PlayStation Network stays down, mystery surrounds PSN outage

PlayStation Network stays down, mystery surrounds PSN outage

Those that use the Sony PS3’s online features know that free access and the features you are a great deal, especially because you do not part with money to access them. Although now that we’re a few days in to the PlayStation Network being down, the PSN outage is taking it’s toll on gamers.

With official confirmation being posted on the PS blog, which confirmed that there was an external intrusion on their system. The Qriocity services and the PlayStation Network were affected, but Sony said that they turned off the network.

So it looks like there has been a breach in security, but that did not take down the network. Some gamers wish that they had a bit more feedback from Sony during the last few days, do you?

The situation is expected to be resolved shortly, although how long that will be is yet to be seen. Have you lost faith in PSN after this downtime? At the time of writing it’s not known who is behind this latest attack.

  • james

    This shows that ps3 is not flawless and it proves that playstation has horrible customer service. I mean on the morning of the 21st you tell us 1 to 2 days downtime well 24-48 hours have passed and there is still no update on why or when it really makes no sense. I know its easter playstation but everyone that bought socom 4 and your new games made you rich and made your easter so its really unfair that your sitting in a 50 room mansion eating lobster, that you picked up with your driver in your Bentley and our 59.99 that we have to actually earned is ignored by you thanks alot i say we all buy XBOX after this one. thanks.

  • Ken H

    I just wanna play I have games like DC Universe I have to pay to play online so yes very big dissapointment I also just kicked my xbox 360 and bought a PS3 so….FML now I cant play lol just cant win with these companys!

  • mike090

    i would say that some1 behind xbox live or along that line has fucked psn up coz theres more ppl out there on ps3 than xbox
    what you you say

  • simon

    just fed up now………………………………………………………….. want to go online………………………….

  • Freekill

    I have not lost faith in Sony, it is not their fault in fact they are probably doing all of us a favor by turning the psn off while they sort out what to do with the outside party. Think about it, if the psn was still on their would be risk of information being link (credit details etc.) Sony is suffering too because they still have to pay for the servers that run the psn and if the psn is down they are still paying for the servers. Anyways will probably be fix by the end of today (american time.)

  • olie

    I LOVE PS3 but know i have to play saints row instead of black ops becouse thats my second faviroute game

  • johny2711

    james go to xbox and fuck off

  • conan

    this is a joke.. im a ps3 user and i like sony but they really need to sort out this hacking situation

  • Craig Colin Roy McLeod

    In fair ness this is the longest psn has been down since it opened, but yes I just play on xbox when psn is down, but xbox game join times for mw2 suck I wait 20 minutes just to play for ten minutes.

    Where as with ps3 I get almost instant game finds. But I like both, everyone gets hacked eventually. Chill it will be back up and probably go another ten years before its hacked again.

  • Tim

    These comments are dumb. So the free online service is down for a few days, get over it and have a barbecue or something

  • sean

    your an idiot mike

  • edsdfc

    I agree. seems strange if its not that way. I heard Annonymous was behind the attack on sony. They say they are for the people and then they fuck us all like this. They didn't just drop the network, but totally affected normal people like us. Like WTF??? why ruin it for everyone?

  • Bob

    shigeru miyamoto rocks :D

  • zach

    i still like it just get a new update and beter secority and you will be fine

  • Luke

    I think the lack of communication from sony is disgusting and everyone i have spoke with agrees. There is also the fact that for such a big company where is the backup plan for when stuff like this goes wrong? I worked in IT for many years and to have a service like this down for such a long time is very very amateur

    My message to sony (if they actually cared) would be to at least be honest and give us a more precise eta on the fix, at least we would not have to keep checking every few hours to be disapointed.

  • Infamous Turk

    No thanks to buying Xbox. Not only is it virtually inferior in almost every aspect, Xbox live is not a free service–PSN on the other hand is. It's a free service and Sony could have just come out and said, get over it, it's free and we're trying to fix it. That being said, I just want to play Fifa online!!!

  • Liam

    don't be ignorant, it is not their fault they are being targeted like this. If they had something to say they would SAY IT, since they havn't it means their has been no change

  • vladimir bierko

    yeahh i all agree on all comment they say somethink but dosent happen to be honest the thing is tht lots of people play and hack the system and that is what causing the network down.
    also im annoying as well well i guess everyone is the only person to blame is the hackers no the psn

  • sargent_slaughte

    i agree . with all comments , but we cant complain as its free , if we were paying for it , then its another matter , as they be robbing us , they robbing us any way , as if u complete a game the only think lefted to do is online multiplayer but you cant ,

    i dont seem to understand why peope want to hack psn when its free ??? whats the point what do they again

  • Damo

    I am very disapointted in sony because i feel they should be giving us more information on how it happened. When online play will be switched on and what they are doing about it. All the info they give is just nonsenses

  • Peter

    PSN you are taking the mickey. It’s bank holiday weekend and the time I get to Play black ops and I can’t
    Are you scared there will be too many people logging on and making your network fall over. WTF is going on.

  • Tony

    it was the Anonymous hackers… last week they said Sony PS3 was going to get it's biggest attack ever, and look the PS Network has been offline for few days, I disappointed because I only play on weekends, and tommorow is Easter Sunday where all my friends and family come over and we had plans to come and play online and have fun, we are still going to have fun, but now I have to change plans.

  • nikhl

    when is the system goin to come back

  • kambo1

    I think all of u guys should take it easy…. playstation is doing the righ thing by stoping the ps3 net work untill they resolve the problem, there is a hacker somewhere that could have acces to personal information and credit cards information……. just be patient and when ever u will play your game on line again u will enjoy it 10 times more thank you and grow up from ur bubles and open up ur minds


    come on you guys must not be doin much up at playstation exept siting around FIX IT



  • James Fisher

    no mike thts just dumb…

  • john hughes

    this is out of order….i have just bought a ps3 .and is already leaving a horrible taste in my mouth

  • jonathan

    im pissed off that they haven't told us anything, i can survive with out online play but they could at least be honest and tell us realistically when the service is will be up and why it was down

  • aldo

    SOny how much longer you think i'll wait before buying an xbox?


    get this crap back online asap!! and make more applications compatitable with the ps3 like NBA league pass and NFL sunday ticket. GOGOGO

  • bobs-ur-uncle

    This downtime with PSN is a nuisance but it might give those shut in gamers a chance to notice the outside world. Also your getting this for FREE (except with a PSN+ account) how about people stop kicking up a fuss and wait for some results.

  • adrian

    I want compensation for loss of game time nowwwwwwwww.

  • scott

    it was not annoymous doing the attack they contacted sony saying there was no point in hacking psn because it was too easy for them and they have nothing to gain


    My assumption is, is that some people from microsoft xbox360 probley payed hackers to do this, isent it strange it happened right around the time of good ps3 games getting released? Microsoft is the GREEDY COMPANY, not Sony. Please try to remember microsoft is LOVING this time, is expecting people to buy a fuckbox. anonymous say they are not to blame, but yet a mesage from anonymous to sony was released. I say microsft did it, and kind of 'blamed' anonymous.

    I know microsoft will be reading this, enjoying whats happening to psn, so ide just like to take the time to speak on behalf of every PS3 user and say: FUCK YOU XBOX, PS3 has ALWAYS BEEN BETTER, BLU RAY WON THE FORMAT WAR AGAINST HD DVD. XBOX = EPIC FAIL…. PS3 = EPIC WIN.

    PS3 <3

  • Cornholio

    its been a few day oh my god, its the end of the world, i'm going to hang myself(sarcasm), all you moaning people do me a favour just go and buy an Xbox,

  • Steve

    Your an idiot, someone else messed around and sony had to close it down. Its not a ps3 problem you xbox humper

  • julio

    I just want to play online please sony fix it quickly.

  • Gemma Adams

    Quite honestly, people who've lost faith and who are getting their panties in a twist over this NEED the time away from their consoles. Especially because this DOES NOT stop you playing games – just online is down. Sony don't advertise a 100%, perfect service, so of course it's got its flaws. If you want to revert to Xbox and PAY to play games online which are FREE on PSN, then good luck and have a nice life. Have some patience, people! Jeese!

  • bluedragon

    someone wispering that psn will down for month or more.

  • welshgirl23

    i play playstation, and granted it is gutting its down but seriously its beautiful weather just go outside and enjoy it, far to many people spend to much time online. welshgirl23

  • JustAgamer

    whos gonna own up to Federal infractions? Just fix it Sony…..

  • Thomas

    well it don't really matter to me cause i will just play single player of portal 2 over and over again

  • BitBlock

    Remove cinavia and i'll put the psn back on lol ;-)

  • stew

    thats what i have been doing as well !!

  • Michael

    We shouldn't be venting our anger at Sony, but rather at whoever attacked the network. These people (I'm assuming it's 'Anonymous') claim to represent the will of the masses and yet their actions negatively affect those very people. Who gave them the right to claim such representation of anyone? I certainly want nothing to do with this group of self-righteous idiots. They are a bunch of sweaty basement dwelling hacks who attack the people that actually go out and develop products and services for consumers, rather than sit on their backsides and demand 'free sharing' of information. Get a life hackers, or at least lose the moral hypocrisy.

  • Rapista

    It was xbox who did this think about it a xbox has less sales than ps3s because most likly psn is free and xbox costs cash so xbox did this to make there network look better but if is happened to xbox live yould be losing your payed time!

  • Reece

    Psn lie to us about these things maybe they should look in peoples accounts an see what they hav done like hacking games. an ban the people who do it but not only do we get free online thats a good deal i dunno why people do this and then. we cant go online because a few others are so bad at a game. and think there cool they would destory a game for everyone else?

  • mwbaseball93

    hes right its not sonys fault they got hacked

  • guest

    you ONLY payed $180 for an xbox? stop exaggerating. how about you go and make sure 70 million accounts and their credit card infos are safe then come back and give us an update on how it's going ea 5 mins?

  • mike

    its time to string these hackers up in the street. make a few good examples of the famous ones and all the little piss ants will fall off the face of the earth. alls this proves is that a bunch of pussies with too much time on theier hands are hiding behind thier computers and NOT getting laid. congrats hackers…your even bigger douches than everyone thought.

  • Jacob

    It wasn't Anon.. They even said themselves it wasn't them that shut the PSN down.

  • david

    I have emailed sony five times, i was promised a manager would call me? Still waiting. I have asked them in each email has my account and credit card details been compromised? They have blanked my question in every email i have sent. Customer service my arse there is alot more to this if they cant tell you anything

  • Amy

    Oh stop complaining and let them sort it out.
    You are sad sad people if you cannot manage with PSN for a few days.
    Oh poor you.

  • sam


  • Billy Rodriguez

    wow sony company got me so mad rite now i dk wat to do with out online i hope they fixed it fast cause i losin mi=y mind

  • Ginger Jesus

    This is complete bs im sick of this crap, balls to the PS4 when it comes out the next machine i'll be getting will be the next nintendo or microsoft console. Sony could of used the money they wasted on that stupid home thing to improve the online. As for you get what you pay for ive spent over £1000 on the console and games for it I think ive paid for the online not to be shitty!

    I have a life but when I want to play online I should be able to play on mothefukin line.


  • parkerfresh

    Wahahahahaha @ swarm! What a fanboy baby :) you dont speak on behalf of all ps3 owners because i dont agree with any of that bollocks

    If you think a billion dollar giant would risk their name then youre fucked in your gay little fanboy head… go outside and get some air :)

  • otmane

    For me it's not a problem… It would if it happened every month
    Nobody can prevent à system failure or attack 100%, I love Playstation from the day 1 and it's not a couple of days or even weeks of network failure that will change that ;)

  • taz

    i agree

  • redleg6

    Actually I have to agree. I use my credit card to buy add-ons and media, as well as new games. I'd rather suffer the wait than have some jackass punk steal my credit card number. Not that they'd get much.

  • sam

    learn to spell when psn is down

  • mwbaseball93

    well frick you xbox sucks

  • paula

    i think it's fine… yes im disapointed i cant play mw2 but people don't have anything in some countries and we do so please stop moaning! it's not fair

  • bluedragon

    get out of here fanboy
    do you know what you talking about.
    ps3 epic fail

    so what if bluray won. end of day ps3 is bluray player nothing else.
    i paid much than xbox for superior console but all multi plat games look so much better on xbox.

  • Guest

    Next time, don't put your Playstation in your mouth.

  • Mark

    I have Xbox and PSN and this service just goes to show that theres a reason you pay for Xbox Live

  • ha

    time to break out the old ps2.

  • Malan

    Network needs to be shut down. I'm all for it; Especially if fixes issues I've had. I play Blackops and have nothing but trouble this week with lag and connection interruption. I normally have 2/1 kill/death. This week I had to play my ass off to stay at 1.50. Everytime I turned someone was getting first shot on me. Got to the point I just couldn't reflex fast enough; even against noobs! Maybe this hack was the reason and it gets fixed. It really was pissing me off!!!

  • zander41

    Yeah its a pain the servers down, yeah its a pain hackers managed to get through sony's security but come on fellow gamers, would we prefer Sony kept it open to abuse meaning our details were open to attack or worse theft and identity theft?!? I'm sure its annoying Sony as much as us so let them get on with it and get off their case

  • crakhaze

    sony sony sony first you damage my ps3, i buy a new one, and now thisssssss? i know you mad about me being your number one and best player online, but why you gonna go and shut down the whole system just because no one could beat me, you guys should glad, not mad sony is saving your ass from getting headshot headshot lol but maybe now you guys have time to do something else, get your vision back. crkhaze

  • Joe

    PSN may be free but I think the people who are paying for PS+ Should get a refund, or free PS+ for an extra month or something…

  • wez

    get over it you p ussys, enjoy the wheather while you can. stop wa nking in your rooms playin playstation all day. hahaaaha gimps.

    xbox is shi t. im sure you can all chill for a few days

  • craftycarper79

    FIFA 11 rules and take you on Turk :-) . Anyway if your bank account was hacked would you want it left live or closed down. Enough said. We all have private info on there and it’s in our interests it switched off. Try manager mode :-)

  • therealcornholio

    swarm you are stupid go hump your blu ray drive

  • Guest

    This was taken from the PSN website.

    "An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. In order to conduct a thorough investigation and to verify the smooth and secure operation of our network services going forward, we turned off PlayStation Network & Qriocity services on the evening of Wednesday, April 20th. Providing quality entertainment services to our customers and partners is our utmost priority. We are doing all we can to resolve this situation quickly, and we once again thank you for your patience. We will continue to update you promptly as we have additional information to share.

    Follow us on Twitter @PlayStationEU for live updates.

    Thank you for your patience."
    Love the big fancy words that nobody understands? Me neither.

  • Markyr27

    If it’s not on buy midnight it’s going on eBay I’m afraid .

  • guest

    this is crap. i cant stand this. all my life i have played on ps3.3 days sony have been offline. i rang up sony uk and they said (april 21st) it will be on in a few hours. i hate XBOX because its a tarty piece of trash. PS3 for life!
    PS: i have not lost faith. however, i think XBOX is in front of this….

  • mwbaseball93

    its not sonys fault

  • WhosDaMan
  • guest

    this is crap. i cant stand this. all my life i have played on ps3.3 days sony have been offline. i rang up sony uk and they said (april 21st) it will be on in a few hours. i hate XBOX because its a tarty piece of trash. PS3 for life!

  • john

    maybe your just crap

  • Maximusb

    I think James Gallagher summed up sonys attitude towards it’s customers in his last update on the playstation blog. He said “An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services”

    Can I remind James that the psn was paid for by the loyalty of it’s customers. Without their support and loyalty it would collapse up it’s own arse. Sony takes for granted the fact that it’s customers have a choice about what they spend their money on, and with this kind of disregard for their needs they will find themselves wandering around the psn on their own.

    Try giving us some real info about the problem, we know it’s not working, just tell us how long you expect it will take to repair. Your original estimate has long passed and we are all sat here scratching our butts waiting like fools for you to have the good grace to find the time to throw us a bone.

    I bet nintendo and Microsoft are laughing their heads of right now waiting for the customers to come flooding their way.

    U have lost UR way sony. We pay UR bills, remember that or you will fail.

  • Khan C.

    What are you basing this on? You have no idea what happened to the psn, nor do any of us. I don't know if it's Sony's fault or if they got hacked, and neither do you. There is no reason to believe that any credit card information is at risk, so you saying they are doing us a favor makes no sense. All we know is what Sony has told us, which is basically nothing. I'm sure they're are doing everything they can to fix it, since every minute of downtime is money that people aren't spending in the PS store and such, but it's a huge stretch to say they are doing us a favor. Also, people would be a little less irate if Sony did a better job of communicating.

  • Sinseer

    yes on 5 DVDs, and at least down the line when PS4 comes out we can still dust off the PS3 and go online with classic games for free – not paying £40 for another years membership.

  • guest

    just dont wanna have to pay for the shit you know

  • Michael

    Don't be an idiot. Or, if you want to continue being an idiot, try to find an iota of proof to support your claim.

  • Vincent

    I agree, lt their work this out. If you want to go to x-box by all means don't let the door hit you where the good lord spit you. he X-Box screwed me over when my 3rd one went to the red ring of death and my warrenty was over and they basicly said I was screwed even though they knew they had a very large problem with their piece of crap and after all the money I spent just to play online NOOO thank you.
    I do agree they should keep us up to date more.

  • Jono

    Yeah ok so I fancied a blast on the PS3. PSN network down 2 days on the trot. So, second day on the trot, I'm off for a bike ride in this beautiful weather! Absolutely glorious sunshine over here in England!

  • Max

    sony is better than xbox but this isnt sonys fault. Its the idiots out there who are little shits. There isnt enough information and the information can be false. however it will probaly get fixed soon.

  • dazbot

    damn straight , go outside and get some sun , cod sucks anyway as long as it's fixed soon who cares !!

  • Disapointed14

    I don't know why we are stressing over Playstation when we really should be talking about how illiterate most of these comments are. I mean, read threw about 5 comments, and see what i mean. Half these mother fuckers can't even spell. This is sad! Good luck Sony, in resolving the problem. I'm going to play golf today for an outdoor activity, and would suggest others to find something else to do.

  • Paddy

    You do realise all you posters that are illegibly converting to an Xbox in the near future, that that platform has been cracked by various 3rd parties for almost a decade now and there are constant 3rd party firmware releases to access many of the multiplayer titles and forceably change the integrity of LIVE gaming, so you'll be PAYING to play in amongst a community filled with an abundance of 'dishonest gamers'.

    Only recently has the PS3 been subjected to such attacks comprimising it's integrity but the previous attack was swiftly dealt with and resolved such issues. In this instance it's taking longer than they & we the consumer expected but I would rather they take the time to resolve the issue to stamp out the ability to breach the platform's security again.

    Once back up, you'll be safe in the knowledge that when you sign in and join the lobby of your favourite game, you'll be playing against fair and honest gamers such as yourself or feel free to spunk your money on an XBox live subscription.

  • Michael

    Would you rather they turn on the network prematurely and risk having your credit card details stolen?

  • Guest

    Yes because having 3 days of network loss is soo worth paying an extra £60+ annually when your machine probably won't last that long.

  • Jsm

    Its working in australia im on now just started working :)

  • you know who

    when will psn be working again?

  • Luis Moreno

    PS3 has held it down since day one. The Network is down for a long weekend so what?! There's other things you can do for a weekend aside from gaming. Nothing is perfect but Sony does its best to please everyone.. Instead of blabbering about their competitor: Xbox… Give them their support and appreciation for a great system and feedback.. +1 Sony

  • callum

    for 3 days ive had nothing to do ive comepleted medal of honor again and gta4 is starting to get really boring when the hell is psn coming back up

  • mike

    They could have a least told us it was on thier end,, i deleted all my saved games cause i was geting a tons of error codes.

  • bluedragon

    sony if cant handle hacker problem . why the you did enter war with hackers.

  • zuli

    it’s nice outside enjoy the sun go out meet real people PSN will be back soon

    Don’t Underestimate the Power of PlayStation

  • Khan C

    I agree with part of what you say. The communication could certainly be improved. And I especially agree with your comments about the "it's a free service so don't whine" meme. That's just nonsense. The free psn access is one of the selling points of the ps3, so I don't think it's unreasonable that customers should want an explanation if it doesn't work. However, a few days of service outage isn't a reasonable excuse to say you'll never buy a ps4 or whatever, that's an enormous overreaction. And that fee for Xbox Live Gold is yearly, not monthly.

    Xbox live has had service outagges too, and by and large, the psn has been quite reliable.

  • ps3fan

    lol ps3 is still the best

  • Reece

    look i can live without online for a few days 2 or so. but we have no infomation on this and no 1 knows if are acc details have been found by hackers i think when they find out who keeps hacking they should send a ticket for like 500 pound or so for destoryin people days who just want a simple game online! god no one should turn to xbox eveyone has to wait for more information! god

  • jd

    Yes, poor provocative multi-national corporation, how dare anyone point out their obvious failures! How is it “not a PS3 problem”? You’re (note the spelling) a joke

  • simon cowell

    people have hacked it cos sony wouldnt let them mod ther own consoles with linux and such,and the copying issues on games you already own, if xbox network was free id probably buy one, sony wake up and smell the coffee microsoft will kick ure ass if you play greedy, good job network is free tho.. hackers are giving fuel to microsoft gates death star production….

  • conpleatbarsted

    thay say that the network has info like cc numbers name address i never pay by cc always a token as thay can not get your info playstation is very sorry about this and is doing it best and as for free it not if you r in the uk we pay for bbc1 bbc2 thats it as for the psn it like itv tv people pay to put films on itand on the psn been told will be late sunday night on the ps im conpleatbarsted black op is one of my games give me a shout please wate see whot comes up from my m8 who is at work know.

  • brandon


  • guest

    get over it

  • Khan Chang

    Ugh and now I can't even get Netflix streaming to work either since they shut down the network. I'm trying to watch season 8 of 24, Jack Bauer needs my support! :D

  • chrissy

    Hello There. I Know Sony are doin there best but i am bored i have nothing ta do and i want to go online. Sony plz turn it back on…

  • Rich

    Its okay to clean and secure there network,but it wouldnt take much to keep the public informed …. not very good Publicity for Sony in so many different ways.

  • guest0101

    people stop saying it is microsoft who would risk their own company to take down sony for a COUPLE OF DAYS.
    anonymous have absoulty no reason to do it and thay said themselves it wasnt them. i belive them as the last breach they admit it and they actually dont want to affect the users badly. if they do 1. they will be hated 2. they will be screwed. they actually dont want to do much harm. i think anonymous have rivals who are playing with them

    this is either a hack or a server crash. i had killzone 3 multiplayer planned for weekend now i am doing infamous (again) and killzone 3 elite difficulty. one upside i love to see people go mental so the kn*bs they are go of it and i read they are "sue sony" cause they cant play crappy black ops online. 1. play some singleplayer they are immense i reccomend KZ3 or uncharted amazing games 2. splitscreen has bots (just like combat training (i only play black ops for anything but multiplayer)

  • Simon

    Free! I wish the service was free! I bought a playstation for DC Universe Online, and it is not free. I pay 24.99 for a 3 month pass to play the game. The only way I can play is online, there is no offline content. So, no, it is most certainly not a free service to some, and I can say without a doubt that it is a worse service than the xbox 360, as I have both. I have used both for years, never once has the xbox failed me, but in the past few months owning a playstation it has failed me many times. I hear you say, “well &£@£ off back to the xbox then” I say, sure! At least I know it won’t let me down. Can the same be said for playstaton?

  • Don

    Me too. There goes 3 months of black ops.. bastards

  • Dave

    Why does everyone keep saying 'its a free service why are you complaining', we payed a lot more for a PS3 than an xbox and the free PSN is a product attribute just like a controller so therefore everyone has a right to complain, its like having a mobile phone that can text but not phone anyone. Sony have once again taken its customers for granted, their customer service throughout this shambles has been terrible, at least give us regular updates on the situation and estimated time that it will be fixed.

    In terms of the hackers yes I understand turning it off but surely a company that is so rich and technologically advanced would be able to out fox a few angry 17 year old geeks!

  • brandon

    mw2 is way betta BINK the ppl who made crash badicout helped wid blak ops its 4 noobs

  • ps3 herrmm brandon

    i bet xbox freaks were just sad coz they have a console for little noobs and they no ps3 is the way forword so they tryed 2 hack ps3 coz they cant stand the pain of having to pay 4 live !!

  • poo


  • GRUM112

    yep spot on tim, my kids have had to go outside in the lovely weather instead of ps3, what a shame!

  • Henry Hunter

    okay this is sad, yes i know sony have screwed up but, just think this is the longest psn has ever been down and xbox may have been down even longer before i dont know.Also why dont you people complaining get a life and go outside the weather in the UK is amazing so why not do something other then playing video games :@

  • nemo1313

    nothing is 100% everthing can be hacked and yes its annoying that sony are not giving enough answer. but if my account got hacked and i had to make another and lose all my online saves. i be pissed. so chill and just wait because it can't rain forever.

  • nick

    maybe they'll just milk it and ease into getting us to pay so this kind of thing doesnt happen again these hackers cant be that smart that it takes 3 days with this many people online everyday they must have a lot of people working on it enough that when all of them focus on the same thing they get it done quick but psn now seems rather defenseless and probably needs to lock down their security as well as prepare for a mass login

  • Guest

    what server you playing in DC btw?
    PSN: Zaib91

  • Ollie-PSN

    The weather in surrey is great. I went out played some football and then came the thunder and lightning. Just typical. By the way these activities dont last all day cos i usually do this shit during the day then like to play some online in the evening and the morning.

  • jon

    so you know what itr feels like to need crack then haha

  • Rory

    I say let them get on with it, what if it has something to do with PS Store? do you want people getting your credit card details? Even if this isn't the problem just let them deal with it, theres bound to be a slow down in sorting this out as its easter weekend.

    It might even have something to do with DC Universe and account hackers (with happens to EVERY online MMORPG at some time…)

    Not saying these are the reasons why PSN's down, just let them fix it. Find something else to do in the meantime, its not going to kill people not to go online for a few days, what did you do before online game?

  • brandon


  • Omega7ven

    Too bad hackers just can't get a life and stop with the BS. Everyone blames the company but no one says anything much about the people caused the outage.

  • Rory

    I say let them get on with it, what if it has something to do with PS Store? do you want people getting your credit card details? Even if this isn't the problem just let them deal with it, theres bound to be a slow down in sorting this out as its easter weekend.

  • the_silverfox

    this whole incident is ridiculous so far i've remained silent but it really is a big joke that initially we were told 1-2 days then we are told late last night we would receive updates over the weekend, but today all we've had is some vague information about an outside breach. I just feel its not good enough yes there are other things to do but we are human and when something is taken away we miss it more even if they can't fix the problem immediately give us an accurate time scale of how long it will take till the service is restored and the exact cause so were not sitting in the dark twiddling our thumbs or wasting time wondering. Because imo its not knowing whats going on thats the wost part as opposed to the servers being down. Also if were playing the blame game both Sony and the hackers are responsible. The hackers are just sad and immature for ruining everyone elses fun over a personal grudge, but its like they say there is no victimless crime and thousands have been affected by a fews selfishness. But Sony are equally responsible for not adequately preparing for the event of an attack and also not providing enough informationabout the situation. whilst we may not need hourly blow by blow updates a good idea of the situation would be alot better than how things currently stand.

  • Purple_stormz

    Wow the network is down talk about end of the world…. and??? so we can't go online fine do something else for a while it wont kill you quit the moaning as for saying oh lets go get a xbox how lame, this is the first time since it came out that we've had this problem it's still free and my ps3 is still 10 times better then the crap xbox i happily got rid of.
    and the people that are crying typing they plan on buying xbox's good go do so i'm sure sony wont lose sleep over people like you.

  • ps3fan

    i will kick the ass out of those loosers who hacked the system

  • Jon

    Luckily gran turismo 5 is just as good offline :D

  • gues

    sony is multinational corporation. This should have never happened – You would have thought theyd have enough money to employ some competent engineers/ security technicians that could outsmart some 14 year old hackers from anonymous. Where is all the profit from the playstation going? Its clearly not being reinvested where it needs to be.

  • ps3fan

    suppose i will have to download some gay porn

  • T-bone

    git er done

  • laura

    i wanna play, this is bs! xbox is way better right now!

  • Punktfide

    I have never seen seen so much whining, it's a well working free service that compliments the best all-round system on the market. Sony just did everyone a favour by not providing full backdoor access to the "hacks" into all our personal home networks and our identity information. As for the whiner's who cry about their sad little 60 bucks and how it feeds the rich and how they wanna switch to xbox, go ahead, fill Bill Gates' fat, deep pockets with more money for his little monoply, that way when he comes out with xbox 2.0 he can slide his finger in your backdoor and charge you triple the price for his new system, new games, and parasitic network which you'll pay twice for, system access and your bandwidth bill every month.

  • Sniper_Wolf786

    Good one haha!

  • marc buchan

    Posted by DFCBUCKY.
    This is the worse thing that can happen, you do not pay for playstation network which is good but all my friend are thinking about going onto xbox because there was not message altering us of the error of maintances,they should give all users some credit on their accounts. So if your read this get back to me with an email and let me know when it is back on.

  • Trey Davis

    i just wanna play COD again ahhhh!!! im on 4th prestige cmon sony cant you see were dieing

  • ohemgee

    but know? you mean,but now? and faviroute is spelt favorite (in US) and favourite (in Canada). Learn to spell like that guy ^ said.

  • ohemgee

    truth ^

  • Guest

    I agree with you James. They could at least say they are still working on it or give PS3 owners some kind of indication they give a rat's ass about their customers.

  • guest

    its only a couple of days just play offline games until its fixed. its not the end of the world


    Who cares just get it up an running. I'am going to go insane without jamming MW2, COD4 or B'opz online. As for the clever dick who hacked the network. Why don't you put your talents into hacking the truth out of the U.S.A about how they are taking the world on a oil ride an let us game freaks play in peace..

  • bluedragon

    if you dont know how weak psn . best thing is not to talk about.

    this attack dos attack. which makes servers no answer. its not about ur credit card
    however information for credit details on psn already been web. sony pacth them but no system is 100 percent secure

  • dazzer?EA

    i own both consoles and work for a games company and have spent many hours running tests on both playstation 3 and both xbox 360 slim and fat versions .once all the tests were done there was not much in it between the two. to say one console was inferior is just being fan boyish .most of the the test carried out in the processing of graphics and taking into consideration of the hd output ,xbox outperformed the ps3. just think of all them cross platform games you have brought that were all primary programmed for xbox first then ported for ps3 , this is fact and i would say about 90% of games are channeled for xbox brfore porting to ps3, including fifa which i worked on the 2010 version ,and all our tests confirm the xbox version runs at a 20% higher frame rate than the ps3 . dont get me wrong i own all consoles and in my 25 years in the buisness i am still a fan of games which ever platform they are on .stop listening to fan boys in the playground and enjoy the console you have without putting others down with no facts to back it up

  • Sniper_Wolf

    Xbox montly membership is not £40 just for the record I agree with your views on how there should of been more communication to us consumers but thats that. Now mate if your looking to get a xbox think again I work at a electronics retailer and we have the new black 4gb and 250gb xbox 360's which are supposed to be more reliable hahaha what a joke we have already had two xboxes fail on us by moving it slighty when a disk in spinning inside so it ruined the disk and console and just the other day I had a customer return on a xbox 360 250gb bought at christmas time and the screen flickers like hell once u start playing and when it gets warm guess what the GPU (Graphics processing unit) was gone so xbox is a piece of crap I have a ps3 slim 120gb which survived my house fire where the upstairs was totally destroyed so ps3 is the best thing I ever bought !

  • Ethan Human

    no he said 180 pounds not dollars, its about $300 which is spot on

  • briibearr

    Wow. they should AT LEAST give us some information about how long it will be. so we know. but you cant be pissed over something that happens!!!! and you can complain because its free.!

  • rsv4

    ohh great idea ill have to get some steaks out

  • bluedragon



  • MARK G

    its not £40 a month 4 xbox live it £33.99 4 A YEAR and as someone already said the playstation console is alot more expensive and also the games and lets not 4get xbox is run by mircosoft and miircosoft is the daddy of the world wide web so that speaks 4 its self! and this is coming from the guy who recently sold his xbox to get a ps3 MUG.

  • TheSpaxNextDoor

    To be honest i don’t have a clue why people are so annoyed, the weather is the best it has been all year and all people seem to be bothered about is PSN. If you’re that desperate to play than really you should go kill yourself, because there is more to life than PSN and xboxs.

  • bluedragon


  • Badass

    We all need to hang in there they will sort it

  • Guest

    psn has been hacked and they are switching the network off until they know it is safe and investigate how it happened and who is behind it.

    At the moment rumours are to do with hackers group Anonymous and George Hotz after having the hump over Sony taking George Hotz to court after he managed to jailbreak the PS3.

  • Moley

    My sons PS3 wont play any games at all, do you think theyre might be a link to this problem?

  • crazy_jay_21

    iv been playing red dead cuz i cnt play black ops wen not online wid my m8 n play ctf

  • pablo

    i think sony provide a great service but buying a xbox because the psn has had a few days off dont do it i would rather wait another week than give my money to microsoft to buy a chav box . sony just press release every day tell your customer base wtf is going on

  • sam

    maybe he ate the controller in frustration, couldn't do that with xbox there controllers r like rocks

  • Ollie,fcu

    sony should warm if they are going to have maintenance because then we are prepared for the outage and they must, give us updates

  • g bro

    ive had enough been and bought an xbox 360.i know its a sin but what can you do

  • Neauvienne

    Only plus side i have is I've finally finished Campaign on Black Ops and Homefront – now working on Crysis 2. (you only play for a few minutes in each then jump into Multiplayer right??)

  • Tyler

    I see a few amount of people saying, "Im switching to XBOX" well, you are idiots. this is one of the first times Playstation has actually been down for a good amount of time. Not to mention all of the hacked games on XBOX. Playstation has one major down and everyone decides to cry about it. go outside, meet girls(THERE REAL!), and hangout with friends until the FREE Playstation Network is back up!

  • Gavlar

    u guys need a life man so the psn is dwn go out with friends n have fun instead of wasting ur life away in front of consoles all ur life what would u do if these things wasnt inveneted? yes i like playing online but most of all doing something with my life. come on guys get a grip yeah just go bowling, the cinemas, 2 a pub ANYTHING 4 god sake stop wasing ur life away think about it yeah ur parents had great childhoods without this stuff so WHY cant we huh??

  • jonboy

    chill owt people its down for a couple of days a sure you can live with that have a barbeque or sumthink :)

  • Michael

    Sony are losing money out of this too you know, so that's not that viable or fair. I'd be glad if they just made a proper apology and ensure it doesn't happen again tbh.

  • Shane

    To be Honest all of You Dont Know What You Are Saying Sony Are Actually Doing As A Favour And Is Right To Shut Donw The Server If An Hacker Is On it I Mean What if he Got Your Bank detials And I Bet If Sony Didnt Shut The server down and The Hacker Got Your Bank Detials You Would Have Enough To Say You Would Be saying You Should Have Shut The Server The Down Crying Liek a Big Girl So i Suggest All Of You Gamer Freaks Man Up And Get A Grip of You Dont See Me Moaning And Groaning Just wait For God sake Sony Maybe Putting Extra On to The PlaystatioN netwrok And Making It Better So Just be Patient And Now I realise what the world is coming to its only a little crisis and your all going mad for god sake its a games console the world Not going to end And By The Way Sony WELL DONE FOR SHUTING THE SERVRE DOWN IT SHOWS WHO THE GAME FREAKS ARE AND SHOW HOW MUCH OF A LIFE THEY ALL GOT

  • Picano

    The people who say ' If we pay like Xbox, Sony will up the security ' Sounds good from their, but guess what if sony did charge Who would play Ps3? When the whole point of people buying a ps3 to go online for free. If sony do that they better prepare for many people to move to Xbox, I mean why not?

  • Freekill

    Sony confirmed it was an attack form an outside party, get with the times

  • ReQ

    1-2days is 24-48hours. Not 24-28…

  • Picano

    It's not just a 'hacker' It's not PSN that's been affected it's many other sites such as Amazon that they have targeted they didn't go for Sony in general they went for the same operating system. Plus my sisters boyfriend works for Sony in china, and he tweeted to me that Everything should be fine by 12pm Tomorrow.

  • WHOA!

    but even anon is saying they're aren't behind it so….unless they're lying which wouldn't suprise me…

  • Jeff

    DAMN RIGHT, everyone who is complaining need to get a life and find other things to do with their times regardless if the psn is up or down

  • Fanboys Are Idiots

    Dumb-ass….I have a PC, PS3 and XBox360….the PS3 is NOT superior in virtually every way. You obviously don't have a clue. The Free vs Pay argument is idiotic as well. Each console has its positives and negatives. P.S. Kinect is multitudes better than Move…do doctors use Move for surgeries? No…

  • TheLadiesman593

    This is really retarded, i went to vegas for a week and i was hoping that i could come home and play online…………….. but noooo the PSN has to go down!

  • john

    you dont know what to do without online? go for a walk you probably have not been outside for quite awhile

  • Michael

    Why are you here so?

  • TheLadiesman593

    I agree with you i thought it would be on this morning. When i went to go check, I was very dissapointed. I wish they can at least give us a bit of info on how long it will take for the fix.

  • Michael

    Erm, 'big fancy words'? I can't see them…

  • is-sad

    ps3 to me still got the best games by far, but get this fixed soon sony plz.

  • nick

    any one debating which console is better think about whats wrong with both of them xbox you pay for online and after 5 months your system has red rings and your screwed ( happened to me twice) then you go get PS and the onlline is free but the servers could be better and and they have dumb shit like this happen. it comes down to what you have at the time, if you have both your good to go otherwise every once in a while both consoles have their issues. but long story short PS hire more people get your shit together and tell me whats happening with the situation right now

  • IIReapzz

    Its not their fault guys, wait a day or 2 and iw ill be fixed…

  • Anbu PROWL3R X

    I totally agree, but not about sitching to Xbox. I ave PSN and XBOX LIVE and PSN has the same qualility service besides having to pay for online with XBOX LIVE. But if someone is doing this then Sony can't be blamed unless tgey really aren't trying. I'm not dissing Xbox, it is great, but if ou are a loyal sony user, you should have more faith and patience. This happens on Xbox too.

  • Michael

    You don't own your PS3, in essence Sony does. You signed a user license agreement with them allowing you to use the system so long as you play by their rules. This is fair as they invented the console and therefore should be allowed to make a profit by selling it. Modding, etc. impinges upon the commercial success of the machine and so it makes sense that this should be outlawed. Microsoft have the same set of rules for xbox customers, but it just so happens that their poorly designed machine was easy to manipulate and therefore not subject to the same 'reprisal' attacks by hackers that Sony has encountered lately.

  • Anbu PROWL3R X

    I REALLY, REALLY hope you are right. I just got done being grounded so I just want to play Crysis 2 online.

  • Anbu PROWL3R X

    Why are you being such a jerk? This is for people to communicate and crap. And how are people going to barbecue in the ***ing rain on short notice? NOT LIKELY.

  • oscar1393

    everyone is moaning about sony shutting down thier servers but is anyone thanking them for it at the end of the if hackers managed to get inside psn then they would not only have access to all your gaming info but possibly your credit card details too so maybe just maybe theyve done us all a favor and saved all the moaning girlies alot of time and money

  • Ryda_2

    stop saying "its free so dont complain!"

    yeah yeah so its free – but my fukn credit card information is locked in that playstation store – so they do OWE it to me to make the service run properly. whether i pay for it or not.

    and if mcdonald's handed out free hamburgers and gave everyone salmonella you you dipshiits would not be on here saying "dont complain about the salmonella – the burgers were free."

  • Anbu PROWL3R X

    If you are just not getting anything sony because hackers are ruining the system(which they do on Xbox too) you are either one of 3 things:
    XBOX worker
    Someone with issues

    You can take your pick.

  • Andy

    Why dont you all just go out and play in the fresh air and use this as a break ffs…. its just online gaming not the end of the world! ! ! ! ! Tim was right have a BBQ i did had friend's round socialized enjoyed myself in the sun more to life then online its free any way stop crying about it it's back up when its up moaning aint gonna get it up faster is it.

    Peace ! :)

  • Anbu PROWL3R X

    I have Ps3 and XBOX 360. XBOX doesn't suck but isn't better. Microsoft wouldn't do this because this would be a huge chance to get sued by Sony and playstation users.

  • Just Saying

    Go forth into the sun and enjoy it.

  • Anbu PROWL3R X

    IT ISN'T BEAUTIFUL BY ME!! I GOT NOTHING TO DO!!! (not trying to be mean but it is raining where i live)

  • Anbu PROWLER X

    XBOX LIVE shuts down on updates for god's sakes. I have PS3 AN XBOX 360. PS3 is better and cheeper.

  • TBro

    So you believe everything that Anon says then?? You trust internet terrorists and what they say they did or didn't do?? Pathetic

  • Riley196

    Man vs Machine…you guys are going crazy over 2 days of no network..Its coming back..I don’t care what happens I’m with Ps3 til the end.. Won’t let a system mess up my weekend

  • Lauren

    Ano , its pure nawt there fault like and if he has a problem then he better solve it and move to xbox if its that bad !

  • Bri

    totally agree, go out and have a life. so what if its down, like tim said go out and have a bbq invite some real friends over. Like I played during winter a lot but thats cuz I had 4 feet of snow outside and dont ski.

  • elc

    Pretty annoyed I can't go online, especially at this time when I just got Mortal Kombat 9 and there are so many holidays right now. But can't blame Sony for hacker cunts trying to compromise PSN.

    Would like to get at least a reliable eta as to when service will be restored. Though I understand PSN security is most important and I really doubt are allowing PSN to stay offline cause they don't give a shit, as supposed to having a very good reason to keeping it down.

  • Gary

    what about the disables people who cant get out, that dont have any family or any real friends, thats why we love psn because it takes us away from this shit – and we can actually sociolise through PSN, thanks alot Anon.

  • Bri

    Get a life and some real friends, so its down for a few day whatever. Or are you one of those people still living with mom and play all night in the basement.

  • Guest

    typo on the month, should say year.
    As for reasonability, in the first part of my post I did say that the outage is not what has me frustrated. Its the lack of customer service. The updates given have been very vague and given the parameters of the situation eg Easter weekend, week of 3 major releases all with predominant online features, steam integration to psn, I don't think its unreasonable to expect more information than what has been released. If this was a regular week end I would agree its an overreaction.

  • Corby

    I just want to go on mw2 and play with my freinds, instead im doing b spec on gt5, its awful :( please fix it quik sony.

  • Bri

    could have looked up the error codes online, thats what I did then googled psn and there I found that it was down.

  • Peter

    Sony all the way. I love my PS3 and will never defect to the microsoft corporation for my gaming kicks.

    Yeah I’m pissed I can’t play black ops but hey, I’d much rather my personal details are secure. Well done to

    Sony for doing the right thing and shutting down the PSN. F you hackers I you think this has affected my relationship with Sony because it hasn’t. Viva la Playstation. Sony Sony Sony Sony Sony Sony. But yeah, hurry up and sort it ;-)

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Believe me, Sony wants the issues fixed just as bad if not more than you want to play online. The network being down is costing them unimaginable amounts of money. Just be patient, the network will be back up soon. Enjoy the easter weekend with your family, watch a ball game, bbq, play games offline (i went back to playing rdr and working on mlb the show 11) Its been 3 days now and im sure the network will be back up very soon now.

  • redleg6

    The network (and the store) is where the data is stored… this is how, if you have a card, you can make a transaction. Rather than risk getting that area compromised (or possibly more compromised, they won't say) they shut the gate. No one gets in. I hate it, but it's the smart thing to do. Sony already admitted a breach on their own site. They just didn't say how deep. I love playing, but I can wait. I'd rather they do their job – and do it right.

  • Jack

    all u mahafakas are retarded get a life playing games is not all that theres a world out side with bitches,hoes, sluts getting ready every night and day so some dude can get theire brains fuck!

  • jOSH


  • Bones Ray

    So you want free money on your account for as free service? How bout ya pay for something and stop leaching and then you can voice an opinion.

  • Guest

    I'd argue your the stupid one, did you even read my post?

  • paulito

    i would rather just have psn down for 48 hours every 5 years than get red ring of death every other week 0_o

  • Truck

    For anyone who cares this is the notification Sony received for taking legal action against one of Anonymous groupies, posted over two weeks ago!! Take it however you might.
    "Congratulations, Sony. You now have now received the undivided attention of Anonymous. Your recent legal action against our follow hackers, Geohot and Graf_Chokolo, has not only alarmed us, it has been deemed wholly unforgivable."

    "You have now abused the judicial system in an attempt to censor information on how your products work. You have victimised your own customers merely for possessing and sharing information, and continue to target every person who seeks this information. In doing so you have violated the privacy of thousands. This is the information they were willing to teach the world for free. The very same information you wish to suppress for sake of corporate greed and complete control of the users."

    "Now you will experience the wrath of Anonymous."

    Anonymous hacker group

    "Now you will experience the wrath of Anonymous. You saw a hornets nest, and stuck your penises in it. You must face the consequences of your actions, Anonymous style."

    "Knowledge is Free. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not forget. Expect us."

  • Southcoast12

    It's a no win situation for Sony, they don't know how long it will take to fix: If they give people a time frame and things take longer than people moan, if they don't give any timeframe people complain they haven't. It's about managing expectations, would you prefer them to say it would take a couple of days, and then another couple of days if things take longer, or maybe go straight out and say it'll take a couple of weeks to be on the safeside or would you prefer for them just to say they are not sure how long it would take however they are doing all they can to fix the problem? I know I prefer the latter.

    Sony are looking out for both our and their interests, if they switched it back on and then the hack or whatever leads to mass data loss/theft/corruption it affects everyone, which could even lead to longer downtime in the future. At the end of the day they could charge people to use the network but they don't, its a free service (on the whole) which they don't necessarily have to provide therefore people need to accept that it is offline and will be until it is fixed. If you were having to pay for it like those Xbox users then I would understand that people would have more of a right to complain.

  • Spacer359

    this is a real pain in the arse and needs to be resolved soon.

  • Isaiah

    Actually there is reason to believe that our credit card information is at risk. I was awake and signed-on to the PSN when it went down. I received a message just before I got booted that said "The automatic funding of your wallet has failed."

  • devin

    thats exactly what i was telling my friends lol

  • Sam Shastri

    Hey guys, I dont actually blame sony for what is going on but i believe that they should put more importance in resolving the issue and fixing psn, then catch the hackers who did it. I think that after sony fixes the server problem the will release the 3.61 or update something like that. I talked to my dad about this and im pretty sure that all servers have back up servers…why wouldnt they just open the network and connect the service to the back up….When they fix the main server then they should connect the service back to the main one and then everyone would be happy.

  • Another Guest

    I’ll bet that the outage is due one of Sony’s own required PS3 updates.

    I suspect that they now have tens of millions of messed up PS3 trying

    to automatically sign into PSN to validate licenses, makiing what they claim

    is a DDoS attack much worse. It seems that they have a bunch of greedy

    paranoid Sony marketing exec’s pulling the PSN plug as soon as someone

    just claims to have hacked one of their servers or even the PS3 itself (another

    otherOS threat ?).

    IF they are worried about theft of games and videos, why can’t they just shut

    down the PSN Store and access to download servers, but still let internet

    gamers interact and use the software that they already purchased ?

    And GOD forbid that they lose some revenue provided from internet ads,

    targeted marketing, and tracking information exchanged between the PS3,

    Sony and too many undisclosed 3rd party’s,via PSN every time you log in.

    And for Netflix users, they still haven’t explained, and refuse to explain,

    why they must sign into PSN just to launch the Netflix player and watch

    Netflix content. I just hope Netflix is paying kickbacks to Sony.

    I, along with millions of Netflix subscribers, are already pissed by this,

    and past, PSN outages denying access to Netflix. If there are any lawyer’s

    out there, please consider a class action to force Sony to remove the PSN

    login requirement to access Netflix content from the PS3.

  • Freekill

    at the very least they will have an update on the situation

  • PS Loyal

    thank you for saying things that people should actually consider. I don't mind waiting if it means I have assured security on my network with great service, which is what I've experienced in all my years with PS. Yeah it sucks that i cant play online, but its a lot better than phantom purchases and having to cancel my credit card.

  • therealcornholio

    yeh xbox is crap i an elite back in 08 and the peice of shit still works perfectly i can count the amount of times its froze on 1 hand my ps3 crashes daily 120gb slim 1 year old i love it dearly

  • james

    OMG the playstation network is down…… who cares it gives your ps3 a rest, when the network is free why complain and to all you that say your going to xbox well go ahead go spend £200 on the xbox then another £60 a year or what ever it is to play online. if sony sat there and kept writting comments on what has happened how it happened and what they are doing to fix it then the hackers will know everything. think about it… my credit card number was **** but someone stole it so i have told the bank and now my new card number will be **** would you ever put that on facebook??? doubt it. let them deal with what they need to do and when its back on they will let us know what happened and they will say sorry. just get out the house and have fun in a tree ect…. maybe all you gamers will lose some wheight and become more healhy again not saying every gamer is fat lol. just stop hateing sony and grow up guys your all acting like spoilt brats.

  • guest

    this sucks trying to level up on mw2 and PlayStationnetwork goes off

  • guest

    this sucks trying to level up on mw2

  • Mike

    Just go any e-mail back from sony ,they said 1 to 2 more days …. from now.. CRAP e-mail seemed to lean toward monday sone time…

  • bryan

    honestly i think its more along the lines of a few whiny teens with some hacking knowledge or who know people who have said knowledge got banned from the network for modding and cheating… so they veiled the guise of anonymous to shield themselves from harm, personally i hope these little rats are found out like that little prick who destroyed the web for a week with that stupid worm, any disagreements on that?

  • bryan

    lol i know how u feel on the invite people over thing the ironic thing about that is that i actually hooked my computer up so i could CONTACT other people , ive become basically dependent on the network for external communication so i cant even invite people over now

  • bryan

    i agree 100% on the communication issue..with that said..

    id be willing to guess that they didnt expect it to be the issue it is , minor bug reset the system, do a thorough inspection, clean….not exactly what they have going on, its an intelligent force attacking them which means its not just a program in the thing, its some fed up crybaby who lashed out when he got banned for cheating…and now attacks the psn, meaning it will be able to change its attack strat if it needs …. which means sony has to account for this…

  • bryan

    its some crybaby faking as anon to cover his ass simple as that.. he got banned for hacking im sure and now lashes out…look what the message said they did it cause, because ps has a legal warrant saying u wont modify there stuff, and that somehow infringes on peoples rights,. i dont believe anon has ANYTHING to do with this…it is some kid anon seems to work more….big? i donno, this just isnt there usual MO (mode of operation)

    i dont know what i find worse in this situation, the fact a good organization like anon is being black sheeped like this by some punk, or that everyone is pointing fingers at sony like they should be invincible…i mean even achilles had his heel

  • bryan

    it kind of depresses me so many people are instantly willing to believe its anon… i have no affiliation with them but i have watched the fd of things they have done in the past, and i dont know about you, but i personally dont think this fits there usual mo , they generally go for big showings, or an attempt of complete takeover and are quick to say YES IT WAS US, WE THE UNKNOWN…ya da ya da self rightious bullshiz …but they have said , we have no part and want no part in this… a video "by them" is very easy to fake if u wanted to.,.. to be honest this seems to me either like some kid/person got banned from the network for modding and then is trying to make some huge deal of it… i find it kind of sad someone has that little of a life and realyl makes me wonder about our future…

  • Omegaprime02

    And two weeks of Xbox Live downtime isn't a show of bad Customer Service, get your story strait, it helps when your trying to bash something.

  • Forts

    what people don't seem to get is that technologies isn't perfect it doesn't matter from what company it comes from errors can happen if people aren't happy why don't they try and make a better system them selves xbox people aren't happy cause there machines brake to often and ps3 cause the network goes down mmm i wonder , one reason why i like pc companies are not stuck to single networks + easier to do updates :P

  • bluedragon

    hi. do you think current gen consoles are outdated now.

  • SiiK

    I just want to play mw2 =]

  • Freekill

    Sony has now said that they are taking the opportunity to increase their security. I fear, this could go on for a few more days :S

  • brokenarrow09

    liam u by the sounds of it are not a hardcore gamer there are ppl out there like me that are i have payed my £40 for ps+ and we should get some sort of extra news b4 the lame soft core players and i agree with james on this 1 they are taking the piss ive been on the phone to them every day since psn has gone down and every time ive chatted to them i have ben told it will be bk on saturday called up saturday then it will be on sunday called up today it will be bk up by tuesday im getting just a bit sick of ppl standing up for psn when they are doing nothing to help us users out and the lack of details of what going on is a joke psn pull your fuckign fingers out and turn psn bk on u fucking cunts

  • ngtrffgn

    We do pay for this pathetic service, we payed for it when we bought the console, if we had to pay extra to play online or if we knew it would be this poorly maintained we would not have paid for it. It's not free, it's like saying the UK or Canada has FREE healthcare, it's not free, you're paying for it elsewhere, my problem with sony is that they don't even seem to host the games, whole crock of bovine excrement…

  • Mike Litoris

    Woo finally got online!!!!!!!!

  • nichols1979

    there fucking mugs prawn sandwich cocks you got til 2morrow you usless cocks

  • tony

    this is gay ive been waiting to go on psn for ages now and ive only just bought my first ps3

  • nemo1313

    not funny mike litoris

  • Jameo45

    It is thought that somebody that was selling jailbreaked PS3s was being sued by Sony and he approched a group who get payback on companies by hacking them (thegroup was called Anonymous). So they hacked into the Playstation Network and it has bee down ever since, I'm glad that I went from PS3 to Xbox about 2 years ago now.

  • MFrn

    Go outside and play all you fat ass fukerz

  • Ryan

    They got everything sorted ON TIME but these next few days are to upgrade the security so it doesn't happen again. Great free service, better than paying Microshit $7.99 per month for the worse customer support.

  • reko

    this is a joke, joke joke. if the system has been breached how and where. what where the true intentions and has any information been stolen/copied or deleted????. yes psn is free, but sony are storing vast amounts of information on people, which in turn makes then responsable to
    non-paying customers. They should not just shut up shop five days ago with fictional stories to try and cloud the problem. Shut down the system yes but tell people why and whats happening. After this total joke of customer service ( you,ll get to know if we decide to tell you attitude) i,ll be removing all my information from the system and probably shelf the gaming side of the unit for good. This system breaching has seem to be a ongoing problem for sony since the beginning. It seams to me that sony don,t really take security seriously or they where being very nieve in thinking they where gods among men.

  • lollypopldykilla

    tim barbecue? barbeecue?wot r u on hunger strike till psn is up and running join me everyone u shall die bored with the world long b4 your bored of fook this burgers n trifle 4 me mmmmmmm

  • DoS4tehw1n

    ‘I’m a hardcore gamer’? Hardcore loser more like. Are you THAT addicted that you can’t make it through several days of no playstation? Here’s an idea! GO OUTSIDE and get some vitamin D before you get rickets. Or read a book. Or maybe even do something really wild, like getting a hobby or something. Tosser.

  • overdoze

    5 days with out any coment from sony hq!! wtf?? they just dnt give a fuck t players they have alot o money…and i advise t all off you ..this stupid {anonymous fuck faces} they say wi will atack wen ps3 is back online.. go t xbox you pay but is mutch mutch more secure then ps3…… and i hope this stupid hakers get arrested and i hope some one hack is sorry ass in the jail!!!

  • Sam Andrew Bray

    ive been playing xbox for 4 years now and ive not seen one outage. ps3 has been out for a long time now and its had nothing but downfalls and mishaps. im sorry to say but its a over priced dvd player. i like ps3 just as much as the next guy but at the end of the day your paying alot more to get alot less. yes u have to pay to play xbox online. but becoz of this u get a better quality server, u get better online capabilitys e.g party chat witch u can invite as meny of your friends as u like and all talk while playing games . video chat. and even log into your MSN. all my friends play PS3 and have done since its release and ive got nothin but abuse for being the only xbox player. but now they have also come to realise that ever since the start "free online" was too good to be true. yes the server will be back up again. but how long until the next problem. as for anonymus i belive they have no hand in this souly but indvidually i think there may be someone from there. day 5 of psn outrage and no word on the truth. sort it out sony. this could be your last chance. =/

  • Kyle

    No thats a stupid thing buying an xbox just because ps network is down you would be wasting your money buying an xbox plus PS3 IS THE BEST!

  • Jim

    The fact that the PSN network was hacked in the first place shows that this massive company has built a massive worldwide network on a shoestring budget. If I can run a webserver from my home PC that can resist attacks from eastern europe and russia, how come a multi-billion dollar company can't run a gaming network? I'm sure has never been down for this amount of time, and how much money do they make in comparison to Sony? If it had been down for a day or two then fair enough, but 5 days later and they haven't even confirmed whether our credit card & personal details are even safe. It's not about the network now Sony, it's the peace of mind – Suppose these hackers have got our credit card details? Suppose they decide not to use them now, but in say 5 months time, when this has blown over? Who do we get our money back from? Are Sony going to then deny that any credit card details were stolen, because you got swindled 5 months after they got hacked?

  • anthony b

    come on sony please get the network together and find the person who did this

  • sean

    wow lol

  • Rhys

    mine is under maintenance and ps3 is equally as good as Xbox no matter what other people say and half the people who say xbox is better dont even have a ps3 so how the hell do they know!

  • Qq

    We get it 4free y evry1complaining psn dwn at the

    Time beutiful weatha outside enjoy

    Ps. Xbox r shite!!

  • Avano Palitti

    i think that we should just be patiant i think the people who did this were doing everybody a favor considering how addicted everybody is to video games today i dont blame them for taking there time after it was eater they have lives and familys who they go home to not stay at work and pitch a tent and hope to god that they can fix psn before some crazy ass nerds come a a angry mob

  • ron

    hey james sounds like jour just babbling and really dont know enoughf about the gameing indus. or maybe your just a xbox user and just talking trash

  • ron

    for all the people that really like the psn hang in there. Soon everyone will be killin each other soon enough. As for me i'm happy with the network and my system anyhow my gamming thumbs did need a break……….lol…….

  • Thomas

    Guys! The best thing we PS3 users can do is tick together, don’t infight, and ride this one out. Go play some LBP2, you’ve no idea how adictive it is. ;)

  • Needsapoo

    Kate Middleton told Prince William that he can't use his playstation until after the wedding. in a rage, Prince william flew his helicopter to playstation headquarters and dished out a can of whoop ass.knocking out the servers and destroying the "super magic core pressesing diamonds" that power the psn.

    I'm afraid you will all have to be patient whilst the new diamonds,Band aids and pop tarts are deliverd to playstation headquarters .
    B.A.Baracus gave a press confrence last night stating "I pity the fool who causes me to spend my easter without Little Big Planet."

  • Woody Dooling

    i agree that psn being down is such a pain.. but better it be taken offline while it being fixed than our details being used by someone else.
    gotta say still loving my ps3

  • Nemesis

    No matter what I’m with Sony all the way. We don’t pay to get online which shows you they cab be pricks like xbox , pay to play yeah suck nuts. If Sony needs time why is it a big issue . Let them handle this situation that way it doesnt happened again. To my fellow Sony players game on .

  • jasniel m.

    i honestly havent lost faith in the psn cuzi have always been a sony fan from the the ps1 to the ps3 and thats the first time this shit happens but wat ever u know i would shut it down if sumone had access to all the credit card info but i just hope that it gets soon as possible cuz i had just bought a psn card for the new map packs for black ops comes out 5/3/11 called escalation

  • xquizit11

    Well in a way we all cannot bitch about this.Just think if everyone on the network had bought something on playstation store. The hackers would have everyones info, then everyone would really be bitchin about something. Yeah it sucks its down but it could be alot worse. Anyway if it takes another week then let it take a week . If it comes on say tomorrrow and then two days later it gets hacked again lol……………..that would really suck so to the hacker go **** ur self

  • dug

    i already have switched to xbox…i hope the boss of psn and his company just shatter…fucking pieces of shit

  • Dikkybee

    All you knobs have missed the point, none of your information was secure due to Sony not givena fats rats about anything besides the money they are making. If the banks were as lazy as Sony people would be pretty POed due to the fact that anyone can get your credit card details due to them not encrypting or making their system secure. For a company that is as big as Sony this sort of thing is unforgiveable.

  • Bitchslapper

    There friends have them fool.