Motionscan for Grand Theft Auto V

A few months ago Rockstar eyed the possibility of Motionscan for Grand Theft Auto V, the same technology used in LA Noire. There was also talk of other Rockstar games using the system, but for now it’s all about GTA V. CVG did have one issue why such a thing might not happen, and that is because how much bigger Rockstar’s game is when compared to Bondi’s.

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been one that tries to capture what certain individuals go through in life, so using Motionscan will add a bit of humanity to the game. Now that the trailer for GTA 5 has finally been released, now comes the part where we begin to dissect every snippet of information, such as a possible release date from an easter egg, all the vehicles that appear and also how real it looks compared to reality.

This leads up nicely to how some bloogers have started to look at the possibility of Motionscan again. Velocity Gamer knows that using the technology has all been speculation, but how can you ignore it when you see some of the faces that appear in the trailer, as they do not look animated?

Some of the details on the faces are far beyond what we have seen on Rockstar games before; they do like showing us a few close-ups of those faces. It’s hard to tell if Motionscan is being used, what do you think?

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