Online GTA V modes

The online experience for Grand Theft Auto IV was not the best that a game could offer, but we expect these modes on GTA V to be much better. It’s no secret that gamers demand more from a game than just getting online and playing missions with people, the reason for this is because online gaming has now changed. Both BF3 and MW3 are proof of this with their social elements.

There were four online modes in GTA 4, and we would like to see all of them make an appearance one again in GTA 5. According to our source all four were a huge hit, with some standing out more than others. One of the best modes was Cops ‘n’ Crooks, just imagine how much better it will be in a different city this time, which should be larger – well then again it might not.

One would presume that Rockstar will listen to their customers and give them that mode, but they will need to make one or two changes to resolve a few issues. Our source also pointed out a few more modes that they would like to see, such as Randomized spawn points, Expanded Co-Op missions, and also ZOMBIE MODE.

We can go on for days about what modes we would like to see, but the one that has us most interested is zombies. A while ago we would have said no chance, but after what the guys did on Red Dead Redemption – well anything is possible from Rockstar now.

  • Chris Kandrat

    Hopefully It’ll be better than 4’s, And turn off auto-aim! lol

    • Wonderfulslipperything

      you can turn off auto aim in gta 4, just go to preferences in the phone menu. to me gta is more of a single player experience and i don’t want them ruining that by focusing to much on multiplayer

  • Paulshave

    lets not forget freemode!! The most amazing thing ever put into a game!!

  • NinjuhhhSponge

    AAAAHHHHH! i can’t wait! of course I’m gonna buy these games coming out this yr… but when gta 5 comes out….. hell u can take those games n i wouldn’t even care!

  • NinjuhhhSponge

    oh and i wish when u get shot the character should actually be limping, not like in gta 4 “oh I’m bleeding coz i got shot but no worries i can still walk straight”

  • iitstoby

    2 player split screen (offline) free roam and don’t have to stay a sertain distance from each other as in San Andreas.

  • AbdQud

    dat wusap dont ya

    • Saruman25

       you’re a moron, even posting a response to your stupid dribble is a waste of time. wtf does that even mean?

      • Krammerer

        he meant “thats the big deal of today don’t you agree” is street language

  • Carson J Gallo

    I think they should streamline it a bit more, the game servers were separated too much b the game options and then all of the different modes, and the lobby’s were a pain in the ass to find players, the games were fun when you got to them, but a pain in the ass getting to them.

  • Coolman 2

    ok yeah awesome

  • Nnhn


  • Jewers1


  • Punk1001

    I think people should just let Rockstar get along with what they are doin’ and we will see when it gets released be patient 😛

  • El nacho

    There should be a co-op bandit mode where you rob banks, steal cars etc and use the money to buy weapons, intel, safehouses etc.  Also, I hope cops will be able to collect intel (CCTV etc) so they might come after you later even if you managed to make it away.  It would be amazing!