Three of the latest RAGE reviews

Today we got three RAGE reviews for you, and considering the game has been out for around 3 weeks, some insight and hands-on feedback would be helpful to those still considering a purchase.

We love the multiplayer, and while it’s not up to the standard of BF3 and MW3, having the two online modes that give the player a choice of co-op or Road Rage for some vehicle fun really impressed us. Have you played these modes, what did you think of Road Rage?

The first review is from Media Kick, and they loved the thriving characters in RAGE and the great voice acting, which is paired with a stylish design. They found RAGE as a FPS that could easily sit next to the likes of Doom and Quake. You can read the full review here.

Another two reviews can be found on VG Hangover and ITF Gaming. The first review of these two found the game pretty average, and while they highlighted some good points its summary finished with wishes for a better balance in RAGE 2. The second review of these two, ITF Gaming, looked more in detail at the graphics, storyline, gameplay, sound and online play. They scored the game a lot higher than the other two reviews, so make sure you read all three and let us know your conclusion.