Sony Welcome Back Package now available on the PS Store

Sony Welcome Back Package now available on the PS Store

Since the PlayStation Store came back online a couple of days ago, users have been wondering when they can access the free games and content offered by Sony. Yesterday Sony revealed it will be available soon, and today we have news that the Sony Welcome Back Package is now available on the PS Store.

Sony have revealed the news of the free content now being available via the official PlayStation Blog, and also give users details of how to get the free downloads. To recap PSN users get to choose two games from a list of five. Any users who also own a PSP can have an additional two free games.

Users also get to have access to the PlayStation Plus service for a period of time for free. To see the full details and instructions on how to download the games head over to the PlayStation Blog. This will be good news for PSN users who can now get some free content from Sony. Expect the service to be extremely busy as millions of users attempt to access the package.

Which games will you be choosing?

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  • Shaun Dacosta

    Not working.

  • Antony Gibbs

    The US one is working, but the UK and Japanese ones aren’t.
    Come on SONY, you can do better…

  • Jacob Richards

    US one is down because of all the traffic

  • Chris Huxley

    Just keep getting errors in the UK and the pack has now disappeared off my store!

  • Kevin Slaven

    chris,go to acc management,services list,you will c the free game content and ps plus content in there,i had the same problem,and eventually got my games downloaded,looks like theres a few bugs in the ps store with all the error messages that keep appearing