Biggest Celebrity Custody Cases: Pets Not Children

When it comes to the biggest celebrity custody cases most of us think that it is just children that are involved, but you would be wrong. Time and again we see these celebrities fight it out over who gets custody over their pets. We always think about what happens to the kids, but it is our fury friends who also need to have a good life; but who are they better off with?

According to an article on SaySay there has been a 23 percent increase when it comes to these celebrities fighting it out for their pets. The likes of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have fought it out for custody of their dogs. Spears was never the best choice, as she was in no fit state to look after herself.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ross McCall both wanted custody of their dog, there was even reports of dirty tactics involved on Hewitt’s part. Drew Barrymore and Tom Green are another couple that wanted custody of their pet; this time it was a Labrador. Barrymore won that case. The biggest case must have been with Jon and Kate Gosselin, who not only had to work out who gets their eight children, but also their two German shepherds.

Do you think that it is just as important to fight for custody of pets, as it is for children?