Expect PSN Back Up Online With Following Features

Expect PSN Back Up Online With Following Features

We know you like to be kept up-to-date with all the PlayStation Network news, so we thought we would inform you on what to expect when PSN is back up on line. The following features that Sony will bring to the service will hopefully allow you to forgive them a little? However, they had better hurry, as patience is now beginning to wear a little thin.

We had hoped for PSN to be back up by the weekend, but that has yet to happen. You may say that the day has not even started yet, but Japan is expected to go live first, and they are now well into Sunday. It is great that Sony is not only giving users free stuff, but also some nice new features to go with it.

Some of the new features are as follows: revamped XMB, Restoration of Online game-play, Access to account management, Music Unlimited, download un-expired Movie Rentals, PlayStation®Home, Chat Functionality and much more. We cannot see much new there, but Games Thirst must expect these features to receive some update to make them better than they were before. One thing we thought we would remind you of, you can expect double XP once PSN is back up.

What would you rather, PSN back up online now or wait for new features that are not needed?

  • Josiah P.

    rather it be online already

  • D coool

    Com'on, like seriously, make sure it's safe again and just get the site working. Like, no one really cares about crappy new features lol, can't they do that while the site is up anyway?

  • PSN Addict

    PSN online now!

  • adriane

    psn back online

  • ps3faithfully

    I'd rather it back up now with no new features
    i just wanna play online on bad company 2

  • http://Youtube.com Hmmm!!

    Lol, I'm glad this happened! I have nearly 20 exams coming up, PSN would only be a distraction to me, so really I'm not too bothered. I'm sure many people will be taking exams at this time of the year too, so make the most out of your time!

  • john

    would rather it came bk up sooner could give 2 hoots about double xp would rather play on it twice as long to earn that, how is it so hard to say sorry guys itll be wednesday before its online, at least id know to find somethin to do til then instead of checkin every morning

  • barry

    does any1 no the exact date it will be turned back on its really doing my head in now

  • Callum

    new faeures ive got loads of tests coming uo so i dont care

  • jim

    iv giving up waiting…started playing mgs4 again to pass time on…got heavy rain yesturday but not played yet,,,any good?

  • Ryan

    we wont it back now, its been 3 weeks THATS RIDICULOUS !!!!!

  • baza

    no its not

  • LIAM

    rather it be online coz just wanna play onling n black ops and if u are bored on b ops you can do combat training if you go to local then click splitscreen and put it on tdm or ffa you can play againsts computers so if u are bored check that out or visit utube on either xjawz's chennel or zzirgrizz's channel or even opticnation and the best faze clan they do the craziest trickshots u will ever see


  • Concerned Gamer

    honestly Im sick of PSN being down, but at this point they better do more than give me 30 worthless days of PS Plus to make up for this shit and losing giving all my info to a hacker. I want $100 or more credit on my PSN account to buy add ons or games. some top notch titles for free from PSN like resident evil, final fantasy whatever. Plus I think they should make PSN better before they bring it up. I mean comon XBOX live has espn ! They need to do something new to it just to compete and make it better than xbox live anyhow. some people might not care about espn but im a huge sports fan as well that does not pay for cable tv with all the hulu and everything else. But with playstation down…. yeah i did something i thought i would never do….bought a Xbox 360.

    So now you gotta do something dope to earn my trust back PSN. Something big.

  • Concerned Gamer

    honestly Im sick of PSN being down, but at this point they better do more than give me 30 worthless days of PS Plus to make up for this shit and losing giving all my info to a hacker. I want $100 or more credit on my PSN account to buy add ons or games. some top notch titles for free from PSN like resident evil, final fantasy whatever. Plus I think they should make PSN better before they bring it up. I mean comon XBOX live has espn ! They need to do something new to it just to compete and make it better than xbox live anyhow. some people might not care about espn but im a huge sports fan as well that does not pay for cable tv with all the hulu and everything else. But with playstation down…. yeah i did something i thought i would never do….bought a Xbox 360.

  • Paul

    what is chat functionality?

  • whokilledmydog

    Mostly annoyed that with PSN down I can't transfer games I've already downloaded and paid for to my PSP to play them. So for the past 19 days or whatever I haven't been able to use stuff I've paid for because I can't log in. Lame.

  • TxG-George

    yeah cmon sony FFS put it back online

  • simon

    ive given up already… been following this shit since it went down, and now im just fucking even more pissed as it still hasnt come back online. they were in there last stages on friday and its fucking sunday now. what a laod of shit.

  • Simon oxford

    im getting really frustrated cuz sony are probably just giving up random dates, and maybe it wasnt anonymous maybe some retard from sony spilt coffee on the control panel while reading a playboy magazine, for god sake put it back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • A Burlington

    PSN not online in the UK, could not give a hoot about double XP or silly liitle upgrades no one cares about!!! i just cant believe that a multi national giant like Sony are look looking like a bunch of amateur fools, seriousely this is embarrassing for them! pull your finger out Sony ans get your house in order as it should have been in the first place! no exscuses please just positive action for your loyal but frustrated members!!!! fed up with waiting now! (ropemaster)

  • Julie

    PSN back on in Japan :D

  • fendt818

    i dont mind the new features, i live on a farm and have loads of things to do, so i can get out and do something, the new features sound great, im glad that its been down……. but would like to get to level 14 prestige quickly lol…….

  • bob

    im so bored now just hurry up and get it running

  • Matt

    lol you're not getting $100 in your account. that would mean everyone would get $100. There are 77 MILLION users. they've lost enough money as it is without dishing out $7,700,000,000

  • Bloodshot

    bad company Vietnam baby!

  • pillow25

    Seriously, stop putting so much attention and thought in how to win us over or make us happy and stuff, just focus on getting us back online its all we really care about, it went from being wait a few days to a week and now what? giving us free services such as psn+ for a month doesnt make up for the fact that our privacy was put at risk and into the hands of these hackers, our credit and such would be ruined and all i would be able to say is "well at least i got free psn+ for a month" ok well anyways just get us back online soooooooon! thank you

  • fendt818

    give it a rest, XboX isnt as good as ps3. just give em a rest and calm down. itl do good for ya all to get off your arces !!!

  • kong

    tired of waiting already…..

  • onlyoneme

    hell yea it is i should have never sold mine

  • Lana

    Thats what they always say its coming back its coming back…. well since you have kept us waiting might aswell do all ur features u wana do.

  • weav dogg

    been checkin everyday now. pleasecome bk on, just get it safe, if this happens again i will b movin t x box,

  • hussien

    you should give enough wallet cash for every one to buy the new map for call of duty black ops !!!! :@: @: @ after all its been more than 2 weeks

  • MrP

    Jim – "got heavy rain yesturday but not played yet,,,any good? " Ye, it's one of the best games I've played, even better with move!

  • ….

    Same! i have actually revised LOL

  • Luke Dunleavy

    We dont care about new features!!! we want it back online
    you can do updates after you have psn online as usual!
    sincerely all playstation owners

  • Kyle

    Ps3 gone for an xbox woop woop ps3 fucked me over so I'll fuck them over.

  • onlyoneme

    yea i have both xbox live is really nice im a ps fan all ways has been i didnt buy my xbox it was given 2 me but i really like the espn and i have a kinect wit mines it is nice

  • fishboy

    This is annoying, when it first broke down they said it would be a few day it has been ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stickitinyabooty

    Later with badass features an updates. It sure ass hell b worth it

  • ching

    i hate u sony

  • intensive course

    yh i no what you are saying im doing as/a2 in 1 year so i gt 16 exams

  • qwerty

    not to hard to say that, but do you know how much damage they took? I'd rather they take their time than rush into it and get it wrong.

  • Superbad

    Sony has to take steps to make sure the PSN network is safe unless rush job woud = to more hackers taken it down more think about the network must take steps to make sure this wont happen again

  • Amar

    Come on Soe and SCEE, no more bull. We dont want other functionality, no chat no music. How dense are you Sony? WE WANT TO PLAY THE GAMES ONLINE, THATS IT. FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE AND BRING IT BACK ALREADY.

  • ray ling

    13th of may when back online fact

  • Ameena

    Wait is it really on in Japan if it is then it should be woring in the Uk real soon ;)

  • crazy_jay_21

    hurry up man i wanted to get much psn as i can as im moving house this week wid no net so its goin to b like gay cuz u have to wait 2weeks for ur modem conected and get a phone line conected so im not happy at all but i under stand u need to make it safe but cum one guys

  • Treestump

    It ain’t in real money? Ya numbty ! Just a bit credit, u a right Sony lick bot ! Stick up for yourself, your they customer & paid slot of good money for that ps3!

  • http://twitter.com/AjayCloud @AjayCloud

    ok sony i've been patient but i'm getting sick of your crap. I'm not gonna go to xbox but single players getting boring now.

  • dan

    i booked a week off work to chill and play online since i dont get a chance anymore and what do i get instead nothing the first day im off so is PSN what a load of shite this is shit sony sort it out !!!!!!!!!!!

  • tom

    this is driving me mad now, played the campain to death on all my games just want to play mag and killzone online. there only giving away a month of psn plus so a few of us might be tempted to buy it when the free period is over.

  • Nicole

    TBH I'm not bothered about online I have a life outside it then sitting down all day playing (I play online like 1 hour a day). I'm just glad my details are safe so I don't mind waiting.

  • hayd8

    stop looking at your porn magizens and fix it any xbox u have to pay its shit

  • Mr. Grammar

    Good luck, Hope it's not an English exam.. Or you're screwed.

  • hayd8

    why do u live

  • sophie

    is it online now?

  • Jay

    Something to do? Girls…C'mon man!!!!!!!!! LoL

  • Chillda fukout

    It's a free service, shit like this happens, Find the front door, there are hundreds of things outside it to do instead.

  • jamieeeee

    is it ?

  • ishka

    wat if we all write anger letters to sony and tell them how we feel bout there useless new feature all i want is ps home and new clothes, in got 6 $50 psn cards behind the wait is unsatifactory. psn now or refund my money or dis own home so the public can take it over.

  • jimmiekiller

    no it isnt

  • jimmiekiller

    no it isnt

  • Leeboy

    Same here. This outage has gone on for to long allready. and sony and giving out much info as to when it will b back up. I know one thing though. If it had been Microsoft servers that go hacked they would have sorted it by now. i b very suprised if sony dont lose loads of customers because of this. it will b 4 weeks this coming wendsday that its been down. thought sony were the best when it comes to stuff like this. again getting really pissed off with it now. ive completed all my games twice over since this outage began. now aint got nothing to play. So come on SONY this is just taking the piss now…..

  • MeWantPsnNow

    PSN Hurry Up FFS I Mean Cmon It Been 3 Weeks

  • meee

    Would be nice if you gave everyone a rough date its back on im tired of checking each day?!

  • rude

    Why would they put it on in Japan first??? The amount of gamers they have is tiny in comparison with europe and u.s!! You are talkin crap my friend!!

  • sean

    y does everyone keep lying… :(
    add me wyzer (well when its bak)

  • Jordan

    Word is one of Sony's rewards for our waiting time is that we will get a party chat similar to what xbox offers, this is definitely worth the wait

  • julzie

    then get al ife

  • Shark

    the most wise thing to do in these kinda situations is at least tell the customers what is really going on! we all realized that PSN was gonna be back up during the past week, but that never happened, i think this has turned from a hack issue to a trust issue, SONY gave us the hope that it would be back up, and we all got our hopes up, and they let all of us down, not only for the hackers stealing our info which we trusted SONY with, but also for lying to us! At least be honest with your customer SONY, they deserve a lil honesty here, we have been your loyal customers for almost 5 years. If they said from day 1 that it would be down for a full month, it's ok with me, i woulda wait without saying a single word till the month is over! what SONY doing right now is a shame stamped on it's forehead, and it wont be gone easily. I thought i would never prefer XBOX 360 on PS3, but now after all this, i dont think imma think of PS3 again as the enternainment console for me EVER! ( Sorry for the bad eglish thu!)

  • Mickey D

    black ops is shit!!! jump out of CoDs ass and play a real game like BFBC2 or MoH !!!

  • john


  • JoeC

    i hear psn is up in 2 other countrys b.s. b.s. b.s. fire the damn thing up and work on it while its running jeeze

  • sinsationalbulk

    all i want is for them to get back up. Add features later cause right now I miss my MVC3 and COD. Took mad time away from the work and the day i took leave it's been down forever. Sony stop pulling dates out the air and give us online already. If you gonna give features they better be some improvements like chatting without having to leave the game fo a friend.

  • sean

    you might as well carry on adding things into it because we have already had to wait 19 days but if we dont get psn back up by tuesday thats just a let down

  • Andy

    What you get ESPN on Xbox? I'm switching to Xbox 360 and playing some games today. Goodbye Sony

  • ash

    no 1 want ur new shitty features sony. All we want is to play online. These idiot are getting our hope up every fukin day by saying its coming back soon. Well am dying to play black ops. Also these ps3 user are fukin retards all they want is free stuff from sony its cos they all bunch of scrubbers. Brrrrrrrrr

  • the devil

    I wish sony would stop f*cking telling people a date that it'll be back up by. They keep getting everyones hopes up for nothing and this bullsh*t is getting a bit old now. You'd think with a multi billion dollar company they'd be able to sort there sh*t out by now. I just screwed my gf and all I wanna do now is kill some people on RDR. F*CK YOU SONY! hope your losing a sh*t load of money.

  • JoeC

    Hey its up and running guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sike but i got your blood pumpin didnt i

  • lihgsipar

    Sony should make an emergency-hotline for gaming addicts :)

  • Johnbonham321

    Bring it back up now i mean i wud wait if i got a free game or a couple of map packs of my choice but its been 3 weeks and all we get is a couple of lousy add ons. is there gonna be any compansation for PSN gamers?

    Comment guys


  • phil

    realistically no one really cares about any of the free stuff, psn has been offline for nearly 3 weeks now just get it back on line ASAP!!!

  • Draven

    I dont mind the new features its really good of sony to give us anything at all……keep in mind we dont pay to play online like some "other" consoles …so i say give them a break they working their asses off for us to play free..so back off

  • Shark

    the most wise thing to do in these kinda situations is at least tell the customers what is really going on! we all realized that PSN was gonna be back up during the past week, but that never happened, i think this has turned from a hack issue to a trust issue, SONY gave us the hope that it would be back up, and we all got our hopes up, and they let all of us down, not only for the hackers stealing our info which we trusted SONY with, but also for lying to us! At least be honest with your customer SONY, they deserve a lil honesty here, we have been your loyal customers for almost 5 years. If they said from day 1 that it would be down for a full month, it’s ok with me, i woulda wait without saying a single word till the month is over! what SONY doing right now is a shame stamped on it’s forehead, and it wont be gone easily. I thought i would never prefer XBOX 360 on PS3, but now after all this, i dont think imma think of PS3 again as the enternainment console for me EVER! ( Sorry for the bad eglish thu!)

  • Steve

    The only people who even care about new features are people who don’t even play their PS3′s. When are Sony going to give an accurate date of when PSN will be back up, it feels like they can’t wait to give us another spoonful of crap. “PSN will be up in 1-2 days.” 3 Days later, “PSN will be up in 1-2 days.” 3 Days later, “PSN will be up in a week.” Week later, “PSN will be up in the weekend” it’s sunday and we’re still waiting. Sony’s products are just starting to turn into expensive paperweights.

  • bob

    hurry up and come back on!

  • Snake

    mgs4 has one of the deepest single player modes. Good game.

  • Mike

    Why was there no back-up server to run on incase of this shit? Why was all of our information sitting in a decrepit server Sony probably bought at an international yardsale some years back?And why does sony continue to smile and talk about plans for the return but not deliver? Giving us all shit eating grins, while we seemingly wait for a date that sony can't give. Eight years ago, this would have been something funny to read about in a mag, but today, online is paramount to keeping your gaming community alive. Sony, you are beginning to look like those Sega fools you destroyed so skillfully at the turn of the century……. please don't make me move on to x-box. You're making this harder on us all than it has to be……. If we start paying you for the service will you turn it back on? Christ.

  • pauliec

    they say its back on in japan ….??????????

  • iiMaGiiCzZ

    add me when it comes online iiMaGiiCzZ is my psn. i need so play with good people!!!!! :D

  • guest

    Sure, restore it right this second and risk compromising your personal identity. If you get the PSN back up immediately instead of waiting for these new features, you will need to download a new firmware update for every single new feature added after the fact.

  • Coby

    I'm Having fun playing xbox live :)

  • josh

    funny guy looooool that made me laugh quite a bit.. but that was some bad spelling

  • josh

    true about bfbc2 i love that game but moh sucks complete cock one of the worst games ever made online not story

  • nathan

    got homefront the day psn went down :( so cut

  • josh

    we will see about that, but im gonna say now i highly doubt it

  • weilejosh

    your right my freinds r buy xboxs now. XBOXES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • piagentini

    i think it is time to get a shit xbox 360, better have some shit console to play than nothing

  • beefe650

    i need it online now its been to long and its making me think of getting the real gaming one a xbox cuz if sony take this long at fixing what happen's wen something els happen's they will say it wont happen agen but how do we no that wen is happening now (sony your rong)

  • Jim

    I've gotta say it certainly is taking a long time now, not really arsed about the new features and freebies, as i'm sure they will be the things we don't need anyway. As for double xp? Well thats gonna go down well with those who have hardcored there online gaming to get to the highest possible xp (30 in Farcry 2) then i myself swoop in without earning that, To be honest, i'd rather earn it by earning it. Just get it running guys!!!

  • jimmy

    psn online now

  • nathan

    cool man

  • ps3 hurry up

    american phrase

  • mickey

    yea i also got a 360 now

  • adrian hook

    put it back up when they have solved all the issues, and quit gripping at the company. God you'd only have something more to grip about should they put psn back up early and it goes again.

  • sean

    so if your sick of psn being down which IS FREE what you gonna be like when xbox live goes down AGAIN which you have to pay for

  • Sonz

    bring back now tonight

  • getafix

    Sony will give the japs psn because it's owned by the japs

  • Techno

    Heavy Rain is a awesome game! If you like detective stories it is for you…. :D

  • Reece

    Heavy rain is epic. Get playing

  • johnnyc

    can anyone tell me is the sever going to be better because i was getting sick of playing black ops because of the game delay and host mig, better be something our i am changing to xbox

  • Sam

    Learn how to spell.

  • Paul

    The best feature they could give us is the online back.

  • jack

    same il add you

  • broons101

    i want a refund for my ps3, av had enough sony are taking the p big time….am a cod man and the rest of the games are crap…so i want ma money back, sony are getting called Monday am

  • kaan

    not for me ? :( why you and not me ive tried all my users and none of them are signing in ?
    any sudgestions

  • Azhamat

    Where are these wild claims coming from?Do you just conjure things into your head and report it?

  • mohammed

    u suk why do we need new stuff just get onlnie bak u asses sitting down layin back in a chair. ameters do nothin about online just adding some gay ass features no 1 cares bout them for god sakes xbox seems better than ps3 their security way better

  • http://Www.digitalnights.ca Digitalnights.ca

    All I want is bc2 to be back so I can vent.

  • Jomama

    Is it really or are u lieing?

  • tabreez

    PSN back online please.

  • mark


  • nathys12345

    id rather it come back sooner too, but the thing is that they need to make it safer, there ia a problem and they need to fix it. end of story. im getting impatient too. but they do need to redo the whole system so i say cut them some slack cause this is a huge thing and theyre compensating with free stuff later. yeah its not much. but would u rather have them put it up and have it go down again quick, or wait and have it up safe from attack??

  • psn is gay

    no its not i have a japan account and i checked today

  • newzone

    What you're talking about! online already?!!! I'm still offline !!!

  • Mo-Med

    i honestly dont care about the new features anymore i just want psn to come back on and on the other hand with it being down it gives me more time to revise for exams an that

  • lee

    Ni it isnt up anywhere..

  • b.m

    stop complaning for cris sake

  • kaan

    not for me ? :( why you and not me ive tried all my users and none of them are signing in ?
    how did it work for you

  • MiistaTaz Starh Beesixteen

    ii play metal gear online so i'll wait the PSN to come back online so that i can play MGO

  • steve

    well its been to long waiting so i went and bought an xbox360.i was going to get a new slim ps3 but because of the outage playstation lost out i,m a big ps3 fan but 3 weeks is just to long they need to sort it out once and for all befroe i become a full on xboxer and tread in the ps3 for games.

  • il_1NF3CT3D_li

    sony could at least put up a server up for the time that the real 1 is offline but only you have to make a new account and u cant buy any thing because its a back up kind of server were they put it up when the real 1 is offline or unavilbale

  • mrbolts21

    the reason y u losers want psn back online is because u fukin ppl dnt hav friends, da only friends u guys really hav is psn online friends please ppl get a life and get sum friends( PSN FRIENDS DNT COUNT!)

  • lee

    It will be back up when it's ready, if they put it up before it's tested out fully and it went down again you would be moaning again.
    Makes me wonder what you guys did before you had a ps3, get a life please…

  • johnno

    they only told us it was coming on the w/e so we wouldnt go n buy xboxs on sat

  • ben

    omg really?

  • ColdHeart_Ablaze

    its where you can text chat and voice chat via a headset with your friends

  • Cold Turkey UK

    To anonymous………. I'm gonna come over the pond and fucking shove your fucking heads up your fat American asses.
    To Sony………………….. Just give us all a god damn date when its gonna be fixed.

    I hope Japan go back online first they deserve it.

  • Bob

    How much longer will it take?

  • Paul

    Is that chat functionality

  • EMP_Mighty Mouse

    Instead of wasting your time here trying to flame a company that will never even read what you've just written. You should invest in the money saved from not buying games, and the time gained from the outage, into more English courses.

  • Scotty

    Both games are class heavy rain is like a movie the story is great

  • mark

    just checked…its not up in Kansas City…

  • Playstation sever

    Psn is very sorry for the delay. online is now in japan and they are working their way so canada and usa have online once again.

  • Playstation sever

    Psn is working in japan right now.But we are sorry for the delay.we are working hard to finish the last testing of the new security system. When psn come back on there will be FREE things and FREE credits. Wait until the new update come's on.

  • iLoad and iShoot

    Xbox should take this chance and work with it. Like making commericals, have four friends playing games together. Have three playing xbox and the other playing ps3. All three guys on xbox look at the guy on ps3 with the “undergoing maintenance” thing on his screen, turn back smile and then start playing xbox live.


    i really do hope so

  • iLoad and iShoot

    Stop lying..you know you don’t get any play

  • Cameron

    by the sound of it, it seems like the party chat from Xbox, that would be sick

  • Sean

    Just wait rather it be fool proof than eit be rushed back and how does anyoe know what it takes to fix it don't be so arragont.

  • steven dalton

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-13… this is y its taken so long n sony y lie to us and say its going to be bk soon we n you have nio idea fuckin ass holes



  • skiddyyyys

    i have a ps and an xbox so after waiting a week i swiched to xbox live im not wating for sony got the new maps for black ops too but when the net work is back up ill swich back my ps is much better

  • StumptyNumpty

    But we dont pay for the psn network, just one console…..unlike xbox 360, if they have to give that much credit, then we would all have to pay

  • dude


  • DUDE


  • james

    what y not scotland

  • DUDE

    hi there sorry for your trouble but we are working around the clock to get what u love back up and running …….btw i care about double xp ….DUDE


    will it be online today

  • http://www.youtube.com/reaactionz Reaactionz

    same here, please put it on by tommorow.


    We all want to play online….YES. They should give a rough date….YES, but we need to expect they cant be sure themselves. Dying to play blackops…..NO, rather play GHOSTBUSTERS online. Least Sony is offering something…more than xbox will do

  • der der der der der

    well said mate, im not to botherd by any of this, has done me a bit of a favour as i was falling into a bad bad rutine of up all night awake all day on MW2.. now got some sleep and spent some good time with family etc. u should all try it and not let a games console rule ur lives. true or not true?? the only thing any of u shud have a prob with is that sum spotty little crackhead hacked sony and may have got ur bank details, not worrying about when you gonna get ur nxt blackops fix online. how true is that!!! just be p[atient guys! and to all u idiots that sold your PS3 and got a ****box then they are welcome to you. go back to ur SD gamers and consoles that sound like there gonna take off, the size of them im suprised they fit thru the front door, fools.

  • jcup


  • http://none Playstation server says:

    The Playstation network will be back up Monday at 12:00 pm

  • steven dalton

    dnt chat shit man its not back on

  • lee

    just get it back on now



  • Lloyd_machinima

    looook im gaming for machinima and im playing with the syndicate project alot on zombies and i cant because psn is not up anjd xbox is boring me !!!

  • lewis

    im sure we all gathered no 1 cares about what your going to give us for free we just want to be playing the f*****g thing we ask for a date n then u just totally change the subject about what were gna get

  • brad

    psn still isnt on in uk!!!!!!

  • lewis

    no one cares bout yor exams jog on

  • imborednow

    is psn back in the u.s?

  • imboredd

    in the u.s?

  • Sparkyy

    Surely they wouldn't be dishing out if the moneys going to Sony anyways lol, but yeah £100 is steep and ambitious haha.

  • ricky

    its not online in california

  • imboredd

    is psn back in the u.s?

  • yeyo

    shut up you fuckin idiots about moving to xbox like anyone cares like your going to hurt sony because you have bought a shitty xbox sick of reading people say that grow up and find something else to do instead of hitting mummy and daddies pocket for an xbox because you cant go on psn for week or two sad twats

  • Sparkyy

    Dont think it matter about the account :P Its the region :)

  • sparkymurt

    Sony you're just like any greedy company relaxed on maintainace and security while you rake in the money. You left the lock of the door of your house and are now apologising for why your house has been robbed. For gods sake what did think was going to happen. Sloppy and embarrasing now sort it out..

  • lee

    wat country r u in

  • Joshua'

    I Know what you're fendt, i used to always play it alot of the time, I used to get headaches and everything. But now. Off the PS3. I live life more. I don't really crave it to be back online.

  • 360NoScoPe

    This is bullshit already. I need PSN back up online so i can get paid to make videos for machinama and evil controllers like c'mon already. If a sponsor drops me PSN i will literally never play PS3 again in my fucking life. i can't stand this BS already put the servers back online.For all u ppl out there too just becuz PSN will give free stuff oput u go and kiss their fucking ass's. PSN u got two days for PSN to b back up online before i literally freak.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.murty Andrew Murty

    Sony you're just like any greedy company slack on maintainance and security but carry on raking in the money. if you leave your house door open don't be surprised when you get robbed. what did you expect to happen. we are bored with all the apologies and lame offerings just sort this mess out now.


    Get the PSN on now hurry up because you guys keep saying a specific date but it never happens!!

  • Michael – sony <3

    im not being funny but… many things i find wrong with xbox.. – the controller is just weird… – xbox doesnt even have half the features psn does… – xbox has loads of kids in it… etc… so come on..

  • gerodeylee

    just get it back on y is it on in different countrys and not in the uk

  • LOL


  • ColDsNipE

    Want PSN online *ASAP*!!
    Dont want the new new features… just get it back online!! God damnit!! -_-
    And BTW… if you are a "PRO"… then add me… x_ColDsNipE_x

  • bobert1065

    this is a load of bs i was 39 xp away from presteging when it went down and sony come on 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive been watein 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!! look sony i heard about 20 different dates about when psn will be online so can you please give us NEW featurs like cross game chat or free games or something because i am on the virge of getting a gaybox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get it strait sony ur a world wide compony. (i think microsoft paid someone 2 hack psn so they can get more people)

  • hack

    it should have been up a week ago, it doesn’t take that long to fix the bs

  • Gamer24781

    I would rather just get psn back cos i luv black ops and i havent been able to play it for weeks and i am really starting to get bored

  • chaz

    wot about uk

  • blasted77

    i'm moving to japan!

  • ARoD

    its been 3 weeks i just got my associates degree, have a dream job in the IT field and i cant play online c'mon SONY enoughs enough.. and ppl talkin bout oh its on in Japan and this post pics.. of it actually lettin u sign in. and if u cant then F off.. stop lying im serious

  • patients

    sony better buck there ideas up they need better sucurity i mean c`mon a bunch of spotfaced teenagers hacked into it all my freinds say that xbox is better and now im starting to believe them.

  • jim

    dude thats just plain stupid,are you like 8 or something? go buy an xbox if you love it so much!

  • IKillYou

    iLoad and iShoot pull your head out your ass and go get laid!

  • Easy4Me2OwnU

    i went out and bought an xbox 360 also in Lu of wating lolz. the ps3 seems to be much better though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Arthur-S-Rodriguez/804758605 Arthur S Rodriguez

    Sony its been 3 weeks? i just graduated and got my associates degree got my dream job in the IT field.. can it be back on now??.. and for those sayin "oh its on in japan" post a pic of it letting u sign in. and showin us the new 3.61 firmware if not then F off.. and stop lying come on..

  • BloodSpiller

    right before the xbox blows up and kills them all :) then we'll see whos smiling

  • BigMike1982

    man you must have NO LIFE! psn will be back on as soon as it can.it doesnt need people like you b*tching like a bunch of little girls

  • Gerald MoneyCrazy

    are you really worried about a game ? didnt all of japan just have the most dangerous thing happen to them, not teo months ago ?

  • Gerald MoneyCrazy

    didnt he say ''useless'' updates

  • asian dude

    wtf get it up already

  • James

    I think its stupid that there keeping it down longer and giving us double xp as a consilation when most of us dont even play games like that, psn better be twice as good as it was before other wise 360 can say hello to a new user

  • jujubees

    i think sont should sell their
    PS3's for $100 for a limited time to make this up to all of us. only cuz i had to give my PS3 to my 10 yr old daughter, and now i need a PS3

  • jimbo

    c'mon sony! we've all waited long enough. isnt it about time you fixed it for your loyal users.

    p.s beware that iLoad and iShoot is one of the hackers

  • walzy

    when are they gonna give us some honest answers

  • billster180

    just hurry up noone cares aboat new stuff no-one will use it add me as a friend im billster180

  • random

    is it on in U.S

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Luis-Mejia/100001856821557 Luis Mejia

    it is not online

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Luis-Mejia/100001856821557 Luis Mejia

    hurry plezz

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Luis-Mejia/100001856821557 Luis Mejia


  • tidus05

    Dude….go get a life….or a hobby….or…you know….A.REAL JOB…..any of those three would benefit you so much more than sitting on you ass all day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Luis-Mejia/100001856821557 Luis Mejia

    scotland is in the usa

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Luis-Mejia/100001856821557 Luis Mejia

    i am geting dored

  • thebeast

    My psn is up very few people on mw2 and very laggy

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Luis-Mejia/100001856821557 Luis Mejia

    only for jupan

  • Rambodog

    Heavy Rain is a good one.

  • kyle

    when is psn back on man, im a game freak and i need it now!!!!

  • LOLS


  • jack

    actually considering going back to pc gaming only reason i havnt is because im too lazy to install all my games again

  • LOL



    They should give us $50 credit for compromising our security.

  • Luke Reid

    Does anyone actually know a day it will be on? I have only ever read threads like this that are trying to be helpfull i guess, although i dont see why someone camt just give a simple… 'We have tested the online and just needs a bit more work should be up within 3 days'



  • shaun

    I got sick children that r dyin coz they cant go online please come bk online little jimmy jus said in his las breath

  • Steve

    Okay… but which monday? Lol

  • FinalExplosion

    Is is not back online -_-

  • FinalExplosion

    I know

  • FinalExplosion

    I hate Japan… >:c

  • FinalExplosion

    Sony Can you hurry to fix PSN and when its back on make sure to protect it from future attacks.

  • chris

    where did sony get there tech guys from are they actually qualifyed techs come on 18 days
    and no info when it will be up and running thats bad
    come on sony are we talking days , weeks or months an honest answer would be good.

  • PSNplayer

    comments^ wait alittle more i mean im mad it said its ganna come up this week that didnt happen (yet) and xbox sucks so they can go pay for online im not haa so screw them $7 bucks for a month heeeell no

  • The Don

    What the hell? Sure it's bad that online is down but ur all over reacting. The bad bot is that little fuckers got their hands on our personal details and all you worry about is being able to do stuff like buy map packs for COD? What the fuck did you all do before online existed?

  • Ps3 sucks

    X-BOX 360. Ps3 sucks dick. everybody buy X-box 360. Then psn will give a ton of shit out for free

  • majicjhonson

    sme here im sick at bad company 2 but now when psn cums back online my skills would have gon crap coz of dese douchebags taking te piss

  • AlexTheAngryPSNUser

    I don’t care much for all the add ons. I rather have it now without anything than to have it two week later with random stupid add ons.

  • AndrewTheAngryIndianClerk

    Dude fuck 2012. The worlds ending now. I waited several weeks for freaking PSN. It’s my life. And now some japs are getting it before us? Shit, they be high as hell. I choked my children to death after hearing about this outrage. I won’t buy an xbox, no matter how tempting, because i’m a frugal, indian asshole. And Sony isn’t helping. I hope for a 69$ credit supply after this outrage. Assholes.

  • 3Weeks

    I'd rather PSN be back now. I don't want any add ons or free stuff or anything at all. Just for PSN to be back up! Oh, and no one is buying a crapBOX, so STFU!

  • hiya123

    i wanna play psn!!

  • black mamba 24

    Do we get the map packs for free or do we have to pay?

  • giggitygoo123

    just tell me when its up im goin to sleep XBOX still sucks

  • Craig

    i can see psn down for some time

  • giganto

    please, PSN back up. Please SONY, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • terra diablo

    dude chill its apparently up in japan and Australia should be up in the us soon and everywhere else jeez.

  • seann

    is there an estimate for when psn is online for canada?

  • Raiyen22

    What scotland do you know in the usa

  • Liam

    i'd rather wait for the new stuff so it can be better and be worth it but i think that they're taking to long on getting it up and running !

  • wiick3d

    i want online now forget the new stuff that we dont need just fix what need to be fix plz puy us back online then in a update add stuff like that one guy said espn, or facebook or something

  • jack

    oh come on stop delayed it and put it on its monday in japan already we just want are psn to change are passwords before something else goes and this will be sony fault

  • Hackerssuk

    Xbox should be all over this, offer deep discount on Xbox bundles for gamers jumping ship on Sony. Hell they would make a killing.

  • Mac

    Seriously. I understand there's been a whole problem and shit like that, and your blaming it on hackers, but I honestly think you guys fucked something up and now you don't want to seem stupid and your worrying everyone. You could have honestly just said you fucked up, lying or not, so people don't shit the selves and hate you guys because now they think/know they lost there credit card information. Congrats Sony, on another screw up.

  • Liam

    THANK YOU!!!!

  • Alex

    Are you lying?
    Please tell the truth……….Please :(

  • Alex

    How do you know? are you lying? Don't lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ps3freak

    FFS I have had it with this, i have been trying to sign in now for 3 weeks a stil havnt left my couch!!! the pain is unbearable cos all i know is how to play COD. I have no friends except for online, i have no life except for online, i look pethetic so i cant go get me a r*** and quite frankly i cant get it up unless im pawning some noob nub (wateva!!) on COD so SONY PLEASE BRING MY LIFE BACK! I will not wait another day!, goodbye… PS i also demand $1000000 of loss of life compensation!

  • vfvdscs

    Your joking right…? Scotland is in Europe moron.. seriously hope your not a Canadian.. if your American.. your stupidity is expected.

  • mufc4life

    i miss battlefield 1943 and gran turismo 5 :( please psn..we dont want store, movies or anything..just want online!!

  • vergence

    Yea, everyone needs to chill out and let sony do what they need to do. Half of us including me have no idea what it takes to run a network and keep it safe. You want some black ops practice? play a local match with computer controlled AI on veteren settings and youll get that ass handed to you.. lol trust me, but youll be more than ready for online noobs when network is restored… What does everyone think we did before online console gaming? Played games still. So shut your whiney ass mouths and have some paitence for fucks sake.

  • http://www.facebook.com/PunkJimbo Jimbo Parker

    ye tis pretty lame, hopefully soon

  • rangers till we die

    stil no word when psn will be bk online then

  • tadster00

    Who gives a crap about the new features. Nobody was complaining about features before the PSN went down. We just want it back up. Just clean it, fix it, and turn it back on as soon as possible. Update us as you install new features. Jeeze…

  • XxCOB_BoSsxX-

    So, its Monday 1:08pm, is it back up like they said it would be

  • KillaC

    This is such BS first it's gonna be a couple days, then a couple weeks, and now it's looking like a couple months. I've played sony since the first playstation came out and defended playstation tooth and nail against those lame xboxers who think that their system is better and all Sony is doing right now is proving them right!!!!

  • casey

    heavy rain rocks u lucky i got stupid homefront not that it's a bad game it rocks ecept the graphics are out dated by 3 years but when the price goes down to about atleast 40 dollars every1 should get it but the demo of heavy rain that i played got me to love it you will like it jim

  • Ben

    it makes me laugh how Sony tries to patch over everyone's frustrations by giving us crap every time something crappy happens. We've been asking for X-game chat and other USEFUL features for ages. So they give us crappy video/photo/music related updates, that barely anyone uses (realistically, WHO buys a games console, especially one so expensive, to play MUSIC?). They need to sort themselves out quickly, or they're likely to lose a large proportion of their users in a very short amount of time, and I can't say they don't deserve it.

    However, I love my PS3, so I'll be sticking with it. Nonetheless, not a fan of Sony right now.

  • Swanny

    i would just wait and get the extra features because that is sony rewarding us for our patience

  • ishka

    then call sony and tell them u don't want their new features

  • Andrew Robertson

    thay better have cross game chat oh yeh by the way i HAVE AMAZING NEWS HALO IS COMEING TO PS3 AAAAAAAAA OMG

  • soopervillain

    its WANT not wont… u should be focusing on school too

  • soopervillain

    im not positive because im not retarded enough to do so, but i dont believe gamestop or anywhere else will trade a ps3 thats currently down 100$ atleast at gamestop right now for a xbox360, either way enjoy paying 50$-60$ a year 2 play ur games online (if ur xbox360 lasts that long) once ur xbox360 breaks down u'll have 2 send it back in 4 repair which will take a lot longer than this psn down time, either way please dont go crying about how ur xbox360 broke & u miss ur ps3

  • soopervillain

    ive had a 360 b4, horrible online experience & their servers reall suck…

  • soopervillain


  • wonkydonky09

    This is getting beyond a joke now, sony pull your finger out!

    I have held off buying an xbox, but with no date set for the psn to return an xbox maybee on my shopping list shortly.

    Show us some respect and give us some realistic dates of return

    I am not happy that my ps3 has now devalued as there are so many for sale at the moment and the consumers have been put off an insecure brand. I expect sony to compensate correctly and make relevent improvments othererwise it will be xbox regardless.

  • playstation sever


  • Shiki

    Seriouly!?!Just get the dang site up already!I finally have a code that I couldn't wait to redeem until all of this happen.Worry about new features later.People are wanting PSN up now…I don't play online games but I'm wanting to get this costume for character.I at least want it back up before it expires.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Yowell/628014354 Scott Yowell

    Just get psn back up again. I would rather play my games again.(the way I used to) rather than have all this new fancy stuff. I could care less about. I just want to play online again. SO COME ON SONY GET PSN BACK UP NOW!!!!!!

  • Cake Owly Rogers

    Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Quadruple XP please? :')
    That would be fabtastic.