Royal Wedding Coverage: Times And Live Stream

Friday April 29, 2011 will be a special day not only in the UK, but for dozens of other countries, as it will be the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. The Royal Wedding coverage will be shown on multiple channels, but the best source for times and a live stream has to be the official YouTube channel.

As of writing this post we have just three days and ten hours to go, but you can rest assured that plans are now well underway in the city of London. This is the one time that the UK can truly show how to do something, just hope the Olympics will be as good.

We do not need to offer you advice on which TV channel to watch the coverage, as we know that the likes of CBS in the US and the BBC in the UK has made certain that you will know the time when live coverage starts. However, this does not help those who have to stay at work, which is where YouTube comes in.

Hopefully your boss will not mind you grabbing a glimpse of the big day from the works computer? However, those in the UK will benefit, as it has been made into a state holiday.

Have you got the day off work for the royal wedding? How will you be watching it?

  • Bowmanave

    Wish it was X instead of Seananners, but who am I to complain.
    8 hours of streaming is a lot, hope someone will note down any more or less interesting info Notch might be giving out.

  • Prasad

    The world is awaiting for Royal wedding after so many years a marriage is in the royal family i hope both of them will live happily life along together with some one or two children so let us wish they will be the best couple of the world for the year of 2011.

  • Helen

    I wish them love, happiness and PEACE! and I pray that the Royal family will stand by Kate and support her more than they did Princess Diana but it's doubtful.

  • antbradshaw

    its a massive event for our country, i for one cannot wait!

  • Vance Wiaseman

    The royal family lives off money and lives stolen from the Peasants. Why are we being subjected to all this coverage. They are no better than our American Mafia. They live off the backs of all the peasants their ancestors killed. The Royals killed their own Siblings , married cousins , and starved the Peasants. Why does everyone think they are so great??????????????????????
    Their ancestors killed people for poaching their deer. Their ancestors raped and mudered all through out history. And you place them on a pedestal , like they are good people. When they admit how many peasants were starved and outright mudered in the past to give them their riches maybe I will have some respect for them. Until then I don't want to hear about them. And if you don't allow this to be posted you are no better than them. This is not hate speach this is historical fact !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rachii

      oh hush. everybody loves a good love story, it doesnt matter who it is!

    • Andy

      And Prince William and Kate had what to do with that? Oh that's right…nothing.

    • JHaas

      Amen to that. It's painful to see red blooded Americans fall over themselves for this tripe. I can understand that Europeans still think of themselves as serfs who must show respect and allegiance to those who treated them like animals for centuries, but Americans fought and died to escape from the rule of that useless European aristocracy.

    • bill

      cut out all the crap vance . you are a bitter and twisted old man. if you applied your philosophy to most other situations in the world they would also qualify

    • Hollybg

      Totally agree but I've pissed many people off for expressing this opinion. Apparently we need the Royals for tourism money. Not good enough! What happened to equality?! For example, not being able to speak to the Queen unless she addresses you – bollocks to that!xxxx

    • k lee

      These are all things that happened in the past and they are not personally directly responsible. Show me a family that doesnt have skeletons in the closet! Im no royalist but the royal family DO bring millions of pounds into the ecomony, through tourism etc, which actually outweighs thier cost to the tax payer, that is also a fact.

    • =)!

      if you don't like them, it's your problem! let the rest of us be happy for the newly weds

    • rhoda de jesus

      woooh! that's bitter hard reality.

  • June

    Good luck to William & Kate, for a long and very happy marriage
    Diane would have been so proud

  • nancy

    Vance, you need to get over it ! We are talking about now, not then and it's a huge part of our History. By the way, where are you from? Name doesn't sound remotely English??

  • card

    This is to Vance Wiaseman. You have it right when you said their ancestors, but they should not be held responsible for what people did before them. I am not in charge nor am I responsible for what any of my ancestors did nor are you. They do not owe anyone an apology nor do they have to find out what was done and bring it up. There was alot of stuff in history that was not right but I did not do it nor should I be held accountable for it.

    • Penny

      Good to hear from some-one with a bit of common sense well put.

  • Jeffrey

    They will be divorced in 10 years

    • karimot

      stop wishing them bad,u re not GOD.

  • Michelle

    I live in Chicago – I don't want to get up any earlier than I need to. What time (CT) in the actual wedding? If I sleep in, can I see it replayed – in it's entirety.

  • Nik

    do you want to see it in its entirety? get a life

  • Khulan

    Best wishes for happy couple!

    • Michael

      Nik if Michelle wants to see in in it entirty, its up to her. it is you who hould get a life!!

  • gayatri

    Be Happy for the couple Mr Vince
    Wishing them a happy married life
    atleast dont create make any speculations on their day of marriage Mr Joseph

  • Yoser

    Ah, a grand old German wedding. And it’s Hitlers wedding anniversary today too. How appropriate.

  • Shaun

    I’m no historian but, assuming Vance’s viewpoint, I need to hate:
    All Germans coz Hitler killed millions of Jews
    All white South Africans coz they forced apartheid on the majority
    All Americans coz they stuffed up the lives of the American Indians
    All Hutus coz of the genocide on the Tsutsis
    and anybody else who at any stage in history caused hardship on any other group……

    Get off your self-righteous high horse Vance…….this is the year 2011……how about some forgiveness for those who performed the most ghastly acts imagineable (most if not all of them dead now) and some tolerance and acceptance for the views and opinions of others.

    I for one wish the Royal couple a long and happy life together, and I hope Vance grows a prickly pear up his butt and his arms grow too short to pull it out….!!!!

  • Nikunj

    I Wish Both of them a Very happy and peaceful life ahead. may god fulfills all dreams of CuteCouple

  • Bryancrissi Johnson

    Ok The news here keeps interupting with the same stories over and over…urg…does anyone know of a site that is broadcasting full coverage?

  • karimot

    i wish them a happy marriage in JESUS name.

  • Rhonda

    The past is just that, live for today. I'm happy to see this couple wed. There are so many bad things in the world, we could all use a happy couple to see now. The wedding brought alot of money to England and the families spent alot, let's all calm down and enjoy this day. God Bless this happy couple, CHEERS!!