Famous celebrity rants and feuds remembered

We love seeing our favorite celebrities on the TV or gossip magazine in an awkward situation, which means when they go off on one of their famous rants, and some of them are directed at each other when they have a continuing feud gong on. In the UK this was a daily issue with rock band Oasis and Robbie Williams from Take That. However, there has been some more high profile ones, from the likes of Al Gore, Kanye West and Russell Crowe.

Al Gore is no longer living in the shadow of someone else, and that has come out in recent years. He has now found his voice and talks – or rather rants – about climate change and his beliefs in it. Read what he had to say in one of his most famous rants here. Kanye West is one of those stars that engage his mouth before his brain; this was evident when he compared himself to Hitler at a summer festival in the UK. If that did not cause a feud then his famous rant when he walked on stage at the 2009 MTV VMAs will go down in history.

Russell Crowe has to be one of the most well known of the celebrities to cause a scene, he is one of those stars that takes no s*** from anyone, and that is what we love about him. There are just too many to remember, but the best has to be when he punched a reporter. Which do you think is the most famous celebrity rant?