Skyrim perks and character choice

With just under two weeks to go until Bethesda launches their new game, we thought we would take a look at Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim perks and character choice. The moment that you get your copy home you will have a huge choice to make, as you will need to decide what character you wish to create. The choice you make will decide what kind of person you will be throughout the game, as you could choose to be a tough warrior, roug or something completely different.

OXM managed to get hold of a review code, and have been asking their readers to plan what kind of character they should create. They have given a few ideas, but in the end they say it is down to you.

Let’s now discuss some of the perks within Skyrim (view the live video trailer). You will be able to achieve these after leveling up, there are just three trees, but do not worry, as there are 280 perks in all. What these perks do is allow you to customize your character, as your skills become greater. The three trees that we mentioned above are as follows: Mage, Thief’ and Warrior. More details on these can be found by visiting Gamezone.

What kind of character will you be?

  • Davies238

    I think I’ll go for a classic hunter type character in my first playthrough, (light armor, archery as well as axes and two handed swords). I will likely play as an Orc or Nord, I find myself kind of stuck between the two, Nord being the typical yet more logical choice, yet I wouldn’t mind something that differs from what I’ve seen in footage..

    • Manuel Hillebrand

      orc are better

  • Huli

    Definitely a Nord.  In my past expierience as an Argonian, I had a wonderful time yet I wish to choose something new and as Davies said logical.  Being a Nord in Skyrim with the skills of a stealth battle-mage is going to be awesome.  There is no doubt I will make a second profile including the small life of an Argonian fisherman though… 😉

  • jewsus

    gonna be playing as a nord dual wielding handaxes… i haven’t seen a game that let you dual wield one handed weapons since champions:return to arms. the magic looks amazing though… i might have to reconsider my choice after all

  • Reapertt

    Easily a High Elf battlemage: whittling down their health with magic before delivering the death blow with a glass sword. The wait is UNBEARABLE!!

  • Brandonboyd78

    Obviously a Nord warrior or thief but one thing i really want to try is dual wielding 2 shields it just sounds fun y/n ?

  • Whzziywazoo

    Breton Warrior thing FTW