Most popular GTA V rumors

There were weeks of build up to the Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer, and now that we’ve seen it and digested the content and apparent information contained within the video, it’s now time to look at the most popular GTA V rumors.

News and rumors surrounding the upcoming game from Rockstar Games have been building nicely before and after the trailer, and while we still have no official confirmation on any release date, other than the May 24 easter egg contained within the trailer, we can look at what information has leaked, although bare in mind some of these rumors are from official sources, others are not.

One of the most solid rumors is about the size of the map in GTA V, you can expect it to be over two and half times as big as Red Dead Redemption, although we doubt you’ll see any horses in GTA V.

The Xbox 360 is looking at having problems with the amount of discs, and while it may not be so much of a problem and rather a pain for some gamers, GTA V is rumored to include over three discs on the 360 version, Blu-ray drive anyone?

You’ll find a lot of vehicles in the next Grand Theft Auto, which saw hints dropped on around 40 of these in the trailer. On a side note, DLC is something some fans are talking about already, and an undead/zombie pack is the highlight of DLC wish lists for some people.

Faces could include Motionscan technology, and this has been the suggestion by a few people for months, although nothing has been confirmed and there are many fans that doubt it will happen, especially considering the amount of NPCs.

We’ve also heard about some more far fetched rumors, which include the idea of the game being digital only, insight into characters, how the trailer compares to reality, and you can be assured that you will not get any filters for the game.

  • CJ

    what about dogs and other animals?

    • Cat

      yeah i reckon they should put some animals and maybe even horses and stuff not to sound stupid but i think that would really cool . and what about maintaining your car and house like paying rent and getting your car checked out and all that.

      • Eagle Man

        sounds like inserting boring real life stuff for no reason

        • Cat

          well dont you get this stuff in real life to .. gta v cant always have fun realistic stuff

  • Troll

    CJ, I prefer real women but whatever blows you hair back…

  • Thefirstannuals

    This article sucks.

  • Ryan

    omg 3 DISCS?? 


    sh_th3ad xbox boys you are HOLDING GTA BACK!

    • Kinggopher

      No, the xbox is holding GTA back. Xbox players aren’t holding anything back.

  • DestructorMAYniack

    Xbox is holding Grand Theft Auto back… ADMIT IT… Those 20gb disks aren’t enough. I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED XBOX, but at the moment some of the amazing features discussed in rumors and what not aren’t feasable in Xbox without having 6 disks to switch around, not eally a big deal but super annoying plus, if the map is as big as it supposedly is… Jeez, the map will probably take one ENTIRE disk… I mean, imagine trying to run a game like uncharted on xbox, it would crash kill destroy and give your xbox the redlight… So the game may not inlude all this rumored crap because if its gonna be on both console there is NO WAY all those features could fit even on 2 disks for the xbox. DAMN YOU BLU-RAY!!!



  • BigDawng

    could be a release title on next gen xbox (hopefully called the sexbox)

  • Cat

    okay gta v is going to be a big thing when it comes out ..rockstar is digging deaper into reality sure they will sketch it out so the game will make everyone happy

  • Cat

    i sooooooooooo hope gta v comes out on xbox 360 or else i will seriously cry this seems like one of the best gta’s so far im relying on rockstar and microsoft to make this availible for 360….because people are saying that this will only be out on ps3 because it has blue ray…and xbox 360 only has capticity DVD or something

    • Rehan

      GTA IV had Blu-Ray on PS3, and was also released on XBOX 360 as well, I guess same applies to GTA V.

  • Joepod

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  • Weslysmancave

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  • Halo man

    xbox company n d fans r holding gta 5 back cuss dey ps3 haters

  • Johnathon R*

    Rumour: Multiple MPC. In the trailer, you see ‘CJ’ and the Narrator (?) both more than once. We will get the chance to play as both, and they have intertwined stories. There is more than one main character in this game.

  • Bradriley125

    is it like grand theft auto SANANDREAS a got told from a pal of mine cpmment back please

  • joey

    it wud be gud 2 hav cj back even put sum of old gta games on the xbox 360 or ps3 and wii and other consoles

  • Keithconaghan

    iv been told that you can modify your cars like you coud in san andreas and that you can also modify engine performance.. and like gta4 wer it had a hidden car (Sultan RS), there will be alot of hidden cars in gta5 as the map will be way bigger and will consist of more hidden places