MW3 early release by ordering copy online?

The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 game is being released on November 8th, and the popularity for this game is immense. Gamers wanting to get their hands on this game will be in endless queues on release day. Many have ordered online so that they get the MW3 early release, and of course to beat the queues.

MW3 is one of the most anticipated coming soon game titles of the year, and if we cast ourselves back to Modern Warfare 2, those that pre-ordered their copies online, and a few got before it released in the shops. A few people across the world received copies of MW2 early; we remember some that lived in UAE Middle East got their copies early.

There were a select few in the US that received their copy of Modern Warfare 2 early as well; this could be the case for the new Modern Warfare 3 game.

There are many places you can pre-order this game, and hopefully you might get your copy of MW3 early. You could visit, Amazon, Game, these are just a few places, and there are hundreds.

If you have pre-ordered your copy of Modern Warfare 3, please do let us know if you get your copy before November 8th.

  • Johnie

    i am getting mine on saturday

  • Sarge

    i have a friend that works for a best buy, i got mine today

  • Kai

    I just got an email from Game saying that MW3 has already been dispatched. Does that mean I could expect it within the next couple of days?