Dance Central 2: Linking Xbox LIVE to new Facebook app

Gaming is now changing once again, as now more and more titles are starting to offer social integration. Modern Warfare 3 is doing this in a big way with Call of Duty Elite, and now Dance Central 2 is about to offer their own service with a special Facebook app. Using this application will allow users to access their high scores, check the leaderboard and see how they compare to their friends on FB.

This new app is also great for a number of other things, such as keeping up-to-date with all the latest news regarding the game, knowing when a new DLC is coming is just one of them. The way to set this up is by linking the app with your Xbox LIVE Gamertag; once this is done you are ready to send an invite to challenge your Facebook friends, as well as other users from around the globe.

There was some confusion, Electronic Theatre had assumed that the app was already available, but Microsoft had since contacted them to say that it has not yet launched. We still do not have a date when this will go live, but one would assume that it will be before the Holiday season, as this is the time when we start to play our games even more – well I do anyway.

We have seen a number of dance games over the years, but Dance Central 2 for the Xbox 360 Kinect goes that one step further. Never before have you been able to get inside the actual story of the game like this, as you will learn all about the journey of the Crew Challenge, which you have to take part in.

Do you prefer these dance games, or those that involve you singing instead?