GTA V location delights fans

At last the official Grand Theft Auto V trailer has gone live, the game returns in modern day San Andreas and the GTA V location delights fans, he also wants to come back as a good guy, so big smiles all round so far.

The GTA V trailer looks amazing, the viewing is second to none, and the graphics are mind blowing, you can clearly see that familiar stuff is back such as Vinewood from the original San Andreas title has been given a lift with stunning HD-vision. The trailer basically tells the story of becoming a good guy; the voice-over in the trailer says he has bought a house, doing well then!

If you watch the trailer below and pause it at around 0:53, you will notice graffiti on the wall saying “Los Santos”, looks like Tommy Vercetti goes to Los Santos after all.

Some parts of the trailer takes you up to the hills, countryside and a golf course is right at the beginning, this is now all about the rich and the poor. His past experiences are now behind him “Or are they?”

If you visit Rockstar Games one commenter said “Looking like multiple protagonists: (Hispanic?) Guy at 0:25 also appears at 1:04”, please let me know if you agree with this.

The game will feature major car scenes, the trailer gives this away, but it will be much better than before. This proves that the quiet life of the family man will not happen, quite will most definitely become a little noisy and exciting.

We will not say anymore, as this will spoil the trailer. If you have already seen the trailer please do post all your comments below, love to know what your thoughts are on the new GTA V location.


  • Nikola

    I think that the all cities from old GTA San Andreas are here too, why??? We see that the Los Santos are included from too much things in trailer, and also my tought is that if ist only Los Santos you will see Los Santos on licence plates instead of SAN ANDREAS

    • Cali FlyBoyZ

      Los Santos is a City not a state… but i understand where u are coming from

  • Alex

    it’s spelt quiet :/

  • Jatson-74

    Theres not enough evidence in the trailer to suggest that there are three cities. Fans know that Los Santos is in the state of San Andreas, so just because the licence plate says San Andreas Doesnt suggest there are all three cities in the game. If there were three cities that Rockstar would have featured more shots of these in this trailer. The shots we were offered are clearly all Los Santos

    Regarding the trailer – The trailer does seem to give alot away. Clearly the city covers a wide area (beach shot, mountain shot, fields etc) also there were alot of planes which suggest we can fly them again? plus did anyone notice the fighter jet at on point? maybe a hint the Hydra is available again! Looks astounding, great graphics and a diverse and interesting setting.

    I really cant wait to buy this!

    • Renemy

      Yeah it’s a fair point, and I’m not one of the types to go over speculating every little detail.

      One detail that does stand out for me however, goes back to simply what we know to be true about GTA games since number III.

      What we can “see” in the game, generally means we can go there. If we see a building, we can get to it somehow, and beyond it.. because there are never any walls.. invisible or otherwise. In this trailer we can clearly see high mountain tops. This to me suggests that the game does extend beyond the mountains, and keeping the vibe of this “surprise attack” with the trailer, I believe that Rockstar are setting us up for even more surprises.

      They’ll wait until everyone is in agreement over the fact that it’s just Los Santos, and then land us with a new trailer that shows us “by the way, here’s the Vegas strip…..”

      I’m not gonna be surprised in any way if the game is just set in Los Santos.. but I don’t think we’ve been given every surprise yet.

      • Jatson-74

        Good point, It would be classic Rockstar marketing to suprise us with more offerings!

      • Cali FlyBoyZ

        just reading this made me excited lol… thats exactly what i was gonna say… i love how RockStar surprises us wit little details at a time and let us debate and argue while they sit back and laugh. i can just imagine the production team reading these comments saying, “they have NO idea, lol”

  • DoubleHardKent

    I still think San Andreas is the best of the series so far, and have wondered if Rockstar might have been tempted to update it and re-release like Zelda OOT, but this is gonna go WWWAAAYYY further! It looks stunning and I’ll be amazed if the 3 cities of San Andreas aren’t reproduced in some way, even if that is with add-on packs or something. Either way, I reckon I can kiss goodbye to my social life for a few months after release date!

  • Jatson-74

    Well it seems like we are set just for Los Santos, giving the announcement by Rockstar. But what a city its going to be!

  • Merrimansd

    So all of a sudden Los santos is going to be surrounded by water and divided into 4 separate islands? How are they going to divide it up to be unlocked? Look at the size of red dead redemption. I guarantee their going to have the other cities. They show the big mountain from the original San Andreas which would indicate that at least the bottom half of the original map is going to be in it unless they’ve completely changed it but I highly doubt that they would bring back such a popular setting just to completely alter it. With the game being so highly anticipated, I don’t think they would want to disappoint.

  • Trojan

    I believe that this location, Los Santos, will bring “sexy back” for Grand Theft Auto since San Andreas. Debates have been tossed around the internet for consoles to have Multiplayer on San Andreas, and now rather than merely a Multiplayer – we have an updated version and more advanced system than on San Andreas!

  • Trojan

    @Jatson-74 I believe that we saw those Mountains. Now from that, perhaps the “Badlands” from the San Andreas state will be here. Mount Chilliad is possibly the largest mountain in all of the SA State, and this means that they must have included the Badlands somewhere. Of course, the chances of the tetonic plates moving San Andreas apart that much within 20 years is impossible, as they move about 3cm a year. On a side note, I expect there must be an Army or Air Force location, as for the Hydra. The last Army or Air Force station was in San Francisco and in the deserts of Las Venturas. That also means that the United States must have moved the Air Force location to Los Santos, or we will be seeing the full San Andreas with better graphics and more gameplay.

    • Cali FlyBoyZ

      it could have a marine or navy base

  • WhiteBoi

    i hope its not another white guy,i not racist but the black guys in GTA always seem to be better and more customizational like CJ

    • Ji-yeon

      Really? I thought CJ was the worst character next to Claude. But in all fairness, Claude never said anything, and I sort of wish that applied to the annoying CJ too. That said, you will be playing as a “Hispanic” guy called Adrian.

  • Jason Mathers

    Only thing about San Andreas on PS2 I hated was being only able to customize CJ into looking more black. If I put some metal clothing on him then he’d look even more out of place. I just want it to be a white guy so I can customize him to my liking. Just my opinion.

  • Jatson-74

    If you read the offical release statement by Rockstar they assure us it will only be Los Santos. The other cities with not feature in this game.

    “We are very proud to officially announce that Grand Theft Auto V is in full development.

    Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V heads
    to the city of Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside and beaches
    in the largest and most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created.

    A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling,
    mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V
    focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present
    day Southern California.”

    This is proof that there will only be Los Santos. It will also be a different version of Los Santos. Rember Liberty City in GTA II? It was completely different in GTA IV.

  • M4DM4N2K7

    If it is set in just Los Santos then what are they going to do about all of the bridges that head to the other cities… if they removed them then alot of the highways will also have to be taken away. They wouldn’t just stop you going over them, they must be putting some other cities in the game…

  • …caleb…

    omg theres really animals in it a new first for gta but will it work?

    • the gangster

      i dont no in 1 of the games i played yers ago i hit animal with the car in 1 of the car games i felt guilty as hell all day