PlayStation Network Three Assurances In Status Update

Even though PSN is still down, Sony has managed to offer us three assurances regarding the status update for the PlayStation Network. The first of these steps that we need to discuss is the letter that CEO Howard Stringer wrote, which we discussed in detail in a previous post. The main thing that Stringer wanted to do was to reach out to PSN users and assure them that they are doing all they can, as well as the fact that the service could be up within days – we have heard that one before.

The second is an important step for the PlayStation Network to be restored. According to an article on The PlayStation Blog Sony are now in the final stages of restoring PSN, and are now undergoing internal tests. It is believed that the service could be up any day now. They just need to make certain that our data will remain safe once PSN is brought online.

The final step that we thought you would be interested to know is that Sony is to offer a free year of identity protection. They have made a deal with Debix, Inc. to provide this service. You will need to sign up for this, which we advise you to do right away. Sony knows that their customers are not happy with the PlayStation Network Status, so they hope that these three steps, along with the other benefits we reported last week will keep us happy.

Can Sony really do anymore to please PSN users, apart from bringing the service back online?

  • sharon peters

    ya add cross chat while its down

    • bori

      I second that and being able to play music while in game

      • guitarguy

        They can't. Microsoft patented in game music via XMB. The only way is for developers to add an option in game that will let us play our own music. Sadly not many developers are implementing this.

        • YoureAdumbass

          Haven't you heard of a 'RADIO'??? C'mon, seriously???

      • Ap-Uu

        YES!!! you got the right idea nigga

    • paul

      There is a featured promotion for MLB on the web site stating that it starts tomorrow. It would have to be up to start tomorrow. Since I think they would scream very loud it will be up tomorrow, they just overlooked not taking it down.

    • booby


  • ryan

    let sony know how you feel directly

    • aaron

      stupid kid putting email addrees

    • David

      I am completely annoyed by the fact PSN gaming is not available. Sony has until 4pm today to get the network online or I go by an Xbox 360 for my playing fun. I will not go any more time without entertainment as I do not believe PSN will be back online soon as promised. Sorry, but you've lost another costumer if online gaming is not available within the next two hours…

      • guitarguy

        Go right ahead, don't forget to grab a $60 xbox live card so you can play online…

      • Connor

        It's funny how most people have forgotten that Sony said last Friday they would be up within a week.

      • my balls your mouth

        later d-bag. you're gonna be cyring next week when it's up and you're stuck with the shitbox

      • josh

        so i guess u went out and bought a 360 since its 6:13 lol dumbass

      • YeezyTaughtMe

        You're just a number, buddy. No one cares about your opinion. Don't blame Sony, blame the hackers that launched the attack. The reason PSN is offline is so that they can make certain that once it is back online, that no one will be able to access their customer's information ever again. And do you honestly think that anyone from Sony will read this and give a shit about what you have to say? Think before you speak, because you're wasting your time.

      • tool shack

        I like how he spelled "by" but meant "buy" that alone shows he's a dumb ass.

    • hdog

      ima bout to leave psn and join the box

  • Joe

    I dont care about the free stuff there offering, all i want is PSN back up.

  • South_Rox

    Any info on the year of identity protection? Oddly enough I had 2 fraudulent charges on the CC used in the PS store, one on April 28th, one on April 29th. Card has been canceled, but obviously personal info is still out there.

    • john


    • bobby


  • stubbo

    If any of you lot at sony loose your jobs over this dont worry become an MP you would fit right in they go around the houses but never tell us anything , JUST GIVE US AN ETA

  • Xavier

    This could not be happening bring back the PSn Network everybody wants to buy the new maps for Black Ops this is Pathetic hurry up

    • danpenn

      their not out for ps3 until June

    • dre

      they should make the maps free…after this long wait…

      • dave

        Map packs for free? Yeah, I’m sure the cod makers wouldn’t mind losing millions when they’ve done nothing wrong.

        Pan being down is annoying, but all I see is black ops players complaining. Surprise surprise.

  • psnandladyLover

    Ba*t*rd bitch guy…I am bored man..bloody psn guy stupid hacker wacker wanker

  • Dave

    Cross game chat is not any good. Why people want it is beyond me. I just want the network back up, I can't play Mass Effect 2 at all when it's down, so the game is actually useless.

  • Jacey Billups

    thanks I can't wait til psn is back up /_^

    • Jacey Billups

      oh and hopefully it will be back up before my birthday May 10th

  • bill

    Cross game chat is patented by microsoft. Its not gonna happen for ps3. Why is there always some idiot in these posts saying o yeah cross game chat would be nice. Buy a xbox if u want cross game chat dip shit

  • nigel

    tell psn users a definate date when they will be back online

  • Matthew

    i think cross gamer chat for sure that way we can talk to our friends instead of listening to the poeple in the free for all and what ever game were in atm such as football and sport games

  • TruthBTold

    we get it, everyone is still angry about the network being down and the breakdown of the security that allowed your personal information to be compromised.
    Here is the real deal…stop complaining about Sony, almost every large company, to include the US Government time and again have been hit by hackers who have stolen personal information. If you are having that much of an issue with the problem, blame the f#$ hackers that have nothing better to do with their lives then mess with systems they're too lazy to create on their own and steal other people's shit cause they're to lazy to get a real f#$%@&g job. And don't tell me its just a challenge and these hackers just want to either prove they can do it or show the inadequacies of security systems…call it like it is, they are nothing but thieves. Maybe higher IQ's, but thieves all the same.

    P.S. – Don't put your info in places you don't want it stolen from. Thieves are everywhere, get used to the real world…

    • Josh

      "thieves are everywhere" good one. nope "i know somebody that know somebody that robbed somebody" lmao have you seen that movie funny as hell.

    • truthbstupid

      People have a right to complain about sony! they are a multi million dollar business that handled this situation horribly. thieves are everywhere…yea thanks for the heads up moron.

  • Junior

    Yo they said that it would be back today psn if u say sumtin then do it don’t lie so it should be back today by 4:30 p.m east central

    • Junior

      If ur going by this time den it’s by 9:30

  • bishop

    yup they can settle a court case and cut us all a small check. thats all they can do for me/

  • josh

    being able to play music while in game and add cross chat to with the chat rooms

  • josh

    and add more ppl to chat rooms

  • justiceforall

    I dont give a crap anymore about the security aspects. Put fake info on and use PlayStation pre-paid card. Any company can be hacked. I just give a crap on a solid date. They have done a HORRIBLE PR on this whole mess and I am HAPPY that they are losing money, getting sued, investigated. I feel no pity for Corporations. NONE. They are all corrupt.

    I just want the damn network to be up…

  • akira

    Sony has become a joke, all this because those bastards decided to take all the options out of ps3 and people retaliated, what's up with that?! not only can they not run an online gaming network (as evidenced by it being down 4 weeks) they are trying to pull all the original OS elements out of the PS3 OS like being able to run other operating systems, back compatibility with ps2 games, etc.

    what a joke, going back to xbox , I don't need this shit, sony has become a real shit company in the last 5+6 years

  • @datniggalal


    • Josh


  • ATruePlaystaionfan

    I only have games to play online and I feel that I should be refunded for these games as well as my ps3… I dont want to but I'm going to get a Xbox 360… I love sony but I've been cheated…

  • Just another gamer

    This is my first comment I've made about this issue because I thought I could "wait" and be the good paitienct person who understands that these things just happen. But its going on the third week…I'm starting to get the twitch and shit…I've got friends who I can't wait to snipe on socom4 mulitplayer!!! ..Hurry pleeease …naa..take your time..I really don't want this to happen

  • Angry As Fuck

    if it was going to be on soon they would have posted a date

  • Aaron

    This has gone on too long now and I am getting sick and tired of there lies they are telling us because I bought a psp go over two weeks ago and have not been able to do any thing with it. And if they don't fix the network problem I will go and get my money back from the psp go and buy a 3ds instead. Sony this a joke with the network being down because your product is not being used at all and I will miss out on the promotion you have going at the moment. Get it together Sony it has been along time and I want to play my psp go now.

  • Diego

    to all the guys saying to go outside an stuff stfu i get maybe it was fine the first 3 days or maybe the first week but now it’s been 2 weeks and still going, people have the right to complain why isn’t it up yet, if they were going to be outside all the time wth was the point of getting a ps3 in the fist place, if you don’t want to see people complain then don’t read the stupid blog, they aren’t being impatient it’s been 2 freaking weeks anyone in the right mind would get aggravated about this, I couldn’t care less about free ps+ , I would just be satisfied with psn being up again it’s the weekend if your one who put your credit card info, just cancel the card and order a new one how hard is that? hell they might have your name and address but anyone and I mean anyone could easily find that if they look hard enough, and all those ppl saying it’s the hackers fault? no it’s not! the only to blame here is Sony, they didn’t want people hacking the ps3 so thats why hackers attacked psn to send a message, and to all the ignorant people hacking the ps3, is not the same as hacking a game, those are completely different concepts
    hacking the ps3 will allow it to run homebrew apps, while hacking a game will allow you to cheat hackers arnt mad about hacking games they couldnt care less about that they are pissed that sony won’t let them hack the ps3 bc since they bought the ps3 they own it meaning they can do what ever they want with it, like wth I bought a ps3 if I can do what I want it’s not fair of Sony not letting you use the true potential of your console which I paid almost $400 for l, apparently you don’t actually own the ps3 your actually bought the right to use it but at the end Sony decides what you can and can’t do on it, that’s why they removed Linux function on the ps3 and people had no choice but to update or they couldn’t play online, people don’t notice these arnt the hackers fault in fact they are the ones standing up for our rights we as consumers have the right to use our products we purchased how ever we see fit, we all paid a huge amount to buy a ps3 not just to buy the right to use it, they are sending a message to sony that consumers have rights and what better way by attacking psn yea they upset many players I admit I’m also frustrated about this but look Sony is losing money by day, stock has fallen, they are willing to pay up to a million for identity theft and ps* for every single psn user, see they are losing a lot l, mean that’s the perfect message, if Sony keeps being stubborn and not letting people use their ps3 I’m sure hackers will hurt Sony even worst, so it comes down to Sony and if they let people run hmebrew on their ps3, they can easily fix the pirating of a game even geohot said so himself they have enough spyware to way more than just stop pirating, altho I am frustrated that psn is offline I’m happy that there are
    people willing to stand up to consumer rights I’m positive they could care less about credit card info, or else there would have been already many and I mean many identity thefts but sony confirmed that no major credit card companies had yet reported so this is just a act to get sony to lose more money by ensuring every psn user a million if their credit card was used, also as I said in the beginning if your worried about your credit card just cancel it and order a new one hopefully Sony recieved the message the hackers were trying to prove and will let people use homebrew on their ps3s if not them hackers will just do more damage and cause them to lose more money which I highly doubt they will want.

    • Wayne Jackson

      you know what mate? youre a complete cheb end! my cards were both cancelled cause of this shit and i still havent got replacements so how do you suggest i feed my kids you idiot. Hackers dont think things through, they do it because they can do it and they get off on it. you could just imagine them laughing and tugging on their megabits. stupid losers.

  • gocanucks

    they better offer a free game download. and not something shitty, i mean something people actually want.

  • iwntitnow

    they should buy halo from xbox so they can manufacter that

  • Gerald MoneyCrazy

    well i just want to play zombies and kz3, and all ive got to say is that to get better it has to get worse right ?

  • john

    look no matter what anyone says sony is doing the best that they can. believe it or not they want it up more then we do i mean are we loosing the amount of money they are…….my guess is no so just stop bashing sony and go to the ToyBox Xbox thats all ty :)

  • trini

    OMG they lie more than the dam government…. do better sony and stop with the bull dammmmtr

  • Shawn

    Cmon' this is terrible, I honestly cannot believe how unprofessional Sony is being about this. No defined date, just a "Within a couple days" and to even check the status you have to either try to log in, or you have to google "Playstation Network Status" and search through the blog. A multi-billion dollar company can't even provide a temporary page with a status? I know Microsoft would never let this happen, the first thing they would do is put up a status on Xbox live's webpage and then they would give a maximum of estimated days to wait. Obviously it's been over 2 and a half weeks, why don't you hire more people to work on it? I know when I work on a job and it is going to take longer than we expect, we hire more people temporarily for the job.

  • Aczdreign

    Personally, I think you're all a bunch of crybabies. Oh my god, no playstation network for a whole month! WTF am i gonna do? Go outside and live for a few days. Thank Sony for improving your life with a little vitamin D.
    What did you children do a few years ago, when there were NO online games? Does anyone remember those days?

    I'm not saying that the whole thing is OK, Sony has a lot of questions to answer and the company deserves every bit of legal action and negative PR it gets. All I'm saying is that if you people could stop whining about how much Sony owes you for the 'inconvenience,' MAYBE (just maybe) you'd realize that life goes on without video games.

    Have a nice apocalypse, f***s.

  • john

    im not a big gamer but it is annoying that when you want to play online you cna't because of fucking hackers is better if they fix the problem properly and not just a simple fix but damn i wanna pay some call of duty and now a days theres no good offline game can somebody suggest me of one? plz

    • death

      Just Cause 2

  • Jason Santiago

    you crying too much and you had to post that 3 page run-on sentence? Sony doesn't have to give you an exact date because this takes time and the exact date is probably unknown. Using words like "in a few days" sounds more appealing. Besides they could get sued for giving out a date and it being wrong so im sure their lawyers said not to give out an exact date. You need to learn how things are run in a company before bashing them.

  • Jason again

    They want the PSN up more then you do. You get FREE service. Everyday that the PSN is down and the PS store is down, they lose thousands or even millions of dollars in sales, subcriptions, and DLC. Their stock plummets for each day the PSN is down and you don't lose crap for money for each day that passes. They want it up MORE then you do so stop crying.

    im pissed PSN is down but hackers hacked it. Its the hackers fault not SONY. Hackers are the reason why YOU can't play online and why SONY keeps losing thousands of dollars as we speak. In the end, the hackers helped us, cause now we get a new network, free unlimited music for a month, free PS plus for a month and FREE INSURANCE up to 1 million dollars for a whole year. FREE INSURANCE??? Have you ever gotten free insurance before for something?
    Some ppl get benefits for WORKING which isn''t really free…. You get free insurance… stfu and let sony do their job, . they don't owe us s*** and they are nice enough to give all this stuff to us for free when PSN comes back up.

  • matt

    i waited for 2 1/2 weeks for PSN to be reactivated. i have company coming from out of town on a regular basis and i usually download movies for my relatives when they arrive. this is getting rediculous. how about giving us some information that is useful otherwise i will sell my PS3

  • fawkyoo

    i mean is it absolutely necessary that u guys include video games in your lives ya bunch o sausage fingered fat lazy ass mofos. GO OUTSIDE! holy crap its like i stepped into a friggin AA meeting or something.

    • HypocriteWitness

      I would've agreed with you had you said it the first day or so, however this is the 17th or 18th day. When you've been outside or at your friend's house for 18 days, it gets boring. And I find it ironic how you're sitting there at your computer trolling, not outside yourself. The art of hypocrisy at it's best.

  • matt

    All you tossers who think you have been cheated – get into the real world ffs. I actually work in the industry (not for Sony) and know exactly how hard it can be to repair the mess left behing by hackers. If you want to blame someone blame the hackers, not Sony.

    The database and filesystem is absolutely massive and going through every single file takes time and effort. Going through the database takes even longer. Once in a hacker can leave files everywhere along with all sorts of crap to get back in with ease, expecially in the database. If Sony do not put in the effort and rush the job then you could all be back in the same state withing weeks if not days. All this "Give us a firm date" crap is also bollox. It takes time. When re-building a filesystem or database you really do have no way of knowing how long it will take.

    So got out into the fresh air. Get some excercise and some sunlight. Make friends in the real world and stop being a saddo. It will be ready when it is ready.

  • miserable user

    is truly sad that a multi billion-dollar company like Sony has its users in limbo this is not due to a hacker, the fault is the company that not investing in their own safety and that of their users, they do not give exact day and that I understand but please leave such a large community without an element that is necessary for games (online) that sell (each at 60 dollars!) is frustrating, I think after this experience I started to think again my xbox $ 50 a year at least I have the right to f**** someone if something similar happened, Sony disappointed me a lot with these long wait not only me many users. now they are offered gifts, plus 30 days for free? 1 year of protection for identity theft etc. there is nothing in that package that I like Sony needs to improve those offers. already twoweeks and a half I feel miserable…

  • Kyle

    If they want it on so bad. Then why in the fuck do they keep giving bogus deadlines?? I wont go to xbox. But I'm not a proud PS3 owner anymore that's for sure.

  • thrasher204

    If sony hadn’t. blocked linux this could have been avoided they went and pissed of the most powerfull community there is the open source one. I didn’t have linux on my system but I liked having the option, homebrew has been able to do some amazing things that sony hasn’t been able to. Sony this is you fault and you brought this upon yourselves. Give us our OS back

  • Ghost

    I don’t think it will be up any time soon. Hence all the freebies being given. I respect Sony and have always stuck by you, I think users will be happy with an actual date, no matter how long it takes.

  • Synacal

    Hackers… Sony's lack of proper security… doesn't matter.. the truth is the network is down… and a lot of the games I purchase are network games… Yes I go outside… and yes I play 1 – player mode but still… we all know a lot of games are more entertaining when playing against people over the network. Am I blaming Sony? partly only because this situation should never have happened.. they are a major corp and should have foreseen a hacker's invasion after the PSP ordeal. Do I expect Sony to give me hundreds of dollars of free crap? No but that's what they are doing anyway… The group that hacked the network should be arrested… these jack asses ruined a perfectly good thing.. free online play. But might I remind everyone that X-Box had a more serious problem before with systems red lighting? I am a victim of 2 X-Box 360s elite getting the red ring… at least I can still use my PS3 for offline activities. I can understand that it's been over half a month and the network is still down but complaining and demanding things won't help… just sit back and wait… if you need to purchase another console to feel better then do so… I would just rent one… since once PS3 comes back you're going to scrap the failbox in the closet.

    Lets recap… just rent a console if you must…. check on the PSN from time to time… once it's back get your free stuff, and try to forget this ever happened.

  • less QQ

    Damn kids relax, all I see is cry cry cry. God forbid you can’t play precious video games for a while. You might have to actually go outside and talk to people. It ll do you guys some good, I’m sure you could use the exercise. Its a free service anyways, It ll go up when its ready

  • smith

    well i want to play cod

  • i miss aluca cu lo

    i miss beating up alucardrito on fifa11 . im thinking to move on to x box . i think paying $ 50 is better at least i can talk shiiittt if that was to happen in x box because im paying for the service. ea vasi fuder vose pirena

  • jack1159

    How about a promise this wont happen again but so far there seems to have been alot of broken promises, I also own an Xbox 360 but use psn because it is free but with what has happened if they do have our card details then it could end up costing me more than xbox live an probs alot more than the ps3 and all associated games and equipment is worth. also why dose the $1,000,000 per psn user only cover ppl in america im in England so if they do take my money what the fuck am I meant to do, it F***ing crap

    But some nice improvements.
    1. allow music play back during game play.
    2. address these connection problems.
    3. PSN back online by Thursday


  • waste

    What a waste of 32 inches of tv that I just got, shiiit. Its been sitting there for 2-3 weeks now. I was going to buy MLB 2k11 and pwn noobs. I guess that would have to wait. Make sure PSN is online before battlefield3 comes out though!



  • John

    If sony didn't set out to make so many games for online play mabe people would not br so board not everyone has net conections. So i say make more longer offline games.

  • booby

    cod boring with out psn

  • Redine

    All I see here is upset people. Either being upset at other people, at PSN, or at the hackers. I'm going to be the pro here and show my complete indifference. I've touched my PS3 once since the network went down. I played Nazi Zombie's in splitscreen with a friend. And after that I played solo mode to round 48. That was a good two or three weeks ago. Do I have a problem? Nupe. I hear (And read just now too, apparantly.) that they're giving out free stuff. I'm not sure why I would care about having 'PSN+' for thirty days, but from a friend I've heard that certain downloads from the PS store will be free for 30 days. I wonder if that includes the new map pack. Wasn't that supposed to be available to PS3 like .. last week? Well, if someone wants to inform me, my youtube account is Enider660. PM's ftw.

  • anonymous

    you all are worried about it coming back so it can happen again?? your all nuts!