Sony PSN Back Up Online For Internal Testing

We are not that far away from what PS3 owners have been waiting for, as Sony PSN is back up online for internal testing. OK, the PlayStation Network is still not live for users, but it is the closest we have been in the 17 days that the service has been down. The first test is to ensure that the security along with the network infrastructure, is working correctly.

According to PlayStation Blog, Sony is working with a number of outside entities to test the new security features, just to make certain that it will not be prone to future attacks. This is a very important step in the process of bringing PSN back online, and once all the necessary checks have been done, then we will be back in business.

The PlayStation Network Status has been an interesting one over the past couple of days; we knew that internal testing was about to begin, as well as a sorry letter from Sony Corporation CEO. However, none of this came to any comfort of those PSN users who have been waiting over two weeks, as well as the fact that their details are in the hands of some hackers – or worse.

Can we truly be about to start PS3 online gaming once again?

  • Awesome16


    • beef jerky

      damn its finaly gonna be workin man its the best week ever bro

    • nathaniel

      well its hella gay that psns been down that shit was my life :)lol…..

  • elliot hayward

    thanks for the update. can't wait

  • Sanjay Doompah


  • leroi

    so could the ps3 be back up, within the next few hours?

    leroi :)

    • AirIndy5000

      yea its like a download thing. there is a chance it can be up by tom though

  • killnuts


  • Ribo

    more of the same yet another statement issued saying that they are working hard to fix it but no news on when or how likely its going to take to be back on. yet more questions than answers as far as i can see.

    • ribo


  • Phil

    Think about it.

    If the FBI fail at ever finding these people, the creditentials of millions, possibly billions could be in .txt files and just quick sales over the internet or using your information to possibly 'frame' you!

    It's very dangerous. For heavens sake they found Bin Laden, what's stopping this?

    • Sushi

      LOL osama bin laden hacked PSN as america’s tracked him down and shot him in the head.
      As what everyone is saying, see what the america’s do when PSN is down.

    • kody

      found Bin Laden hahaha abit late dont you think ? he killed so many people and had a good life for 10 yrs even made a son lmao

      and putin bin laden up with hackers is abit of a joke lol, noo man could do what he done and get away from it for 10 yrs !!!!! and hackers all they done was hack sony woop woop who gives a fuck psn will be back up soon and if you cant wait sort your life out soo much more then play ps3 lmao and i bet the most people that are crying about it are fat wankers ha

  • insane pope

    i hope so…

  • Arron

    glad the waiting is almost over !
    it was starting to drive me up the wall without GTA.

  • y ask y

    dude im goin crazy its been almost 3 weeks and they jus keep saying the same thing "it will be up soon." i'm still waiting and im not bitching but some on now all i do is work and wanna play c.o.d for the little free time i have when im not with my girl, but no i cant do that so sony plz try to get this done with i no you have some computer geeks on your side

  • Billy

    woo hoo its coming back

    • zach


  • zack

    when is psn coming back on because this is an outrage

  • JO spence

    I just want psn back on i dont even care if i have to pay! :(

    • nightmarereaper1


    • Uhd


  • George

    Sony keeps on lying about when its going to be back online. SONY NEEDS TO GIVE US LEGIT INFORMATION. I'm sick and tired of getting my hopes up the day before they say psn will be back up then getting mad because it's still down.

  • fabrizio

    cum on people,lets do it!!!

  • matty

    should it be on today then if everything goes well

  • Harry

    I am just gettin fed up now, ps3 has been off for i don't know how many days because i lost count! I don't see why they don't turn PSN back on on Sunday because they are testing it today, why not just turn it on after testing for a whole day!

  • ThisIzzGay

    Yess Finallyy PSN Iss Gonnaa Bee Backk Onlinee Soonn!

    • nightmarereaper1

      true that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Heyro


  • obi-rob

    Sony can't be trusted again, No way can you give Sony personal information.

  • Soupy Brambles

    FINGERS CROSSED, pre owned 360's -£69.99

    • Balthier

      You know Xbox was made for F***

      • Niko Bellic

        It sure was made for fags and rich boys who can pay for online

        • Jacob

          Since when are you considered a rich boy by owning an XBox? lol.. Plus it's their mommy that pays for online.

  • andy

    Not long now

  • xMiLLz

    shid i think ps3 is a good system and all but i believe xbox 360 is better i own one but it got three rings of death thats why i got the ps3 ,but anyways i think sony should put 2 features on the ps3. it would be the smallest 2 things that i only like the xbox 360,but they are the ability to play music on your ps3 while playing your games just like the xbox 360 and the ability to have a mic chat room while playing your games any games you are i your friends don't have to be in them just like the xbox 360 that chat party feature is the best while playing your games just saying those are the only two features that i love about the 360 otherwise i wouldnt even care if it got the 3 rings of death.

    • jack

      i like wot u sed bwt plyin music while plyin ur game u got a thumbs up from meee mate nice 1

    • amar

      cum on psn ur takin the P I S S

    • GOODEVIL46

      i'm w/you bro,i used to own the very first XBOX . listening to your own music is what i liked about it. but you got to admit playing online for free is better than paying 60.00 bucks a year for XBOX LIVE.

  • Zach

    hurry the hell up and up the psn

    • jonny

      this is so jank! they said may 3,4,or 5. so i was like oh ya on thursday it will be back up. but no! its never up. so now they are saying it will be up tomorrow. i dont believe them.

    • adriane

      patchince escalation coming and it will be fun

  • Martin matthews

    i hope it is done soon

  • Mr Nobody

    So might be back on sunday then !!

    • jacob

      its not on today and if you go to there website they always say the same sht coming back soon and if you read the text its the same since last week, and it says updated well all i can say is fuck u psn they've been doing internal testing for the last couple of days JUST PUT THE SHT ONLINE

  • ggggregg


    • Luis Mejia

      i konw hurry

  • Shadowmario X

    I think they have been working reallyhardunder all the pressure and such, Im new to the ps3 so it will be nice to try out there service once it comes back online, for all it's worth with all the harsh comments towards sony and things i think they are trying very hard and for people who cannot be paitent and just swap over to the 360 just by pure rage i find a little i dunno pitiful. I understand the whole details things but so far what i've read on the news and internet there has been no reports of any captured details beening used for profit gain, and for sony being a free online experince as well i think there doing very well and look on the brightside gives soomething else to do before looking forward to that online experince. Summers coming! 😀

  • zapperboy4

    Cant wait to play again it will be nice to talk to friends again you see im not bothered about playing online multiplayer but i find singleplayer more enjoyable while talking to friends

  • PSN32189494284

    Omg this has been such a long wait for me. At first I thought it was i could deal with it but really i can't.And for whoevers going to say oh get a life, why dont you get one instead of sitting here judging me. Back to the point, im glad sony is working hard. But i'm sure if something like this was to happen a gain sony would certainly loose a lot of customers. And what are the oods that only sony got hack. I bet it was just some Xbox 360 loser, who lives in his moms basement thaat did this. and im not dissing xbox because ive had one before ps3 and enjoy both.

    • Troll

      Oh get a life.

  • joe

    When do you think it will be back up? seriously.

    • snowboarderboy7

      psn is just testing the security right now to prevent future attack's. There's a posibility that it will back up sunday.

  • John G exla

    I hope sony realize that it has lost the trust of many gamers in this crisis and it will be a while before we can trust them again with our information just sayin

  • james

    sony is really taking the p*** now yeah fair enough you got to make it safe. but the least you can do is give us a date when it will be up and running again. JOKE!!!! go xboxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • tyson J dog

    this is bull im done with sony there jus a let down. comeon like gotta acouple new games for easter an havent been able to try them out like this is crap there a million dollar company an it takes them this long to get our gaming back up thats sh*t srry to say.

    • Zachary

      dude just stfu and wait for a while

  • kendo

    hope its not to long as im waiting eagerly to resume playing on line hope its this week as im on holiday hoooraaah

  • uk male

    ermmmm still not this weekend thn? ah well good to know where getting closer

  • Evan-Matthew Mowbray

    I don't like the idea that there's somebody who knows everything about every PSN user. I just want be able to see what's going on with my information. I got Portal 2, and I beat it. It's a great game. I still haven't been able to try out any of the online features. I think everybody's been waiting for this.

  • Ashley

    hurry :/

  • srosenq

    der first?

  • amazingnezz


  • neville

    when is it going back online

  • Dennis

    Turn on the network already! I cant game online;(

  • Eddy

    about time too

  • Seth

    So when are we looking at it going live?

  • lee

    when does that mean it'll b up an runnin 4 the users ???????????????

  • piss off ps3 user

    a bout time you set of twats

  • Loaomen

    I doubt it will be up soon. But hey, We can always hope,,, right?

  • Muffinless


    • add ps3 Amar7862214

      ITS GOING to work today )cum on psn show us wat u got lads

  • scar

    today, playstation…today.



  • Boredofthis

    I am sick of this ! They say it will be back online may 3 then may 5 then may 7!

  • jack

    hurry up with psn

  • Jack

    Just give us a date and stick to it!

  • thomas sheard

    ps3 is rubbish, how they can get hacked into that easy the secruity was rubbish im gunna trade my ps3 in and get an xbox 360 they are well better

  • ilyas kazi

    quick cm online please im despirate

  • Avery

    that sucks what Anonymous did to Sony after all the mess they got going on in Japan. How low can you possibly be! I'm glad that I have an Xbox360 so I could get the Black Ops Escalation Maps, but I still have a PSP that I can't go online with. So all in all, I feel that Anonymous needs to be brought to justice.

  • davidson

    take as long as you need to sony, get it right so us loyal ps gamers can play knowing this shite aint going to happen again. it is very fustraiting but id rather wait and know that i can play without some hacking twat messing everything up for us.. roll on for the mortal kombat show down… KEEP US POSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hairymuppett

    Come on sony!!! This hasnt told us nothing new,STOP beating around the bush and tell us when we are back online…

  • Jack190600

    cmon, i just wanna go back online and kill some bumbaclats….. is it really to much to ask for?

  • Bob

    This is awesome news! At last!

  • ps customer

    can any one stop talking shit ans just tell people when they can play on the games they paid for and as for sony what kind of company keeps its customers in the dark well all companies thank you playstation you have two more weeks if your not online then hello xbox

  • adey barker

    Good to hear you are testing, how much longer we gotta wait now?

  • Adey Barker

    Good news at last, how much longer now? Just hope you get it right as it kept kicking me out before.

  • cod zombies

    Today is the day!!!

  • hemivflej

    just got a ps3 a few days ago and i am thinking it will be going back now

    • scooby doo

      wat took so long!

  • http://WWW.BIGTITS.COM Deano

    lets just hope it will be back up soon but thanks for the information

  • peeper

    wfc!!! just get it back running

  • Mickey D

    i think that the quicker sony get PSN back up and running the quiker every body can change thier passwords, because the longer we're waiting the more time the hackers are getting to do something with the passwords and credit card details they've stolen.

  • Black ops

    nobody cares, just tell us when psn is back up
    i want to play BLACK OPS!!!!!!!

  • D1963M


  • I hate PSN

    Why aint i surprised about the delay, its pathetic and unprofessional to lie to your consumers. Im sick and tired of Sony's promises and i hope things get worse for them. Ive been a loyal customer but ive had enough.

  • D1963M


  • Karma

    woop cant wait.

  • jack

    I've heard rumors about getting money in our store wallets, do you think this will happen

  • Goodbye psn

    I sold my ps3 anyways, these guys just give us dates but then fail to deliver time and again.

  • Leigh-Anne Clayden

    Nobody else has commented. Wow, where did they all go?! Great news on the testings in process today. But Sony still hasn't answered the all important question! …when will is be working? lol. It's ridiculous really. It's taken so long and we're starting to think that Sony has never had the staff who specialize in this sort of stuff, they're un-prepared as well as vacancies on-line from Sony asking for Network Security Officers to be apart of their team, which has made me as well as over 77million on-line users feel un-safe. Sony, you're one of the biggest communicating networks worldwide and you've got vacancies on-line to employ Security Officers, why didn't you have the staff before? This level of Security Breach could have been avoided. And another thing! ..what makes Sony think that the hackers (if they strike again) will not just wait until PSN is working properly again? Will you be 100%prepared for it? (As lets face it, this outage has completely through you all over) The testings will go perfect today ..because the hackers as well as us know Sony are just testing! How are they going to manage another Breach? It's inevitable that it will happen sometime in the future, whether it be 6weeks, or 6years, there will be a breach and will Sony be prepared for it? They've already lost, (estimated) 6% worldwide customers this time which Microsoft are loving by the way! People would rather pay money than feel like their communications around the world have completely come to a stand-still! Not to mention all of our information (e.g. addresses, email accounts, passwords ..BANK DETAILS) are now in the hands of people we don't know who will abuse the information they've collected. It's pretty serious, so we appreciate the work and the 'testing' in place today but, why has it taken so long and we haven't had any straight answers from Sony since the outage happened. UN-prepared and extremely un-safe as well as being under staffed! A multi billionaire franchise and they were under staffed! lol, that's a joke. Lets just hope nothing like this happens again, else they'll be losing a hell of a lot more than (roughly) 6% worldwide customers. So anybody actually know how long this 'testing' is going to last for this time?

  • PS3Fan

    Great news :)



  • yuino

    umm dude wass ur ps3 add

  • andrew

    hopefully its back on soon

  • karl

    come on our really dark weeks are finally over… now itz just the dark hours now and they feel longer then the dark days ha ha please let us know when it could be back up and running only sony know !! … you are all sat round computers making surre itz safe and all that… but YOU must KNOW when itz going to come BACK on because YOU switch it ON !!!… please lets us sony because am on edge of a nervours break down here lol !!! i do fully support sony in this but some one out of your team sony must know when you going to get PSN back up and running… thanks please post new news on please !!!… 😀

  • Truth_B_Told88

    this is super bogus. im getting tired of waiting for sony to get it together. its been 17 days and they are filled with more empty promises as the says go on. "We are gonna have it up by this date" and then another date! the keep lying to us so we dont spend our money on xbox because the truth is that they really dont even kno when it will be back up!

  • Dan

    dude as soon as this online is back on i am ganna get double rangers and go to town XD



  • karl

    can i ask sony something here even tho a am a big fan sony…i love the entertain that we get for free and lots of other cool stuff for free.. itz better then a x-box 360.. ha ha… but 1 problem gamers have been shut out now for a good few weeks and the dark weeks are over but now we are at the end of dark days going onto the really slow dark hours, please give us time it will be back up and running please??,,, and if you did a testing to get it back up online then how come no1 could get on live ??… was there a real testing because you need psn to be on to test the structure and other commons things !!… now psn had be live to do your testing because no1 can hack without it being on..

  • karl

    now you cant have it switched off because no1 can hack so was the testing real ?? hmmm thats a big question !!! ??? …. now i have been on other sites and am reading slightly different stories and i dont know what to believe so an answer would be nice for all us gamers and supporters… were all behind you fully but some answers should be fully answered for all us gamers and supporters.. thanks and will be await reply.. and if people want to switch to x-box 360 it just proves you got no mates and your just a sad sit in.. get a live and stop giving sony shit… if nothing ever went wrong it would'nt be perfect !! just like a relationship people !!!… so please gamers stay strong sony will have it running soon !! alll we want is answers sony please give give give ha ha 😀 thanks !!!! loyal fan here !!!

  • karl

    both them comments lead on from each other had to break them because it would'nt publish it all…

  • sony sucks

    sony will lose
    EVERYTHING assholes

  • Camel

    Its ON!!!!

  • jean

    IT ONN YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    yes!!! it works


    its back on downloading new maps :)

  • http://YOUTUBE.COM PSN PLZ =)

    i hope the psn is back on today because im thinking about buying xbox live if its not on by today sony u just lost a big spender

  • ????

    pistol84pete time to kick your ass

  • @Arkangyl1

    Yeah – after all – they haven't upgraded their servers in 10 years because they're so GREEDY (This has been published – search it. also they have places firewalls are supposed to be and aren't because OH once again they're so greedy *shocker* – Sony only cares about money. Don't believe me? let's see what they're offering – 30 days of something they could potentially get subscriptions on that's free for them! Oh gee what do you know a GREED move – Shocker again.

  • Big T

    psn rocks i,ll wait as long as it takes . you people who make these articles are idiots with no lifes and nothing to do but repeat and twist what it says on psn blog . So readers ignore these x box loving idiots and check psn blog

  • HarryBrown

    just posted on playstation blog The Servers are expected to be up today may 7th around 9:00PM Eastern time. Finally

  • lew

    finally, nice news sony bring it on get it up egnore dates we'll click sign in and get a buzz and get back online even though we probally lose alot mates whos gone got x box

  • DAMO

    I left xbox live due the lack of commitment from microsoft to there customers and the crazily high membership fee they ask for and giv jack s*it in return , constant broken promises … and so i switched to ps3 and woahhhhhhh seems sony cannot deliver a gd stable decent service either both sony and microsoft need to take a good look at this following sentce …………. Quality Before Profit
    We the gamers should come first and we deserve to be filled with real honest info when somethings wrong not promise and not deliver, sorry sony but ya f*cked up here and its no ones fault but yours , yet us the people who put food in your childrens mouths are sat here completley in the dark with nothing but crossed fingers and hopes

  • John

    Wow judging by the comments not this page I must be one of the few people in the world that own both xbox eye and ps3 but that’s not the point, I just really feel that Sony should be more straight forward with us because I’m kind of getting bored of xbox live since most of my friends play on ps3 but even if I didn’t have an xbox and I couldn’t play online for over 2 weeks it would really help if Sony would just tell up when theyre planning to put psn back up instead of leaving some little hints as to when because atleast we would all know the day to look forward to, but then again now that I think about it, if everyone knew when it would be up then the servers will probably crash from the overload of all the people going on all at he same time…

  • Oman_ps3-Magican

    Please work man , it's dud with a ps3 without online ? c'mon

  • TuChDoWn

    keep up the good work sony. as long as our info is safe you have my trust. i can wait a few more days to play online. part of the reason i bought the ps3 was the story line of most games anyway, the onlines just a bonus. thanks for your hard work and keep us informed.

  • Oman_ps3-Magican

    Please work man , it's dud with a ps3 without online ? c'mon

    • Oman_ps3-Magican

      C'mon !

  • ScottyMcSnipes

    i was thinking about geting an xbox 360 because of this mayhem but i just got to thinking they over priced the 360 slim way to much 1 the graphics are terrible 2 it dosent have blueray 3 250 gigs is really good but still i can get that with ps3 for 50 bucks more and still have a great time with the graphics and capabilties that xbox dosent have and xbox live costs 50 bucks a year thats rediculous i know all the cool feauters and stuff but i just wana play black ops and pwn some newbs the ps3 commercial is cool to because it shows the manager of psn or ps3 or watever showing how good the ps3 is with killzone 3 and how he trys to play and awnser a fone at the same time i just hope they hurry thought its been 3 weeks and a few days hurry up psn plz turn on a different server or somthing like a temporary server so wen can play or something if thats possible?

  • blazeman 2000

    why why why my life is over fuk sony in their dum ass xbox sorted theirs quicker wot the fuck

  • Nathan

    At least we know they are trying to get PSN back online!
    Since PSN has been off I have discoverd I have a family and theres an outside to my house :)
    Look on the brightsude PSN is free unlike Xbox Online!

  • sony dont care 4 us

    why why why my life is over f**k sony in their dum a*s xbox sorted theirs quicker wot the f**k

    • Akillahman

      Thats because microsoft was the reason xbox live crashed. Not hackers

  • Songblade

    PSN comes back online … crashes due to volume of users

  • Skatetro100

    Stop hating sony, I'm annoyed too, but they are probably trying hard to get the servers online.

  • Infamous

    Tell me this isn’t retarded. (insert from pre-released article) “Another, whom the FTcalled Kayla said: “If you say you are Anonymous, and do something as Anonymous, then Anonymous did it..” Well to me personally this is rationally unexpectable. So I have no affiliation with the Hells Angels, but commited a crime and said I was a Hells Angel, does that make the crime I commited actually the responsibility of the Hells Angels? No it doesn’t. If it was that easy why wouldn’t everybody who commited a crime just say they are a member of an organized crime group to avoid responsibility. Of course this wouldn’t fly in court. This has turned into nothing less then a corporate/government smear campaign to fight the evil hackers, just like after 9/11 the war on terrorism. Really it’s war on any entity that cannot be regulated by the government, if we can’t monitor and or control you, what your doing is illegal. Guilty till proven innocent. “Land of the free, home of the brave” It should really be “Land of the watched, home of the fearful”

  • Alfie grosvenor (grosvenor567)


    Please say it will be on tonight or tommorow ????



  • killalot123

    my ps3 was trying to get online. but then it stopped.

    i think they are trying to get it online.

    soon players. very soon.

  • ViperjgCobra

    i think it good that psn has been down 4 a long time it made me play on the games i left at the side and complete them all again on all diff
    p.s plz hurry up thro getting borede of some of the games

  • chris le cornu

    agreed! and even if they do get back online i think loads of ps3 users will agree when i say that what they have offered us for being loyal to psn isnt enough!!!!!

    • Balthier

      I think what they are offering for loyal psn gamers is more then enough. People like yourself are just concede Xbox players who wanna talk shit and pretend to be PSN gamers

  • Sharpy

    Come on PSN. I know people think that Sony can't be trusted but they had the best security even better the mircosofts X-Box online apperantly. Any firewall can be broken and it obvs took a while for the buggers that hacked PSN. Don't you think now more then ever Sony is to trust?? Being that their securit is even better then before? I can't wait for them to put the PSN back online and even though i'm frustraited that it's been so long, i'm glad they have been thorough. Don't know baout you but it's given me more reason to stay with Sony. BRING ON THE ONLINE PLAY DUDES!

  • adrian

    guys stop haveing ago at sony i know its anoying that we cant play but they are fixing this problem out of there own pocket xbox pay for there internet look at it this way cos sony are spending all this money on makeing sure it wont be hacked again so aslong as they do it right this will never happen again hpefully so long live playstation network
    n hopefully its all back up n running again soon

    • Sparkyy

      You right, but saying they have to fix this problem out of there own pocket isnt, are you suggesting because Sony got hacked we should pay to get it fixed?

  • AirIndy5000

    true stuff man its just that its buissness and those hackers are the gayest things alive

  • matty

    its back on now wicked man..! check it out..! battlefield here i come

    • based

      no it sint shut up you fool.

  • Tyller

    lol you don't even know how to spell let alone have some necessary feedback for Sony grow up.

  • jack

    i think sony 4 making us wait soo long shud sort us out put sum free money 2 spend on ps store 4 the long ass wait i wudnt mind the new call of duty maps 4 blk ops escalation thumbs up if u agree !!!!!!!

  • jack

    i think sony 4 making us wait soo long shud sort us out put sum free money 2 spend on ps store 4 the long ass wait i wudnt mind the new call of duty maps 4 blk ops escalation

  • meee

    go kill yourself

  • Balthier

    You do know Xbox was made for P****** right?

  • ree

    hurry up or lets get xbox 360 whos with me

  • jay

    Sony needs to hurry up and get online working, and when they do, they should give us free content. THUMBS UP SO SONY CAN SEE THIS!!!!!!


    I reported you! This is just tooooooooo RACIST!

  • james

    i dont care about the tests just stick it back on we have been waiting for to long i just got my ps3 and i cant even go on live with it no come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;(

  • nightmarereaper1

    psn is so much better then xbox!!!!!!!!!! xbox, you need to pay, more money for add-ons, and slower connection

  • Joshua

    i hope for all this waitinq Sony should give us a gife or give us new map for call of duty !

  • Joshua PA

    i hope for all this waitinq sony should give us a gift or the new maps for cod !

  • Josh Torres

    i hope with all this waitinq SONY should give us a freakinq gift yoo or new maps for cod

  • your mum

    hurry up sony will it b on day

  • bully

    all you X BOX boffins you think X BOX is the best well think again.when the psn is back on you will be sorry it is back on

  • DanielGaming02

    All right we are close lets not f&*$ it up again.

  • PlayStation®Network

    Dear friends,

    Sony Online Entertainment Announces the PlayStation®Network and Qriocity services will be back online Monday 9 May

    JAP – 12:00
    USA – 3:00pm
    EU – 4:00pm
    AUS – 6:00pm

    We would also like to once again thank you for your patience.

    With best regards,
    Howard Stringer

    • BigRed

      Eastern time?

  • LULI

    C’MON sony tell us when will PSN be back online. i heard it was gone come online today so i left WORK early just to come online and guess what message i got PlayStation Network under maintenance.
    I hope its not a months time till ur back online.

  • potter

    I only want to know when PSN will exactly come back online. It supposed to be online yesterday (6th May) what the hell happened? or did they have another attack?

    Almost 3 weeks in and PSN remains down, err… currently undergoing maintenance. And apparently, by way of cnet, there is a 3rd attack planned this weekend.


  • LethalEvan

    Haha I saw someone post this on the PS blog the other day: "4/20: PSN is hacked, *ADDRESSES* and personal info given away. 5/1: Osama Bin Laden found and killed. Draw your own conclusions."

  • wouldent u like 2 no

    hurry the hell up!!

  • Hopes Up For Sony

    At the moment ive really struggled keeping up with sony in fact we all have… 1 day yes we ensure to get the psn back but we dont which pisses me & everyone off… its hard to keep up with them but ive learnt along the way its hard keeping up a company like theres… i mean before this i was like who are Geohotz & Anonymous… then apparently they were haters of sony who had an idea to hack them ( well at least thats what i think they wanna do )… so my point is that this is a hard job for sony & no1 really relizes how hard this is to fix… as well it was surely bound to happen… even xbox have had an outage before… so my point overall is that this is hard for sony & we must understand that its a hard task to finish securing the psn back in its best you could say… & dont get me wrong ive gotten feed up with sony but all we can do is support them right now…

    if you want replie from this message & show me your opinion

  • ryan

    get a grip i want it to be back up to but ffs some of the comments here suggest some people need to get some fresh air

  • cod zombies

    should be back online in the next 12 hours for sure, the testing doesnt take more than 48 hours.
    I think 6:00am UK time on sunnday.

  • cod on

    I also heard within the next 12 hours for UK and apparently eveyone will be back online at the same time with the exception of Japan.

  • Stevo

    C’mon Sony show the world

  • call of the dead???

    I think 4 more hours should do it!!!

  • psn online

    Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eddydarkness19

    Srry psn but im on xbox side now igot tired of waiting.

  • Get_Psn_Up_Now

    Well it’s now 2pm, May 8 (in Australia) and psn is still down!!!

  • Chris Collins

    this is why i like 360 more ya it doesnt look as good as PS3 but atlest i can play online i would rather pay 100 bucks a year and play online when i want then have it for free but only play it some times

  • Jane

    All i want for mother's day is psn back up to kick all their asses on black ops… thank you

  • tony


  • mr psn

    go f**k ur mum xbox lovers ps3 is the best consol eva also i wana kick an xbox f
    an in the shin coz it hurts also ur a fuckin twat 4 reading this coz ur a boreing twat head

  • joe

    Punch in the face like boomshakalak… 18:33 pm in england now an still nothin!! raaaaar gunna start punchin my face

  • mtnbike mike

    i think they should take there time. perfection takes time

  • Dont know

    This is crap you guys are really gonna trade in a 300 dollar ps3 get 150 dollars for it pay an extra 50 and get a 360. I hope all of you traders get the red ring of death!

  • snowboarderboy7


    • bully

      sead who and how do you know that and i look if it is on but it is not soo this is really anoing

  • mark

    hurry already i want honest hearts as soon as it is made available fallout new vegas rules

  • I copied your name

    i luv ps3! too bad its currently on maintenance so i cant bang it…