When PSN Back Up Online, Expect Double XP

When PSN Back Up Online, Expect Double XP

Early today we learned that PSN was back up online, but only for internal testing, which is the closest yet to pleasing PlayStation 3 users. However, they will not be happy about the fact that it is double XP weekend for Black Ops. Do not feel to sad, as you can expect double XP once PSN is back online.

This is not one of those rumors either, as is was David Vonderhaar from Treyarch who made the announcement via Twitter, saying that they are now working on a plan for this to happen. Treyarch better hope that they come up with the goods, otherwise we will have a lot of angry PSN Call of Duty: Black Ops players – although we all know that it is not their fault.

We had hoped to see the PlayStation Network come back online over this weekend, but GameRant learned via a tweet that this would not likely happen now. So not only will they miss out on online gaming this weekend, but also Double XP– what more can go wrong?

Is this a nice gesture by Treyarch to make Double XP available to PSN users once the service comes back online?

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  • sparkymurt

    For gods sake Sony give us a date for psn

  • reborn xboxer

    Just been announced that psn wont be back on till wednesday 11th of may, if i was you id get rid of your ps3 and get a xbox like i have, ive been playing online today on cod black ops with the new map pack its awesom especially call of the dead, this wont be out till june on ps3, bloody joke.

  • reborn xboxer

    get a xbox

  • adaam

    kool they should do an exclusive map for us if they dont want to do a double xp weeked or do it for a wek

  • 2k9

    when is it looking at coming back on really? its getting ridiculus 17 days – joke . Im not sad enough to go out an buy an Xbox an abandon sony because ps3 is much better than Xbox , but they could of done themselves much more favours buy updating us but with useful information like a date.

  • glenn

    its too late. Sold my PS3 yesterday, and got myself an Xbox cod Cod ops. Never thought id do that, but i have Zero Faith in sony. Them not giving a date for it to be back up for 17 days proves they could not care less about there customers. Customer support is now saying June 10th for it to be back up.

  • i know we need a specific time we r waiting

  • myankee286

    Yo its not gonna be on line this weaken and what is double xp someone tell me.. this sucks Sony not on this is nuts ppl..Sony I am starting to hate u..xbox here I come…

  • Private

    I agree with sparkymurt give us a date I am tired of checking if it’s back up I bought my ps3 a month ago and I get welcome with this? I also bought first strike map a day before it was hack and I didn’t even tried the maps and better be back up before summer and Also tommorow is my bday and Its still down so what a great luck of mine right

  • Does it matter

    i love sony for delaying this, all the COD nobs will get a Xbox now WOOHOO! i dont like COD its for baw bags end of.

  • TxG-George

    Crazy jay sort your life out HARDCORE S&D FTW

  • Balthier

    I know a even better idea Treyarch let us get map packs before Xbox then ill be happy rather then giving Xbox to them first because they slipped something other then money under the table.

  • Seymour Cox

    F*** Anonymous

  • rh21

    CTF? You're a serious loser…..

  • Not a Happy Gamer

    microsoft SOS !!!!!!!!!!!!! sony arent made for hardware, wat a joke! expect less ps3 adverts in the future. forget the ps4 if there wiith sony

  • Jazer

    is this for mw2 aswell ?

  • c.p.nguyen

    it seems like there just saying 2 days, then 1 week, and giving us dates JUST to delay the actual time for this psn to get back online. pretty SHADYYYY

  • tractoriukas

    sony still is gonna be the best. i wish is gonna be tomorrow

  • tristin

    i am no longer playing ps3, either for my birthday in a couple of days, or mid june. im getting n xbox. fuck ps3


    Just like sparkymurt said for gods sake tell us the date when it's going to be back up. But, then again you are the best sony make us proud and get it done.

  • Double A

    If Treyarch really cared they would help Playstation out with this situation by giving the new maps sooner and at a huge discount, if not free.

  • GAVnicuew


  • Assassin696

    Agreed bring the sony playstaion network back …hardcore CTF weak dude

  • So angry

    Well I must say yes this is a great gesture by Treyarch. They show love for PS3 players like me so in a way that is a great thing.
    Still Sony has yet to release an eta after saying it would be up by the end of the week it would be up. Yet another failed promise by Sony.

  • Sick of sony

    Double exp, who gives a shit? Get the psn back up, and stop lying and saying we are close, we are closer, we are in the final stages… Oh wait, it will be a few more days, I mean c'mon.

  • bernardo

    i might change 2 xbox 360 if psn wont go on =( (i hate xbox)

  • john

    if it werent for the qriocity/vidzone/bluray etc i would have jumped ship already, xbox just doesnt have enough to offer except for gaming and that aint enough, so its a case of hurry up and wait as per usual

  • Vince

    They have given us a date for PSN to return, on 4 separate occasions now. They've also passed all 4 of those dates, which pisses me off. I don't mind the PSN going down for 3 weeks if they could at least not lie 4 times and get my hopes up all the damn time.

  • jimmyjam

    im going to xbox

  • ssss

    you get use to it. xbox is pretty awesome the menu and party stuff is easier to control

  • Retards

    Lol at all the noobs here that think Treyarch has anything to do with the downtime.

  • anonymousatre

    its out already

  • Sony is full of “SHIT..!”


  • tillen


  • i want psn online

    fuck sakes tell us when playstation 3 is back online iv had enouth of you telling us lies

  • Sony is full of “SHIT..!”

    SHIT… SHIT… SHIT…!!!!

  • Auditore

    Why dont you do something worthwhile on your bday instead of stuck in on the ps3

  • Sony is full of “SHIT..!”

    There you go now iam feeling a little bit better now…. I just need to get that off my shoulder….

  • ChillinBudda

    no going back now, bought a used xbox360 unbanned and tricked out and got a bunch of games that i was actually going to buy for ps3 and got me a 3 month subscription
    heck i never new xbox360 can be so much fun
    really starting to like the community and the whole XBL setup
    i even have the new maps DLC for COD awesome
    Seriously fuck ps3 i already made a better investment with a company which i would say is pretty reliable…

  • Sony is full of “SHIT..!”

    It just feel good to say that…!

  • http://www.hotmail.com Xbox sucks

    Your a faggot ps3 is 200 times better than xbox so get a life and move out of your parents basement

  • Dbizzle

    lol your not to smart are ya, i have always been a xbox player ive had 360 for 5 years or so now and jus bought a ps3 maybe a year n half ago, and no questions about it hands down ps3 is WAAAAAAAAY better then 360! lol all around i still have a LIVE account but dont even like playing it, dont even compare to my ps3!! i stand by sony 100% even if they are taking for EVER to get back online…..guess we jus gotta be patient, itll be worth it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Layne-Alonzo-Power/1825112324 Layne Alonzo Power

    are u ivan from school

  • BigBoss

    Just what I should’ve expected from a trash company

  • dlloyd0102

    is life really so bad? every damn discussion thread for this topic has players saying their jumping ship. really? you need mp that bad? i mean go ahead, you're all doing us real gamers a favor by going to xbox. if all you do is play cod games, then you should be playing an xbox anyway.



  • http://www.hotmail.com Xbox sucks

    Uu guys need to stop being a faggot and do something instead of beinon a system 24/7.this is actully a good thimg becouse some of u might actully get a life and get some real friends

  • Glenn is stupid

    cod Cod ops.. Good one retard. You think your tough because you went out and "bought" an xbox and "cod Cod ops" no one cares about your faith. Your one loser thats gone form the PSN, and that isnt going to do much to sony.. granted there may be like 20,000 more people leaving OOOOOH that hurst so much, thats a huge dent out of the 75 million accounts active on PSN.

  • rumon

    have you got any proof on that :/ becuase i rang them up yesterday and they said it will definet be back on this week

  • ross

    wow ur stupid! its for online!!!!!!

  • peter

    chomp a chode

  • rumon

    its all about sd

  • PSN

    next tuesday

  • Julian

    For those of you saying that they want the map pack sooner, Treyarch cant do that. Activision is in a deal with Microsoft for timed exclusives through (I think) 2012 and if they broke the contract, they would get sued.

  • Naruto is Awesome!!!

    They should release the map packs at the same time both for the ps3 and 360
    the ps3 is more expensive than 360 but in a way your paying more for the 360 than the ps3 if you are paying for online use too
    Thumbs up if you think if its really unfair that map packs are released earlier for 360 than ps3



  • elc

    They've given us about 10 already…

    Tired of Sony's bullshit now.

  • Fantongiorgi

    you not paying for the service so i dont know why you are complainig, the paying is optional so stop crying about ,at least they are trying to do something to fix the problem and if u were smart enough you know it takes time if you want to do a good job so chill bro

  • John

    when you get an xbox tell me. So i can come to ur house an stab you

  • Brenan DesRosiers

    It isn't Treyarch's problem, im pretty sure I would rather not suffer from others. Sony doesn't care about their customers because they cant give an ETA for 17 days. Ludacris. I only use sony for a tv and editing software now, my PS3 is semi-useless and i could get an xbox on sale if i wanted. But I trust sony will resolve only because of their product quality and their rep, their security was outdated and that screwed them. Next time Sony, take better care of your products.

  • Greyfox777

    I have 2 ps3 and two black ops,that very same day the hackers wrecked stuff. I was out buying a third ps3 move bundlen pac,and a 52inch Sony flat screen tv.it was all for my birthday.was gonna host a black ops party..thanks Sony…….:I’m glad I could raise your stocks……o and I have two xbox360 just diein to get used

  • oliver

    well that was stupid, because you'd have to be thick to think an xbox is better that a ps3

  • Noobs

    blackops sucks so does 360 everybody who plays cod should go to 360. play the lamest game on the lamest system and move the hell on. Killzone FTW

  • Brenan DesRosiers

    Noob, go tell sony to slip some money to activision after 2012, stop complaining and get a job.

  • Not Anonymous

    i think the Anonymous hacker fags work for microsoft lol,no but for real sony i hope your building a new server and keep a better eye on things,not just hackers thak want to hack ur servers,but the butwhips that hack games useing things like aimbot,and all the dam gliches

  • unknown

    your an idiot i have both the 360 and Ps3 And still would i never sell my ps3 for a piece of crap 360

  • Matt

    i could give a rat's ass if it is going to be another 2 weeks before it is up, but for god's sake sony at least let us know instead of teelling us it will be up "in the next couple days" when it really will not be. People aren't mad that it is not up, people are mad that sony is handling this like it's a joke

  • Brenan DesRosiers

    What about the 20+mil people affected by the hack in terms of credit cards?

  • Brenan DesRosiers

    You get double XP per kill/objective

  • Nymphetamine

    true! you can never go wrong with Ps3, just give it time.

  • Brenan DesRosiers

    Microsoft and Activision are in a deal so unless you dont want to see any CoD games after BOps then I suggest you quit complaining.

  • jmoney

    sony wont say when, BECAUSE when they tell u it will be back on n 3 weeks u wil go BUY XBOX instead of WAITING 4 psn

  • Nymphetamine

    dont do it have patients!

  • Yung Locks

    Get ps3




    i have a ps3 and im now im going to sell it and buy and XBOX well done sony u lose customers

  • http://programers.com spider

    hi my name is spider a aka venom. considering the fatal server flaws and game flaws the game companys and sony them selves need this time to fix major flaws i mean u realy gonna let there gamers cheat and use exstra codes online. i play gt5 and im so sick of how room host pick your cars setting. this is cheating then they bragg that there better cous they practice being good with no pysics setting cous they dont know how to drive.in red dead redemtion players get auto kills and are stronger when they have gold guns this is somthing strait out of game genie. hint the reason psn got hacked were sick of u lil noobs that cheat and know nothing about games get a clue. SONY GET UR **** TOGHETHER .stop letting ppl cheat and choose other players options or just do away with them all toghether cous if u dont i im betting it will get hacked again.

  • Sony is full of “SHIT..!”

    I agree…!

  • tosspot

    Before you all slag Sony, remember who makes the operating system which has led to unprecedented levels of spyware, phishing, trojans, security updates, patches, anti-virus updates, anti-spyware updates, the list never ends. Don't tell me the Sony servers that were hacked were running MICROSOFT windows? Surely not

  • Chris

    you dont need a date for psn to be back up, it will just be another lie…

  • Anonymous.HACK XBOX

    I have already gone through 4 Xbox's including the "Elite" and all had to be sent in. Also the xbox ate my Oblivion disk 5 times ( i bought 5 separate disks because each one was irreparable) which Microsoft didn't replace. I used my warranty to buy my ps3 and have had no problem since the hacking. So i think ill just wait…

  • Sctsony

    By people leaving Sony does absolutely fuck all to Sony as they get all their money when you first purchase they don’t need any xbl kind of cash to keep them making money their money is made already every time Somebody turns on a new ps3 Sony cover all of their overheads and make cash on top too, xbox rely on Online players to be daft enough to pay the silly xbl membership costs !simples

  • Chris

    anonymous said they didnt do it. and sony was the one that cut off the psn anyways because of the hack

  • damian

    Lol nice one ,xbox is gay, im loyal to ps3

  • yankee doodle dumb

    you do realize that Treyarc announced they will give PSN users double xp as soon as we come back online…. idiot

  • onionknight

    no they wont waste thier time with something stupid like that

  • sponge-2000

    you announce the new black ops maps then it goes you should make treyarch pay to get stuff before sony you should pretend they get the maps first and not charge them……..if they get the maps first ask them if the can make halo for ps3 then……….please hurry up and psn back up

  • C-Law

    I was gonna save up for new Jordans.. But if it keeps going like this, might have to save up for a Xbox. I need something to do when im bored…

  • Amar7862214

    f u k i n been 2 weeks man c'mon soy you chat BEAR bull s h i t s

  • slykly

    double xp, what a joke. we get no xp now!

  • Arslan-Hud

    jus please tell usssss whennn psnnn will be back up !!!!!!!!!!! i wonna play online !!!!!!! i've been patient but come on

  • Arslan-Hud

    dnt do it

  • Ben Dover

    sony should know better than to keep this shit offline for over 2 weeks

  • george

    all i want to do is play ps3 online with friends

  • Steve

    I think psn should pay Treyarch to make us an exclusive mappack for black ops,and it should be free of charge for all the very dissapointed online gamers out there, this would definatley put a smile back on my face, and a good way to stick my fingers up at all the xbox360 gamers!!

  • Big Nates

    You tell 'em!!!

  • C-M

    Thats it SONY bring it on back home ! Im not to bothered if you don't get it online this weekend. For some people it was still Friday during today so maybe tomorow might have more luck ! Either way Keep going SONY. slow is smooth, smooth is fast. One thing i will raise Stop telling people ' PSN will be back up on so and so' and you guys don't :/ Playstation owners would respect you guys alot more for telling the truth even if you said it won't be back up till June. Yer we'd be pissed but cos you told us the truth we'd respect you alot more :) Good Luck SONY

  • sponge-2000

    dear sony you made me forget my f***ing password so now i carnt use one of my acounts the one that had all my stuff on…………….. if ive lost all my stuff im gonna save up for an xbox 360 cos if psn dont come back online ive lost some money………………………………… i HATE xbox 360 i only like it for halo…………………………….if ive lost my stuff i brought on psn store you need to give me a refund cos your pissing me off………………… i will use my bday money to by an xbox 360 slim elite……………………..the reson i got a ps3 is cos xbox is s*** i got a red light one red light so i bought a sp3 because i usest to LOVE playstation untill this hapen iver you tell us when its comi back or ill switch to xbox

  • douglas

    this date stuff that psn is giving us is stupid. when will psn come back up online. no one knows this because psn are just taking there time solving the problem. i think its pathetic that they have taken this long. my nan could have got it sorted out already with her eyes shut!!! just hurry up and put psn bk online or your going to loose most of your psn users.

  • ivan

    The only thing that is keeping me from bailing on the ps3 is the money i invested in the games. This is getting ridiculous, sjould have bought an xbox.

  • fuck off xbox

    this is a joke psn being down for 17 days now. it will come back stronger. and for all you guys going to xbox. did the same not happen to them a few years back so just goes to show psn was a harder network to crack over microsoft…………….. ps3 much better than xbox and always will

  • warriordude

    yeah have fun getting the RROD 50 million times. I DONT THINK SO BUDDY. Im not wasting $300 PLUS an additional $50 for an xbox when it will most likely get the RROD as soon as I turn it on or on the next day.

  • xbox sux

    they should give us the new dlc for free

  • BeAsT gbb

    ps3 is still better than xbox

  • BeAsT gbb

    ps3 is better than xbox

  • corey cossey

    to the guys that are buying a 360 because of this you are retarded its only been two weeks quite your bitching its going to be up soon dumb ass so stop fucking being retarded jus t cuz you havent played online for two weeks

  • logical gamer

    stop tradin ps3 in for xbox thats what the hackers want you wouldnt trade a ferrari for a nissan micra just because it ran out of lpetrol and you couldnt afford any for a couple of weeks. hope that gives you some perspective on the matter. when a console is pulling stunts tlike paying for early releases on map pack that seems like the last dying efforts of a console that knows it beat, i love u playstation and am not thickle like some users you do some great services which r u not chraging monthly fees its not like they wanted to be hacked. and you really got ask self the question to why these hackers have done this could it be console warfare???

  • why buy a 360

    you are such a dumb ass why would you do that fag

  • http://www.yahoo.com Hitler rape Anon

    The Sony employees should be fired and force PSN back online and demand to Anonymous pigs not allow to play PS3, XBox, Wii, and computer for ever. All those PS3, XBox, Wii, and computers are not belong to dirty Anonymous pigs.

  • Crooklyn

    PS3 is Free , plus xbox has too many little kids , annoying little brats , free free free and or did I say free , sony ill be waiting , but hurry the f. Up before I end up in jail for beating up these xbox bratts , peace

  • warriordude

    dont because you will probably regret it later. If you want to get an xbox, fine, butttt good luck dealing with RROD 50 million times. BTW, I had 2 shitbox 360's and I gotta say, LIVE REALLY SUX and I went through probably 25 RROD, then I went back to Sony. BTW you know how ps3 gets the YLOD, well when I first bought my ps3 in 2007, I had that baby for a good 3 years before I got the YLOD. So dont switch to the shitbox 360 unless you wanna waste hundreds of dollars on another xbox, and another one, and then another one after that. You can save hundreds with the PS3. I NOW HAVE a 120 gb ps3 slim and its still working perfectly since 1 year and 2 months ago when I bought it in March 2010.


    good one ^^

  • Psn rocks xD

    Double xp? Thats not worth it for this downtime I’d expect something like triple xp for a a day or two I think

  • logical gamer

    i love the way people think ps owe them something for s ervice we are all getting for free

  • gerge


  • Charlie Maxwell

    Get AN xbox you illiterate child

  • osama

    Calm down big guy

  • jhon

    OMG!! iam missing my friends on R2!!

  • Tyreke Alaqe

    you are so wrong Sony is taking so long because they DO care about their customers and they want to make sure this never happens again. June 10th GET REAL just looked on the Customer SUpport it didnt say nothing

  • mike

    i will never own a xbox for i am a playstation guy i can remember when my cousin bought a xbox 360 and he bought it and brought it home and hooked it up and it caught on fire

  • jshaw

    you mean fagbox

  • guest

    well srry buddy but they are already on xbox. noob

  • xboxfanboy5

    Dude get xbox. i have the new slim since it came out no problems what so ever.Also to warrior dude, i had the xbox since it first came out never rrod once and problems.

  • /20110507/when-psn-back-up-online-expect-double-xp/ bernet

    i might stop being sony fan.Cuz i im sick of psn being down 4 2 weeks and i get bored.Come on sony tell us wen it will be back online 4 once.

  • JOE


  • xboxfanboy5

    srry but the company is public and he is not the ceo any more so get on your facts.

  • Beast24

    for god sakes give us a friken date…. its sooo frustrating!!! but still SONY is wayyy bettter then gay Xbox

  • xboxfanboy5

    well microsoft made a deal with activision for the map packs to come out for xbox for 3 years so srry that would be breach of contract.

  • xboxfanboy5

    well microsoft has a contract with activision

  • Wow Nerds.

    Go outside. Play a sport. Go for a walk.

  • xboxfanboy5

    yes it did but we got a date of when systems were coming back online not any of this shit playstation is saying we where told stroght up about the sitiuation .

  • hhhh

    wrong company.

  • BoredGirl

    If i could use the xbox controllers i would go to xbox but unfortunately the controllers are horrible. F ucking sony!! surely they could put online gaming features back on and change password first thing, that wouldnt take over 2 weeks! then they can conentrate on the sequrity sides of things. F ucking rediculous. The nothing better than playing Black ops when your bored or after a long day of school. B ull S hit if you ask me. Hurry up sony. I dont think anyone would mind if you just told us a date and stuck to it. People are going to xbox's because you are f ucking every psn user about. Xboxers are laughing at you. How can any ps3 gamer defend sony now after this. SONY YOU HAVE SOME MAKING UP TO DO TO ALL YOUR GAMERS! Fair enough its free to play but thats where you get all of your customers. Maybe if we had to pay to go online people would have gone to xbox alot sooner than they all ready have. Sony… You should know better!

  • Joe

    yo you know you can do combat training offline right?
    go onto multiplayer
    split screen
    put enemier on :)
    only works for team deathmatch and free for all
    but at least you can try the new maps :)

  • Joe

    we dont know they didnt
    one things for sure they are one hell of a suspect!

  • Grow a Brain

    its not like they are not giving u a date to piss u off, they are doing it because they dont know whn it will be back up and if they gussed then they know tht everyone would slate them for not sticking to it

  • I wont tell you

    well you can get a XBOX 360 on your birthday. Thats your present. Run around the house saying (take that you stupid sony)

  • Tai

    So what buy membership and lose money+spend $30 or more 4 black opps

  • whats YOUR name?

    Imagine if Microsoft got hacked, then which console do we play? Wii? No way Wii to ps3 or xbox360 is like comparing atari to ps2

  • Bour ne mouth

    Surely you mean PATIENCE.

  • Bour ne mouth

    Shoulder? You mean chest.

  • cmon ps3

    cmon, june 10th, the hack couldn't have been that bad.

  • TopShot

    hey my birthday was april 27th i was so pissed off lol.

  • hateu

    have fun both my 360 broke in under six months. all of my friends are on their 3rd or 4th, at least.

  • Bour ne mouth

    Yes of course it "caught on fire" lol

  • hateu

    you site admin sucks post it sometime today idiot

  • Maria

    THANK YOU Treyarch!
    It's an awesome detail you're kind enough to give us Double XP.

    we have been extremely patient, and I have to say that I appreciate you guys are working hard on getting PSN back up, but please, give us an specific date. It's the least you can do.

  • tre

    they should give ps3 users the new map pack for free after all this

  • pacho

    Nothing has really happened with the cc's yet, besides we are insured up to 1 million bucks

  • johnny

    well at least we get free psplus for moth when its bak up and that means we get a bunch of free stuff also some games.

  • Man Of Common Sense

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAaaa!!!!!!!!!! IT’S SOOO FUNNY!!!!! HOW FAGBOX FANBITCHES ARE PRETENDING TO BE PS3! XD … and if some of them are they are retarded and have 0 common sense, will most likely be the first to go in the apocolypse, and we won’t have to worry about their dumb asses ^_^

  • Man Of Common Sense

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAaaa!!!!!!!!!! IT’S SOOO FUNNY!!!!! HOW FAGBOX FANBITCHES ARE PRETENDING TO BE PS3 TO CONVERT (faggotize/moronize) US! XD … and if some of them are, they’re retarded and have 0 common sense, will most likely be the first to go in the apocolypse, and we won’t have to worry about their dumb asses ^_^

  • marcel

    the should give us the new black ops map packs for free

  • coming soon enough!

    they cannot/will not give a date because they have to first find a way to block out any type of intrusion!! the honest truth is they DON'T KNOW an exact date because they have multiple security firms trying to everything they can to crack the new form of security they create.. until it becomes a seemingly impenetrable system again they will have to continue working on their security and testing it to make sure its up to standards…so just be patient!

  • You’re an idiot

    [email protected] everyone nerd raging and selling their PS3s “OMFG THIS IS BULLSHIT THAT THE SYSTEM IS DOWN!!!!! No other system has EVER gone done!!!! Blahagahrghrgrhrg nerd rage /sell ps3!!!” you guys over react a bit

  • mike

    surely you know that a year and a half ago or so the same thing happened with xbox however microsoft did not take the servers down endangering everyones credit card details ! if anything im glad im with sony as they want to look after us

  • WolvesFC

    wats the point of gewin on about getting a date it will be bk on wen its fixed u muppets

  • TheAceKannon

    Seriously, ANYBODY who says "OMG, GO BUY AN XBOX cuz PS sucks" or "See, this is why I'm gonna sell my PS3 for an Xbox now"…..do u honestly see how much of a life u DO NOT have? U cannot play online for a few weeks, now suddenly its like u just go spend 250 bucks on a system just to play a game that ur gonna replace in a few months anyway? GEEZ! I'm keeping my playstation. YES, this PSN delay is pissing me off also. BUT, I also know how to go outside nd play sports, watch tv, or play games offline or with a friend locally.

    Seriously guys, u ppl selling ur PS3's are ridiculous. Go ahead…..buy an Xbox. The PlaystationNation. Doesnt need u.

  • fffff

    omg psn com on atleast be up before the next weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • igetslifted

    Where's the loyalty? Your home team loses one game and you switch schools and cheer for the rival? PS3 is a better system hands down and you all know it. Not like they were hacked by girl scouts, this was Anonymous. You cry babies will back on the PS3 as soon as they're up and you know it. F**K XBOX!!!

  • Jhan

    For how much hey traded in ur ps3 for an xbox 360….

  • xfactor

    they did…it was last week

  • brandon

    psn better work soon!!! im not mad enough to swith to xbox360 because it is bad. they should have triple xp week and a cool map just for ps3.

  • BigBob

    What are they losing besides a few game sales? You already bought the PS3 and games and the online game play is FREE!!! Damn all you fools that sold your PS3 to get an Xbox, you guys sure showed them! You showed them! Your all going to come back to PS3. Why do you think you already have a PS3 and not a Xbox? It is because you like PS3 more!!!

  • BigtimeGamer

    They should DEFINITELY do a double points week for this. It is sort of Sony's fault some what for not making their own security as good as it could be. You pay so much for the system that it really should have good internet security, but then again you also have to think about how Xbox live costs monthly and Psn doesn't. Hopefully they make up for it besides the month of exclusive psn membership. I don't remember much being on that, but I will definitely look into it.

  • Detroitlions=#1

    I AGREE!!!!!

  • The Hairy Mammoth

    xbox here i come

  • connor

    they are giving us the maps earlier :)

  • Redd

    Could care less about CoD. Piece of crap game for gamers with no skills at all. As for PSN, just give us a F* date. Truly, I don't care if its in August, JUST GIVE ME A DATE that you're PRETTY CERTAIN(I kno no date is 100%) it'll be up by so I can KNOW when to be EXPECTING it to be up.

  • Dodododo

    Ok so I’m getting sick of t his I hate playing black ops by myself zombies is getting boring I want Online back pleease Sony please

  • dandy

    wow went to the pawn shop to get rid of my ps3, they wouldn't take it cuz they had a few that came in during the week, He said if i had a xbox he would get it, he didn't know anything about the psn till someone who traded their ps3 for an xbox told him. I wasn't trying for an xbox, just needed some xtra cash. Finally found a pawn shop that would take it, didn't get what i wanted $365 for a 80gb,8games, two controllers,hdmi cables,head set, still had all the manuals,in the box, av cables,charging cables,and one small keyboard. i spent over $1000. Does not look good for sony good luck sony.

  • Sony sucks

    Dear Sony,
    Can u please suck it so fucking hard……

    Best Wishes,

  • Wat

    lol @ all the faggots selling their ps3′s because of this.
    Get a life.

    Ps, there will be less fggts on psn now too. Wins all round

  • Inferno1321(PSN ID)

    If any of u really think that the xbox is better thats rediculous i have had my ps3 for over 3 years now and an xbox for a while now and i understand that all of u think Sony is retarded for not giving us a date but reall thats only because they dont want to give u a date and then not be able to get it up on that date and even more people get pissed off…..

  • dododod

    what the heck sony im getting mad about this i might get an xbox cause im getting mad you keep saying it will be back up by a certain date and it a lie its crap and im sick of it you better be back up by the end of next week or by by sony

  • nathan says fuck Xbox

    A: ps3 is better no RROD

    B: xbox you have to pay for online and graphics are like Ps2 graphics

    C: Sony gos all out on there games and systems and computer and tV

    D: almost everything I have is ran by Sony and its badass

    E: Sony needs to get there shit straight seriously lied like 8 times bout fucking dates and nothing so just give us an actual date so these Xbox fuck faces can shove there dick up there ass because PS3 is the fucking shit bitch.

  • dododod

    xboxfanboy5 is xbox good at all though? have you ever tried ps3? its cool but i hate wats going on im mad and i want to be online im thinking bought switching to xbox it seems way better….

  • ganstaaa

    ya right back at ya

  • harvey

    What does double xp mean it might be a stupid question but o well

  • harvey

    Sorry I can’t a little kid and play all day get over it

  • ganstaaa

    psn better be on because im getting sick of all this no oline i need my blackops and homefrort or xbox is way better

  • dewdman

    All the sony fan boys and all the ignorant xbox people need to stop this stupid tiraid. Who really gives a shiznazzle. Look sell ur ps if youre dying to go online for cod. Believe it or not the body runs on O2 not an internet connection. While i own a ps3 i too am upset but about all this but you have to wait it out…honestly im glad people are selling their ps…only because thats less idiots on cod…i get it youre too young or fat to be putting it in a lady and playing this game

    makes you feel like someone. However if you wanna buy an xbox pay for online and find out theres nothing different go ahead. Im not going to go into a real gamer spree..but just know that before online existed games too did exist and…contrary to what you may think a good 90% still work offlibe.

  • john

    all my freinds chaged to xbox so im all alone with my ps3. im going sunday to change over, what can i say i want to play.

  • harvey

    I’ll tell you this if this is a stunt to get some more revenue a lot of customers are going to be lost

  • ganstaaa

    true that

  • patient ps3 guy

    people calm down,they are doing what they can to fix psn but dont blame them blame the hackers and all these whiny assholes that are leaving ps3 for an xbox like a milion ppl said before me less whiny bitches on psn and more on xbox so sony wins anyway and if sony doesent care why the fuck do they even bother fixing it then

  • ganstaaa

    yo this sucks

  • Anthony

    To all you people who are saying you want to sell your ps3 and get a 360 because online has been down 17 or 18 days i laugh at you. What kind of lives do you live that you have to be online all the time. It's kinda sad really you must all have no social lives and play online 8-10 hours a day to actually even consider selling a console to get a diff console just to get back online and play COD a couple days sooner. The game is not even THAT great. Go to a party, hang with some friend's, go on a date, just do normal things to occupy yourself while you wait for online to return. Plus it saves gas money not going to sell and buy a new console. AND PSN IS FREE!!

  • Johnnyis

    I thought you were dead :O (xD that mean I love your name)

  • NailZ


  • NailZ

    ……NOT!?!! LOL

  • Ps3 is still amazing

    Are you kidding me? you're going to sell your ps3 for like $150 and get an xbox for at least 400 for the system, live, and games all because psn is down for a few weeks? I'm actually kinda happy that it is down for this long because now it will come back and it probably won't be hacked again for a long long time. Plus, while you waste your money buying some of your games again for a whole new system with lesser graphical capacity and an oh so special online experience, I am able to take a break from videogames and also get a few platinums in my games. Oh, and before I forget, xbox got hacked 2 years ago and was down for 2 weeks, except as far as I know, they didn't offer 1 million dollar insurance for free like sony has done.

  • 194jrcd

    Do you know the good thing about the PSN being down?
    It is sorting through all the whining bitches, and making room for an actual good community.
    It's pathetic that some people can't go without COD for 3 weeks.
    Ps3 has a lot of games that you can play offline, and they are great. Just bear with Sony.

  • http://twitter.com/truesaffa @truesaffa

    i dont think sony cares u sold ure xbox. the person who bought it just replaces u. im truly dissapointed in sony…truly.

  • Shauny

    Ha how is ps3 much better than xbox

  • lee

    i take it your crap at cod then don't talk rubbish

  • Eddie

    As many others, I too have decided to switch to Xbox. The misinformation we have been given by Sony, thats a nice way to say lying to you, has caused me to take the plunge and spend the money. FOR THE RECORD, I am not either a twelve year old kid who is whining, or someone who has no life except to play video games. I realize the breach was not entirely Sonys fault, but the way Sony has handled it since are far from perfect. The token gifts they have offered are far too little to have me stay. The main thing everyone has been asking all along is GIVE US A EXACT DATE IT WILL BE TURNED ON. Don't see how that is confusing, but yet the drama continues. Everyone continues to be strung along for a week, then another week, and now probably more to come. Sony the online play is what everyone wants back.

  • John

    pretty sure sony just have no bloody idea what they are doing except getting worse at lying!

  • killhunter101

    will it be on or not come on iam on lev.49 and prestege 8

  • ps3yayoutubeishname

    get a correct grammar

  • IH8Morons

    Seriously people need to get a life. So what you haven't been able to play your precious Call of Duty online for a couple weeks. Would you idiots rather have Sony put it back up before it's ready which may cause troubles down the road or wait a couple extra days and have it up good to go for good? Seriously everyone who says they're getting rid of their PS3s to get an Xbox seriously needs to get a social life…

  • Kamikaze

    17 days isn't even that bad calm the hell down. atleast ps3 users don't have to pay for their online service. it will be back up, not being able to play online for a month isn't worth crying about and neither is spending $200 on a x-box.

  • Bigcbigone

    what about DC playes

  • Yourmomsvaj

    So you calling yourself a fagget?! you're a major idiot!

  • mad @ sony

    if ps3 dosnt come on bye the end of the month im switching back 2 360… i love ps3 but this is too far, but when their back up i *MIGHT* switch back

  • chris

    for god sakes guys. playstation is just trying to make the security better then ever so but you adicts cant handle a few weeks without psn. i only get on to rent movies and play a couple of games so if you have to go and pay 300 dollars for a xbox because you are going through withdrawl then im sorry but that is pathetic. Do you really think they chose to be hacked. NO. so why dont you go get a life while you can because the second that psn comes back up you will be glued to your tv for days and that is a promise.

  • critter536

    screw the double xp screw the free content and music ……….just prestige me to level 15 ….ill be happy lol

  • wretchedlife

    mag is a way better game then cod will ever be. mag is for the serious single person shooter games. you have too play too get anywhere instead of getting everything for minimal work on cod. better maps, longer rounds more objectives real gamers play mag

  • Bravo

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! GET THE NETWORK BACK UP! My Ps3 is about as useful playing games offline as a cellphone with no cellular service. I’m not buying an shitbox but wtf!!!

  • Kobe

    microsoft has never royally effed up like sony did probably because the people working for microsoft have more experience than the people working for sony on handling security issues and whatnot. I too bought a 360 but i didnt sell my ps3 but damn i am lovin the 360 interface; its cleaner and simpler not to mention the controller just feels way better.
    I approve people buying a 360 for the reason that the people behind the ps3 just cant get their shiet together

  • anonymous

    ur all a bunch of crying little girly man …. dont expect network up anytime soon ….. n when psn is back up anonymous is taking down again cause they can

  • ThOmMiE

    Thats what I tought when I first heard of this

  • Kobe

    I approve

  • Guest

    I may have Xbox and Wii, but my PS3 gets 95% of my playtime. Wii is great for parties, but I just don't know what Xbox is good for. It's good for shelling out monthly to play online to Bill "Gay"tes. What a fuckin' crook. I will always be loyal to PSN, because the online gaming is better. Yeah PSN may have been hacked, but Xbox Live has had it's share of down time. Gamers may say Xbox is better, but it has the same lagging problems as PS3. So all of you die hard Xbox owners, fuck off!!!

  • guest

    shidd when it come back online they should give away all the new map packs for free 2 for the black ops!!!!

  • http://ihate.co.com iHateAllThtExist

    ok let me set things straight, PS3 vs XBOX = PS3 double the users and better. xbox is full of bitching crying 12 year old babies. i been with psn since the 1st hour the ps3 came out and they have been really good. so people stop crying about psn and go out have fun, get sum pusssyyy!!! then in no time it will be back on cuz when u dont think about it the time flies by..with all respectz!!
    and if u have a question or comment send it to my email. [email protected]

    x——– iHate

  • Sony Lover

    well your an idiot Sony does actually care for it's customers more than you think. They want their online systems to be near perfect when it comes to hacking it so thats why they are takes so long so fix it. And you cant give date on when it's going to come back online because problems arise every step they take to fix it.

  • Ridiculous

    The only thing ridiculous is your spelling

  • Man Up

    How the hell did Sony make you forget your password? How about you write down all your important passwords and store them in a safe place like any human with half a brain would do? Maybe you should ask mommy for double the birthday money this year so you can buy a clue along with your wackbox 360…lmao.

  • I like to play

    I just dont like how SONY isn't being straight foward with us. I would just like a stupid date already. Hopefully this is over soon…

  • eTROLLga

    Xbox users seem to forget PS3 has other features besides playing games.
    Music, HD DVD player, netflix, etc.

    Those enticed me to get a PS3, plus free service.

  • jonesy

    psn sucks now…. i lost all respect , i really don't care about playing online anymore I'd rather bitch about sony on these websites….im not even joking

  • ????

    Can't we just get along. I am a PS3 user and I like it, but I am not going to sell it and buy a Xbox just because the system is down. I will have to say though I am not saying Xbox is bad or anything, I've played Xbox before and i thought it was okay not bad or anything just the same as PS3. So can't we just get along and say that they are both the same. Well can't we. They are just for entertainment, lets not start a war over which one is better.

  • daza95

    hurry up sony come on 3 weeks thts just to far hurry up or im gonna move to xbox 360 in a couple of days so fuck u


    Why don't you iliterate a**holes use this network downtime to freshen up on your lousy grammar and use of puncuations. My 5 year old nephew can speak better than any of you d*****bags. For God's sake, go outside and get some fresh air or better yet, open a book and improve on your abysmal vocabulary. The network will be up and running when it's up and running. Have fun with your xbox and have fun paying to play online. The way you idiots articulate is an embarrassment to the PS3 faithfuls.

  • http://www.youtube.com/TheSnippeezz123 daza95

    ffs! hurry up sony

  • warriordude

    yeah i think thats wat he meant

  • didurmom

    Wrong, you pay for the system, knowing the service is free. Therefore you pay for the service. Cocksucker.

  • ps3 rules

    ur such a fanboy and u hve to pay to be online NOOB!!

  • James

    Get a life and stop complaining about a FREE service. If you are that hard pressed to play online then go out and but a XBOX and hate yourself for shelling out $300 for a system that has many flaws within itself. Since tomorrow is Mother's Day try and spend the time you are worrying about the PSN being down, call your Mother and tell her you love her. Losers get a life…

  • Jamal

    its for call of duty black ops

  • lamar

    dude relly

  • Some Random Dude

    I pawned my Xbox for 3 grams of meth.

  • osleepy

    just to let all u guys know xbox got hacked in 2007 as well, its just these hackers are more experienced, anyone who has traded in their ps3 are all faggots get a life, it wont be that long, i aint paying extra 80$ per year cause of some stupid hackers, i think everyone should just get a life

  • Some Random Dude

    I mean PS3.
    I only got a gram and a half for the Xbox.

  • Swaggerwagon

    its not the end of this week, you fail

  • alex

    Sony lost so many users…..for real

  • noob

    look i´ll wait til the end of times if thats necessary, but, OMG, im really tired of waiting, F—, c´mon sony hurry the hell up, -_-"

  • usmc

    patience is a virtue, i will wait it out and not concede to the xbox. but a month of free psn plus and a cheap ass game is not going to be a enough. that was made to us when it wasa suppose to be online a week ago then we should get something else for the last one where they said it would be up this weekend, so boom something else is needed now the next date????

  • John

    Me too

  • THUGKILLERfication

    now thats what i call real talking bro


    if you get a current xbox it doesn't RROD, stupid. although the money for live is pretty expensive…

  • guest01

    Wow, you're really in your feelings right now. Think about your comment (and how to use your and you're). What does owning a ps3 and xbox have anything to do with living in someone's parents basement? shouldn't this be directed at you and others as well complaining about the outage? Perhaps…and I'm just saying– maybe YOU need to get a life and stop using that ridiculous f-word. So uncalled for.

  • THUGKILLERfication

    then wait be patient is not like is the end of the world.only a video game addict would trade there ps3 for an xbox.

  • person


  • THUGKILLERfication

    every body xbox sucks doesnt have blu-ray,good controllers,free online and it has g-a-y games no offense

  • mee

    i feel bad 4 u

  • hiiii

    ps3 is trash and dont lie u also knw it

  • Jckon

    "When will it be back up?" Obviously they are working on it, they want it up faster than us. They are losing money everyday its down. If you want half ass the fix they you oviously don't get the issue at hand. I'd rather them fix it right and take 3 weeks then 2 months down the road, they get hacked again, then yet again another shut down for PSN.

  • SHanghai

    It went down on my birthday, the day I finally got it back from my sibling after several months. Kindly cease your moaning.

  • johno

    the only reason sony told us that it would be up by the weekend so we didnt go n buy xboxs on saturday

  • Monique

    When did "x" become a vowel?

  • johno

    go n buy xboxs no one cares with your idle threats youll be back after the first Rrod, gates must be behind this, first time comment about the sagga as it doesnt bother me tomuch but dcxwarrior misses cod anyways sony give us adate i knw u will cop flack if it doesnt go ahead on that date but it couldnt be as bad as wat u r recieving now ps everyone on psn giv me $1 an ill catch the pasty skin nerds n chop there lil hacky fingers off ha

  • Jake

    Why waste your money playing xbox for a month or a year or play for free on PLaystation forver :)

  • http://YOUTUBE.COM PSN PLZ =)


  • http://YOUTUBE.COM PSN PLZ =)

    sony you just lost a big spender

  • Monique

    Are you seriously that lost without online play for a few weeks? Get on single player mode and win the trophies you haven't gotten. Goodness, I've never seen and read so much complaining in my life, and people say women nag and complain more.

  • Monique

    For goodness sakes, something you don't even pay for has been down for a little over 2 weeks. Play single player mode and win the trophies you haven't won or do co-op with your real-life friends. Tired of all this whining and talk about all this nonsense about trading PS3's for an Xbox (which would be the most terrible mistake financially, and intelligence wise). And I thought us women complained and nagged about stupid stuff.

  • STIG

    They bloody better. And Treyarch better come up with the goods as well! Those f#**en hackers had to just get credit card details, and address', also their name on the paper for WHAT??? I am not that angry it's just that this is really inconvenient because it's one of the only ways besides calling them every day or sending a letter that I can contact my friends.

  • ahmed

    does anyone her now when its coming bak

  • http://facebook.com ahmed


  • Good commenter

    This is crazy, the whole PSN network is down, many people have had their information stolen and published and we are talking about whether or not we can have double XP on Black Ops? Look at the big picture. Oh who am I kidding, I wondering if I was gonna get double XP…

  • Matt

    My PS3 is nothing more than a shiny decoration by my TV. I bet it didn't take sony this long to design and manufacture PS3 from scratch. Thanks sony by forcing people lose their trust on you

  • why

    why hackers why . band them from playing ps3 for rest of year

  • ps3-insane

    hang in there guy,dont go to the dark side…lol

  • ps3

    your dumb to switch

  • Cory

    To all you gamers bitchin’ about PS3 is better than XBox and vise-versa , you really need to get a life.

    I bought both systems because I knew someone was gonna f-up somewhere down the line. If it wasn’t Red Ring of Death, then it’s some other BS.

  • bnq;ovh n fufuffrf

    I know many people will thumbs down my comment when i say this. But i am starting to think of going back to xbl. i used to play xbl all the time then switched. I really like psn but if they got hacked once it could probably happen again and it could be down longer. But im still choosing for now.

  • Acool Kidd

    thats because the xbox people are rich douches who want to spend their money so that their players have a much better time playing… or u could wait a month and not pay for online, i think i will do the wait a month a play online free thank you very much


    HAHAHAHA this PSN being down really makes me think what this world is coming to. If you people have nothing better to do than complain about a VIDEO GAME than I feel sorry for you losers. Get a life and live a little. Get out of your parents basement and see what other things you could be doing besides rotting away. People like you make me hate the human race and I'm glad that the network is down. Go ahead and dislike my comment and bash it in anyway it wont hurt my feelings because in the end i know i have a life and the last thing I need to worry about is when I can play Call of Duty again!

  • This Sucks

    I've been signing in hoping that psn is back up and… "PLAYSTATION NETWORK IS CURRENTLY UNDERGOING MAINTENANCE" …………… **** THAT

  • hgf

    Dodo ur an idiot

  • HAHA

    your just a Xbox seller. xbox is using this as a great sale opportunity

  • Irfan

    Wow.. People Around Here Really Pissed Off.. I actually Don’t Care Much About PSN Going Down.. Coz, My Internet Is Slow.. So It Doesn’t Really Mean That Much. Plus, What’s With the Fanboys?

  • Mr. Awesome

    I just want the PSN back up so i can watch my Netflix. My Playstation won't run Netflix without it i have heard other people can run it without it but its just my luck that it doesn't work. Are points seriously that important to people? C'mon they are just video games. I won't switch to X-Box.

  • JrCrashIsAlmighty

    you ppl need to stop freakin whining. you act as if sony wanted this to happen. of course what happened is retarded and yes, sony employees are acting useless when it comes to getting psn back up. but think about it, if you ran a company as large as sony, you would care more about the safety of the information it holds more than the consumer. if the system was to be breached and information was corrupted or compromised you'd lost a lot of money and no one would want that. get off their backs already for christ sakes. and yeah sony hurry the fudge up, i have a cod video to make


    Seems pretty obvious SOME people have a bug in their head….

  • Jerk

    Here's A Tip if U Want PSN to go Back Online. Don't JAILBREAK!

  • ashfoxx

    Happy Almost Birthday! lol

  • ashfoxx

    Wow, your BOTH stupid! No.

  • Get_Psn_Up_Now

    Your exactly right, because if Sony comes out saying that they dont know when it will be back online people will go and by a xbox instead of waiting for say 2 more weeks.


    u no what ill give sony until friday if its not back up im sorry sony but im gonna get an XBOX i dont want to but i want to play online

  • Darkassassin1053

    Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember this one thing
    Remember, nothing is true when one door closes
    Where other men are limited by morality or law, another will open.
    Remember, everything is permitted. never look down
    We work in the dark to serve the light. on others who will
    We are assassins. rise to the occasion.

  • not important

    I think it is sad that all you people are getting a little pissy that psn is down and now you getting desperate enough to go and waste your money on an xbox. I have a PS3 and yes im irritated that they are down still. it is also sad that u can tell how many of you really do just sit on your ass and play online 24/7

  • Use your head much?

    You idiots that want a cod map for this do you know Sony doesn’t make cod? Also do you know its rated M for mature you 6 year old pricks… You accepted the terms of service that said this could happen grow up… There is. Thing called the sun outside… Yes I said outside try it and quit shunning.. G get a x box so psn can be dumb shit free

  • Jorn

    I'm sick of waiting! I'm getting an Xbox 360 tomorrow! SONY are a bunch of liars and the PSN is unreliable. I guess its true that you get what you pay for.

  • bob

    Damn Sony get your shit together and hurry the fuck up!!!

  • Nature FTW

    I hope xbox live goes down next. Everyone will emerge from their houses, realizing that all their network friends live across the street. Let's fight obesity America, go outside for a week!

  • lol

    story made me giggle

  • Team Sleep

    I like how you make fun of him for his grammar, then turn around and fuck up like an idiot. "Your one loser thats gone form the PSN, and that isnt going to do much to sony.. granted there may be like 20,000 more people leaving OOOOOH that hurst so much". Lmfaoooooooo

  • 510AkMob

    if they dont bring psn back up next week a ma sell my Pshit3 and buy a xbox 360 so kuld stop waiten for these F****s lazy work and so i kuld start enjoying playing online……even tho this f****s probably haded comin because they have a lack of work because those m***a f*****n no life hackers culdnt or dint hack xbox microsoft could probably they knew it was 2 much protection in the microsoft company….so thats y am decide 2 to go 2 xbox instead of Pshit3 that way i dont have 2 worry about they gettin hacked and f**k up the xbox live……………..

  • peeeeeeeter

    haha good one real original

  • Dave

    mate they already gave us a few dates ok?

  • 510AkMob

    always givin supposely "hopes up" but us game players dnt want no updates…wat we want is a f****n date when psn will be back up but no a probably but a an exact date of restoration of the network.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    lol cod cod ops

  • Dave

    You calm down

  • Dave

    shh please

  • xbox eats penis

    B.Os the best!

  • Best News Ever!

    omg i never thought the psn going down would be such a good thing! Just think… no more retarded little kids cryin over shit.. they all went to xbox! SCHWEET!!!

  • Yamato_Yousei

    As someone who has been with Playstation since the 90′s release , i’ve been quite satisfied with their products. I am an RPG & fighting gamer for the most part and only use PSN for BlazBlue , MvC2 etc. This continued delay in the network is indeed killing my need to bust up people but i’m not trashing my system for two reasons: First is that it out performs Xbox360 in terms of functionality and is actually functioning as a replacement computer for me right now [ yes i'm typing from it ] Second , my Xbox360 has been dead for some time due to red ring & I wouldn’t be able to pay for live anyways. Only thing I can do is wait so . . . let us see how much longer we get pushed back , hm? I’m downloading & watching anime or listening to music on this HDD until we get a true confirmation. I mean IF we get one that is. Damn hackers just HAD to attack when Arcana Heart 3 comes out for PSN <.<

  • peeeeeeeter

    stfu! just kiddin bro lol luv ya ;)

  • peeeeeeeter

    ive had my ps3 like since it first came out and no YLOD

  • Kaleb

    i just dont understan why it would take them more then a week to fix let alone 17+ days i have a ps3 and xbox so i finaly got a 3 mounth thing of xbox live and have put my ps3 in the cornder do halo reach here i come ps3 hope to see u soon

  • WTF

    Are you guys really that helpless that you can’t go for three week without having fucking video games to the extremities of having to spend $300 dollars to play on a system that sucks. Come on you fcking lazy asses get off the couch and get a life.

  • http://www.facebook.com XXsonz


  • Mikey

    F*ck it, I give up. Screw you sony. Now i will look into building that desktop I always wanted to play games. Pc gaming here i come. I already know a couple of people that are willing to buy my ps3. Sony has to be one of the dumbest company out there. leaving us in the cold for such a long time with nothing but stupid and useless updates on the matter. Had a 360 but the red ring was bound to happen… Now it's time to face the facts. CONSOLE GAMING SUCKS!

  • 17 Days -.-

    Come on sony, its been 17 days, you haven't realised any info on when its gonna be back, i bought a new game thats only really for online on the day it went out. -.-

  • Green Hornet

    I'm staying with Sony no matter what happens BITCH!!!!

  • http://www.ivnation.weds.com Jack

    xbox is way more user friendly, we get hd which is enough, we get the better accesories and most of all our server dont go down :D

  • whyloard

    Xbox 360 will always be the best no matter what sony does i use ps3 for my daughters food tray



  • snnake3334

    Do u guys realize that it looks like this was all planned, there’s is no way that sony, (being one of the biggest companies), didn’t realize that SOE WAS HACKED, they just didn’t announced it at first so that they would have an excuse to buy them more time, they just mentioned one of the attacks and then said “oh everything will be working as normal within a week”, then they kept the announcement of the second attack until they realized that they wouldn’t be done with their job, COME ON SONY BE HONEST WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS!!

  • Lewii

    All you CoD nerds, GET HOMEFRONT.

    And why would we sell our ps3 to get a gay XBOX.

  • chillleddoutgamerrr

    everyone juss chill… who cares if sony got all your information taken from the hackers, credit card info taken, log in info , etc… sony is not reliable and 360 is a sureee way to go, you have to pay but who cares? hackers take more money than you pay for for live.. at least yur info isnt stolen and microsoft has like 35 firewalls incase someone tries to hack it, microsoft is wayyyyyyy more reliable.. yu get through the first firewall and a FBI agent would be at yur doorstep to bust a cap in ur ass… end of story microsoft is the WAY TO GO

  • Apache_warrior

    Come on sony i wanna play some socom i got all the weaps mods up iam running out of thing to do…….. just fix it so we can play no more lies and dates you cant keep. all you ps3 users who went to xbox good luck with that enjoy. paying for a game you bought to play online.

  • CJ17

    fck sake Sony, im not going to get an Xbox, or sell my PS3. But im sick of turning my PS3 on in the morning thinking to myself ''Sony said it will be on, so it'll be on'' and the seeing 'An error has occured, you have been signed out . . . .''
    Gettin kind of annoying now after you said it might have been on by last Wednesday, now 5 days have passed and ABSOLUTE ZILCH. I reckon they are just feeding us bullshit saying its going to be 'very soon' when they could know its going to be another week so that more of us dont convert to the Box.

  • Master Bait

    you sir are wrong on all accounts. PS3 has all that and more and XBOX servers have been down before

  • Daniel


  • Jim Butley

    Treyarch being "nice" should give us the bloody map pack either free or at the same time as xbox

  • Audioinklined

    Lets be , xbox users and ps3 users are fundamentally different..xbox users are poor and can’t afford ps3′s.

  • mikey

    if psn is still down next weekend it is time 2 change to an x box, yhis is an absolute joke, do us a favour get ure stupid workers to pull their finger out and sort this mess once and for all

  • Urskagan

    Lol who gives a crap if you guys buy an xbox anyway? You think Sony will actually give two sh*ts about that? It's not like you actually matter anyway. People are still going to wait for PSN to get back online. At least people who have lives. lololol

  • ps3 better

    why get an xbox just be patient thats one thing xbox owners arent PATIENT they have to get everything. why dont you go outside and stop being in all the time GET A LIFE.

  • johnny b good

    why should treyarch give anything for free? this monumental fcuk up aint their fault its sonys!!!!!

  • Emperor Rosko

    Who cares if you prefer PS3 over Xbox, do yourself a favour and have both systems like me and then your never going to be without an online function, cant stand fucktards like you who cut your nose off to spite your face, being a complete brown nose loyalist to Sony does fuck all for you, they couldnt give a fuck who you are, they are a huge corporation who care only about statistics and cash flow, get a fucking life you sad cunt!!!


    Least my trophies are safe

  • R_YU_K33N

    hey guys uhm thism ite sound gay but when psn gets back online add me if you want R_YU_K33N is my gamertag its just that most of my mates have gone to xbox as they are impatient. i play cod black ops and sumtimes mw2. cheers

  • adriane


  • David

    all those psn users who went out and got a xbox360, give ur gamertag so i can get u banned for being a traitor, last thing we need is a bunch of ps3 noob tubes clogging up our network with their crap!!!

  • adriane

    give us the date for god sake on the other side xbox are ****? sony cmon man like been 17 days im desprate to go on black ops and play with my freinds i have faith in u sony i know you can do it. so hurry up please

  • yomayn

    lol someone needs a hug, or a girlfriend. im jumping to that conclusion because u own a xbox and a ps3, and get angry at people who dont.

  • josh ops

    plz put psn back up ffs 17 days n nothing u keep promising us bull**** just put the f****n psn back up no1 really cares about double xp we jus wanna play our games and talk to our mates

  • josh ops

    WHEN WILL PSN BACK UP !! im fine without it go on my scooter but i jus wanna play games wid my friends wen it back up if u wanna add me my user id is SOLO-LEGEND123 or my other acc zZGOLDEN_STARZz on SOLO-LEGEND i play black ops n other acc mw2 but mostly be on SOLO-LEGEND123 add me!

  • wendigo

    Xbox, PS3. what the fucking differance besides the blueray. I have two of each they are both good systems. So intill you have both to campare. SHUT THE HELL UP AND RELAX. I miss you PSN come back soon.

  • josh ops

    WHEN WILL PSN BE BACK UP!!!!! i av a life widout it unlike some people put i wanna play my games n chat wid friends. When psn is back up add me SOLO-LEGEND123 i play black ops n zZGOLDEN_STARZz i play gta iv mw2 n cod 5 add me!!!!!

  • fjnffj

    How is it Sony's fault for GT5 when they are seperate teams? I agree GT5 Online is pretty poor for the bad settings, but more to the point…It's not Sony, it's Polyphony Digital. Also RDR is made by Rockstar not Sony so your rant on Sony for poor gameplay online doesn't really work other than it's security can't be the best as it got hacked into. Also I'm guessing the hackers targetted Sony because of the impacts it would have and what they could get out of it. Currently the hackers are probably having a party.

  • g i – dad

    what is the diference ps3 – xbox ? sick of sony now just tell us a date sick of watching shitre on the tv with the missus . seriously what is the diferernce

  • wendigo

    Man I have both xbox and ps3 they both rock in two differant ways. Xbox has Halo and ps3 has the best game ever made god of war… the only reason why PSN is down is because of dumb goat f**kers that need two get a live.

  • wendigo

    your dumb for thinking that way, I have both. whos poor now sucker…..

  • Kenzie

    OMG..Have you heard urselfs? This is so pathetic, Chilidish and immature!

    Get a grip! Ur acting like a bunch of little girls, PSN will be up when its up! Ok sell your playstations…Get an Xbox…Who the fuck cares what you do? Answer?…No One!

    Ive got a PS and im waiting, Yes im pissed off and frustrated but that doesnt mean i want to come on the internet and bitch about it like a little girl. Sony are giving us 30 days PS+…2 free games, What more do you want from them? they are trying their hardest to sort it all out for YOU/US

    Give them abit more respect! End Of Discussion!

  • Mikey Gria

    On my phone in airport, are these false or real claims of psn being up right now 6:31 A.M. CT?

  • smokeythebear

    wrong you pay for the system to play games and online is free feture that is included u pay for the gamming systym and the bluray play and stuff like that

  • woody

    It was probaly xbox fags that hacked psn

  • Patient Gamer

    Grammar whore… The worst type of poster…

  • Patient Gamer

    Sounds like you were one of the lucky ones. Every x-box owner I know has had RROD at some point.

  • Patient Gamer

    OMG, you again! Correcting people, not their grammar this time. Does it make you feel smarter than everyone else? I see people fail all the time in their comments but don't feel the need to point out there mistakes!

    You sir are a troll and in turn making me a troll talking about your trolling.

    Note to self, don't feed the troll.

  • Escalation for free!

    I can't believe this, I have been organising a clan war for the past three weeks now because of this and next weekend I have no free time, I wouldn't go so far as to buy an Xbox but I feel that 2 free games isn't enough i'd rather have escalation for free, but no Sony won't do that because escalation is gonna bring them in millions.

  • Patient Gamer

    Personally I think it is criminal that we even have to pay for extra Map Packs. Having been a PC gamer for the last 10 years and having extra maps for FREE on every game I own, the longer it is till I feel the peer pressure of paying 11 pounds cos all my mates have, the better.

    This is destroying online gaming but if I don't buy them then I can't play them with my friends, which is the only reason I bought a bloody console in the first place.

  • Patient Gamer

    I hope the PSN doesn't come back on till August so I can keep laughing at all the comments of people tearing their hair out!!

    Seriously though, I do love my PS3 but whilst the network is down I am playing PC games which are in fact better, so no sleep lost here. Take your time Sony, get it right.

  • ghost142

    I know how you feel mate,check this out,i get to prestige 15 lvl39.psn goes down my p3 developes overheating prob (switches itself off)told igotta buy a new one ,my third ps3 since its launch.proper fed up.have you tried playing against bots multiplayer you can play the new maps get to know them a bit.

  • TOD Tired Of Delays


  • Had enough!!

    This is getting stupid now i brought a ps3 for the "online experiance" that they promise when they sell you it, well considering we have none i think they need to start refunding custormers for there false advertising.

  • sonyrox

    they sure can lie…but stick with sony everyone…coz xbox suck and chavs play it..and at least sony are making up for it :)

  • Hollaa

    Those people who say **** Sony I'm getting an xbox are so stupid, yeah it's an inconvenience but if you're unable to live without online gaming for a few weeks you seriously need to get a life. Go outside, get some fresh air. Oh and another thing, don't believe everything you read, I swear some people see something and take it as fact, it's ridiculous how stupid some people are.

  • sonyrox

    yes man that is right and is what i am doing….

  • uhtfydjytd

    cod is 4 homos str8 up ut 4ever bitch

  • atelier

    personally I’ve been through 4 xboxs since 2007 – RROD, disc drive failure – it’s a shoddy piece of hardware with dead media (I have the HDD as well – the only reason I keep the one I have now is for some exclusives and some games that were never released on the PS3)

    I was on live for many years and found that Live was filled with racist, homophobic, sexist people – I have never encountered that on PSN and some of the worse offenders were on the COD games.

    The xmb is far nicer than the latest iteration of the 360 dash – and the only thing that xbox may have over ps3 is the triggers on the controller – but I prefer the PS3 controller as its lighter and prefer the analog stick placement not to mention the six axis.

    People want to leave psn and steal their ps3′s good – go to live pay to play online and realise that while xbox users pay through the nose for everything the exclusives on the PS3 are far superior and one of the reasons why I bought a PS3 in the first place – what did xbox users get with Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2, Portal 2 – well they had to pay for all their content, didn’t get the extra free game and oh yeah won’t have steam and besides just proves my point about nobheads on live.

  • SonyFanBoy

    I am the diehard sony fan and I do not care that the online is down. You can't really complain any of you as we don't pay for the service. And if you really want to have it back up quicker, just ask yourself, why would sony keep the network down? could you bring it up quicker?- I doubt it.

  • Mark

    I'm seriously thinking about going to xbox this is doing my head in

  • glenn

    yes double xp would be good!!! but triple xp weekend would be better and plz give us new map pack when it comes out for playastaion "escalation"

  • vkh21

    its for whole of psn…

  • dlloyd0102

    Those of you asking, "Does anybody know when psn will be back up?" are a bunch of idiots. There would not be so much bitching going on if we knew. And if we knew, you would already know because it will be a pretty big announcement… probably about as big as Osama's death. Okay, maybe not that big but you'll know. So chill out. Go give momma a hug and hang out with the wonderful mother figures in your lives… and continue this ranting and raving tomorrow!

  • Mike

    Why was there no back-up server to run on incase of this shit? Why was all of our information sitting in a decrepit server Sony probably bought at an international yardsale some years back?And why does sony continue to smile and talk about plans for the return but not deliver? Giving us all *#*^ eating grins, while we seemingly wait for a date that sony can't give. Eight years ago, this would have been something funny to read about in a mag, but today, online is paramount to keeping your gaming community alive. Sony, you are beginning to look like those Sega fools you destroyed so skillfully at the turn of the century……. please don't make me move on to x-box. You're making this harder on us all than it has to be……. If we start paying you for the service will you turn it back on? Christ.

  • dlloyd0102

    Let's just think of it like this… a longer outage is better than a second outage. They are completely rebuilding the network.. I'm hoping they are adding some surprises to it like cross-game chat.

  • f**k off with sony

    yh u twat its all of psn u muppet :L

  • blak ops killer


  • Alfonso

    Sony, come on. You should have fixed this like AGES ago. I just feel like throwing away my ps3 out the window

  • casey

    I am about to switch to xbox in a couple of days if ps3 wont come back online. ps I have always like sony and ps3 is the best but this is rediclus i should have just got a xbox 360 to start off and i cant stand xbox but their not the one's that have been down for this long

  • MikeMc69


  • oz1968

    BS june 10th,,just because you scrwed up and gotrid of your ps3 dont try to scare the rest of us into doing the same. I had a xbox 360,,sony is much better.(at least when its working)

  • bored


  • Anonymous

    I am soo sorry i just wasnt thinkin roght! Oh Btw PSN told me before the put me in jail that it would be up May 17,2011!!

  • thedog

    ppl u make me laff arguing about psn going down i have had ps3 and xbox and the xbox is s**t to be honnest i go online with my mate most of time but now its down i dont sit ther and wing about it and neither do my mates do ya know why cos we have lifes thats why psn will be up when its up if ya wana play with ya mates go round to ya mates and play split screen together or sumat or go do normal things i use my ps3 when im board and nothin to do wich is why ther ther for wich is why ther called entertainment systems but the way u ppl moan about it they should be called get a life systems. sony take ya time and do it right dont listn to these ppl whoe havent got any pubes

  • http://www.facebook.com/calicourtney089 Courtney Morris

    they cant give us a date becuase they dont know when its going to be up. when they do give us a date things keep happening im sure they are not delaying it on purpose.

  • I'M NOT A DOCTOR!!!!


  • Jeff

    i dont care about free games or ps+ i just want psn on…………………………………………………NOW!

  • InSpIrEd_420

    Wow really u guys are that desperate to play online by selling ur ps3 (im not saying i hate 360) but c'mon we r getting free shit when it gets back online

  • blackopsplayer77

    i really miss my ps3 the network is down and my xbox broke…………… Private we have bad luck man

  • GreenCity

    Chill out guys see ya online very soon!!! i love my ps xD!!!

  • Theoneandonly

    Come on find something else to do with your time thats why there is single player campaigns and why would anybody want to switch to X-box sure there online is working but you blow all your money just being able to play online and then not to mention the DLC's X-box soaks their customers at least Sony keeps online access free it's called patience have some for Christ Sake.

  • Tyler

    xbox users need to stop commenting on threads like this it doesnt concern you stop telling us to go out and buy an xbox, if we wanted to we would. dont troll us ps3 users because sony screwed up. if you want to talk about xbox being superior, go onto a thread that talks about xbox.

  • Tim

    Personally I hope everyone that says they're going to move to Xbox do actually move. They all sound like idiots. Much rather have them all clogging up the Xbox network and leave the nicer people on PSN.

  • ricky

    anonymous didnt do it they would admit it thats a hell of an achievement to a hacker!!!

  • ricky

    go ahead and buy XBOX thats a great idea if you like throwing your money directly in the toilot!!!!

  • Game Reeper

    Just be patient folks, I mean who switches to xbox from ps3 because of impatience? Only spoiled kids that who doesn't pay bills,so shut up and wait…who can just buy another system in this economy anyways only rich spoiled brats!!!

  • Guest

    Are you serious? You spelled 'weekend' 'weaken?'
    Do you speak English? What the hell is wrong with you?

  • Dan

    Doesn't matter who's CEO, caps lock makes everything awesome.

  • hackthe hackers

    I'm making up a new group called Hack the hackers. Anyone want to join, its quiet fun you get to ruin Hackers lives, bunch of retards I mean honestly even Gehort is retard name.

  • trollll

    100th thumbs down
    u mad? XD

  • Dan

    About the most sensible reply I've seen. Seriously, you build your network, then you invite the penetration testers to see if they can crack it. If they waltz through your security like it wasn't there then you've got a problem.

    I'd like to see how much Sony spend on external grey hats. If it's less than the corporation spends on coffee then this embarrassing data loss was inevitable. Other firms should take note.

    As for people bailing and buying a 360: how dumb would you feel if the moment you got it set up PSN came back online? Enjoy your new paperweight.

  • Dan

    OK, it's like this: you build your network, then you invite the penetration testers to see if they can crack it. If they waltz through your security like it wasn't there then you've still got a problem. If they can't crack it then it's ready for use.You cannot put a timeline on a process like this.

    Incidentally, I'd like to see how much Sony spend on external grey hats. If it's less than the corporation spends on coffee then this embarrassing data loss was inevitable. Other firms should take note.

    As for people bailing and buying a 360: how dumb would you feel if the moment you got it set up PSN came back online? Enjoy your new paperweight.

  • Audioinklined

    Id say you. For buying redundant hardware/software. Jackass!

  • nice

    explain how ps3 is better then Xbox I've had both and I don't see it.

  • sony hater

    they already gave us dates, wtf r u talkin bout, and they lied, all million times

  • Ozzy

    Is he the big Bird???
    Cmmon!!! Why not post a video on youtube!!! Instead Tweet!!!
    Be a Men and tell us what is relly goin on !!!

  • Deanman6

    How right you are Dan. I've been had an xbox and its been collecting dust under the bed. ps is the best.

  • Cassidy

    sure go ahead and get an XBOX, its a failure of an investment considering once PSN is back up you'll quit playing halo and go back to blue-ray. it doesn't even matter what games each system offers, its the QUALITY of the game. i wouldn't want to watch some 720p game on a 60 inch TV, 1080p blue-ray is more acceptable. and also, why would you want to buy online? its not like your loosing precious online time with the PS3 considering its FREE! What happens if someone gets the idea to hack XBOX and hit them twice as hard? then your screwed!

  • Ps3orXbox?Whichone?

    haha sick of sony is so true, wtf is up with sony its sad that one 19 year old can hack playstation network. sony hurry up i only got black ops and wifi about to sell ps3 this shit is gayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • slimroyceda5'9

    yeah that's true cuz when you keep the servers up the hackers could take everyone's info

  • jaythebomb

    no its not saying june 10 thats bull i just think you need a little more patience….and maybe you're addicted to videogames if you can't live without the psn for a while

  • Patient Gamer

    Bye bye

  • Ilpalazzo

    Well, one thing's for sure.. if the PSN ever comes back online, I am NEVER buying anything from the PS Store again. Sorry, Sony, but this sort of incompetence earns no future direct business from me. I'll buy games (thank GOD I didn't buy MAG yet), but I'm no longer purchasing anything ever from the store or puttin gmy CC info on your servers.

  • Patient Gamer

    Likewise, I have a really good feeling about the PSN when it is restored. We have probably shook off a few morons :)

  • guest

    yea rite i'd rather wait fora free online then wait to play a crappy xboxx microsoft suks and when they get hacked ima laugh my butt off

  • guest

    im sorry but i think your just an idiot for that bc ps3 is better in evry way than that crappy xbox you just went and idiotly bought stupid you would rather pay then jusy wait patiently you just dont have a life kid your a joke

  • guest

    dont do it bro just be faithful and patient xboxsucks and u kno it

  • bruce

    they have no honors to lie to us like that

    japan is only good to copy

    this is why they do NOT know how to fix the problem

    no one ever share that kind of information

  • Stephen Zhou

    Anonymous announced they WERE NOT involved in this in anyway.

  • wendigo

    people you all need a live ok some.. you wanna sell your ps3 and go to xbox go ahead ready its up to you.. now baching sony for some a**wipes for stealing our info. yeah becuse they just lift the door open with a big neon sign saying come on in steal from us.. you wanna blame someone for PSN being down blame the hackers.. when psn is back and running strong its going to be better than ever, i know it and so do you… Sony take your time I have a xbox to play online with till your back up and running. i have had a ps3 sence it take out and a xbox 360 slim sence xmas. I love them both… and for all of you that are going to bach me for having a xbox, just think at least i get to play online while you are at home playing with yourself… peace

  • Darren

    Put simply, Xbox lovers are posting here because they own an xbox. Playstation users are posting on here because they cant use there playstation. If the network was up no one that owns a playstation would even be posting here! Enjoy your playstation bashing I mean xbox. Ill wait for my playstation. Think!

  • BFBC2 player

    Unfortunately doing the math, if things take as long as they have for PSN work to get to 85-90%(???) then have more issues slowing the return of PSN, because of an attack on SOE (like psn more severe then first thought) and the posssibility of FBI etc holding PSN back more for time to investigate the breach (???) Then end of May is a very possible scenario. SONY- Please just give us an approximate date can you? miss BFBC2!!! Can PSN be switched back on whilst they do there work to SOE? Im sure that will save us another few weeks atleast.

  • http://ign Ross

    the ps3 is down ooooooh no just play offline games like the old days you are games not online junkys get a HOLD OF YOUR SLEFF gta iv,god of war,portal 2,half life,borderlands guys come on theres a lot of the best games are offline so get gameing

  • Mike T.

    Most people have multiple consoles these days. Some are better in different areas. Don't sell one console then regret and ended up paying more later. ^_^

  • ps3OWNS

    in russia, they sell xbox 360 for some vodka

  • deathray01

    i cant believe how many ppl r thinking about switching 2 the gaybox, trust me its not worth it, i had 4 xbox's within 1 year so for u that has already switched good luck buying new xbox's every 3 mounths lol 2u.

  • josh

    How Did Sony Even Let This Happen You Should Have Great Security On A Network That Has Million's of Users Cedit Information, You dont See Banks Getting Hacked!!! And Everything Today Is Becomeing Digital People Wake Up & Realize What Kind Of Era We are Going Into

  • Ash

    This is rediculous….I'm ebayin' my shit. Never thought I'd see the day I would turn to the dark side (xbox), but that day is here. Peace Sony.

  • Theausamerican

    How can you say they havent royally effed up when 85% of all there 360 pros would get the red ring of death? And to top it all off you had to pay $100 to get it fixed! lol if anything Psn is trying there best no complaining will make it go faster. everyone's threats are worthless to a big corp like sony. Just relax psn will come back, they will give us free stuff and this will be all behind us.

  • Theausamerican

    They give a date then they fail to meet it. wouldnt that piss you off more if they broke dates then not giving a date at all?

  • Shawn

    I’m most deffinatly never leaving sony ide rather never play online again than pay for something that should be free. Microsoft are all a bunch of money hungrey bastards. you Xbox homos act like your system has never had a a problem or been down.. fuck you all

  • Wow…….

    I just read somewhere that PSN may be down till May 31 it said a person from Sony said it
    Someone tell me thats wrong………..

  • http://youtube Xbox 369 is gay.

    For all of y’all retards who think sois stupid for taking PSN down for a little whil is retared, and saying that they gave aus a date when it will be on they never once said it would be they said “could be” back on sometime next week never said would be…. look on play station network.com. just saying.ny is stupid for closeFor all y’all retard that think sony

  • http://youtube Xbox 369 is gay.

    For all of y’all retards who think sois stupid for taking PSN down for a little whil is retared, and saying that they gave aus a date when it will be on they never once said it would be they said “could be” back on sometime next week never said would be, just saying.id for closeFor all y’all retard that think sony

  • Ranger

    SONY what a let down.PSN not back till possibly end of may or early june.They insult us by offering free stuff. ill bet my life that the free games/stuff will be a load of S***.They said they will be giving everyone identity theft insurance LIES its only available to gamers in the USA and ill bet Japan so to hell with europe because we dont matter.

  • ringo

    woooooooooow you're a prik

  • ringo

    mate ssssssshhh

  • gamer

    i love my psn, and i still use it everyday to watch netflix, but COD calls, so until psn is back online, i will be playing my brothers xbox (BOOOOO) maybe you should hire some better TECH guys to fix the problem, maybe RA1N

  • Woods

    you really couldn't go without video games for a month? thats not only nerdy, thats pretty patheric that you couldn't find something else to do with your time besides ps3 or xbox

  • http://hotmail.com karl

    ps3 is shit they say its going be on then not and when it comes bak dobble XP no wat i mean ii could of been 15 buy now bun ps3 xbox im going to snm!!

  • Cold

    psn just gotta come back up cuzz i will neva get an xbox well unless i need it

  • have patience

    i'd rather have the opportunity to go outside for 3 weeks then have to pay for monthly internet. Also, I'm fine with it because of psn+ and 2 free games ^^ stay strong ps3 users and maybe go outside a bit. Take your time Sony.

  • /20110507/when-psn-back-up-online-expect-double-xp/ the creepy ninja

    wow for all the people who are crying because psn is get a life. i love my ps3 but im not bitchen like a little 5 year old. besides playstation is 100 times better then xbox

  • ps3

    but it was one of there advertising perks to play online for free now u cant play at all

  • XxZomb_killa17Xx

    ikr jeeezzzs come on!! dam its taking for ever yal do realize that a lot of ppl are switching to 360 and probably wont switch back and thats a lot of players lost

  • MusaSin

    OK PPL, I own both Xbox 360 and PS3 and unless you have both, you cannot make an accurate comparison. After spending years comparing the 2 with every game i own, and comparing exclusive titles, my conclusion is that Xbox360 wins every time. I do not take sides because i'm a gamer, and i own every console and platform known to man ;)
    Actually the only thing i like better on PS3 is PS Home, and even that gets boring after a few days.
    I was a die-hard Sony Playstation fan when PS and PS2 was around. But after years of denying that Xbox360 was better, i finally broke down and bought one. And it was a huge improvement. I eagerly awaited Sony's return with the PS3. But i was devastated when i found it to be no better, and in some cases worst than my 360.

  • MusaSin

    OK PPL, I own both Xbox 360 and PS3 and unless you have both, you cannot make an accurate comparison. After spending years comparing the 2 with every game i own, and comparing exclusive titles, my conclusion is that Xbox360 wins every time. I do not take sides because i'm a gamer, and i own every console and platform known to man

  • fallen&Icantgetup

    Some systems have games other systems dont', Don't get mad and take sides because you can't afford multiple systems! Oh and Microsoft owns (RARE) Who are legends in the fps world, Golden eye etc

  • fallen&Icantgetup

    Are they better, 77 million creditcard holders info????????? That could fund earthquake relief

  • fallen&Icantgetup

    There's a rumer for Sony!

  • TreyachSucks

    Screw that Double XP for as many days as PSN was down so we can make-up for the lost time.

  • Stefan

    Ok people calm down dont get your panties in a knot. I would like to see you guys rewrite the server and make it better and UNHACKABLE. It takes time to do this. I own both consoles and i am going to say psn is much better than xbox 3fix me. Yes i have had to fix my own xbox because the drives are shit. back to the matter. Sony has to redo their whole sever that is why it is taking so long. Their is no way that they can give a date to when it is going to back online.

  • Tman

    Yeah, the PS3 that just playfully handed out your credit card information! :D



  • PS3rules

    i dont give a s**t what you people say im stickin with my ps3 till i die ive been playing the first PS while there fixin the PSN F**K XBOX360 F**K ALL OF YOU FOR TRADING TO XBOX360 TRAITORS

  • fallen&Icantgetup

    How about a new Turok Rage wars….. Weapons that were actually brutal! Like shooting spinning heat seeking drill bits into heads.. A shotgun with 4 round burst… The Inflater rifle lol, just one more waffer sir.

  • Black ops player

    but they can't do that because as i think it will be up at 3 of June so then the map pack comes out the same day if they put it before noone can get access to the psn store so noone can buy them
    all want to be back up the psn back i think i can wait for 3rd June or 15th june because by then i have to study for my exams so i won't be able to play. The f***ing thing was that they put psn down at holidays before Summer so i lost more than 1 week playing …… we are all angry and hungry for some online games Sony do your best or then we should all buy and xbox (we can't do anything else if they don't fix it by June

  • ihav2ritMyNamealltm?

    that is what there are doing now as they say

  • Jk981206

    Guess what? Don’t sell your PS3′s. Keep them for now, wait it out, in the meantime, get a life! Go outside, meet new people, not overreact over this. Stop playing video games for a moment and do something with your life other than twiddling your thumbs.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I will be out enjoying the weather.

  • Mojo

    Chill out, they probably didn't know exactly when they'd be able to get it back up. They weren't about to release a date and then be wrong and have to say "oh wait, we apologize it will be a couple more days". It will be back up when it is back up, won't do you any good to know the exact date. For now find something else to do with your lives.