PS3 update 4.0: Considering firmware features

There was a recent PlayStation 3 firmware update, but Sony did not advertise it, as it was only a minor one. However, we are now considering what PS3 update 4.0 firmware features will be coming? It’s no secret that there’s a lot more to come, but will it come to the next major release?

It’s hard to know what Sony will offer us, but you can be sure that it will not be what we all want, but an update is an update right? Some features are more wanted than others, such as USB hard drives coming with NTFS support or even a YouTube app.

Most PS3 users would still love to have cross game chat, but with the way that the system works, this is something that will never happen. The reason for this is due to memory restrictions, one wonders if the PS4 will offer cross game chat? Another feature that we would like to see is full backwards capability, there has been signs of this, but not as we had hoped.

However, the one feature that is wanted the most is a better browser, as it’s no secret that the one used on the PlayStation 3 is shocking. So what ideas do you have for PS3 update 4.0?

  • Anonymous

    No problems with the PS3 browser here, it works on almost all the sites I use, and supports flash just fine too.

    That said, I would love to see Opera make an appearance on PS3, as a seperate download, or replace the built in app.  However I think those hackers have ruined the chances of any application like a browser making an appearance, as it potentially opens new vectors of hack attacks.

    Yet again, the idiots spoil things for the rest of us.  First they managed to get OtherOS removed by abusing it, and now they tie up all Sony’s time keeping security intact rather than developing cool new featurs.

    • E

      wait are you sure we have the same console because my ps3s browser sucks ass and thats not a lie i cant go to yahho to check my mail just recently it crashes on a daily basis its just bad some cell phones have a better browser 

      • Jr Henson

        a new xmb what ever it is for ps move you so it can be like the wii and xbox

  • Zeoxzy

    We so need a new browser! its slow, freezes, crashes and is in compatible with some websites.

  • Ali.M.Ali

    What Sony should put in the 4.0 update is a fully functional Facebook app! Have it In the same section as the PS STore and PSHome!
    Fully Working Facebook on the ps3 would be great! Stay connected to your PSN friends and play all your games as you would while signed into Facebook on your console as well! That way I wouldn’t hae to keep checking my iPhone everytime I get a new post!
    Same with twitter and Skype! Add Facebook Twitter and Skype! Improve the social conpatibilites of the PS3!

    Oh and a YouTube app would be great!

  • Ali.M.Ali

    Maybe not a complete new browser as that would open the chances of another hack on the console! But update the browser a bit more, give it a new look, make it actually stay normal for more than five mins without crashing!

  • Ali.M.Ali

    New list of features and stuff!
    Change the XMB During gameplay to only show the features of the XMB You can use while play a game (e.g. Get rid of video,Photos some setting and stuff during gameplay XMB to stop confusion

    Facebook App
    YouTube app
    Skype app
    Twitter app

    New look
    More theme colours
    New friends list layout
    Name change for PSN accounts
    Play music while on a game
    New fonts
    Theme creator (could put a price for this of like £1.99)
    Get rid of the sparkles in the XMB
    Bwtter web browser
    Put password locks on accounts so you have to use a password to log in as a user!
    Password lock on content to stop sharing between users!

    • QuantumRelativity

      Play music while on a game? Really? I can do that already on my ps3. Admittedly only on certain games. Tetris through the xmb, LittleBigPlanet in Create mode, Wipeout in the pause menu. I haven’t tried any of the minis.
      I like the idea of listening to my own music in-game. I promise. The people to make that happen are the developers. The ps3 is okay with it if the game you’re playing is too.

      As for removing the sparkles on the xmb: I think you can do that yourself. There’s a menu under Settings called Theme Settings. Check it out.

      • Coty Marshall

        Microsoft has a patent on playing music while in game as a console feature. so it will never happen for all games. the way it works now is developers adding the feature to the game. so it dosnt infringe the patent because its not a cosole feature but a game feature.

        • Right

          Wrong, the issue is the amount of RAM the xmb takes up.  That is why they don’t have cross game chat either (which people think ms has patented as well).  Sony’s future handheld The Vita will have both  these features.

    • Smoke Screen

      I agree with almost everything you said. and your idea about the XMB changing while in game would be a very good improvement for the ps3 because it will not only be easier to navigate while in game, it will improve the systems performance when you are in a game because it will not have to load things and cant even do while playing on a game. 

  • Michael unValentyne

    An option  for multiple “albums”, examples as of now are by format and one set of albums (mine are set up for degrees of payment made per title, that way if I let the PS+ expire I know which games to just delete) How about “Albums 2” list and “3” list etc for genre sorting.

    Not to mention. some cases of sorting don’t allow for alphabetical, which is a pain. I’d also like to see a list where we have freeform placement of titles in the list.

    Speech-to-text recognition for messages. Voice-mail would be on par with chatting, if the PS3 can’t handle cross-game chatting.

    Full backwards compatibility. That way I can use all my 80+ PS2 games, and still buy the newer PS2 PSN releases without over-lapping.

    Price drops for older system games. Price drops for OLD games period.

    Or, at the very least, if they insist to re-sell us PS2 games on the slim models, allow us the opportunity to go to the PS Store, Choose PS2 game, and have choice of how to buy it. If we don’t have the game on disc, we pay price as offered. Or, if we already have a game on disc that’s been released on PSN, allow us to pop in our disc, have it scanned for verification, and give us a DRASTIC discount on same title.

    PS+ Members REALLY need the choice to turn on or off their “+” status at different points of sale when purchasing/downloading from the PSN. I myself have Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 for free, which I was happy about, until I realized the games were on sale at the same time for really cheap. So I deleted my PS+ Free games off my system, because lets face it, its only free while I have a PS+ account. No guarantee I’ll always have it. And these are games I’d have been glad to have paid for at a low price to KEEP after the + account expires. But nope, I was not able to get the option to buy the games since they were already in my system with an expiry date that matches my + account. Which won’t be for another year or so!

    Another need is better download management. Auto sorted into categories, such as “Paid PS1, PS2, PS3” games, “Demos”,”Minis”, “Betas” “DLC”, “Videos”, “Themes”, “Avatars” etc

    Avatars: REALLY need an options menue to list graphic name and or product it represents, in the change avatar section. Half my avatars I have no clue what they represent at present.

    Better browser.

    More website based apps.

    Larger online storage of save data.

    Ability to remove trophy data for individual games, especially full game 60 minute trials. that we just don’t care about, or just the ability to re do the game completely. Or how about a trophy counter of sorts. I’m not talking about what’s already in place, I mean, say we got 100% on a game. Yay a Platinum! Now that gets counted as 1 complete, next time you start the game, it starts for your 2nd attempt, once that’s complete,goes up a notch. Doesn’t have to be giving exp to gain ranks though. Just a personal tracker of say, I’m so awesome I beat this game so and so amount of times, and here’s proof.

    Wider video format playability, like .mkv or ogm etc. Or at lest allow Media players to be added as a downloadable app. Like MPC-HC or VL or WMP etc.

  • Last Dominion

    Update the flash player for the browser, and emulated backwards compatibility. Jeez, how long have people been asking for these two things? Im not even going to get my hopes up anymore. Sony can’t listen to it’s consumers to save it’s own life.

  • Samuel Pettey

    RSS(with google reader import?, Email(pop/smtp), IM(top protocols) notifications in xmb. Make these off during gaming based on hardware?

    Flac and other lossless codecs- Same with other popular video codecs. – A CD ripper?
    I want features that would allow me to turn of my pc and live behind the ps3 getting the information I need from the PC – IE email, IM’s, facebook, and a better web browser.

    I know asking for itunes or some ipod manager is too much – but that would be a great addition.

  • Samuel Pettey

    Remote View PSP screen – (Emulated/stretched HD retro gaming)

  • Wesley

    I just want a better web browser and a auto flash updater. Then I’ll be happy, but at the pace that Sony’s going I’ll probably have to wait till the PS4 comes along

  • Cynical

    how on earth is this on n4g?! shocking article

  • ganesh

    you are far from the verity concerning the PS4 just shut down you don’t know a thind about it so what about the question regarding the cross that un game?

    May be we won’t need it at all because something better is coming… I d’ont know eather but I kept my mouth shut

  • Cynical

    this is litterally the worst N4G “hottest” article i think i’ve ever read

  • Aaron McElwee

    I would love to see PS3 integrate Google tv onto the system.  They killed off the other OS so maybe they could at least get chrome browser/ or chrome OS. 

  • Eduardo J. Cortés

    – Well, better browser (been said already)
    – exFAT support for external drives
    – .mkv support for HD video

  • A_fiaz

    I think PS3 should support MKV
    should support NTFS usb format
    should allow to copy movie of a dvd disc
    should be aloud to copy PS2 games of the original disc
    youtube app
    Movie app like Vidzone.

  • Ted


  • Bu3ouf91

    Sony confirm that will not deliver cross game chat for ps3 for memory ram restrictions