Uncharted 3 gameplay, glitches and startling details

With Uncharted 3 now just over one week away the gameplay video leaks are now in full swing. We not only love how they can help to give a lot about the game away, but they also help to point out a few glitches here and there. The worrying thing is, Uncharted 3 is due to be released on November 1, 2011, so how come the developer has not ironed out all these issues?

The glitches are not that bad, just a few visual ones here and there – maybe Naughty Dog will come out with a patch at launch? For even more gameplay footage, then you should head over to Every Gaming News, where they not only have a trailer video but also three for the gameplay as well.

We already know so much about Uncharted 3, but we do know that the developer still has a few little secrets. Thankfully a fan has now started to share these with PlayStation Fans, and the biggest is how fast you can complete the game in, just over 3 hours on easy. This has been a constant issue for previous versions of the game, but at least they are making it a little harder each time. One other little secret that you need to know, Uncharted 3 could be the best PS3 game visually ever.


  • gabe

    its 3 hours on easy on a speed run just like skyrim was 2hours and 15 mins on a speed run

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KFMRSXITGLXCH55FBVXYXIRNME HateMeNow

    this article is dumb the heading glitches and startling details why not say mmultiplayer online on your heading, stop trying put uncharted down. Uncharted online is great you must have a glitchy laggy internet cause mine has no glitches or whatever excuse you have to write something bad about uncharted

  • RR

    I bet anything they criticise it in the reviews for being too short. I knew ND wouldn’t outdo themselves here. Skyrim was beat in 2 hours by focusing on just the main thread. Uncharted doesn’t have side missions to extend its longevity. 

    • HoL

      Uncharted did outdo themselves again. They optimized everything to make it harder. Also, the game was beaten in 3 hours on EASY. No way in heck can you do 3 hours on Hard or Crushing. Too bad, this article seems to be just pointing at the wrongs more than the rights.

  • James W Marsh

    dark souls had that seed run of 2hr but dunno if it was real but even so who plays it on easy???? and te multiplayer has just a few glitches

  • Quercus

    Had huge glitches with my game map not loading as i progressed sound cutting in and out. really broke up the flow of an otherwise great game. really short though. anyone else think so?