GTA V trailer vs reality

Grand Theft Auto V is the most anticipated coming soon game, Rockstar has kept a lot under their belt up until yesterday, and now we know a whole lot more of what is happening. We know the possible release date, the location that has delighted fans, and that the trailer went live as well.

The location of the gameplay will be in San Andres, but when you take these location screenshots from the game, and put them up against reality, this is why we have called this “GTA V trailer vs reality”, they look rather similar. This is exactly what PS3 Life (Google Translate) has done; you can see all of them below this article.

Some of the photos below are of San Andreas, Los Santos, which is also based on the real life Los Angeles. The similarities’ are quite remarkable, and goes to prove that Rockstar want reality to be within its game.

So what else do we know about Grand Theft Auto V? Earlier on today Gaming inentertainment’s Peter Chubb released a news article about the release date possibility, which is very interesting indeed. He mentions that if you look closely at the trailer, you will see marked on the pavement and a sign, 2405 and For Sale 2405 respectively, could this really mean that GTA V release date will be 24/05. Hopefully April May 24th, 2011 comes to light and reads true.

Please do take a look at the GTA V trailer vs. reality screenshots, love to know what you think.

  • expostdelirium

    pretty sure that 24-5 is 24 may…

    you’ve probably caught that by now. if so, i apologize.

    • Enforce

      Looks like someone needs a calendar :/ Can’t wait for this May though! 😀

  • Jlakanen

    I wish the release date was May 24, 2011…

  • Dave

    After GTA IV and especially LA Noire, I think that Rockstar needs to stop and even backpedal in their pursuit of reality and get back to the comedy and ridiculousness that made everyone fall in love with the GTA titles in the first place.

    • snickytheorc

      Go play Saints Row instead.

  • Peterzin

    Real life needs an uptade

  • Aves

    is it in sf

  • Gui