Battlefield 3 sales: Xbox 360 vs. PS3

Sales figures for Battlefield 3 have been very healthy indeed (nothing like what Modern Warfare 3 will be) but what format has sold the most units? Unsurprisingly BF3 for the Xbox 360 has sold almost twice that of the PS3, 2,249,092 compared to 1,486,067. Let us not forgot the install base for Microsoft’s console.

We know that the graphics on the PC for Battlefield 3 are impressive and leaves consoles looking like previous-gen systems, so comes as a shock that sales of the game have not even reached half a million on this format. Gamezone says that these figures will be more than this, as they were taken a couple of days back now.

Overall sales of Battlefield 3 have reached 2.25 million as of two days ago, which is way short of targets set by DICE. There’s no denying that it’s an awesome game, but it just cannot compete in terms of sales against MW3. We had assumed that sales of the PC version would have been greater – maybe they will rush BF3 to Steam after all?

Knowing that Dice has made a great game, why do you think it struggles when compared to their rival developed by Infinity Ward?

Update: Seem to have got my facts wrong on this one, and would like to say sorry. As for being a CoD fanboy, you would not say that when you see how bad I play.

  • Jimbobjr88

    I play BF3 on the PC and what can I say, it’s awesome! The graphics are nothing sort of stunning on my machine playing in a full HD resolution, unlike the PS3 and Xbox the PC actually renders the game in 1080p as opposed to just outputting in 720p as it does on the consoles. The gameplay is quality, easily better than the previous Battlefield titles which I have also played on PC. The addition of the weapon load out screen is welcomed as well, brings the game into step with MW in this department, something that was missing from the Bad Company titles perhaps? 
    The thing that I find quite upsetting about the whole MW3 vs Battlefield 3 is that there not the same game and shouldn’t be compared against each other in my honest opinion. I do play COD on PS3 when at my friends, all my friends are console gamers and rant and rave about how good the game is and how Battlefield does not compare! I find this really annoying as they are all techno phobes and think the idea of playing a game like Battlefield, or even COD on a PC is insane. ‘Mouse and keyboard to control? How does that work? That sounds weird, etc’. and when I’ve managed to persuade the few to buy a FPS for their PCs they rush out to PC World and buy a so called ‘gaming machine’ which is well dated and far too over priced so when it looks worse than what it does on their PlayStations they get upset and then start slating PC gaming as a whole. I’m really surprised that it’s only sold half a million copies on PC however, where are these statistics from? I read that EA had received an order for 10 millions since release…? But anyway I digress… Battlefield has so much more depth than the MW titles and from what I’ve seen on the adverts on TV the fact that you can play in London, Etc. will see millions who think it’s the best thing since sliced bread will buy it! Credit where credits due, the COD developers really do know how to market their games but this really just looks like a MW2 expansion? There’s nothing next gen about it, in fact the Bad Company titles on PC look a darn sight better graphically then MW3. Anyway, this is just another PC gamer moaning about the sheep that are console gamers…   

    • Yeah, I hate on others…

      You prolly made some good points…but your LONG Asz PARAGRAPH turned me off from reading. Waste of time writing all that shyt bro…

    • Dicky1011

      as you said cod and bf are two different games focusing on different things end of. all it comes down to is which the player prefers. also xbox outputs in 1080p and 1080i the hd quality is really down to the quality of the tv its played on. i guarantee if a pc and xbox were played through the same tv then you wouldnt be able to tell a difference in the graphic quality just maybe a difference in frame rate which is seperate to quality.

      • Jimbobjr88

        You are so stupid it’s unreal. I’m not even going to argue with you…

      • jacen

        dumbest sheet i have ever heard of…lolololololo9llhahahahgahahahahah

  • Stevejones

    Uh wrong. Look it up, 360 global install base just 1.3 million units more than ps3 so that’s not the reason for higher sales. Also from the numbers stated, total sales are over 4 million across three formats not the 2.25 million reported later in the article. 360 sales higher as ps3 owners waiting for uncharted 3 😉

  • Musume220

    Good Job linking to an article that is using a VGChartz as it’s source. Which cannot track Digital Sales, which is where a huge majority of PC Games are sold. Your article is completely off and wrong, do proper research next time before posting rubbish like this.

    • Firestonex

      Who buys games digitally? ok, sure I do for older games, or games I can’t find in stores.. But who would look at a digital download, and see the game in stores for the same price and say, “Hey, I think I will buy this online so I won’t get a box, manual, or disc.” Ya, that seems to be the way to go?

      • Someguy

        I, like many others, bought it through Amazon when they had it 10 dollars off retail price. Everyone I know who got it for the PC got it digitally.

        • Firestonex

          So you got 10 off, which brought the price down to what the price shoudl have been to begin with… Good deal.

          • Dong

            “Who buys games digitally?” LOL

            You Fool. Most people on the PC… Considering it was on origin for £30 including the pre-order bonus (and you could pre-download it and get it before your timezone) id imagine thats quite a huge number. Why arent the PC figures listed?

            Everyone I know on PC got BF3 (and only buy games) digitally.

  • Firestonex

    Lets see. $60 price, needed additional software downloaded, “origin.”

    Probably others.

  • Vasilios Plangetis

    People thought the Beta was a demo. My teacher thought this too but I told him that the full game is loads better than the beta. He picked up the game three days ago and played it last night (no joke) until 1:30 AM, having to wake up at 5:00 AM to get to school on time to teach. Talk about a good, fun, game =)

  • Diceplayer

    I personally love Halo everyone knows without it FPS on a console would only be a child’s dream. But Battlefield 3 is a close second to me but compare BF3 to MW3, Battlefield 3 wipes the floor with Mw3 Graphics are far better then Mw3 (Halo:Reach still looks better) Battlefield 3 has amazing vehical selection Mw3 has none, Battlefield 3 has destruction like no other, Mw3 has none, Battlefield 3 class system is by far the best iv used. (Kids only play Cod because its simple no skill or brain work required and dont care that its the same engine with same graphics from 2005) Justin bieber may sell the most but that dont mean his good, Battlefield 3 proffesional orchestra— Mw3 Justin bieber.

    • JustinBieber

       I play BF3

      • Yeah, I hate on others…

        I play Legend of Zelda: 1998 to Present

    • ProfessionalOrchestra

      We play MW3.

      • Pipdream1982

        no you don’t it isn’t even out yet!

    • EveryHomoEver

      I play BF3

  • Anonymous

    This doesn’t include DD so your article is stupid.

  • Sergio_flores0i

    Call of duty will always be the best, the reason everybody like cod is because of the arcade feel. Also who doesn’t love to run around and bust a rambo. BF is just boring if it means I have to wait 1+ minutes for a kill count me out !

    • Dong

      1+ minutes for a kill? You must be bad lol..

      im averaging 550 points per minute (100 per kill) sometimes more, sometimes less..

      and thats just on massive conquest maps… try playing 16, 24, 32 or 64 player death match modes if you want a modern warfare spawn and die a lot mode. (Although with better graphics and without a bullshit car driving into you)

      • Yeah I Hate on others


    • paul

      what are you, 12 years old or something? And if you’re just “waiting for a kill” you must be a camper. Do us all a favor and stay in COD till you graduate and maybe you’ll can step into the real battlefield.

  • Minimaxa

    Bad release date, even though some elements of the game like vehicles are better than that other fps. 

  • Ashley

    Didn’t EA say it sold 5 million? Fastest selling game ever for them?

  • AtticLanders

    “Why do you think it struggles when compared to their rival developed by Infinity Ward?”

    Traffic baiting. I’m tired of reading these comments that turn into an all out flamer war. I’m tired of reading “journalists” post these BS articles in order to start controversy. Please stop posting this stuff.

    There is more ads than paragraphs. 3 paragraphs and a bait sentence at the end? 1/2 a star for effort, 5 stars for pushing me over the edge– I’m finally to the point of deleting inentertainment from my bookmarks, this is turned into a God-awful site.

  • Jim101

    What? The game sold 5 million copies. It was even annoucned by EA. Second of all, 50% of PC game sales are done digitally. According to EA “The PC version is selling incredibly well.” Get your facts straight. Do you get payed for this rubbish?

  • Remoali

    this game sold 5 million and it shipped 10 million copies . so that doesn’t sound like 2.5 million to me

  • anonymous

    wow…ur a dumbass and a cod fanboy..its funny how much u fail…

  • Failboat

    Peter Chubbs must have the worst sources. I have read many of his articles, all of them containing false information.

  • Stealthjim

    The PC version blows both the ps3 & xbox360 version out of the water…consoles just cannot compete with graphics/visuals. One of the main reasons for lack of sales on PC format is because of the privacy issues with Origin, personally however I find Origin to be no different to Steam. Also the cost of havnt a decent PC to play these type of games is in the region of £1000+ (consoled are a quarter of that cost). You can also get 64 player multiplayer PC servers (with talk of them getting even bigger). Consoles cannot support that many players (32 max). Call of duty multiplayer maps are like tiny playgrounds compared to Battlefield.

  • Jaso Yang

    Stop comparing MW3 and BF3. MW3, we can safely conclude that it is a individualistic game focusing on individual stats. BF3 focuses on a more team-based environment.

  • James

    Battlefield 3’s ad campaign was nothing short of terrible! CoD in past years has had amazing and shocking ads.  Battlefield 3’s was just lackluster, drawing no emotional or testosterone fueled response. C’mon, the report style commercial? Blah…”Is it real?” dumb, and lacked any massive or rewarding explosions…Boo to the BF3 Marketing team!

  • Rydamusicrecords

    I am a call of duty game head first off, I played battlefield and I didn’t like it , its not a bad game its just not my style. Its too slow, I like the fast pace of COD. I think its all about your game style and what kind of experience you want out of your shooter. if you want the most realistic simulation of war then BF3 is definitely the way to go. If you want too just have fun without all the little details of war a more run and gun Rambo badass type of game play then MW3 is your best bet. Both game are great games its just about what you like. Because you like MW3 over BF3 does not mean your a kid gamer its just not your style. I play an half hour at a time and BF3 does not offer me much in that short time. Not saying its bad its just allot more to it than just picking up the sticks and playing BF3 will command your full attention or you can expect to be murdered. Not saying you can just go run and just jump in COD and be commando but I think its a easier game to learn with a quicker pace for flat out fun.                                           


  • Whzziywazoo

    This reporter is a facking idiot. Like, seriously. Does he get paid for this?

  • Rufus Bazley

    this info is wrong, BF3 sold more than 2.5million on pre order and is now well clear of 10 million.

    if you going to write stuff at least get the facts right hahaha

  • Adebayor

    this article was made before mw3 was released and they assumed that they have sold more copies of bf3 then mw3 before it came out. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, mw3 just proved that this is just pure bulls***.