Best Facebook games, October 2011

Facebook is most successful social networking site out there, and when you mix social network and gaming you have what we call a ‘Mega Mix’, but what are the best Facebook games within the network? Many believe that Farmville is the daddy of all FB games, so below we have put a list of the best Facebook games, October 2011 top ten.

After reading the top 10 FB games below, please let us know what one you play on the most.

Number 1 is “CityVille” is basically like Farmville, but instead of building a farm you build your successful city, this is all about digital city-building fun, basically build them then mange them.

Next up is “The Sims Social”, this is the social network version of the highly popular console and PC game, personally this is better than Farmville but we are all entitled to a view. You can have virtual chats; virtual romance, and even have fights without getting hurt. Graphics are very much similar to the original game.

Maybe number 3 is for you, this is “Adventure World”, and this is all about maps, secrets and treasure. In a nutshell, this is an exploration game where you find things, you can visit exotic locations and choose weapons, fight obstacles and explore. Thanks to this being on Facebook, it allows the gamer to join other FB crews, or crews join you to help gather more energy by performing various tasks for you.

What about the Facebook game called “Gardens of Time”, this is number four on the list and might be your firm favourite. This time-travelling plot game has hidden objects and brilliant visuals, this game does not have time restrictions, and you just jump back and forth to different gardens to find what you need. According to Bright Hub they say that this game is the only HoG game to feature in the monthly top 10 lists.

Our number 5 top Facebook game is “Bejeweled Blitz”, everyone knows this game, it has been online for ages and very addictive too. This game has been on Facebook since 2008, players have to match three or more colourful gems to earn points. Simple but very addictive game, please let us know if this one is your favourite social networking game.

Pet Society has made it to our top 6 slot, this is a virtual pet simulation game, players have a digital pet and you look after it. You pet can visit another players pet to earn points, your pet can do lot’s like watch TV, go for a walk, enjoy competitions, cook meals for you pup and so much more.

Empires and Allies is a highly popular game, not our cup of tea but still successful. The other three games in number 8, 9 and 10 include Words with Friends, The Smurfs and Co, and last but not least the one they call Farmville, you know the game that your mother likes to play.

Please do let us know what Facebook game is your favourite, what one do you play the most.