FIFA 13 and PES 2013 wishlist

We loved the improvements found in FIFA 12, especially the radical changes to tackling, which grew on us after a few hours of gameplay and after learning the new system it became easy to see why the changes were made.

Now that the new generation of FIFA and PES are out in 2011, what would you like to see in FIFA 13 and PES 2013? Some blogs have already started a wishlist with their hopes for features missing in the current games.

This article explains a few of the wishes that both players and bloggers want, which include a needed upgrade to the referees abilities, which are more apparent after the physics have become more realistic. The players are improved but the crowd has not improved enough, where are the more realistic crowds rather than the current flat looking football fans?

Another issue is with the players themselves, and you’ll notice many of the big names are looking extremely realistic like Cristiano Ronaldo and John Terry, but what about the players that are not as well known? Shouldn’t more players look real?

Have a read of the above post, and let us know what your wishlist would be for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 and FIFA 13?

  • Fifa 12

    Goalkeepers need fixing. They are retarded.

  • Fdsfasdfsdfasfsdfsfsdfsfs

    they should merge together to make one perfect game

  • Julian05

    National Super cups:

    * Spanish super cup

    * FA Community Shield

    * Supercoppa Italiana

    * Trophée des champions

    * DFL-Supercup ( PES Super cup )

    * Johan Cruijff Shield

    * Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira

    * Confederation Cup
    * 3 kit
    * more skills
    * and division

  • Haha

    Fifa 13: Champions Leauge, Indoor matches, Better fan graphics

  • Jakuba

    FIFA 2013 – Wishlist

    Please Enable at-least 4 Human Players in Career Mode Offline. At the moment you can only choose 1.

    This will be great fun as you can play with Friends to see who buys who and finishes where in the league, cup etc.

    This will be a next huge step for FIFA.


  • GoloLolo

    Fifa 2013

    I agree with Jakuba.
    Having Multi-Player Mode in Career Mode will be awesome.

  • Joserangel18

    They should fix the crowd better n make rival teams riot or fight after an intense game or if a bad foul is made

  • Jackson

    I only have the Wii version of FIFA 12, which is actually pretty good because it has street mode and stuff that the regular doesn’t have…

    But what needs to be added is:
    1. Indoor Soccer needs more stadiums and Indoor Soccer rules instead of Street Rules.  Penalty Boxes, 2/3 Pointers, etc.
    2. Futsal needs more stadiums and Futsal rules instead of Street Rules.  (Mayte a rule selector after stadium selector, so you can choose between the different rule sets in Street Mode).
    3. Needs a Beach pitch in Street Mode.
    4. BC Place Stadium/Juventus need to be added.
    5. Women’s soccer could be a nice addition.
    6. Conferences need to be added in MLS, and playoff format changes need to be implemented as the MLS changed them.
    7. MLS should be 34 games instead of 51.

    Other than that, its great.

  • Kvsejr

    Strikers and smooke only to make it a more realistic

  • Mohamed

    FIFA 12’s menus are awful compared to PES 2012, but I have a question : Can you forward this to Konami or EA and say this is what our readers say or this is just talk that has no effect?

  • Carlos

    -Goal keeper’s Ai sometimes ridiculous…
    -real crowd chants, example: Argentina they have so many different chants