PSN Back Online: Problems With PS3 3.61 Update?

PSN Back Online: Problems With PS3 3.61 Update?

Earlier today we gave you the good news that the PlayStation Network had started to come back online in certain regions. The US is all up and running but at the time of writing users in parts of Europe including the UK are still waiting. Now that PSN is back online we are wondering if you have had problems with PS3 3.61 update.

When you first try and sign in to the PlayStation Network you will have to update the systems firmware. But we have had a couple of emails from our readers saying they have had some problems downloading the software.

The firmware update is mandatory and will have to be installed if you want to use the PSN service when it is available in your region. If you have never downloaded any content on the system, you will receive an email after you first try and sign in. Users will be given a link so you can reset your password, once this has been done you will be able to access your account using the new password.

This will be good news for the millions of PS3 owners wanting to get their fix of some online gaming. Have you had any problems downloading the 3.61 firmware update?

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  • david

    i had no problems downloading the new update

  • nettie010261

    the only problem is it took so long because a lot off people are downloading it at the same time . after a few tries and 2 in the morning i did it now just waiting for password change

  • Devon

    I’m having issues with the new update. It keeps giving me a error code 80710723. I reset everything n it does the same crap over and over. What to do?

  • 123456789

    Not up in England. Come on Sony, are europeans not regarded as highly as americans to you?

  • Zoom

    I freeze on 92% install. This has happened twice now…

  • jord

    Kept getting error message at 15% :(

  • Ian

    I’ve done the update just waiting for Sony to turn the

    uk back on so I can get som playing done

  • Mikey King

    My name's Mikey, PSN: miiikkeyyyy; I'm from the U.K.
    I downloaded and then installed the update, took roughly 5 minutes. Quicker than expected. Once installed, I got the infamous "Playstation(R)Network is currently undergoing maintenance" :(

  • Callum

    im in the uk i really want 2 know when psn is going to be back on in the uk

  • Crazyels

    im waiting for the password change

  • tom

    i live in the uk and downloaded the update but still wont work

  • Omar

    I was trying to download it last night but it kept getting stuck for some odd reason…

  • Brad

    ive done the update and its still not working

  • wardude01509

    All going well so far

  • Flameable35

    Me too, i have done the update in the UK, and i am waiting for the password part but the problem is i get confused! if psn is on in the us then how come it shows psn is offline on the website!

  • DanielH

    i have updated it but only still been told it is undergoing maintenance and still recieving the same error code is this correct

  • Darren Cowan

    Have done the update that was at 07.22 in the UK but after that i have had nothing to say about changing my password.The update must of worked because when i go to update again its says my PS3 is up to date and there is no new update

  • harry

    Downloaded the update and installed, however still the error "undergoing… still comes up :/

  • helikaon78

    I have downloaded the update, but it still won’t sign in!!! The email I originally used for the PSN is no longer in use, so I’m unsure what to do. Any help?

  • wolfno-1

    im from england and ive done the system update but its still saying psn is under maintenance. sony you big tease lol

  • Robert Macfarlane Moore

    I have updated, but i have not had anything about a password change come through. Will i still get an email even if i have used the PSN before or is the email just for new users?

  • David

    Downloaded the update but the system states the psn is still undergoing testing. Anyone have a clue when the UK services will be back up?

  • Lloydyboy

    PSN still not up in the UK that's why you can't change your password yet…just follow:!/PlayStation to find out when it's back up in the UK

  • Adam Boyes

    downloading now. check your emails coz were suppost to get password change. By the way harry, go to the back of the ps3 take the power lead out and re plug it see if that works

  • Mr J

    updated and downloaded fine however still says its undergoing maintenance and cant sign in

  • ron

    Firmware installed fine but no psn still and no password prompt etc… Sony are really testing our patients…. Typical every other tom dick n harry gets on before us..!

  • bigsweatysock

    In Scotland. UPDATE installed, no option to change password and alas no PSN.

  • @hoppermax

    Still Down in N Ireland???__

  • Frankie

    My download took 5 – 7 mins with no problems, you must have normal broadband.

    Hopefully I get my Back to the Future Episode 3 today.

  • paul

    im in the uk and just gone live whoop whoop

  • Robenshtiel

    Because its the UK website, different servers.

  • steven dalton

    it installed 1st time for me just wont let me log and still says its undergoing maintenance and cant sign in

  • Ben James William Roberts

    thats your internet down i get that alot :D

  • ash

    if you have more than 1 thing connected to your internet router take everything else out and just hook your ps3 up to you internet acess so you have best connection you can get then try agen that what i did and it worked

  • Adam Boyes

    listen everyone. at this moment mine is at 40% after 5 minutes. I'll post in a bit what happens with me. I think the problem is that they haven't fully got it up and running. Anyone who wants to add me my names boyes77.

  • http://psn liam o

    I Dont Get It What Do You Mean Password Change

  • matthew b

    updated it fine, in live in UK, it just says you're still undergoing maintenence

  • asad

    the reason people had pobles were because evryone was trying t odoanload at th same tims

  • Jay

    i got that as well and im from the uk too :( :'(

  • Beano-786

    I have dowloaded the firmware and it still says that an ERROR HAS AN OCUURED YOU HAVE BEEN SIGNED OUT OF PLAYSTAION NETWORK when will it be back on!!!!!1

  • jake

    when is it back up in the uk

  • dmo122

    you'll just have to wait it's only the update so you have it for when the maintenance has finished it tells you that on the playstation blog

  • muhammad-karolia

    updated it bt cnt syn in im in uk. i dnt hv an email becoz i hv downloaded so hw do i get nlyn

  • danny

    Jus put PSN on in the UK pleasseee noww



  • chris

    had no problems with the update download and installation, completed it literally as im typing this

  • Josh

    i done the update but it still not working

  • Lewis

    Done the update, took roughly 5-10 mins…. then i click sign in and baammm!!! playstation is currently undergoing maintance!!

  • jim

    i think u are just making stuff up…again(ps3 will be up may 31st) and trolling all over psn and sony…again… to get ppl to come to ur terrible sight

  • David

    Seems like people like me in UK are getting annoyed i know it’s a massive job getting it all back online but they shut it down quick enough! Hopefully UK will get it today no reason why America should get it first tbh. But suppose it’s a step in right direction :)

  • g77

    Oh i get it, the 360 loving nation gets PSN back first? Nice one Sony, nice one!

  • jay

    make sure u r actually connected to the internet do an interent test thats the prob i had

  • karlos

    just wait a bit and try again! try every hour if you can

  • scott

    same m8 y dont sony just put psn network back on at the same time all over the world so its all fair :(

  • PSN UP :)

    im from ireland, i switched on the ps3 their the smorning hoping psn was up and found out it was when it let me do an update.once i updated it it still saying psn under maintenance ,was wondering if thats still becouse my region isnt up, i know you said it isnt in uk yet but becouse i got to do the update im confused in if theres something wrong with mine or can every one update atm but not sign in becouse of regions?

  • Peter B

    Are you guys stupid, yes you can download 3.61 but the network hasnt been restored in the uk or anywhere else in the world other than the US and CAnada. Once it is restored you'll be able to play online, keep checking the playstation eu website for updates

  • daniel

    im dan im xXB4NB3R52K11Xx on psn and i downloaded the update and i try to recover my account on my uncles ps 3 and it says its going under maintenance how long will this take i really wanna get back to playing call of duty

  • Jberry

    same here, i live in the UK

  • Dan

    anyone got PSN back online in UK yet??

  • teddieray

    me to what do i do

  • Pricey

    Yeah im in the uk aswell done the update at about half 2 this mornin and all i get when i try to sign in is that same maintenance error

  • PSN IS UP!! :)

    prob becouse of the thousands of people eager to play playstation who are downloading at the same time as you

  • nath

    thats the connection error code so basically you either have bad internet connect or its because so many people trying to download it, mine kept failing to at first but waited 3 hour n tried again n it work, just got wait a bit cuz everyone trying same time

  • Christopher Madden

    i have the same problem i think we are gonna loose all our saves

  • Cb

    Imm in the uk and i downloaded it ok but cant sign in, still says under maintanence

  • serwan

    UK boy is here, I wouldnt mind another year of waiting or longer for it to come back, but i found it quite sad to know us r enjoying it and us waiting, get it all back sony or trust me ur reputation is somewhere below middle line round where I live.

    Downloaded 361 if thats any better than old one! Anyway we need to know when the services will be back in EU…

  • Jberry

    same, i also live in the UK but when i try to log in even after the software update it says that psn is undergoing maintenance

  • Jberry

    same, i am also from the UK, what can we do to fix this…?

  • wolfno-1

    Same :-(

  • dean

    yh good point mate

  • Random

    Once the firmware has been updated, I think we need to check ourr emails for a password link in order to change the password (read from various sources)._I'm still awaiting the email.

  • Denzil

    uk is not up yet

  • Mr Gman

    I've downloaded the update but still says its undergoing maintenance and cant sign in, awaiting the email for the password change now :)

  • KrysDj

    call your local customer care center ,but i wait till the roll-out hits the uk ,everybody is saying they d/l the update but cant get online on psn thats cause were not turned on yet lol

  • Laura Jenkins

    Hey, im from the UK, PSN is lozzie1991 i've downloaded and installed the system update like you told us too but for some strange reason when i go and sign in it's still saying it's going under maintenance plus how do i know when and where to go to reset my password because i've tried and can't find it. Will you give us more step by step instructions of what to do? Im so confused right now?

  • Chris

    i have downloaded it but when i turned on my ps3 again it came up the error code and i was like wtf…?

  • Pewl Schieritz

    is there no digital map like what the americans had that lit up green when the psn was up in there state. im in Scotland uk got update at 1am this morning download failed 1rst time at 28% there after everything fine just no password change yet .heers link to american map its all live (green) now…

  • Bombshell

    i downloaded the software, went to the bathroom, saw the XMB (or whatever its called was on) tried to log in and…..'Currently Under Maintenance', checked my email for the password change and its not there. so i guess the EU/UK were taken down in the time it took to go to visit the bathroom lol!

  • John

    jb plymouth uk update done stilll not online off line all over cant wait got my console day it went down came over fromn the dark side of 360 omg fix it sony come on for us newbies

  • Mo

    I have download the firmware system. But it’s don’t let me sign in.

  • patrick

    i updated the thing in about 10 minutes now just waiting password change

  • Dinky DK

    mine has done it but once again 'playstation network is currently under maintainence' so still cant sign in in the uk :'(

  • Dan

    same with me. it has kept doing it i hvae tried for hours now and i'm in the uk

  • Guest

    Why USA first, should be last, do they must have the most up to date servers, or are they a test bed? with less users?

    Anyway its good to see.

    The password email, is that just instructions on how to change your "pre psn outage" password?
    or does Sony give you a password to use?

  • Anna2

    Done update, and checked there’s no new updates but can’t sign in. Nor have had password changed. Still under ‘maintenance’

  • drum n bass

    when is it comin bk online in the UK i have done the update and it still undergoing fukin maintenance sort ur heads out PSN

  • escabarjnr

    same hear gutted

  • Paul

    is it back up in england yet people?

  • Craig

    I downloaded it at half 1 last night and it came down dead quick but it failed on the install so I tried it again n it went through but it doesn look any diff and ive lost my tv on demand still havin been able to sign in yet but think o have 2 do it through e_mail to change password as o got a new 160 gig system 2 wks ago hope its onlater as im off work 2night

  • Guest

    Password can only be changed on the original PS3 you enrolled on, thank god I kept mine… this is my second PS3 since I enrolled on PSN.

    Looks like this may be a problem for lots….

  • garyh

    Same as Mr J updated, but still can't sign in :-(

  • stubbo

    Wont be long im sure .

  • aclark55

    exactly the same problem here, really hope they get their fingers out their ass and get the UK back online

  • Dan

    Same here, I have installed the update but nothing comes up asking me to change my password, it’s just saying psn undergoing maintanence still.

  • lennylion

    cant wait any longer,i need a sex wee

  • Jonathan

    Ok i'm waitin for the update to finish i switch to tv i come back it says it's done but stilll says it got that error and also i've checked it says i've downloaded the latest update HELP??

  • YT/ KRAYZEtele!/PlayStation good site to check instead of posting stupid flipping questions asking when its back up. u guys have been asking whens it back up for near a month.!! have you had any luck with that? NOPE! what makes you think sum1 gonna know when its back up now?? just keep looking on this site!/PlayStation and it will tell you when its being put on in UK. next couple days my guess depends how many countries are b4 us i spose. plus looks like the whole of dirty stink bag america got it on already!

  • GhostMonkey84

    update downloaded easy enough. but still cant log on to psn. any one know when it will be abck up in uk???

  • Andy

    Updated my 2x PS3 this morning, waiting for uk servers to come on line, can understand that sony needs to bring the servers back online in phases. Or they risk everyone trying to use it at the same time and crashing PSN and we don’t want that :(

    So let’s give the time they need :) then we can game on again ;)

  • Jonny

    Same i think it's for everyone in uk

  • Robert Davies

    had no problems downloading the new update thanks =]

  • Rob


  • keith

    did my update easy in the uk, but still waiting to get online 11.27am.

  • Saaam

    Samee hereee! :( ((

  • simong1976

    done update, still getting under maintainance message does anyone no who to email to find out what is goin on.Once u done update do u get email then TO reset ur pword anyone let me no please thanks

  • Danny

    Btw, when Europe does eventually go up, you should know that people have been getting delays with their e-mail because of the sheer amount of people, just a heads up for everyone

  • matt field

    i have updated, but now it still wont let me online!?!?! does this mean that i have to wait till there is a update for the password change? and does anyone know when this will appear?

  • ike

    lol…same as me

  • Luke Dimitri Roberts

    oh my god you said it was working well it isn't sort it out for god sake I've probably got friends deleting me right now SORT IT OUT!!!

  • chrisy2toes

    Update downloaded and instaled in under 5 mins. However since i live in England i still cant play :( i love the way us guys from the uk are never treated with the same urgency and respect that the american users get its like we are second class customers!

  • Hale32

    same im from the UK im just wondering if this means sony turning it on later today or when? any help much appreciated thank you. btw if some one gives me playstion support number ill ring see if i can find anything out

  • adrian

    I live in uk and i have downloaded the ps3 update works fine but it still says under maintenanc????
    when is it back on?

  • ant

    downloading update as i type

  • david

    im having same problem i cant sign in

  • Duncan

    Still waiting in th UK

  • N.B

    I downloaded the update no problem but in England it still says PSN' under going maintenance………HELP ME ?

  • Danny

    I’m in west Yorkshire uk, still not up and running. It’s a joke how yanks are up 1st!! I’m just waiting to go online on Fight Night Champion, I’m ranked in top 1000, PSN – dannyb123

    Anyone want a middle weight bout????

  • I3uCKii

    when will it be up for the UK??

  • lew

    ive downloaded it and now says maintenace still and cant log on looked good as update came up but no sign in god!!!!!

  • TheBioHazard127

    Its Still Going, I Dunno Whats Up With It? I Hope Its Working :)

  • John

    For all of you who have been lucky enough to have your network restored, what is in the psn welcome back pack?

  • TriggerUNhappy

    Successfully downloaded the update (in anticipation of getting online like the Yanks) and… 'under going maintenance' message. If I hadn't just bought a new slim before PSN was hacked, I don't think I would be so bothered to have read the same message I've been reading for 3 week now. So like 123456789 (read above comment) I DO think that the UK, and Europe in general, ain't worth the price of a 320Gb to Sony. Thanks for nothing guys (again) – give yourselves bonuses and put your feet up on a job well done – your biggest market is back online and the rest can wait.

  • nirtydigger

    undergoing maintenance. why is america more important than us?

  • jamie

    i live in the uk and i have douwnloaded the update no bother but now it is still saying undergoing maintanance wtf is going on

  • John

    For all of those who have been lucky enough to have their psn restored, what is inside the psn welcome back package?

  • bob

    this is bullshit! woke up and tryed if psn is up as usual and an update came up i got freaking exited and then i download it n stuff n itsays psn undergoing maintennece wtf!

  • professor clueless

    is psn EVER comin' back????? ☺☺

  • olly

    you have to re-activate your email on the computer, then it should work…in theory

  • Assassin

    Updated system. Still can’t sign in. I’m in UK. Any1 know when psn will come back up in UK?

  • azzzzzz

    turn ur internet on and off it works and it downladed and installed

  • Korky

    This update sucks. In UK and still not working.


    Omg Im getting the same problem… Mine was…. but they decided to switch it off but im still using it…. also i wont be able to get the password reset thing… SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME!!!

  • jimmy shoebup

    im from the Uk, psn is not back. Im sittin in front of the tv waiting…waiting…waiting and then my wife comes and… you don't really want to no. LOL!

  • mike

    im new ps3 owner and i dont have account on psn. I have to create one. I wish evrything's will be fine, but for now its still imposible.
    Could be nice to play on sunday evening…

  • Nike900

    Because they probably never updated the web site

  • Ross

    Downloaded the 3.61 update but the lovely message – ‘PlaystationNetwork is currently undergoing maintenance’ comes up again, hopefully the just means that Sony hasn’t turned psn back on in the uk yet =/ hope it comes back soon though =D

  • Andy

    It’s great to hear that PSN is coming back online, great job Sony, and I hope nothing similar to these hacks ever happens to your network in the future :)

    I do have one bone to pick, why is the UK coming on so late? Do Sony not know that the PS3/Xbox ratio is higher here than in the US? In that respect, Europe is second only to Japan! – That’s a small gripe however, I’ve waited the best part of a month, I can wait a few hours longer. I’m just happy my favourite gaming service is finally back online.

  • nicholas cowley

    mmmmmm i fergot my PASWORD ?

  • T.Maybank

    When is U.K Back Up? Getting tired of all this waiting…

  • lew

    will the password change come up by logging in when the uk is up?

  • starakita


  • PSN:fogpin98

    i thought you have to wait untll psn is back on then when you log in it comes up with a option to change your password

  • Josh Curry.

    This is annoying me now, I've waited for so long. :|

  • Scott Themainman Owen

    its cuz so many people r updating m8 keep trying

  • Caleb Dolling

    woke up at about ten, turned the ps3 on and attempted to sign in and it offered a new update, did it, installed it, and its still not working.. now what?

  • gbdgv

    up in uk at 1pm


    I really wonder why people swapped their ps3's for Xbox's INPATIENT PEOPLE!! Its only like and hours wait or maybe longer or quicker… Well done sony u have improved the PS3…. IN UR FACES XBOXERS!!!

  • starakita

    sorry for last post didn't realize i had caps on psn was supposed to be live in ik at like 10am dont no wot happened there but its like 12 pm now so should not be to long i would of thought unless (god forbid) theres an unknown problem from sonys end

  • Ryan

    Just keep trying, it took me 3 try's t get it to work. :)

  • corey

    and me

  • Slayin

    Cant wait for it to come up in UK

  • Trigger

    Thats because the Yanks bring more money than the europeans. I have a funny feeling it will follow the same trends as game releases and we as Brits will be the last to be switched on. Still got enough to do in single player campaigns anyway.

  • liam

    hey they say it will be bk on 2day when i phoned. thats see if they r goin 2 be right lol

  • alan

    just keep trying it froze a couple of times for me it must just be down to the volume of people downloading it but it will download for you if you keep trying

  • dwane995

    done the update and it say under going maitnase just turn it on

  • British420

    I don't know what everyone expected…America always thinks of America first. The rest of the world is a mere insignificance…get over it!

  • dwane995

    wrere you from in engaland from newbridge

  • John Brown

    do you knw wen they are turnin the uk on i live in england and i was wonderin if you know anythink?

  • ryan

    i have downloaded and installed the update but it still comes up with the same message(play station network is undergoing maintanance ) how long do we have to wait.

  • hayd

    i've had the same problem

  • Max Weller

    i done the update but it did nothing to the network

  • Caleb Dolling


  • Jake

    well i bought my ps3 and the day after doing so the network went down!! happy days. iv downloaded the update and tryed to create an account and its still says that its undergoing maintenance :(

  • Kyraaaaan

    downloaded just waiting for a password reset will it go to our email addresses?

  • cesar

    downloaded the system update no problem but it still says under maintenance!!

  • John Brown

    who ever cant sign in yet were just waiting for our country gettin switched back on :)

  • Joshua John Prosser

    thats what happend to me :( (

  • scott

    hay every 1 the first update is so we are primed up ready for the next phase of password change but that wont happen until the uk is next on the list, the americas are 1st to get turned back on today then europe, middle east etc, so hopefuly it will be later on today

  • Dylan

    So happy! it will come on today so relax. Probs just a few hours. My guess 3 or 4 O'clock in UK.

  • adam fu

    same when ps3 back on in uk?

  • da man

    hurry sony, i need 2 play cod

  • Rebecca

    i did the update, still under maitenence :(

  • Richard

    Just updated mine no problem,Just suppose got to wait to sign in as judt say down for mainenance…We live in hope for later

  • Racheal

    downloaded all the updates it restarted pressed sign in and its under going maintenance again…

  • GerardBoyadjian

    installed, restarted (both system and network) but still getting the message as before … nothing received on mail also!
    really frustrating….

  • jhon elconnors

    tht happend to me i live in the uk too are sony is aload of crap

  • jamie

    same here! its annoying me now…

  • hunty69

    still nothing in uk

  • Adam Smithyy Smith

    apparently uk will be back on some time today as will europe japan and america was firts were obviously last again

  • mark porter

    if you set up account on ps3 u are using now you will be able to do change on ps3 without email account !! e mail part is for ppl who have bought new system

  • A-jew

    make an usa account and it will work!

  • CoRe-ReH

    I love the fact i actually thought that PSN was gonna be working straight away =P how wrong i was but i guess watching a film or some family guy wont hurt while waiting =]

  • jaydot

    hope it's up soon…

  • xtreme200984

    if the hack came from the U.S. why not put them on last or not at all looks like we are not as valued as the nobs! who hacked your network

  • Dimestoresaint

    I don't sign in with my real email address. Will this cause me problems?

  • Luke

    Just updated, PS3 shut down by its self after 10 mins playing game, next time 5 mins now it won't turn on at all, I have no Idea what I do know. whats going on sony, not happy.

  • scott

    in northern ireland we got the update downloaded but still cant sign in

  • Luke

    Yes I had problems downloading 3.61. I live in the UK and we got the update about 12.00 pm, So of course I started downloading, but It stopped downloading at 8% and I had to restart the download. But this happened on 8%, 16%, 18%, 46% and finally 31% thats the order of what percentage it got stuck on and I had to restart it!
    I did finally finish the download about 2 hours later only to find I could not reset my password because the UK hasn't got the PSN up yet! I am really avid to play some games. Now the only game I can play is the waiting game!

  • Dimestoresaint

    I haven't used my actual email address on PSN. Will this cause me problems?

  • Lexus

    lol how do u no its coming on today we have no info looooooooool u sound so sure lol

  • Ryan

    I've done the update, and I can see the password reset instructions, but I can't log into the PSN due to it "undergoing maintenance", even though the site says we can log in and change passwords.

  • Jamie

    When about roughly will it be back on?

  • Shane

    While the update (v3.61) is available in the UK, if you try to sign in it stil says 'Playstation(R)Network is currently undergoing maintenance', according to, Europe will be back online soon and they will tweet when it is.Shane

  • fufu-$

    Takes a while to download, thats to be expected, due to s/s now they just have to turn us UK peep's on!

  • wolveswolf

    done the download still saying undergoing maintance when try to log in and no emails sent

  • lee

    did it 1.30am this morring keeped gettin a error took hr to finaly get it but still no password change or psn here in the uk :(

  • Anonymous

    Downloaded the update to memory stick, the ps3 finds my memory stick but not the update :

  • Buzz Buzzard

    The install was successful, it only took a few minutes and i received my change of password through my email and now I am able to sign in. Thanks Sony

  • atelier

    download and install of update was easy – but can't sign in to change my password – I called Sony and Marco who was working the phone said the network was still down – said to check the website and blog – told him the website was down and the blog wasn't loading – he seemed surprised by that and then said maybe they turned them off to restart the servers or some nonsense

  • stefan

    Update done, nice and easy. But still no on-line service.

  • wyane

    i gettin fed up with ps.. when is it going bk on in the uk ??? i wished i got a x box now…

  • Buzz Buzzard

    The install was successful, it only took a few minutes and i received my change of password through my email and now I am able to sign in. Thanks Sony

  • migsiebc

    thats the same as me mikey mate

  • Gunslinger9mm

    was so happy when update started to install but then found i still had to wait :( oh well a few more hours wont hurt after waiting 3 weeks

  • Bumbaclark

    who plays mgo x] ?

  • ricky

    when we back online

  • Korky

    UK. Whats going on BTW !!. Still nothing. Done my updaye at 8am, 5 1/2 hrs ago and still nothing. Do we mean nothing to Sony. American is back up but we aint. Well seen who's the prefered market. Just hurry up and switch it on Sony as were all sick an tierd of your "undergoing maintenance" excusses.

  • ryan

    from the uk, ive downloaded the new system update but it wont let me sign in

  • Bobby

    I get the error code all the time. If mine doens't work in June, I am getting an XBOX 360.

  • Paul

    looks like 4 weeks is long enough to wait for psn coming back on.Sony making us wait longer.we should be used to waiting like waiting for games to come out on ps store the tanks get them first.Sony don’t care about the uk

  • Corey

    I am in ga. I had no problemsw da update but it keeps telling me incorrect sign in or password. I can’t sign in at all. It’s giving me error code 80023156

  • nathan139 (psn name)

    I'm from the uk and It took me five times to do the update as the first four times it kept freezing at about 50%, once i downloaded it i went to sign in so i could get the password change page but it keeps coming up with the same lame excuse from sony 'under maintenance' it's 13:36 now and it's still not on. Sony are LIARS.

  • earnie

    thats wots happerning to me

  • the claw

    how long ago did you last try ?

  • josh roberts

    me to sony sort this out its not good thinking about changing to xbox hmmmmm

  • Dan

    same in london had to reset router kept crashing during update hope not a sign of more bad things to come :)

  • Ryan

    yes i had trouble to start with i kept getting an error message around 50% but then after a while it worked because i kept re-downloading :) p.s im from the UK

  • cool12123

    i know wtf the americans get it before us, what bullsht . i bet right now there playing and saying the uk idiots dont have online yet hahah the americans suck!

  • psn_sucks_xbox_rocks

    i cant wait! and i thouht it was the 31st? was that just a fan rumour?

  • MRT25

    if you go to the uk playstation web site it will say playstation network offline
    when it says playstation network online
    you will be able to change your password and sign in to the psn

  • Wafflevendor

    At the time the system was attacked I thought my ps3 was in need of a system restore, now I cannot sign in due to ps store not being active yet. Does anyone know when it will be up and running as I would like everyone else like to get back gaming. Help please?

  • jonathan causey

    Yeah I am from england and it seems the update has been installed as it says no new updates but no pasword prompt, help?

  • TehTempah

    i get the same :(

  • gary cunningham

    i had no problems with the new update but i still havent recieved an email from playstation so i can reset my password to start using psn again :(

  • TehTempah

    omg why leave uk till last, US could do with more downtime with all fat twat's over there

  • tom

    HELP?!?!? i just installed the update 3.61 but it doesn't let me sign in it says psn undergoing maintenace what do i do???

  • ricky

    still down in wales to

  • David Roberts

    it will be back on today at 4 o clock uk england

  • michael

    in ireland same thing i waited till today because i knew alot of people would download last night update first time but cant change password

  • Badger

    I think everyone should stop moaning it will be on when its on, stop crying and get a life.

  • TonyR

    Im in Western Australia and i left the patch to download, think its done, and yet still no sighning in. but then again its only a matter of time…

  • gazza boi

    well updated fine first thing this morning still nothing please hurry and sort it sony…

  • ThatTechGuy

    because its just a version 5 axis structure frame update, its got nothing to do with the PSN

  • ANON

    atleast the yanks where the first to get terrorist bombed, zing!

  • Zak Merrin

    Right my names Zak Merrin inbox me on facebook if you can help me.
    my internet is not good but not bad and it wont let me do the update is there any update 3.61 on the internet i can download and memory stick onto my ps3? please help

  • Chris M

    Sorry I dont think anyone who is sharing problems with others are stupid! Everyone has the download yes! but not everyone knows whats going on! Thats what this site is all about.! So dont be so harsh Peter B

  • Zak Merrin

    Right my names Zak Merrin inbox me on facebook if you can help me.

  • craig

    when will it be in the uk?

  • tom

    same happened 2 me :(

  • Andrew

    Still down in Ireland !! Done update but still can’t get online

  • anon392781

    So help me out here. I’m still not clear on this: is the UK still down? I mean we have no user reports or whiney little girls crying “OMGZ playsation is still ofline when will it be back this is tesing my patients!!!!!!!!!!!” so I wasn’t sure.

  • Ritesh

    have got the update and installed successfully but can't change password. each time getting network undergoing maintenance

  • Matthew

    Wtf guys? Why is everyone getting all up tight about Sony and how the server is up in America but not Europe yet… We should be happy were getting the network back up!! Besides it takes ages for the stuff to be sent to our servers calm down guys I saw a post somewhere else that said "Sony pull your fingers out your arse's and get the server running"…. Guys let them take as long as they want. Let them perfect it Sony is amazing!

  • Abstrax

    Downloaded successfully at 14:30PM (GMT UK)

    at 14:55PM it is still showing "PlayStation®Network is currently undergoing maintenance"


  • patience runnin out

    updated ps3 all good but having problem saving games . i end up with currupted game saves (proper pissed off ) never had this before .

  • GilbJ

    If you keep getting an error, turn everything off, reset your modem/ internet device and try again. If it still refuses to download, turn off system and leave it for a couple of hours. Thats what i did and i was able to download it sucessfully after several failed attempts.
    If you still havent seen it, here's a link to a speech made by Sony today about PSN returning.
    Its not up in the UK yet but you need this update to get back on PSN when it does come up. I will be checking every 30 minutes to try and log into PSN, I'm in the North West England, and the second i can get online, i will be posting about it on the youtube channel GAMETRAILERS121, in the comments section so check if you want to know when its back. I hope you dont think im spamming…. Im just trying to help you get some info the second PSN returns to UK.

  • patience running out


  • bob

    i live in the uk i hope it comes online soon or ill shoot the ps3 hackers 300pm



  • dez

    come on playstation sort it out now !!!!

  • Jase

    If and when they do turn it on do you not think it will be like in America when they slowly turned each State on, so am thinking that when they turn Europe on it would probably be a single country in Europe turned on and then the next and looking at GB Scotland England Ireland and Wales also turned on seperately, I do not want to waste a whole day looking if and when the PSN is up, I think I will check tomorrow as today has little hours left to play online, as like most of us, I too have been sitting in all day signing on and getting that annoying maintanence error, so when it is up it will be up and I honestly think they will turn it on overnight when we are mostly all sleeping so that all of us do not log on and crashing out european server……Have Fun Playing when it is back online..PS3 RULES……

  • Jase

    Honestly saying this morning I had the blue screen telling me my password was invalid and when I clicked on OK to go to the next page I the got the Maintenance error…..heart was fluttering for a second it was just after I installed the new Firmware 3.61.

  • Eric

    I'm in Maryland. I downloaded the mandatory firmware upgrade, and then my system tried to restart (as is normal with software updates). The system didn't turn back on, though. Instead, it has a flashing red light. The system will not turn back on.

  • Scotty

    I’m from the UK. I can deal with the fact that they put the US networks up 1st, its typical bit surely they must know roughly when other regions will be back up so they can give us a rough idea.

  • kev

    same here :(

  • James lathlane

    I'm having problems With the 3.61 update because I got to 6% and it came up with suggested actions and that took about 10-15 minutes! Please help me

  • not telling u

    i have done the up date and installed it but i dont no how to change my password (so i cant play online)

  • hi dude

    tht happened to me to


    i no it aint on in uk and im just waiting and waiting (COME ON SONY)

  • bobby bob bob

    same here

  • thapintster

    sony are saying you can only change your password on the console you created the account on .

    what am i suppsed to do if i registered my account on a different console that was broken???

  • Samman96

    hi david

  • 1234


  • Dustin

    When we tried to sign in it said it sent an email with instruction on resetting the password via PC, we still haven't recieved the email yet

  • Dylan

    i know its getting annoying now.



  • Fairyell

    ya same ere, ive just finished the download, all i need now is the link for a new password..

  • Fairyell

    All we do my friends is wait until it is back online, then we get to change our passwords, then were up and running and ready to go! :)

  • Fairyell

    Its ok, this is correct, all we must do is wait, then we get the link to change our password. :)

  • jordan

    what is the website to go on so i can see when we will be turnt on?

  • poo man

    just signed in and changed password…mortal kombat here i come :)

  • smudge

    you have to wait 4 e-mail from sony to change pw


    Damn I went into work today! Now I am ready to go home and pawn some folks. Hey Sony get England up and running I got some boyz there. Big ups to North London. REY REY FOOL is Back!

  • dougyfresh

    ok i downloaded the update and pressed sign in and it said a email has been sent but no email got sent so i kept trying but now it says Aserver error has occurred.

  • wankaman

    same man :/

  • Annoyed

    It better come on today and if it does all of the uk users are pwn the americans on blk ops >:)

  • wowser1995

    when is psn coming back on in the uk coz i got internet only till 2moz so that will be gay

  • Pjs

    Did you get asked to change your password or does that come later?

  • hibees

    took over an hour to do the udate then said error??? not good sony!!!

  • KillDeath1

    i hate americans mw2 players so they're all campers…KillDeath1 is back guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • michael

    it was just on sky news that sony hope to get all of europe back online by the end of the month……………

  • Olan D

    if you try and get the reset email sent to you by logging into the PSN on your PC , if you read the fine print paragraph, there is a section that says something to the effect of this email may take up to 24 hours to receive. Sony knew their auto reply emailing system would be overloaded, that is why its taking sometime to receive your password reset email.

  • British420

    When is this going to happen? This is getting ridiculous!! Why make loyal customers wait without a firm time/day/week/month……

  • mark porter

    when its up an runnin in uk u click on forgot password and a link will be e mailed to you to change password without using ps3!! just part of new security

  • British420

    UK IS BACK UP!!!

  • nomnom

    ITS UP IN UK I CAN GET ON 1 account but the other one the password reset details were sent to my email! but they're not there!!

  • parky

    yes, back online in the UK! I definatly was suffering from withdrawel symptoms a little bit there!

  • Matt

    I'm in !!! Yay!!! Northwest England

  • Melol


  • pauline

    I did the update, followed the directives for an email to be sent to my email address in order to reset my password, but I haven't received an email yet!!! I have been waiting since 3:30 am for that email.

  • Phil

    confirmed! just changed my password!!!

  • Annoyed

    Uk is onlineeeeeeee :)

  • Lucy

    Psn is back on in the uk signed in password changed all good!

  • Chris Daines

    does anyone have any idea when the servers in the UK are coming on??

  • nick

    im on in the uk

  • joshua

    this sucks. i downloaded it and installed just fine, now i have to reset my password. well because i forgot my password i have to fill out the stuff in forgot password (easy) date of birth and my email. so when it goes click confirm to send instructional way to change password from your computer to my email, an error occurs, error code 80023156. what do i do please help.

  • kyle egg

    get in back on line

  • Yiannis Tsiropoulos

    i am from cyprus and my country is in europe. I really want to know when the psn will be ready in europe. I have downloaded the firmwire and then i went to sign in and it said: playstation is undergoing maintenance. I saw it and i was like what the…

  • kyle egg

    back on in newcastle uk 5 mins ago

  • kathy

    its on now, well im in the NE and it is here

  • JASE

    Been reading on the playstation eu blog site that some people from Belgium Holland and loads from Britain are saying they are back online, great news but I have already downloaded new Firmware and installed it but it never said anything about an e-mail. Did I do something wrong or should I just keep trying to sign in………HELP…….

  • Sam

    yes it turned off and didn't start up again

  • ohdearyme

    Ha Ha this is cracking me up…I've tried to sign in on my ps3, then it tells you, 'there is a system update is required, do you want to update now?' YES I BLOODY DO….hit the X and then is tells me 'The lastest verison of the sytem software is already installed. There is no need to update.', but if that were true, why did I get no further? I just go round in circles, sign in>system update required>there is no need to update>back to sign in. I have also tried update via settings, same problem, checked the time and date just incase, but yet still no joy. and before you start telling me it already has, bum rubbish, I checked my ver. 3.60, bugger, so anyone else enjoying the same delight as me? i have a slim model by the way..

  • vicki

    psn has said it has sent me an email to follow a link but hasn't….. now what do i do?

  • max

    whens it back on mine says undergoing maintanence ? get some news up

  • wCWID



    upgraded but still no password e-mail be trying every half hour system must be overloaded

  • batt man

    Downloaded update, tried signing in and it asks to confirm if i want an email to reset password, i press 'confirm' and an error code comes up and no email comes throught to my email address, is sony on a mission to make everybody buy an xbox or what!!!!

  • British420

    You should get a prompt to change your password when to try and login

  • Dylan

    PSN in England is online. Mine been online for about 3 or 4 hours

  • colin30

    In Ireland and update installed no probs at all, but now it is telling me to sign in and change password but it will not let me change the password and keeps coming up on screen An error has occured (80710D36)

  • samuria warrior

    What a total waste of our time and money done everything they've asked down loaded it and still no F**cking PSN. Sony need to get thery're act together it taken far to long.

  • bobcollum

    Attempted sign in, was prompted to download update, which completed 100%. On restart I wasn't asked at any point to change my password and when attempting to sign in it said something to the effect of my password or email address was incorrect. Basically I think my password was reset automatically and I have no idea what it is….haven't received any emails yet, so this is a little annoying. To make matters worse the PSN site is all jammed up and is running like garbage.

  • Martin1024

    I had no problem downloading the update in Ohio, but everytime i sign into PSN and start a game, it'll freeze.
    For example, i'll login PSN, start my Black ops game, and the screen will just FREEZE there.
    same vice versa, i'll start the game without signing in, it works fine, but when i sign in to play online, it'll freeze too. :(
    i think the problem is my ps3 in general, like my playstation home wont even work.. also the problem has nothing to do with reading the disks or anything i dont think, i just need to find out how to stop the freezing..

  • fefales

    Just done update no problem tried to sign in told me i had to change password,clicked ok now getting the undergoing maintainance again oh well back to me colouring book.

  • jez5005

    was online in uk but now off again????

  • marcy g

    im in england and dne the update and also asked to to reset my password it said would send me a new password now saying under going maintenance any1 had same problem.

  • BIG J

    what a joke sony get it sorted am not impressed got update installed went to change to new password comes up needs new password now got same old crap undergoing mantenance again

  • Martin1024

    I had no problem downloading the update in Ohio, but everytime i sign into PSN and start a game, it'll freeze.
    for example, i'll sign into PSN, and then start black ops, and the screen will just FREEZE .
    same vice versa, i'll start the game first, works fine, but when i sign in to play online, it'll freeze there too.
    overall, i think the problem is my ps3 in general. i dont think it has to do anything to do with readings discks or anything.
    main point, i cant play an ONLINE game without freezing , whether it's a black screen or the sign in screen. I just need to find a way to stop the FREEZING

  • woody47

    i got to password screen and it all updated , so it signed me in under new pass word etc , so put black ops in and would not let me play online, so switched off and went to sign in new pass word etc and said under going work etc …. error code when u sign in under new password etc , think its a que in system etc as it kept saying it to me , but cant understand my mate as rang me and he is playing on black ops, i,m from england too, so it is running, he lives in same area….. strange…

  • Ollie

    its very frustrating some of my mates said they gt on for about 5 mins then it went off and i live in the uk

  • ollie

    im not i tried 20 minutes ago i done all the updates and went to click sign in and it says playstation network is currently undergoing maintenance again :( and im the uk

  • ollie

    i have done all the updates and myn still says undergoing maintenance help ? :(

  • darren

    has the network gone down again cos i was playing online earlier and now it comes up about mainteince again when i try to sign in

  • Brett

    Installed update and now my controllers won't pair with system Sony told me it was a preexsisting condition. What a load pof bull shit when just the night before I pair a controller and play a game with it.

  • michael

    in ireland too,,,, got the update at 12 o clock sunday afternoon didnt get to sign in till 6 o clock…didnt ask for old password just told me to put new one in…working fine ever since

  • i3qg

    what about south america?

  • Syckie

    Lets me change password then freezes

  • Douglas

    I'm from the states and I'm also getting the same error messages, such as 'Error code 80710723' and the PlayStation network is currently down for maintenance. I have only gotten one good lead to try from this board so far but I am skeptical of it and it will be tricky to pull off as my situation goes. Sorry for the ranting of a yank here but I have very few options left to me as I haven't even gotten a password change notification email and I have gotten the full update. Please leave helpful replies if anyone should be so inclined to leave any for this post, thank you

  • Zero

    i did it i was online for a few days now it says its back in matnance someone help

  • WeeAndi

    [Live In Scotland] I had no problems, downloaded fairly quickly and games were working fine.

  • bill

    I did the update and now my playstation wont turn on…I have the original playstation and it turned on to do the update and then I tried turning it back on after the update and it wont even work the power button turns green and then blinks to yellow and then turns off ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM?

  • ben dover

    of course your arent

  • Anon

    It's finally working in Plymouth!

    Cant access the PS store but can play on line.

  • tris

    I'm in the UK.. downloaded new update about 7pm yesterday, had to wait an hour or so then tried to sign in again and was prompted to update password.. did so and was online gaming again. Once you're on, don;t try access ps store though as it takes ages to load only to say undergoing maintenance, same with account management, just freezes ya system for a while before giving error codes.. But you can play online

  • luke

    i have gone through all the update and things, just waiting for a new password and it still has not arrived, i try too sighn in again and it just comes up with error 80023156 :/

  • Tony Griffiths

    Hi helikaon78. We have the same problem here, have a few e-mail addresses and no longer have them so i phoned psn and they said as long as you have your date of birth e.c.t they can sort it out.

  • trappernate

    In Kentucky,,, still tells me under going maintenance and wont let me change my password,,, help

  • James Crossland

    Seems like a few people are experiencing problems with controllers and with the yellow light of death, think I will video my PS3 before during and after the update and if it does crash out then Sony will have a lot more explaining to do. On the same point if it turns out that the update is causing the problem will Sony be repairing our systems free of charge? Will heads roll because of this fiasco? Should Sony be prosecuted for their lack of information in the aftermath, for failing to keep our data secure in the first place or will it all just get brushed under the carpet again as usual? Perhaps someone at Sony with enough testicular fortitude would like to explain or is it just a case of screw you and keep giving us your money?

  • James Crossland

    I emailed this to Gildas Pelliet and Jack Tretton of Sony and to David Cameron PM of Britain, it will be interesting to hear what they have to say…

    Dear Sirs,
    It would seem that a few people are experiencing problems with controllers and with the yellow light of death, think I will video my PS3 before during and after the update and if it does crash out then Sony will have a lot more explaining to do. On the same point if it turns out that the update is causing the problem will Sony be repairing our systems free of charge? Will heads roll because of this fiasco? Should Sony be prosecuted for their lack of information in the aftermath, for failing to keep our data secure in the first place or will it all just get brushed under the carpet again as usual? Perhaps someone at Sony with enough testicular fortitude would like to explain or is it just a case of screw you and keep giving us your money? I bought my PS3 when I was employed, if it fails now through no fault of my own due to an update provided by Sony is it fair to expect me to be out of pocket in the region of £1000 by the time my purchases for hardware, online and software are taken into consideration as well as the loss of game saves with thousands of hours of effort and play time put into them. I have also sent this to the UK Prime minister and would respectfully request that he also asks the same questions for the people that he was elected to represent as we, the general populace feel that our fears and questions on the whole subject have been totally ignored by Sony, and the feeling we have is that Sony are simply trying to brush us off by ignoring us and offering what can only be described as a paltry amount of compensation. I for one did not want to subscribe to Playstaton Plus so what makes Sony think that I am going to be placated with 1 free month? Many of my fellow gamers and I want answers as to why our data was put at risk of such an attack as is reported at the following website… with particular reference to the following paragraphs

    "Dr. Gene Spafford, CERIAS Fellow and professor of Computer Science at Purdue University, has been talking at a hearing about the PSN security breach held by the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade. He explained that independent security experts monitor Sony’s systems such as PSN, Qriocity, and SOE and report in an open forum Sony employees view about anything they find.

  • James Crossland

    Letter continued….

    Those security experts apparently reported some major failings with Sony’s servers some three months before the April 17 hack occurred. These weren’t small issues, they are blatant oversights and laziness on the part of Sony’s engineering team.

    The issue reported was the fact Sony was running PSN on a server that had an outdated version of Apache and no firewall in place. That meant any vulnerabilities known about for that version of Apache, and patched in more up-to-date releases, were easy to take advantage of. With no firewall in place too, the hacker probably had a very easy time of it.

    We don’t know what’s worse here, the fact Sony engineers ran such an unsecure system, or that they knowingly ignored being called out on it be some security experts in a forum. Whatever the case, that $1 billion PSN lawsuit in Canada just got some fresh ammunition to use in court.

    As for Sony, they were invited to attend the hearing, but declined and sent a letter instead explaining how their systems will be much more secure in future."

    I for one want it noted that the statement from Sony that "..their systems will be much more secure in the future." holds little solace for me if my information has been stolen. I also have little faith in Sony since it admitted that "According to the blog post, Sony mentioned that it cannot recover the original data of the user but will instead compensate its subscribers with a lot of free stuff.", this was taken from… and once again offers me little faith in Sony as a security conscious company. It is only the fact that I have so much money and time invested in my PS3 that has stopped me from simply abandoning Sony as a company and switching to another provider when my finances allow. I do still have some serious doubts about ever buying another Sony product again as I feel (along with many many others) that Sony do not give a damn about us as long as we continue to pump money into their shareholders wallets. I will be very interested to read your responses both from Sonys point of view and from the elected head official of the country in which I was born, raised and pay my taxes for. The time has come for some straight answers not the smokescreen we have been given. The time has also come for Sony to face some harsh financial penalties as maybe then they will realise that they have a duty of care to protect their customers data and perhaps hitting their shareholders in the pocket would be the best way to accomplish this.

    I look forward to your responses and rest assured that if no response is received or if a general glib response is received then I will be asking for further gamer support across the EU and beyond as well as asking these difficult questions to the press so that the world can see the deceit and arrogance displayed by Sony and by the elected officials of my country.

    Yours Sincerely

    James Crossland.

  • Craig

    I've downloaded the update which was fine, but now when prompted to update my password the ps3 turns itself off and i have a red flashing light??????????????????????

  • Diane

    Hi i recently got told i would recieve an email in regards to a password change. I have been reading up on the playstation website and it states it could take upto 24hours. Unfortuantly i have been waiting over 24 hours and have not yet received anything yet. could you please tell me when i am likely to receive this email.

    I tried to set up a new account and it sent me the email straight away within 5 minutes. How has this happened when I havent receive the password change in over 24hours for my old account which i want to use.

  • el lokiyo

    i did the the update and then went to change my password but then as soon as i press confirm it says "an error has occurred (80023156) i did everything now i cant change my password and i live in Toronto – Canada

  • 3bood

    i had problems in downloading it says that i have the latest version (3.61) but i have the older thet is (3.60)



  • FrankZ

    I did the update on sunday, and while I was sorting out the PSN password on a PC, my fat PS3 CECH03 red light started flashing.
    It is dead now, and Sony support can not be reached on the moment.

  • adam

    i keep getting error code 8002F1B0 every time i try and update to the new software. can anyone help with this.

  • jorphi

    Too many people having same red light issue for it to be a coincedence after updating to 3.61, my ps3 60gb did same, sony wont accept its anything to do with the updat though

  • LitzKrinX

    Instales it.. it says it'll send an e-mail.. I've got that e-mail now.. but when i try to open the link.. the page is under maintenance.. A friend of me who lives 2km's of me just logged in, changed password and played online.. and if i try to download the latest updates it says: newest verdion is allready installed.. I come from Belgium.. any help???

  • 3bood

    it still didnt work with me , iam so angry , i will go to xbox if u didnt solve the problem , that i cant download the update 3.61 , so that i cant play online

  • M

    Downloaded update, now PS3 has broken down, if you are in Europe please post your faults on the link below:-

  • alan

    Could the new coalistion government be the cause?

  • Anonymous

    My 80g FAT CONSOLE has been killed by the 3.61 update, can only sit an watch red light flashing! It happened to all people I know with same console! Some have gone with XBOX now! What is going to be done?

  • tiozzo1

    Have you ever try holding the power buttin??

  • tiozzo1

    Have you ever try holding the power buttin??

  • tiozzo1

    Have you ever try holding the power buttin??