

    Mark (undertaker) I am so very proud of you although I didnt watch wrestlemania 27 My heart was with you. You may not remember meeting me but one time you came to my apartment looking for molly and shawn your friends and all I could think to say at the time was OMG! what's the undertaker doing at my door. You will never know how much that personal appearance meant to me because I am a very big fan of yours and congratulations on being 19-0. I always knew you had it in you. I consider you a big brother since I never had one. Take care and Much much love from HOllywood, FL.
    Michelle Lynn Carter

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michelle-Carter/100002059894578 Michelle Carter

    HEy Undertaker, my name is Michelle Carter and I am a very big fan of yours. I wanted to let you know that I rarely say prayers for athletes but I said one on your behalf before your match with Triple H and thank goodness heaven smiled down and you are now 19-0. I wish you much success in all you do not just in wrestling because above all else you are a human being and have a life outside the ring. Take care and Peace to you my brother

  • AaXault

    Kings of Kings ? Always a Fake, trying to steal out the limelight off a streak that HE COULD EVEN NOT fractionally pulled off in the in the span during of his entire career . That is why suckered fans of him could not able really see him as the a true King of Hype!

    Feel the Power of The ULTIMATE ONE!!!!

    (The Ultimate One could not even be bothered to waste his wrestling professionalism on Farce as this!)

  • commensense

    people still get hurt, wether its acting or not. people watch to see the dedication these actors put into the matches that are set up. it has nothing to do with beleiving or not that wrestling is real. 90 %of the wwe fan base, who are children or naive people watch it because they know its an act but they want to see the effort of people to put on a good show.

  • commensense

    were you drunk when you typed this? avisoley? the word is obviously. and betere? better.

  • pro

    the undertaker is best wrestler in the history and still undefeated