Battlefield 3 update: Lag, server problems and more fixed

Since DICE launched Battlefield just over a week ago there were one or two issues, such as lag and server problems. They offered a temporary fix, but something more permanent was needed. Thankfully a new Battlefield 3 update is being worked on, not only will the lag and server problems be fixed, but much more as well.

Some of the updates are not ready just yet, but DICE are working on them as we speak, so should not be that long before it’s ready to download. There are a few other exciting features coming as well, which Battlefield Blog is eager to share. This list is huge, so we will just brief over a few; first up is an improvement to squad functionality. This means that there will be less chance of you being split up from your squad.

Next up we will see an improvement to the default server region setting. This fix is already available, so now US players will not accidently be logging into EU servers instead. One of the most important updates has to be the improvements to the stability of the game itself. Again, this fix was rolled out today.

For those of you who pre-ordered BF3, you will be pleased to know that Go Back to Karkand will land in December for free. Those who did not will have to pay $14.99. It certainly is great to see these updates, but there is still more to come, and you can be sure that DICE will keep pushing these update out continuously.

We have a video for you below that shows Battlefield 3 controller lag, have you experienced this issue?


  • Koos Wessels

    Battlefield 3 is probably the fastest selling game
    ever but the negative side of the game is that it is the game with most launching
    problems as well. I was very disappointed when I started to play the games and
    it stop working after sessions and furthermore I find it poorly supported with
    fixes and patches let alone informing end users of fixes or patches.     

    • German

      Neither of both are correct. BF3 isnt the fastest selling game nor the game with most launching problems. Nowadays it is very common for any game to be a sort of beta on release date and recent games as Deus ex, Dead Island, Nuke nukem, Rage, etc have been suffering and already suffer from many bugs?. BF3 on the other hand is being frequently patched which isnt always the case with every release. Stop whining mate.

  • Anonymous

    I 100% agree about the controller input lag issue. To me, it has completely rendered the game unplayable. As of right now it is collecting dust until this crap is resolved. I just don’t know how this crap made it to production before it was tested.

    Oh well, I got Bad Company 2 until then.

  • Barends83

    Got the same problem too bro, with my controller lag. 
    The game is unplayable, and their comment about players “smoking crack” is simply astonishing. 

    Considering just trading my BF3 copy in for MW3 (even though I’m a DIE HARD BF vet) and photographing the exchange, and writing a HAND WRITTEN letter to EA, including the pictures of the exchange, and letting them know that such talk and arrogance is not acceptable. 

    Anyways, yes, if you play this game on a HDTV + HDMI cable it is unplayable like your video proves. 

  • Dannybutler99

    Same problem. Doing my head in! Gutted.