Modern Warfare 3: Five survival mode visuals

The previous two Call of Duty games gave us something different from the normal gameplay that we were used to, and that was zombies. However, this kind of thing will not work with Modern Warfare 3, so instead we have survival mode. The premise is the same, as you have to fight off wave after wave of enemies, who get harder each time.

We’ve read all the details on how this new mode works, and have lost count about how many times my friends have said that this is the feature that they are looking forward to the most. The idea that dogs will now be armed with bombs and the enemies now being equipped with riot shields is certainly a fun one, but you cannot help thinking how impossible it could become.

To give you an idea about just how awesome this new mode is in MW3 we have embedded five survival mode visuals for you below. The first two videos are parts one and two of a preview of Specs Ops survival mode. The first video begins looking at Dome Map, and you know that things are about to get tough when you are told that an entire army is on the way, and that you are on your own.

The third video is of some more gameplay, and the first message that we hear is that things are about to go very bad, as enemy aircraft are just about to come in. The best thing that you can do is take cover, while still trying to shoot them down.

The fourth video does not give you much time to explore Paris, gets a bit scary when you are informed that suicide bombers are around. The final video is of those dogs that we were talking about earlier. What part of Spec Ops survival mode are you looking forward to the most?


  • Joshua Beasley

    The previous two games didn’t give us nazi zombies? Black ops did, but MW2 didn’t. 
    Otherwise about the most informative article on spec ops!

    • Jasper Egan

      they meant the two previous Modern Warfare games

  • Ragerats

    not to excited myself about MW3.  I wish the coop was 4 player and not 2 again.  I think survival mode will be better than spec ops, but far inferior to nazi zombies.  I’ll give it a try but in my opinion treyarch is will dominating infinity wardin the coop mode.  Especially, if you look at how long it took infinity ward to get a decent coop mode.

  • Sharpe

    As cool as this looks, why no Zombies? We have a lot of fun playing zombies. There’s just something about fighting masses of undead. While not “horror,” it’s dark sci-fi — gives the contemporary setting another facet.

  • Alex Watters

    Whilst I loved call of duty zombies I do think the central premice of the this new mode is great, I’ve played it myself and it is very fun, the added difficulty of the enemies having ranged capabilities (guns) makes it much better, i found zombies to be boring because all you needed was a good gun and the brains to run if you’re overwhelmed, with this there’s no run option because they can still shoot you. plus going up against several juggernauts at a time with no added help from RPG’s, heavy machine guns, etc… is bloody amusing. Found myself cursing the sods more than once.

  • chunkersmaloy

    love it!. me and a mate got to lvl 31 on an insane map. were 15th on the leader bored. chunkersmaloy :)