WWE Wrestlemania 28: Undertaker Vs Who? – 20-0 Opponents

WWE Wrestlemania 28: Undertaker Vs Who? – 20-0 Opponents

It might not have been the main event at Wrestlemania 27, but it was definitely the best in our opinion. If you watched the PPV live, you’ll probably guess that we’re talking about The Undertaker Vs Triple HHH match in which The Phenom managed to prevail to extend his streak to 19-0.

So the obvious question that everyone is asking now, is who is next for The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28? Yes he got carried out on a stretcher at the end of the match, but you can bet that he’ll be fit and ready to defend his streak and attempt to go 20-0 undefeated at WWE’s showpiece event.

And we think it will happen too. But who are the contenders? A rematch with Triple HHH is obviously on the cards, while some of you may be thinking that Shawn Michaels will want another shot – but we doubt that will happen. Since The Rock is now taking on John Cena, that rules him out, and the one big name that springs to mind is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Now that would be a match to get everyone pumped up – even more so than Cena and The Rock which seems to be dragging on a bit now.

After beating Triple HHH, it seems that there aren’t many big names for The Undertaker to take on. Jericho or Batista wouldn’t be ‘big’ enough we think, dare we even mention a return for big Brock Lesnar too – remember that video from UFC 121 in which Undertaker said to Brock on camera – ”You wanna do it”? There’s definitely some beef between the two of them that needs to be settled.

What are your thoughts on Undertaker’s next match at Wrestlemania 28? Do you think Triple H will get a rematch or will Undertaker take on somebody else? If so, who do you think will fight him? On a side note, don’t be surprised if Undertaker gets inducted in the Hall of Fame next year and celebrates that the next night by going 20-0 – the perfect ending for what has been an awesome career.

  • Neamul Huq

    wwe will eventually have to put Sting into the Hall of fame. I believe that WWE should sign Sting to a one year deal and have Undertaker vs Sting at Wrestlemania 28. If not that, then, if Stone Cold Steve Austin is healthy enough for wrestling again, I am going to have to think it will be Undertaker vs Austin at Wrestlemania 28. If they do HHH again it will be a third time. So far undertaker has not faced anyone more than 2 times at Wrestlemania. For example Kane twice, HBK twice, and HHH twice. I highly doubt they will break that trend. It will be either austin or sting or maybe even randy orton. Who knows… I really hope its Austin because sting is on his last wheels he cant wrestle that well anymore. Undertaker is still giving WWE fans great matches.

  • http://wwe.com cory white

    Big show

  • Anthony Buccaroni

    If The Undertaker isn’t facing Cena, Jericho, Austin, or The Rock at WrestleMania, then I most likely will not watch that match.

  • kalvinscott

    i think mayson ryon or shameas whould be go for taker @ wm28 hell who to say austin could return but his ceerer was ended by orton so no one realy no who taker can face @ wm28

  • enrique


  • Rajhbk

    Hhh vs Undertaker rematch at wrestlemania 28……

  • Carl

    he should wrestle, Kane and Kane should go old school (costume)…. That would be a fitting end!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Prabhat-Singh/100000549742583 Prabhat Singh

    Enter text right here!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/goldenstaes?feature=mhum goldenstaes

    Undertaker’s next match at Wrestlemania 28? Vince do you want to deliver the ultimate blow to TNA & rest of the smaller players? here's how:
    the ultimate match for Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28, Fatal Six Way Steel Cage Table Ladder Chairs Match featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angel, Brock Lesnar, Sting, The WWE Champion (Miz or Randy Orton) and The World Heavyweight Champion (Triple HHH or Jericho).
    of course this match take place after Undertaker's Hall of Fame in 2012. ultimately pushing the legends streak to 20-0!

  • akeem

    i will love undertaker to face john cena at wrestle mania 28

  • ashraf

    he should fight with bill Goldberg at wrestle mania 28……………..

  • Tyler

    Its gunna be Triple h and taker in a rematch triple h is already coming out on raw saying that he will wait for taker to come back and plus taker didnt pin triple h like he did to all of his other victims he tapped him out instead and triple h had that match i meen come on guys everybody seen undertaker get his ass whooped the whole match and got carried out on a stretcher at the end while triple h just laughed and walked away

  • john


  • Alan Ng

    Nice idea!

  • https://www.facebook.com/people/Sandhu-Sandeep/100001459737166 Sandhu Sandeep

    undertaker proof that he is not a human he is a really dead man, becoz he is 19-0

  • David

    I would love to see one of the Undertaker's earlier opponents in a rematch. Obviously Jimmy Snutka is too old now (67), Jake Roberts would have to start preparing now to get fit for a match, Giant Gonzalez is dead (RIP), King Kong Bundy would not interest me at all but Diesel might. A match against Diesel would be a great ending for both of the big men and send off 'taker with a classic that we haven't seen twice already.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.blackwell3 Jeff Blackwell


  • connor carolan

    handy cap match big show and kane vs undertaker

  • mike

    edge tapped at mania …

  • Bill Butter

    UNDERTAKER..Hall of fame YES i think he should be the only one nomiated that year similar to Andre after He is the Best!

  • qaas

    if kurt angle came back to the wwe, or possible brock lesnar, but brock is very unlikely, since he adamantly said the wwe is behind him.

  • bob

    how about undertaker against the great kali?

  • kpl

    once again UNDERTAKER VS KANE BURRIED ALIVE MATCH match and kane should be burried at wrestlemania 28 and will ends the carrier of kane

  • Samson

    WM28 undertaker vs stone cold- It should start like this stone cold announce hes coming to Raw making the wwe universe thinks hes coming to announce a tough enough announcement but this time he comes and says he has some unfinished business to do saying everyone failed for the past 19 times and he has never fought undertaker at Wm. I think this will be a great hype thus it will be better than rock vs john cena and it will even score big talking about ticket sales and PPV buying.This will be a great way for undertaker to leave saying he has all the big names and there's nothing for him to do.

  • Goh YT

    the stage is set..for the return…of The Ultimate Warrior!!!

  • 619619619

    he cant fight edge cuz he will retire so its kane or hhh or maybe return of snuka

  • dacong

    its gonna be justin bever lol

  • happyday

    mr bean

  • just me

    fat albert

  • hahahah


  • hiram


  • Gaja619

    Undertaker VS Big daddy cool for wm 28 now that we have seen diesel in WWE a feud between the two culminating with a wrestlemania 28 fight will be too good.It wont be taxing on the taker and both are great personalities / future hall of famers

  • charlie

    i think that at WM28 taker will go into the hall of fame and all of his oppenents from the past WMs will induct him (the ones that are still alive) and then stone cold will come out and challenge taker to one last match. Undertaker will win and go into the hall of fame undefeated

  • rajanbir singh

    i think at wrestlimania 28 undertaker vs goldberd in a hell in a cell , if not undertaker vs the undertaker is think you not forgot
    that match when undertaker vs the undertaker ,undertaker(with poul bearer) and the undertaker with (tedibiasi) if you make this this will be the match streak will rest in peace19 – 1

  • jc_cv2

    sorry first of all i pressed the dislike thumb by accident,, if u remember cena vs the rock so it wont be cena but yer it would be a great match…. but heres hoping, undertaker is going 20-0 no doubt about it. they are not going to let him not reach it now, so lets hope cena can make it 20-1 the year after

    again im sorry for making your comment -1 its was meant to be a thumbs up

  • ivan

    samson said it perfectly.
    Undertaker Vs Stone Cold.
    austin 3:16 said i just whooped ur ass!
    stone cold was supposively the best in the attitude era, only cuz the rock was a heel.
    20-0 taker beats austin..
    WM29 taker tries to go for a 21-0 but looses to the champ, JOHN CENA. LET CENA BREAK THE RECORD.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7NREEYFN2I7WPO4ABHJMH4HRWM Christopher Fitzmaurice

    That is the best idea I have heard. I got to give it to you for this one man that sounds cool.