PSN and PS Store fully restored by Friday

PSN and PS Store fully restored by Friday

After being disrupted for over a month there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel for users of the PlayStation Network. Sony have announced that the PSN and PS Store will be fully restored by Friday, in most areas.

Jim Reilly of IGN is reporting that Sony have confirmed the services will be fully restored in the US, Europe, and parts of Asia by Friday. This excludes Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea who have to wait for further updates from Sony.

In the statement Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai, said “We have been conducting additional testing and further security verification of our commerce functions in order to bring the PlayStation Network completely back online”.

The services which will be available include the full operations of the PlayStation Store. This will allow users to get access to the Welcome Back Package, and the free games promised by Sony. Gamers will be pleased to finally have confirmation of full functionally being restored to the PlayStation Network.

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  • Tony CowboyBebop Morris

    yay another week

  • Jack Atlas

    Gah, they said end of the month. I bet this is another lie on their part.

  • Alex White

    Sony. You fail! As if its taken you an entire month to fix something that one guy did in a few hours, then your reluctant to tell us the date the store will be back, so you say the end of may. Which is a huge lie. Now you say friday. LIE!

  • Alex Curr

    I think Sony’s welcome back package might be timed to coincide with Satan having to go to work on a snowplough.