GTA V trailer retrospect

The new Grand Theft Auto V game trailer countdown is getting hot, only 3 hours and 35 minutes to go and all will be revealed by Rockstar Games. At 12 noon Eastern Time details will come to light, how will this one fair to the last games in the series? how about a video collection of all the GTA games released so far.

All the games in this series to date include Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto II, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV.

Below you can watch all the YouTube videos, you will see a trailer for each game released. The first video you will see comes to us from way back in 1997, yes the first Grand Theft Auto, and oh my days it really looks outdated now, times flies when your having fun as they say.

The video trailers show us where it began and where we are now, today is going to be the GTA V instalment and this one will have us on the edge, thumbs twiddling, knee shaking and fingers on the keyboard and eyes on the screen to get the first dibs on the GTA V official launch trailer.

Anyway, please watch the GTA series of trailers below, let us know what one you preferred, and what you expect from the new GTA V trailer.

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  • Geddes2011

    san andreas all the way so much better than the rest alot more to do aswell

  • Josh

    you forgot grand theft auto: episodes from liberty city

    • the gangster

      they shud of dun a san adreas storys

  • dave

    vice city was the best

    • sanjay

      they were all the best coz u get 2 no the person u play i no it sonds silly

  • Garymc16

    make a nw san andreas

  • Goo95206

    I think that as a good gamer as myself you like to create a personality for your character. And the best game that did that was San Andreas because of the “hood clothing”. Maybe a choice within tall tshirts or short Tshirts . A custom in clothing would be amazing in GTA V . Maybe sum branded clothes could even get gta a sponsership deal. Fast cars . And a choice on what your future holds within the missions . But in my prespective it matters on clothing on your character. And like in GTA SA. Choose to hit the weight room. Or cluck n beells on the daily and oposite of what you can work off.

    • Lee Mac

      I agree, but, i personally don`t think any branded clothing would ever make it into a GTA game, for the same reason that they haven`t got licenses off car manufacturers. They don`t want there name or brand associated with a violent video game. Stupid i know, but sadly, that`s how it is.

  • joey

    if u look at toni in gay toni he looks like george michal and i just wish claud cud of spoke in gta 3 and swim same with tommy verseti i think cj woz 1 of the best 2 it wud be gud like bully if the caracters were small medim tall or vwery tall i liket the casiono in las venters coz i woz allways in the red i wish they wud do a remake of all of them it wud be gud and it wud be gud if u cud a custmize your pad from living room 2 bedroom and so on like take  a dunk or a pee in the tolet like jimmy in bully

  • Erjr


  • Eric

    gta san andreas was the best byfar out of all the other gtas not because of graphics.mostly because of all the stuff u can do in gta san andreas

  • joey

    i agrea eric swim under water hav girlfrends go to the cassiono amd a lot more just wish they wud brink them all bac for the xbox 360 and wii and playstaion 3 and a lot more

  • joey the gangsta

    i hope u can do more like u did with cj but if u cud use the tolit to pea number 2 or fart and sea the mane part drinking like lous did in gay toni but u shufd choze yore drinks like from larger sider bear wisky rum vodka then wen u get 2 abot 12 u r sic and choze yore own fud from a menu like cj did ether u get 2 fat or 2 skiny and hav a beter wardrub from the crap shps 2 cheap shops or dear shops or charty shops on line gambling wer u can get in the red wer the loan sharks can go afta u it wud be gud if u can hav a state prison like u did in gta 4 it wud be cud if the main part woz packie or lois agane coz u cud do a lot with him bena young u cud do a surfing mini game or life gard mini game and entr a lot of mowe bildings like the hospitles and ad on more aereas

  • joey the gangsta is hear

    i fink gta 5 is gona be gud coz the grafics a gud i still say gta sanadreas woz the best if they did a remake the grafis be so real i fink ill be there 4 real like wen u play gta 4 gay toni and the lost and demand coz they feal reali just wish the all cud of swam under water

  • Matute 22245

    they should make a new san andreas but with the graphics of gta4 and gta5

    • the gangster

      that is 1 of my wishis to make a new san andreas with cj i hope it woz 1 of the best games in the world

  • Ricerd Smith

    hey you may think im lieing im not my dad works for rockstar and has a job i cant pernounce but it has somthing 2 do with grapices im sorry for my spelling

    • guest

      when gta v coming out