Skyrim races and mythology

Having already discussed that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will now come with werewolves and vampires, we have now decided that the races and the mythology behind them need a closer look. The previous version of the game Oblivion was awesome, but some of the faces on the creatures were more comical than scary.

This will not cut it in 2011, so you will be pleased to know that in the five or so years since Oblivion, Bethesda Game Studios has done a lot of work on the races faces – sorry for the little rhyme – and are now far more convincing. Now when you come face to face with them you will now have a different reaction to what you had in Oblivion, you will no longer be laughing at them that’s for sure.

Gameranx has side-by-side comparisons of three races from Skyrim, and you can clearly see how things have evolved. Take the Orcs, before they looked more like Shrek on a bad day, now the new Orcs are far more fearsome, resembling something from Lord of the Rings instead.

Now we have the Argonians, in Oblivion; again their faces were a joke, we have seen plenty of people looking like that after a night out on the town. Thankfully the new Argonians in Skyrim are far more convincing.

The Khajiit in Oblivion looked more like having a face painting of a cat, but now they look ferocious. Okay, so we know that cats are cute and cuddly, but lets not forget their wild side, and the new look Khajiit brings out that wild side perfectly.

Check out the video that we have embedded for you below, which looks at all the playable characters in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You have to love how dramatic the music taken from the soundtrack itself.


  • Alistair

    i love the look of the new skyrim

    • Dovahkiin

      OF the new Skyrim? lol Don’t you mean, “New Elder Scrolls game…”

  • Katherinerosemcphillips

    Looks awesome!

  • Lewisnicoll

    I can’t decide which race

  • Darkthyng

    It sounds like the music from the game, because it IS music from the game. Someone’s just butchered it

  • Chad Mucklow

    The first Elder Scrolls game I played was Morrowind; I’ve played through Arena and Daggerfall but MW will always be the one where it all began for me and the one closest to my heart.

    As you probably know, the central race in Morrowind was the Dunmer and I played one on most of my playthroughs.

    Then Oblivion came and I was disgusted. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the game, but they absolutely ruined the Dark Elves for me. They looked chubby and ridiculous, gone was the badassery they conveyed in Morrowind, even their voices were messed up. Before they sounded epic and badass, now in Oblivion they sounded like all the other prancy fancy elves.

    Thank god they look so amazing in Skyrim, I hope their voices are back to being awesome too. Will definitely be playing one on 11.11.11

  • kal dro-go

    im beagning a breton definitly all the way just beacuz of the magic,
    i love the magic sistume of magic in this game it is the best iv ever seen yaaa 6 days left hurry the hell up

  • Ovhand83

    im going for a nord no magic two handed weapons

  • mutha%&#(@jones

    nord with 2 handaxes =D mixed with lightning spells for a nice proto thor effect =)

  • Mandysawyered

    I love how the Orcs,Khajiits and Argonians look now. They look really uncool in the Oblivion but now the they look great. The Orcs most of all they looked really fat-faced in the last one but now they look beast. Overall they all look so much better.

  • Walter Horton

    khajiit with two handfuls of lightning. enough said.

    • 7swords

      No soap! Radio!

  • Spencer Cramer 15

    why did he say the music from the vid is much like the soundtrack? dude…it IS the soundtrack lol

  • Uridas

    Decided that my Dunmer battlemage will travel to Skyrim. I know Fyr lived to be at least 1000 yrs, so my hero can survive 200.

  • Tommy Roberts

    “we have now decided that the races and the mythology behind them need a closer look.” …Where is the closer look behind the mythology you just stated?

  • Demonsuicide

    Honestly, obliv rocked. I was able to change the lizard face more into a dragon face with thicken the jaw, lowering the brow, and extending the snout, and then darkish black/red scales. Hopefully I can do something along the same in this one. Not only will he have a dragon face, but a dragon soul as well 😀

  • Marissa Sharp

    that song is beast     ESCORTA!!!  😀

  • Marissa Sharp


  • Breton#1

    I usually play a Breton in TES, but each race looks so epic I’ll never be able to choose! 

  • Luigis Argonian

    Asdfghjklzxcvbnm, oh sorry, wiping the Jizz off my keyboard because the races are just so awesome!

  • 4Prez

    I’m going for a Dark Elf with a dagger and chameleon in the other hand he will make it into the Dark Brotherhood the guilds are one of my favorite parts of the games!

  • screemo1300

    thts ba dude but woodelves are way better

  • WishIWasThatCool

    You’re really cool btw.

  • tokaloca

    This will be my first Elder Scrolls but I have been watching and planning for the release on 11.11.11 i think I’m going to play a male nord no surprise there. Probably lots of people will because they are the main race in this elder scrolls but no matter what im going to have a great time

  • JayTheBoat

    Thank you for using my video :) I am “JayTheBoat” btw


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